Saturday, May 10, 2008

ELECTIONS, the continuing story

The race goes on and on and it is hard to bounce up and down with the speculations in the media. In this message I will show you how hard it is to predict anything right now.

A poll, done by Los Angeles Time/Bloomberg, was rather depressing for John McCain. LA Times says that Obama/Clinton would beat John McCain if there would have been elections right now, and that the voters think that the democratic candidates would do better than him in the economic field. Economy in the USA is weakening and the republicans are in charge...

Senator Clinton would have the best chances to win (47% to 38%, 11 % undecided; Obama 46 to 40%). Yesterday CNN reported that Obama is close to overtaking Hillary in the superdelegate gap (good for Obama) and now there is this poll (good for Clinton). Today CNN reports that she has a big lead in Virginia. The fight between the democratic candidates brings them in the news more often, that is a fact. There are ups and downs in the polls for both, and there is no end in sight yet. I don't know WHEN the final decission is to be made, unfortunately.

With both of their birth times unknown, it is hard to predict anything as well. And...hard aspects and difficult planets don't necessarily mean a defeat. They could point at exhaustion, for example, or difficult confrontations. However, it is likely that on the day of the inauguration - January 20, 2009- Jupiter, Sun or Venus will be part of the festivities:). That day Obama has a nice day (solar transit with Jupiter) but also transit Neptune inconjunct Mars. Clinton has a Sun sextile Jupiter day, not bad. But McCain has a good day, too.

If the birth time (9 a.m. 29th August 1936 in Cocosolo) is correct, then McCain would have transit Saturn semi square the Midheaven right now and Pluto is leaving the semi square with the progressed Sun. Those are indeed depressing transits (a position - Midheaven - getting down and pressure or stress). Saturn, by the way, is the symbol of age and the latest news CNN offers about McCain is, that he challenged his audience to discuss his age! BTW, have I already mentioned that the SunArc Midheaven of McCain on the 16th of January 2009 is conjunct Jupiter? And on the 20st we see Jupiter transit trine MC. But Neptune is inconjunct Venus, ruler 10. The transit Sun is semi square Jupiter.

So all three have a nice day, the 20st of January. Well, why not. But it does not help an astrologer to predict anything:) If Obama should be born at 14:02 his solar return chart has Jupiter on top...And in McCain's next solar return chart Neptune is not far from the MC. If, if, if, if...:)

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