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Transit Saturn and the Queen's day incident

The man who drove the car that hit the public on Queen's Day in Apeldoorn today, had transit Saturn opposition natal Sun today (if this 38-year old was born March 6, 1971, as is being 'twittered'). A neighbour told the police that he had debts after losing his job and that he would have to leave his house coming Friday.

In bad circumstances a transit of Saturn may have a very nasty effect. Here is the chart of the moment (some time around 11u50) with the positions of Crown Prince William Alexander on the outside. There is a hit between transit Mars and natal Saturn and the Midheaven is conjunct his Black Moon.

Noone of the Royal Family was hurt physically, but as they saw what happened, they were of course sad and shocked on what is usually a happy day. Also: they were the target today...

The combination of Mars and Saturn often indicates 'end of energy, blocked energy' or death (not always the death of the person with the aspect, but 'death' or 'being struck' as an issue on the day of the transit.


The dramatic end of Queens' Day - update-

-UPDATE- The right moment of the incident that already caused 4 death. The driver of the car is badly wounded. Rumours say that he was born on March 6, 1971 and that would place transit Saturn opposition his natal Sun today.

The incident on Queens' Day seems more and more to be a terrorist attack. This cost the lives of at least FOUR persons, who were watching the bus with the royal family pass bye in Apeldoorn. It was the dramatic end of all festivities. The shock and the depression is visible in the chart of the Queen.

In the special about Queens'day*) on my Dutch blog Astrokrant**) I wrote:

Transit Saturn square progressed Midheaven, transit Mars square natal Midheaven... That looks like the end of a career. Queensday is always a day of festivities for Queen Beatrix. The transit Sun is always square her Moon, Venus and Jupiter and conjunct Uranus, for a surprise party... But the present aspect with Mars might indicate pain or getting hurt and Saturn at stepping back (or maybe she stumbles and falls, who knows).

Mars and Saturn makes one think of an end, but who would expect the dramatic end of all festivities due to what people think might be an attempt to hit the royal family. It is still 'an incident' and possible 'accident' but the driver seems to have tried to get through the barriers before and he hit two barriers before he hit the people. Two of them died, 23 got injured and 6 of them are seriously hurt.

The 30th of April happens to be the birthday of the Queens' brother in law (Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven). Here you see the solar return chart for today in Apeldoorn, with Saturn on the Ascendant. Saturn is and stays the planet of ends, depression and being down.

*)Queens'day is the original birthday of the former Queen Juliana, born 100 years ago. It is a day of festivities around the royal family, celebrated all over the Netherlands. The royal family uses to walk through the public and participate in games, shake hands etc. Perhaps this will be the last time that they will do this spontaneously. Times have changed...

**) is no longer a public blog


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Famous couple: Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario

Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario (pseudo for Miriam Raffaella Bartolini) married on December 15, 1990 (when their Sun sign changed in progression and so did their lives! See the progressed chart below). They have 3 children together, the first one born in 1984. They know each other from the 80s, it is a long lasting relationship.

Veronica seems to communicate with Silvio by means of public letters. In the last one she said that she and her family are the victims of the shameless flirtations of her husband. Silvio Berlusconi chooses 'Misses' to join his government, lately. This post is about the question: Do they match? The answer is NO. So why did they get married? And stay married...
Yes, he impressed her (his Pluto is conjunct her Sun in the seventh house). And: he gave her children (his Mars conjunct her Jupiter). His Moon is trine her Midheaven and his Jupiter is parallel her Ascendant. Those are pleasant indications for supporting her and caring for her position in life. But generally: they don't make a match.

See this list:

Her Sun is in Cancer, his in Libra.
Her Moon is in Sagittarius, his in Pisces
Her Venus is in Gemini, his in Scorpio
Her Mars is in Pisces, his in Virgo
His Jupiter is in Sagittarius, hers in Virgo
Her Ascendant is in Capricorn, his in Libra

Those signs are not naturally understanding each other. See the post about matching signs.... The good thing is that those conflicting positions don't make hard aspects because the orb is too wide.

With so many NOT matching signs, one wonders what brought them together and why they don't divorce. His chart is reflecting a slight potential for divorce (Moon in Pisces in a wide opposition Neptune). Her chart no potential for divorce, but is reflecting upheavel and 'flashlight' in the relationship (Uranus in the seventh house, semisesquisquare Sun/Moon). Does that mean that they have to stay married till ever after, even though they don't match? Perhaps, because they are Roman Catholics. They may not live in one house (and that is very possible with conflicting Moons), but they won't easily get divorced. Besides: on cusp 7 (the house of marriage) Berlusconi has Taurus (and that is one of the signs involved in the pattern of long lasting relationships, see that post).

Sometimes people are involved because they share the same kind of ideas, ways of life, experiences or goals, symbolized by having the same (kind of) aspects between two planets or lights. I have written about that on Astromarkt.
Let us have a look at the aspects to see what they share. They share:

Sun conjunct Mercury (for subjective ideas and thinking of themselves)
Moon in aspect with Neptune (she has Moon sextile Neptune; for romantic/idealistic needs or habits or being sensitive and empathic for each other)
Venus in aspect with Mars (for passion)
Ascendant in aspect with Ceres (he sextile, she square)

How is it possible that those aspects kept them together? Ceres! I will explain that later in this post. And:

a. His Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in hard aspect (in the 22.5 d range) with her Sun/Moon midpoint.
b. His Pluto is sesquisquare her ASC/MC, his Moon square her ASC/MC and his Sun is sesquisemisquare her ASC/MC.
c. Venus is elevated in the composite chart

That means that love is above all uniting them and that there is a very strong crucial and powerful connection. It would be hard, if not impossible, to finish this marriage. The midpoint connection of her Sun/Moon with four of his positions shows that he represents family life in her eyes in more than one way.

Charts should always been read with the cultural backgrounds in mind. But in this case there is even more reason to do so. They both have Ceres in aspect with the Ascendant. Roots, genes and the basics of life (nurture for example) are very important for them. Her Ceres, the symbol of motherly love, is at a crucial spot in the chart, below. All that Ceres symbolizes may have been the cement that kept them together. I think tradition is one of those items.

This time however, there are difficulties for both.

Lately Veronica had transit Saturn square her progressed Sun. She will have another transit of Saturn this summer. She also has transit Pluto is square her progressed Ascendant. Transit Neptune is inconjunct her Sun and Mercury. It is obvious that she is not in most favorable circumstances. She is down, depressed and ashamed. She means what she writes. Saturn's transit might even cause separation and distance.
But there is good news for her. The progressed Moon and Midheaven are to make aspects with Jupiter this year and progressed Venus is soon to be conjunct Uranus. Perhaps that brings her luck or fun.

Silvio Berlusconi had transit Saturn square progressed Sun, too, lately and this summer he will face another square. Times are hard and his mistakes come to the light. By means of his wife, because in the progressed chart they share transit Saturn square Sun right now. The nasty sides of life are being highlighted.

It is clear that people can have long lasting relationships even if they don't really seem to 'match'. Sometimes people have other reasons to get 'connected'. I like the quintile between her Mercury and his...She sure found a creative way to communicate with the owner of so many newspapers: in a public paper that he does not own:).

Another post about Berlusconi (and Mercury inconjunct Uranus for disproportionate upheavel):

For more famous couples, click the label below.


The contradictions in the chart of Rudolf Steiner

How to educate children? There are some theories. One of those comes from Rudolph Steiner, born in 1861. Naturally, those theories have to be seen in the light of his days. His theories are in the news in Europe today. A mother in Belgium found out that the Steiner school of her daughter uses corporal punishment for children (and that is forbidden in most Western countries). Her daughter was forced to step up and down the stairs 100 times, for laughing…Other Steiner schools wash mouths with soap after dirty words, make children wear 'big ears' (for not listening) or lock them up in small cabinets. Who would have thought that anthroposophy allowed to hurt other people, however small? This seemingly controversy is reflected in the chart of the founder, that you see here.

The founder of anthroposophy, the basics of the Steiner schools, is the versatile Rudolf Steiner. He is a famous and controversial person (Sun square Uranus, tightly) for his innovative creative ideas (Mercury quintile Uranus). Here is his chart with the patterns of success, art, 'the die hard' and the issue of limited freedom (let us say...karma). A blog is too short to do a complete reading and explain 'it all'. But a blog is long enough to show the main structure of the person who is a successful artist and visionary, the controversial nature of his ideas and the rather strict and thorny presentation of them (the Scorpio Ascendant opposition Pluto). But first: about educating children and using physical punishment.

The final dispositor (end ruler) of the Midheaven routing is Neptune (on Scheat) conjunct Mercury in the fifth house of children and (pro-)creation. This locates his professional activities.
The Moon does not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. I name that a ‘calling Moon’. He had a vocation to educate and to keep memories alive (like actors do). The Moon is strongly related to children and to behaviour. In our early years we learn to 'behave' as we should (according to our family or group).

The aspect combinations of Sun and Mars with Saturn and Pluto and the Scorpio Ascendant opposition Pluto strongly contributed to the rather harsh approach. It seems to contradict the opposition of Venus and Jupiter on the meridian. One side of Steiner is tolerant and kind. The other side of Steiner is strict and severe. The same contradiction is being reflected in the policy of educating children with love and arts and punishing them by hurting them or making them look foolish.

There are more than one contradictions in his chart. Mercury conjunct Neptune is one. Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo is another one. Oppositions like Venus-Jupiter and Sun-Saturn are also indicating contradictions. He combined science and arts, observations and visions.

On the angles are Jupiter and Pluto (an indication for his success, even 150 years later) and Venus, planet of the arts. Jupiter conjunct Midheaven is telling us about the way that his career is related to publications. Pluto on the Descendant makes us aware of the influence and power in presentations. I read that he almost never smiled. Also see the picture in the chart for his appearance.

The midpoint ASC/MC is in aspect with Venus and Uranus (arts and 'changing the world'). The midpoint Sun/Moon with Venus (talents) and Jupiter (success, publishing, traveling, spreading the word).

Sun is in Pisces, opposition Saturn and sextile Pluto. Mars is conjunct Pluto and trine Saturn. It is easy to see the 'die hard' and the vigorous measures in the way Saturn and Pluto are tightly in aspect with Sun and Mars*). The combinations are not repeated in the midpoint combinations. The issue of unnatural death is not a theme in his life. But Midheaven is semi square Saturn/Pluto and Mars/Saturn...another combination for being strict and perhaps severe.

Steiner has Sun opposition Saturn, tightly. For more about the aspect between Sun and Saturn, see In that post I give some examples of managers (and dictators) with this aspect, such as Ceausescu (Rumania). This aspect in the hands of a leader in an undemocratic nation or organisation (...) easily leads to total control and one headed management.

Leo is on Midheaven and the final dispositor is Neptune in Pisces, conjunct Mercury, in the 5th house of children. I read this as: an idealistic (Neptune) theory (Mercury) about children (5th house).

Saturn square Uranus, both in aspect with the Sun, reflect the subject of limited freedom (free will and/or karma***). Saturn and Uranus are not prominent in his chart, so that the issue of restrictions in his chart never resulted in physical limitations (such as a period in jail, for example).

One of Steiner's ideas is that every human being has a 'spiritual free will'. He wrote about it: The Philosophy of Freedom (see Wikipedia and the defense of his theories. The author states: 'Thus, in Anthroposophy there is simply no excuse for harming others." I .wonder how pulling children’s' hairs or ears fits the concept. It is another contradiction…(see above)

The final dispositor of the MC, Neptune, is conjunct Mercury. Cafe Astrology describes the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune. It is the aspect that joins facts and fantasy. Also read my blog, where I mention the aspect Mercury-Neptune:
"When you have to invent stories because you are an author, this aspect can be a blessing, but in real life it is not easy. For an example, see the charts of Gerard and Guillaume Depardieu. BTW, Brad Pitt (actor) has Mercury sextile Neptune, tightly. More about Mercury-Neptune on this blog Astropost:
about the Friedman case." (i.e. Mercury inconjunct Pluto)

He has lot of followers. For this you see Jupiter conjunct Midheaven with Neptune final dispositor of Midheaven. Sun and Venus are (in the 22.5 degree range) in aspect with Jupiter/Neptune. Jupiter-Neptune is the combination of devoted listeners and readers that is found in the charts of those who are on stage or have a public like in arts and religion.

Eurhythmy has been developed by Rudolf Steiner. He also was an architect (the Goetheanum). The astrological artistic pattern****) is:

- The Moon is ‘calling’
- Moon inconjunct**) Venus (sense of art, but...)
- Venus opposition Midheaven (style, diplomacy, charm or talents used in a career)
- Neptune in a creative biquintile with Midheaven (using visions or fantasy in a profession)
- Venus 67.5 midpoint Sun/Moon (in heart and soul an artist or talent)
- Venus 135 degrees from ASC/MC (talents of crucial importance)
- Neptune is the final dispositor of Midheaven (career involves arts, or an ideology)
- The final dispositor of Midheaven is in the 5th house of (pro-)creation (and children and games)

The final dispositor of the Midheaven is Neptune. In the days of Steiner, Neptune was conjunct the fixed star Scheat. That doesn't seem to be a good position for the ruler of his 5th house (of children). At least, that is what I read here....

PPS Scheat was important in the chart of the troubled genius John Nash (Beautiful Mind). Read this British blog about it: Visual astrology/

*) For more about the effect of Saturn and Pluto, see the article on my site Astromarkt...
**) For the effect of the inconjunction, see the post on this blog...
***) I personally don't believe in guilt or benefits coming from past and unknown lives
****) Dozens of artistic patterns in the charts of artists are on my blog Art & Astrology

See my site:

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Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's Ceres opposition Saturn

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was arrested last Thursday for being drunk and naked in a park. He says he is very ashamed. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is an actor and a member of the popular band SMAP. He also likes to be part of culinary programs on television and speaks Korean, fluently. I don't know his hour of birth. He was born July 9, 1974 and is now 34.

One of the comments coming from a journalist was very accurate. He said that he was surprised, because the artist always seemed so serious. And yes, he IS serious. On July 9, 1974 Saturn rises before his Sun. Those who are born on that day are first of all ambitious, neat, trying to be decent and proper like their parents told him to do. Or like the laws want them to.


But who can resist the call of Uranus?:) Uranus does not make any Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees on July 9, 1974. And Uranus is the symbol of rebellion, upheavel and media hypes. He sure caused one! See YouTube about the media hype.

Saturn and Uranus are both prominent and the conflict between restriction and independency is clear. The Sun is semi square the midpoint Saturn/Uranus. The combination of Saturn and Uranus reflects the theme of restricted freedom. It is an issue in his chart. Another journalist mentioned that he felt pity for the singer who's popularity made his life so difficult.

More about Saturn-Uranus on this blog...

Notice that the Moon in Pisces is square Neptune. Sign and aspect are part of the astrological pattern of artistic talents. The aspect also symbolizes the need to escape (sometimes by means of drugs or alcohol). With the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces the Moon and Neptune are the rulers of the lights.
50% of his positions are in water signs, the signs that 'go with the flow'.

Another explanation for what happened is the combination of success made by Mars inconjunct Jupiter and semi square Pluto. The inconjunction shows the disproportionate success, the misbalance (to succeed, but...)
(His Sun trine Jupiter is telling us about self confidence and the ability to make life a success and that he is an international - from now on:)

There is no hour of birth available. Here is the chart for the moment of the arrest. Notice that the Ascendant (of the moment) was conjunct the Ceres of the popular artist, opposition Saturn. Progressed (retrograding) Jupiter was conjunct the Ascendant of the moment. It is food for thought. I had not heard of him before this happened. But now he is famous all over the world. I don't know if that helps him. Even a Japanese minister expressed his anger over the event.

Culture and costumes (...sic) are a very important part of the reading of a chart. Ceres might be symbolizing the very important rites, roots and costumes of Japan. Dignitiy is also very important in Japan. But Ceres is also the symbol of 'Mother Nature'. So Saturn opposition Ceres is reflecting the question (opposition) of dignity (Saturn) and Mother Nature (Ceres).
The consequences might be rather disproportionate in my eyes. But in the eyes of the older generation of Japan the pop star lost his dignity. Perhaps that is another way to read Saturn opposition Ceres. He is also being payed by the government (Saturn!) and now he lost the job.

As Tsuyoshi Kusanagi loves culinary programs I think that Ceres (symbol of nutrition, too) is located on an important spot in the chart and is just as important as his oriental Saturn. That explanes why the transit and the event were so important. When the Ascendant was conjunct his Ceres (already in opposition with Saturn) the situation (Ascendant) was related to his nude act.

For more about the effect of Ceres, click the label or click here...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sun-Pluto conjunctions and oppositions

Sun-Pluto conjunctions (and oppositions) are not easy to deal with. The aspect may stimulate you to do what you always wanted to do (because you realize that life is not for ever). And sometimes you are forced to be strong and face the facts of life and death. The positive side of a Sun-Pluto transit or progression is that it makes you aware of what you value most in life. Pluto, in my eyes, is not the illness or the problem itself. Pluto symbolizes the force that you need to overcome them or to boldly face the facts. Pluto is a very small object, a dwarf planet in the darkest corner of our solar system. Only when the light of the Sun is being shed on Pluto, everybody can see it. It is just like with a problem: you need to know the how's and why's to be able to draw the right conclusion and start making the alternations needed to be able to live with the problem or to cut it out of your life or body.

Sun conjunct Pluto in the natal chart says that you are likely to be a fanatic and you can make life more difficult for yourself than life needs to be...Sun-Pluto people may be very demanding. It is difficult for you to live with authorities or to be an authority yourself. You want to resist against everybody who wants to change you or influence your lifestyle. Perhaps that was because your father was too severe. Perhaps you judge yourself too much. It seems that life for you is being a tyrant or being disciplined. The main problem is the theme of self esteem. Stress, or the intense way of living might cause health problems or it is the other way around: health problems strongly influence the way that you are living...

Sometimes it seems that the Sun-Pluto person is only happy when there is a problem to deal with. If there is none, they make one. They are the experts, the strong leaders and they want life to be challenging. At a certain moment their lives change in a dramatic or substantial way. But most of all they want to win games. The majority of the football coaches that I know have an aspect between Sun and Pluto. Some women with this aspect choose strong and dominating men as a challenge.

Examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jackson (physical transformation), Achmed Sukarno (politics), Leo Beenhakker and Louis van Gaal (coaches)

On my site Astromarkt you find the complete article(click this link) about Sun-Pluto (natal, transits and progressions) with examples like Josef Fritzl, the Pope and Ingrid Betancourt.


How long will your relationship last?

This post is about the effect of the elements and the length of a relationship. The composition of elements in your natal chart is one of the indications of how long you and a partner will be together. Of course there are other indications, too*). But the elements certainly have a big role to play.

Earth signs are the signs of realism and the wish to be respected. They are contributing to the length of relationships. Air signs are the signs of communications (and flirtations:). The fire signs are full of passion and the water signs are to be seduced (even though they like to belong to someone). The elements don't indicate if you will be faithful and true!:)

Capital signs take the initiative. The fixed signs hold on to what they have got. And the movable signs? They are not very stable.

Here are some famous examples:

Mel Gibson has 60% in fixed signs and that might be the reason why his marriage lasted more than 20 years.

Rihanna (20 February 1988) has Moon, Venus and Mars in fire signs, the signs of passion.
Chris Brown (5 May 1989) doesn't have any position in fire signs. He has Sun, Moon and Venus in Taurus, 60% in earth signs all together.
See my blog Art&Astrology for more about their relationship.

Dr. Robert Schuller (the television minister) has Moon, Venus and Mars in earth signs and that contributes to the length of his marriage.

Dutch Prince Bernhard (two daughters with two mistresses) had Venus and Mars in passionate fire signs. He did not divorce. He was a Cancer with 40% in watersigns.

His wife, Queen Juliana, had Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in fixed signs. She knew about her husband's affairs and didn't divorce him after all.

John Kerry has Sun in Sagittarius, Moon and Mars in Gemini and Venus in Scorpio square Pluto. That is 3 times a flexible sign. He divorced and remarried a rich woman.

J.W. Jones, had Moon Venus and Mars in fire signs. Perhaps that explains the need for a lot of women.

John F. Kennedy had Sun and Venus in Gemini, Moon in Virgo (three times flexible signs) and he had Mars in Taurus. One woman was not enough for him.

Camille Parker Bowles waited all her life for the moment of her marriage (6 April 2005). She was the mistress of Prince Charles when they both were married. She has 50% in water signs.

Elisabeth Taylor has 50% in watersigns. She also has Gemini on the cusp of the 7th house of marriage. Gemini is an air sign and a double bodied sign. But that is another story. Read about that in the earlier post on this blog about multiple marriages and double bodied signs.

*) Strong indications for divorce are in the aspects between the 1st and 7th house and:
for women, afflictions between Sun-Mars, Sun-Uranus, Venus-Uranus or Mars-Saturn
for men, afflictions between Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune, Venus-Neptune or Mars-Uranus
When there are more 3 or more of these indications it is hard to get or stay married.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mia Farrow, the hungerstrike and Mars oriental

Mia Farrow does anything in her effort to support the suffering people of Darfur. Now she stopped eating. I have several post about Mia Farrow. The main issue is that she has Mars oriental. That makes her first of all an activist.

Here are the links to posts about Mia Farrow (and to the chart drawings):

About the marriage with Woody Allen

About the marriage with Frank Sinatra

About her activities for Dafur


Most charming Princess Mathilde

An inquiry in French magazine Point de Vue resulted in a top position for Princess Mathilde of Belgium. She is the most popular royalty figure in Europe today, according to Point de Vue. It is not amazing, since she has:

Venus 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees)
Venus elevated, on top
Jupiter rising before the Sun
Pluto angular

The combination of the prominent Venus, Jupiter and Pluto promisses a successful mariage or artistic career or ...great (Jupiter+Pluto) charm (Venus).


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chart of Marc Dutroux and Neptune's transit

In 2005, after his conviction, the notorious Marc Dutroux was allowed to use his own personal computer in prison. Nobody had removed the child porno, so that he could watch it in his cell. Today transit Neptune is opposition his natal Midheaven and that is a moment of shame or negative press. Neptune is also the symbol of pictures and movies.

For his natal chart, see the reading on my site


Monday, April 20, 2009

Famous couple: Charles and Camilla

Today Prince Charles met the Pope with transit Jupiter square his Sun. That is a good sign for a trip abroad. And now that I mention him, let us see how he matches with Camilla.

Charles married Diana first. In his chart Venus conjunct Neptune shows the possible divorce. He has Sun/Moon in aspect with Saturn and that is a reflection of breaking up a family in our days (it means: a distant family life).

Camilla married Mr. Parker first. In her chart Sun is semi sextile Uranus, a weak sign for a divorce. But Sun/Moon is 22.5 degrees from Saturn and from Uranus. Restricted and stirred up family life...

I like the way that their charts match.
His Sun is trine hers (within 1.5 degrees)
Their Ascendants are close together,just like their MC's

They can easily join lifes, they share the same kind of approach and goals and as the Moons are in agreeable signs, they are able to live together. There are no conflicts, although the signs of Venus and Mars don't match. There is compensation for that: her Sun/Moon is square his prominent Venus. His love and sympathy have an effect on her family life and is what she wants most of all. How romantic.

Her Descendant is inconjunct his Saturn and that reveals some of the problems. Is "a disproportionate (inconjunct) delay (Saturn) of marriage (Descendant)" a good translation of the astrological message, perhaps?

The couple is also mentioned in the article about the moment of meeting the man or woman of your life...on Astromarkt.

I wrote in that article: "In June 1971, during a polo match, Camilla and Charles met for the first time. She had progressed Venus conjunct natal Saturn and semi square progressed Uranus. He had no special progressions at all. Her progressed ascendant is at the time exactly sesqui square his progressed Jupiter.

Sometimes people meet without starting a relationship, yet. A semi square with Venus describes a senseless love. Bernadette Brady refers to semi squares as a 'frustrating not'. Sesqui squares should bring advantages in a later stade! Apparently Charles and Camlla had to marry someone else, first. It is not only for the sort of aspectation that love was not answered at the time. Saturn and Uranus together refer to limitations of freedom and independency. Venus with Uranus often points at falling in love. Saturn is the planet of responsibilities, status and 'timing'. Shall we see this as 'untimely love'?"

Charles and Camilla both have Venus and Mars in aspect with each other and with Neptune and Pluto for mysterious or discrete passion. More about Charles and Camilla and Venus-Neptune, on this blog...

For more about the natal chart of Prince Charles:
1. On Astropost...
2. On my site Astromarkt...
3. On Art&Astrology about his talent as a water colour artist...


Saturday, April 18, 2009

The effect of the Moon inconjunct Pluto

In this post I am brainstorming about Moon inconjunct Pluto. In Dutch astrologer Martin Boot’s book ‘Van Ram tot Vissen’ the inconjunction of Moon and Pluto is referred to as ‘seeing submission as a way to express love’. Moon inconjunct Pluto reflects disproportionate emotional or psychological transformation.

One of the effects of Moon in aspect with Pluto is that the aspect intensifies habits, reflects the need of obedience (or control) and easily leads to psychological problems because of the strength of emotions. The Moon is the symbol of memory and memorising (the way we are being thought to behave and eat). Moon-Pluto is the aspect of the issue of the strong personality, but it might be the chart owner or someone else who is the impressing person.*) Sometimes fanatic needs and behaviour leeds to success. Habits are often forced upon others in the house or being forced on the chart owner*). There is the need to be strong and to defend oneself, from the very start. Grace Kelly had Sun and Moon trine Pluto. Her life, lifestyle and domestic environment changed completely when she married the Prince of Monaco. That is the transformational effect of Pluto. The trine made it easier to get used to (Moon) the changes (Pluto).

With the inconjunction it is easy to get out of balance. It is more difficult (Pluto) to get used to (Moon) changes. Sometimes you are just not in the mood, but you must behave and do as you are told. So you behave more and more 'forced'.

Sun inconjunct Pluto makes it hard to have a balanced self esteem. Moon inconjunct Pluto makes it hard to behave like you should. The effect is that a person sometimes looses control over the way of living (Sun) or the way of behaving (Moon). In severe circumstances other persons (or an intense need) may take over...

The individual chart shows what kind of need and problems influence behaviour in a disproportionate way. Pluto always reflects 'the price to pay' and with Moon the price is very personal. The Moon symbolises 'what you are used to', 'where you feel at home', 'what you like and desire'. When you want to be in control over your behaviour, you will have to give up on a habit or anything else.

The Moon inconjunct Pluto has a range from a (too) strict diet up to problemous behaviour and habits, a sort of a submission to danger or sex. It all depends on the rest of the chart, circumstances, positions and situations (and not to forget: genes). That is why I prefer to read a chart as a whole, instead of commenting about aspects in a chart. It is so often like talking about the leaf or the branche of a tree, without seeing the tree as a whole. But, the inconjunction is a very tight aspect (orb maximum 2 degrees), the Moon is moving rather fast compared to other objects in the chart and the Moon is a very important object, especially in the chart of women. Women generally are submitted to rules about behaviour more than males are (and that is so, around the world). Any affliction with the Moon makes it difficult to behave like one 'should' or like the world considers 'normal'.
Psychological problems (depression, for example) might be the ultimate effect of a Moon-Pluto affliction. With the inconjunction it is even more easy to get out of balance. When a person is aware of the possible dangerous effect, they can be on guard.

I have a few examples on this blog of the sometimes heavy effect of this aspect in the charts of women. The need to obey and submit might also shows up in the chart of males, of course. And the way to express submission might be less dangerous in the chart of the majority.

I still remember how shocked I was when Sarah Fergusson (an asumably moder woman) promissed Andrew to 'obey him', on her wedding day July 23, 1986 in Westminster Abbey, London, as if there hadn't been 'womens lib'. It was archaic (read the discussion on about the wedding vow).
Sarah Fergusson has the Moon inconjunct Pluto, tightly. Sarah Fergusson had an eating disorder for years - and was a big spender, too - . Now she is in control as a Weight Watcher. Pluto is conjunct Midheaven ruling the Ascendant and the Moon is in the 5th house.
See her chart and Andrew's on the earlier post about their match...

Natalee Holloway, who might have been attracted to dangerous males, has Moon inconjunct Pluto in her chart.
...Just like Karen Homolka, who also has Moon inconjunct Pluto. See the article about the Moon-Pluto effect in the charts of Homolka and Bernardo...

My latest post was about Catherine M. In the natal chart of Catherine Millet, an author who wrote about voluntary gang bang, We see a personality with strong and intense disproportionate need for pleasure (prominent Moon in 5 inconjunct Pluto, tightly). In her book she submits herself to unknown males, as a sex object.

I have the chart of a male actor who was born in The Netherlands, educated in the United States and who returned to Holland again later. He also may have to get used to other habits and rules and may have difficulties with that.

The effect of Moon inconjunct Pluto is (or may be...) that it forces a person to change behaviour and habits in such a way that it makes it difficult to keep control always.

For example, Sarah Fergusson was submitted to the rules of the royal family (and the protocol) as a citizen. She had problems to keep obeying them. Soon after marriage she started to eat and eat, perhaps because she was out of balance. The same inconjunction is in the chart of the Dutch queen to be: Máxima. She has the Moon in Aquarius, inconjunct an elevated Pluto (tightly). She moved to another country and continent and had to (Pluto) get used (Moon) to different habits. Recently she and her husband bought a house in Argentina (where she was born), to spend her holidays there. She is very popular.

*) Mars-Pluto is the issue of using or abusing force, influence or violence. This aspect is as frequent in the charts of assaulters as it is in the charts of victims. See the article on Astromarkt...


Friday, April 17, 2009

Astrology chart Catherine Millet

Catherine Millet is the author of a 'dirty book' called 'The sexual life of Catherine M.' I thought it was just a fantasy, but the elegant writer of books about art seems to have a real 'free marriage' with author Jacques Henric. And now she has written a book about jealousy. That is because her husband prefers a 20 year old now...This is her chart for April 1, 1948 15h15 Bois Colombes (France).
What does it say?

1. There is a strong astrological pattern of artistic talent in her chart (Taurus Midheaven, Venus in Taurus elevated and 'calling' sesquisquare Neptune and Neptune square the oriental Moon; Venus and Neptune are in aspect with Sun/Moon)
In 2001 when her book 'The sexual life of..' appeared, she had Venus still on top and square Neptune in her progressed chart. The combination of Venus and Neptune is the combination of art. In 2001 she also had progressed Moon conjunct Jupiter, an indication for success.

2. There is a question mark about life and fantasy or 'double life' (Sun in the 8th house of sex in opposition with Neptune): is it really true that she had herself 'gangbanged'? Read about the effect of Sun-Neptune combinations (and the question: am I who they say that I am or ...)...

3. We see a personality with strong and intense disproportionate need for pleasure (prominent Moon in 5 inconjunct Pluto, tightly)

Why did she marry if she and her husband didn't want to commit themselves?

1. Her Sun ruler 1 (ego) is quintile Uranus ruler 7 (partner)
This means: a creative way (quintile) to be (Sun) free (Uranus) in a relationship (1-7)

2. Mars is conjunct Saturn; that is because she had a long lasting relationship before this one.

3. She has Venus on top of her chart in Taurus; she wants to HAVE a lover. And perhaps that explains her jealousy now*).

Is she an artist with strong fantasies about sex or did she write an autobiography? With Sun in aspect with Neptune and Pluto, that might remain a mystery to us all. She has made an art of sexual desires, or it is the other way around. MC opposition Jupiter/Neptune is a guarantee for a lot of devoted readers. So the answer to the above question is that she is a successful author. Jupiter (ruler 5) is on cusp 5, trine her Ascendant. This aspect is very fortunate for creative expression. Had I already mentioned that Jupiter is 'calling', just like Venus. Venus and Jupiter are both drawing attention in this chart and the combination promisses (again) success in the field of entertainment. And lots of love...:)

*) In French the book is called 'Jour de souffrance', in Dutch 'Jaloezie' (Jealousy)

For more examples of the astrological pattern of artistic talent, see my blog Art&Astrology...


Astrology chart King Carl Gustav (till he dies)

The Swedisch king (konung) Carl Gustav has stated that he wants to reign until he dies and that is a long time from now (since his ancestors lived long lives). With 80% of his placements in fire or air signs he might live just as long (see 'Old' on my site Astromarkt). He is expressive and not holding back emotions.

His Astro I.D. fits a king:
- elevated Sun (leadership, drawing attention, being in the center)
- Ceres on the Descendant for the importance of succession (genes, roots)
- Jupiter oppositiion Midheaven: travelling, success
- Moon rising before the Sun (being 'involved' or ...popular)

And he has a 'royal' Ascendant: Leo!

There is an explanation for his wish to continue his 'job' until death. Just like football coache he has an aspect between Sun and Pluto. That means that he wants to win and dominate (very much, it is a square). This square is in fixed signs, the signs of strong will and perseverance. Sun-Pluto aspects are for fanatics!:)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marriage in the chart of Mel Gibson

Transit Uranus is conjunct Mel Gibson's Midheaven and he is in the news because of the end of his longlasting marriage. Mel Gibson is an artist. It is amazing for an artist to be married for so long. What are the indications for the long marriage and what for possible divorce?

There are several indications for a long lasting marriage. First of all, there was the Moon (ruler 1) trine Mercury in 7 for getting married in the first place. He did not divorce as quickly as other actors seem to do, because:

1. Capricorn is on the cusp of the seventh house (if he was born at 16:45). Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, seems to be the sign of what is longlasting, carefull, responsible and cautious.
2. The sextile between Moon ruler 1 and Saturn ruler 7. Moon-Saturn aspects make it hard to show emotions and make it easy to follow into the footsteps of a parents, doing the right thing (just like it should) and feeling responsible for the children and the family. Mel Gibson's wife left him 3 years ago. It took 3 years to divorce. I have an example in my files of somenone that I know. She lives separate from her husband for more than 3 years now and she has Moon (and Sun) in Capricorn semi sextile Saturn. They did not divorce (yet). To consolidate a habit is easy with Moon - Saturn.
3. The amount of positions in fixed signs. The fixed signs show perseverence and strong will.
Look at Venus quintile Saturn (for a creative way to remain married or to live apart together).
4. Saturn oriental (serious, responsible, parenthood, status, respect, wanting security)
Capricorn and Saturn sometimes over value the importance of status and 'what people might think' and they want to be 'descent'. That, having children together and responsibilities (or costs! Capricorn is economic!) is sometimes a reason to keep a marriage going that is already on it's end. Mel Gibson's friends are rather conservative and so is he. Saturn oriental**) reflects the conservative style.

So there were at least 4 reasons for the fact that he remained married for so long. But, now he is about to divorce.

An indication for divorce*) is the opposition between Mercury in the 7th house and Uranus in the 1st house. Mercury in the 7th house is strongly afflicted. There is an inconjunction with Jupiter and Pluto (for wealth and fame). It means that his success has a price and the place to pay is marriage and, perhaps in a disproportionate amount. Mercury is opposition Uranus in the first house for disagreements in marriage. The opposition is out of sign (and maybe was out of the public's sight:), but tight. Mercury is square Neptune (out of sign again, but tight). The success in communications and in the world of fantasy (including religious belief) is evident. Mercury is in aspect with Jupiter-Pluto and Neptune. Mercury is trine the Moon, ruler 1 (out of sign again). That made it easy to get married. But the opposition with Uranus shows opposition between him and a partner based upon opposing opinions.
Second indication: Moon semi sextile Neptune.
Third indication: the influence of the afflicted Sun on the Descendant (having the starring role).
Fourth indication: Venus is 'calling'*) in Aquarius, the sign of liberty and independence.

There are also indications for difficulties with women or relationships in general:
- a quindecile between Venus and Pluto
- a sesquisquare between Moon and Venus
The same aspects that attribute to artistic talent make it difficult to keep relations going (for example: attraction, sensitivity, romantic ideals).

He and his partner want to have privacy in this matter. Sun quintile Neptune and sesquisquare Pluto, Moon semi sextile Neptune and Pluto, Mercury square Neptune and Pluto...The Neptune/Pluto combination of the silent force and of discretion is very active in his chart.

*) In the chart of a man indications for divorce are:
Moon afflicted by Saturn
Moon afflicted by Neptune
Venus afflicted by Neptune
Mars afflicted by Uranus
Afflictions between the 1st and 7th house (rulers and/or planets in the houses).

When a person is so famous, it is difficult to keep a secret and that is another way to reflect the combination of Neptune (the secret) and Pluto (difficulties).

The astrological pattern for the artist in the chart of Mel Gibson is:

- Moon sesquisquare Venus (sense of art and style)
- Venus 'calling' (vocation for style, beauty and entertainment)
- Moon in Libra (sense of art)
- Pisces MC (career in the media, religion or 'empathic' business)
- Neptune quintile Sun and Midheaven (creative fantasy, double identity - pretending to be someone, like actors do -)
- Moon semi sextile Neptune (sensitivity)
- Sun/Moon in aspect with Mercury and Neptune (the reigning need of telling tales)
- Sun opposition AsC (for drawing attention)

I found his hour of birth on Star IQ.

*) I name a planet a calling planet (important for the vocation) when a planet does not make a major (Ptolemaic) aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. Venus 'calling' refers to the attraction of entertainment, beauty, style and art.
**) When Saturn rises before the Sun (that is the 'oriental' Saturn) the nativity is first of all oriented on official status (in education or in marriage).


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Astrology chart Phil Spector

Phil Spector has been found guilty in the case of the murder of Lana Clarkson on February 3, 2003. He is a producer, songwriter and guitar player and he loves to play excentric games with weapons (scaring others). He seems to have 'absolute pitch'. He has over 14 midpoint combinations that show his success~! But his chart also shows a man of extremes, who is likely to get out of balance. Why? In short:

1. He is someone with any possible (not necessarily stable) level of presenting himself and dito status (position in life). The crucial rulers of Ascendant and Midheaven are not aspected ('calling', drifting.._.
2. Communication is of utmost importance, but also without balance and extraordinary. Mercury is angular, rising before the Sun and not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees.
3. He has intense feelings (Venus opposition Pluto***)
4. He might use or abuse drugs or medications and be out of balance because of that (Mars inconjunct Neptune)
5. You can see the unique talent related to the career in the mutual reception of Venus and Uranus, the final dispositors of the Midheaven routing.
6. There are three inconjunctions (indications for problems from the start):
- Saturn-Neptune (something ill or depressing),
- Sun-Pluto (a self esteem problem) and
- Mars-Nodes (agressive relations).

This is just a summary of the tightest aspects and the most prominent placement. It shows us a person who may be a unique talent, but who is also unstable and intense. Read on if you want to have more info.

When you look at the AA rated chart provided by Astrodatabank**), you notice:
- Mercury (ruler 1) doesn't make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, so Mercury is 'calling'. Mercury is also on the Descendant and is rising before the Sun
Mercury is the planet of passive and active communication. Communication is highlighted in this chart threee times. Mercury is also sesquisemisquare Sun/Moon! This man has a message and he is communicating.

Mercury is also ruler of the Ascendant. An unaspected dispositor of the Ascendant might mean that his presentation, way of doing 'it', and the connection to the outside world is unstable and can be at any possible level.

- Saturn (ruler 8) is also 'calling'
Saturn is also inconjunct Neptune. This might point at born illnesses.

- Uranus (ruler Midheaven) also is unaspected
A 'calling' Midheaven points at a career and position in society that can have any possible level. Anything is possible. The placement in the 12th house refers to being the man behind the screens or the scenes. He wrote and published more than that he performed in public.

Saturn and Uranus are prominent in the chart. The restricted freedom (Saturn+Uranus) has been realised by entering prison. Mercury with Saturn and Uranus restricts freedom of speech and communications.

- Mars is tightly inconjunct Neptune
This means that there is little balance in using or abusing medication, drugs, alcohol or fantasy.

- Venus is in mutual reception with Uranus and they are final dispositors of Midheaven
He has sense of rhythm and modern art and was unique (Aquarius Midheaven), changing the world of pop.

- Venus is opposition Pluto
Read the article on Astromarkt about this aspect. This aspect intensifies feelings, sympathies and antipathies.

And then he killed a woman, the judge says...Mars/Saturn is in aspect with Moon and Venus. Black Moon Lilith on top is maybe significant enough? I don't know. Nobody is born to be a killer. Or should be...

*)(Perhaps he communicated in business (in his music) but he was unable to have normal social contacts.)

**) Astrothème says that he was born at 12:01.

***) For more about Venus-Pluto, read my site


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Suri Cruise's chart

Suri Cruise is only 3 years old and has to go to school 5 full days, newspapers say. This happens to her with transit Neptune conjunct progressed Ascendant (a negative situation, isolation). Her mother (Kathie Holmes) has transit Saturn conjunct progressed Ascendant right now. That is astrological for separation, blame and responsibilties being in a crucial stade. But Tom Cruises'transits are not funny either. Transit Neptune is oppositon progressed Sun and transit Saturn is inconjunct progressed Moon: depressing. Maybe school is a better place right now!

When a person is born with transit Neptune on the Ascendant and Neptune is approaching within a few years, there is the issue of isolation (perhaps hospitalisation) in the early years. (I know of a person who was in hospital in her first year. Later she started working in that field.) So in this period, her parents should guard her against feeling left alone and isolated. Going to school all day (without a period of trial) might make her feel lost.

In Suri's chart, Jupiter is also important (being elevated). The combination of Jupiter and Neptune refers to 'the devoted audience' (fans, followers, religion). The prominence of Jupiter and Neptune in the natal chart of Suri Cruise might of course point at the crucial importance of Scientology. But also at having fans and followers (a public). She is a pretty girl already...

BTW: Thought you might like to know that Suri Cruise will have a very happy birthday, with Jupiter - the planet of joy - on the IC of her solar return. So all's well that ends well, perhaps. The solar return chart is supposed to indicate the situation of the year to come. And Jupiter (symbol of the coach, doctor and advisor) always helps and protects. Transit Jupiter will be conjunct her Ascendant soon, so good advice is on the way!


Barack Obama's Mercury and oratory skills

The oratory skills of Barack Obama were the tools to rise to presidency, many commenters say. Where in the chart are they? Where to look for?

Mercury is the planet of communications. His Mercury is 22.5 (half semi square) the importan midpoint Sun/Moon. This means that he is a communicator at heart. Mercury is also 157.5 degrees from ASC/MC: communications are of crucial importance. Mercury is also trine Midheaven, reflecting the importance of communications for the career.

Jupiter is the symbol of conviction and convincing others. Jupiter is opposition Mercury and related to the same important midpoints as Mercury is. Jupiter is 157.5 degrees from Sun/Moon and 22.5 degrees from ASC/MC. Jupiter is sextile Midheaven.

Gemini is the sign of communications. The Moon expresses a need or the way a person has been trained or eductated. Barack Obama's Moon is in Gemini, sextile Mercury and trine Jupiter. This combination again points at communications.

It is clear that communications are important in his natal chart. The progressed chart of Obama tells us more about his present position as the leader of the government. See that post:

For more about the charts of Barack and Michelle Obama, click the label. Information and examples including Mercury are to be found under the label 'Mercury'.


Uranus and the chart of Abhisit Vejjiajiva (Thailand)

Yesterday there were riots and protests in Bangkok and the prime minister had to hurry to be safe. Today the government announced the state of emergency. Transit Uranus is opposition the progressed Sun of the Prime Minister. Translated: a hectic situation of change (Uranus) initiated by others (opposition).

Above you see the positions of the day of birth of the man who is the centre of the protests: Abhisit Vejjiajiva. His progressed Sun is in the 25th degree of Virgo, straight opposition Uranus (today in the 25th of Pisces). Uranus is the symbol of revolution, change, alarm and upheavel.

The progressions*) and transits of the chart of a leading figure in a nation don't only reflect the personal position and situation. The chart of the leader also mirrors the actual situation of the nation.

Note: Vejjiajiva has Sun square Neptune, 4 degrees apart, just like Obama. Obviously the aspect doesn't give a clue about being popular or not:)

*)Progressions: the astrological positions following the day of birth. One day after birth = the first year after birth, etc. The view from earth with the movement of earth around it's axis in one day resembles the view with the movement of the earth around the sun in one year. The progression symbolises the view ahead for the years to come.


Chart of Roger Federer (married yesterday)

Top tennis player Roger Federer married Mirka Vavrinec, yesterday. The party was easy to see in the astrological picture of the sky. See the progressed chart and transits above. This post is about the transits and progressions symbolising the party. And...Roger Federer's Midheaven is in Gemini. I will mention more examples of Gemini Midheaven in the charts of those who use their arms and hands in their professions in this post.

- Venus is the symbol of having fun, love and marriage. The progressed chart shows the growing situation (after development). Venus was on the cusp of the 7th house of marriage in his progressed chart.
- The Sun is the symbol of drawing attention and being in the centre of attention (like a person is on his wedding day:). The Ascendant is the symbol of a situation or presentation. The Progressed Sun was conjunct natal Ascendant.
- Jupiter is the symbol of joy, growth and progress. The progressed Sun was semi sextile Jupiter.

Venus and Jupiter together are the combination of the big party and great joy*).
To complete the party, transit Jupiter was also square the Moon.

Federer's natal chart (above) has Gemini on Midheaven. I found more charts of famous sport players using their hands and arms with Gemini related to Midheaven or ruler Midheaven.

- Golf player Tiger Woods Gemini Midheaven
- Cricket player Sourav Ganguli's Gemini Midheaven
- Golf player Ballesteros ruler Midheaven (Mars) in Gemini
- Tennis player Justine Henin (born June 1, 1982 Liège Belgium at 12:30 pm) has Sun and Mercury on top of her chart, in Gemini
- Stefi Graf (born June 14, 1969 in Mannheim at 4:40 CET) has an Aquarius Midheaven. Uranus (ruler of the Midheaven) is in Virgo. And Mercury rules Virgo. Mercury is in Gemini. Mercury is the final dispositor of the Midheaven.
- The natal chart of Venus Williams (see Astrodatabank ) has Mercury conjunct the Cancer Midheaven. The Moon (ruler of Midheaven) is in Leo and the Sun (ruler of Leo) is in Gemini...

Venus' sister Serena's Mercury is two times important: Mercury is 'calling' and Mercury is on the Desendant (but there is no Gemini influence in her chart).

Announcement on his website

Earlier post about Federer and Nadal

*) When Venus and Jupiter are obviously present there is reason to suspect good news (you don't need to get married:). Mr. Rasmussen had it when he became secretary-general of NATO.

Click the labels for more examples and information...


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter (and the Pope's birthday)

Christianity has strong connections to the sign of Pisces (sacrifices and miracles, the convent etc.). Pope Benedict has Jupiter Pisces on the Ascendant. He is the personification of Christianity and the chart perfectly reflects this. See his chart in an earlier post...

Tomorrow the Pope will be news again. And on the 16th he will be celebrating his birthday. The Sun will be conjunct his natal Sun sooner, on the 14th. Pluto - symbol of transformation, danger and challenge - is angular in the solar return chart, on the Ascendant. Perhaps it will be a challenging year.
Transit Uranus is inconjunct Neptune (ruler 1) tomorrow. I hope that this will not cause incidents that ruin the celebration for those who went to Rome.

Easter is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The eggs symbolise new life in the convictions of all those who celebrate the come back of the sunlight in summer. (On the souther side of earth winter begins, however.) For astrologers the moment that the Sun is conjunct Aries Point (Zero Aries) symbolises the start of a new cycle. And that is around 21st March.
Astrology is neutral. There is no connection with any religion and (if they may) astrologers can be member of any religious group. The Sun comes back to the same point on earth every year. In astrology the Sun is the symbol of life. It is worth celebrating life, on whatever occasion. So: Happy Easter!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Famous couple: Akihito and Michiko (Japan)

Akihito and Michiko: those are the names of the emperor and empress of Japan. They married 50 years ago.

Of course, emperors don't divorce. Pluto in the 7th house of Akihito shows a 'forced' or challenging marriage, a marriage under pressure. Mars is opposition Pluto in his chart, perhaps showing political sruggles.
He has Venus inconjunct Neptune and Mars square Uranus. Those are two out of the 4 indicational aspects for divorce.
She has Sun opposition Uranus and Venus ruler 7 square Pluto ruler 1: those are indications for divorce as well.
But: emperors don't divorce. They keep sharing a life and...aspects.

He has Moon square Mercury, she has Moon opposition Mercury; they very well know how to behave.
He has Mars square Uranus and she has Mars trine Uranus; they might be considered friends, perhaps (they shared a freedom fight against his parents).
He has Venus conjunct Saturn and she has Venus trine Saturn; they share the obligations and feel the restrictions or status of marriage.
They both have Jupiter opposition Uranus; they both have a modern convicton.

For more about sharing aspects with a partner, click here to go to my site Astromarkt...

His Sun is trine her Midheaven. Her Moon is inconjunct his Midheaven. He 'enligthed' her status, his status put her moods and habits out of balance.

He is leader (Sun without major aspects and placed on the ASC), with above all an international (Jupiter elevated conjunct MC and the first outer planet rising) orientation. With Sun and Jupiter in double prominence the chart shows successful leadership at once.

When he his father died progressed Midheaven was square progressed Neptune. Progressed Moon was trine Pluto and inconjunct Jupiter. That position of the progressed Moon activated the existing combination in the birth chart (Moon inconjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto). Transit Uranus was conjunct his Sun in the year that his father died.
When he officially became emperor on November 11, 1990, transit Jupiter was trine progressed Midheaven and transit Pluto was inconjunct progressed Moon.

She is artistic, sensitive or spitiritual but also a figther and activist. She is communicative and intelligent (Mercury on Ascendant) but she also knows how to pretend (Moon on Descendant). As she has a tight opposition Sun-Uranus, both square Pluto, she is rather radical and revolutionary, perhaps because she had to learn to live with the dramatic changes in life style following her marriage. As a civilian she was 'the stranger' in court for a long long time. Notice the position of Saturn square ASC for ambition and responsibilities, btw. Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune are of importance. She had to live with powerful and pushing parents in law. It is a rumor that she had a nervous breakdown in the early sixties (due to the situation in court).

On January 7, 1989 she became empress with progressed Midheaven opposition progressed Uranus. Her position changed completely...In the solar return chart of that year Uranus was on Midheaven, too (perhaps for freedom at last). It was the day that her father in law,the former emperor, died.

I found the birth data of the Emperor on Astrodatabank and that of the Empress on


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chart of Silvio Berlusconi: Mercury inconjunct Uranus

Silvio Berlusconi has a tight inconjunct between the planet of communications (Mercury) and the planet of upheavel (Uranus). This astrological statement can be translated like this: disproportionate controversial opinions. It could also be read like this: disproportionate upheavel about his words:).

He says so much, because Mercury is conjunct his Ascendant.
I remember the fuss he made by saying to an ex-model that he would have married her if he had not been married already. His wife demanded a public excuse and he gave it. But he also appointed the ex-model as a minister in his government. Her ministry: 'Equal chances':) His remark about the sunny colour of Obama was not appreciated, too. Today he said another wrong thing, perhaps meant as a comfort. He wanted perhaps to comfort the people in Mid-Italy who have to sleep in tents as their houses are either destroyed or dangerous. He said that the best thing to do for them right now was to pretend that they were at a camping for holidays.

The inconjunction is the symbol of what lacks balance, is misplaced or uneven. And when Uranus is involved, you tend to say things too soon (sometimes without thinking). Or making fun when that is shocking considering the situation.

Here you see the progressed chart of Berlusconi and the transits with it.
Transit Saturn already was square his progressed Sun and this aspect is coming back. Transit Saturn will be conjunct his progressed Midheaven. Mistakes will be highlighted during this transit. As Neptune is close to the progressed Midheaven, the transit of Saturn might cause an ill situation.

Today transit Mars is square progressed (or Solar Arc) Sun, too, for being a target. Later this year (in August) the progressed Sun will square Neptune. Usually that is not a fortunate aspect.

But... right now, transit Jupiter is inconjunct progressed Midheaven and that promisses support, also disproportinate. Click 'inconjunction' in the labels to see the post about the effect of the inconjunction and various examples.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mars oriental (the outer planet rising before the Sun)

One of the great things that I learned from the book 'Vocations' (by Noel Tyl), is the importance of the oriental planet. The oriental planet is the first (outer) planet rising before the Sun. I think that the oriental position is one of the most prominent postions in the charts*). The oriental position shows us what a person is 'first of all'. When you are 'first of all' a materialist (because of Saturn oriental) and you are an artist, you will probably do the official schooling (preferably the classical school) or try to have another ('decent') education or career first. When Mars is the oriental planet, you will have a drive to act and 'do something about it'. What you 'do' is depending on the aspects with Mars, the conditions, culture and situation, your genes and your gender.

In this post I give a range of examples. Here you see a chart with an oriental Mars. The oriental planet is marked by a red circle. It is the chart of the day of birth of MP Morgan Tsvangirai (Zimbabwe), born with an oriental Mars.

MARS is the symbol of the soldier, the drive, the figth, scars, injuries, wounds, hurt, cuts, work, activism, action, fire, guns, knifes, iron, techniques, tools, producing (products or children), methods, instruments (like guitars) and machinery and...of males and muscles. That is just an idea of the Mars-orientation. There are many ways to show the effect of an oriental Mars. Here is a list of persons, events and organisations with an oriental Mars.

War criminals in Ruanda, Cambodja...
Another war criminal is Dinko Sakic (WWII)
John Lennon, who was shut...
Two of the four terrorist of the London subway blast had Mars oriental (one conjunct, one square Uranus)
Manuel Marulando (FARC) has an oriental Mars conjunct Uranus
Paul Bernardo (Ken and Barbie-murders) has Mars oriental, trine Neptune.
Convict Gotthard Lerch has an oriental Mars (and as Hin Jintao of China was born on the same day, he also has it)
Kenneth Morris (recently executed) had Mars oriental (square Pluto)

John Calvin had Mars oriental square Uranus
John McCain, a soldier in the first place, has Mars oriental
Tom Cruise
John Voigths

The positive side of Mars rising before the Sun shows up when the energy is being used in sports, positive action or music:
Edmund Hillary or
Giovanni van Bronckhorst
Albert Schweitzer, who learned how to control his moods (as he had Moon quintile Saturn:)
Jimi Hendrix had an oriental Mars without major aspects (semi square Neptune). He hit the guitar and he used drugs. He was very productive, too.

Very productive in having children is Nadya Suleman
Farrah Fawcett, sex symbol in the 70's and 80's.
Margareth Thatcher, the iron (...) lady, has Mars oriental, too.
Mia Farrow is an activist and she has Mars oriental...
Dianne Odell (who spent years living in an iron lung) had Mars (symbol of iron) oriental (opposition Pluto and trine Uranus)
Barack Obama's mother also had Mars oriental
Sharon Tate, who was stabbed to death, had Mars oriental, too.

Race horse Okidoki has a swift Mars oriental square Jupiter. Biting gorilla Bokito has Mars oriental conjunct Saturn. You see their charts in this post...

In the charts of organisations, Mars shows what is the first objective. See the chart of NATO, with Mars oriental. It is a military organisation and Mars is the symbol of the military.

I found oriental Mars in the chars of events, too:
- Shooting in Germany
- Dunblane Massacre

PS It might just be coincidence that there are a lot of examples of Mars oriental who died (rather) young. (I also think of George Harrison who had Mars oriental in his chart, playing the guitar, too, btw).

*)Of course, the angular and crucial placements and the 'calling' (not aspected) planet is very important as well. And so are the positions in hard aspect with Sun/Moon and ASC/MC.

PPS Explanation: inner planets (planets between Earth and Sun) are Venus and Mercury. The other planets are outer planets.


A 115 year old

Gertrude Baines was born April 6, 1894 in Shellman, Georgia (USA) and she is still alive. Yesterday she celebrated her 115th birthday.

Just like many very old persons, she has a lot of positions in the socialising air signs (50%) and in the flexible movable signs (50%). Unless she is born after 23 hours, she has no positions in earth signs. There are no inconjunctions in her chart (not within 2 degrees of orb). That is nice, because it means that there were no illnesses at birth.

Of course, she is the only living person born on April 6, 1894. Genes and circumstances must have contributed to the length of her life. And there must have been crucial positions in her chart that strongly influenced her health. That makes me think of Ceres, the symbol of roots and genes. Ceres is making the tightest aspecgt in this chart (square Neptune). Perhaps it is Ceres that has a prominent position on the horizon or the meridian.

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(With thanks to Ria for making me aware of this birthday!)


Rasmussen and the dislocated shoulder

Some more about Anders Fogh Rasmussen (and thank you for the info, Behiye!):

In the early hours of 6 April (03.00 am) mr. Rasmussen had an accident in his hotel suit, falling down and injuring his shoulder. He was taken to the hospital, had to be anesthesised and his dislocated right arm was reset. He did attend the meeting with his bandaged arm.

The first aspect that I found and that reflected the accident, was transit Uranus inconjunct Neptune. It was a tight, exact aspect, often related to being unconscious. Maybe he was sleepy (it was in the middle of the night) and that caused the incident. What I like about this aspect is the inconjunction. A dislocated arm...perfectly reflected by the inconjunction. The inconjunction has the meaning of 'misbalance'! And you need to be out of balance to fall down.
Another transit for the timing is the transit Sun square Uranus (for a hectic day).

Saturn is usually the planet involved when a person falls down. I have seen many cases with Saturn on the Descendant, for example. And I see the Saturn of Erdogan, conjunct the Ascendant of Rasmussen. Uhm....Maybe it means that the fall joined them (LOL:). I hear that afterwards Erdogán showed his concern and was friendly.
But I also see Mars square the progressed Ascendant. Mars hurts! And Mars was opposition Saturn this weekend. That opposition seems to have activated the positions of his progressed Mars and Saturn on the meridian.

There is the fall and the injury. There are 3 possible indications (a hectic day, being out of balance and getting hurt). And that is all that an accident needs... Here is the proof: the progressed chart with transits.

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