Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sun-Pluto conjunctions and oppositions

Sun-Pluto conjunctions (and oppositions) are not easy to deal with. The aspect may stimulate you to do what you always wanted to do (because you realize that life is not for ever). And sometimes you are forced to be strong and face the facts of life and death. The positive side of a Sun-Pluto transit or progression is that it makes you aware of what you value most in life. Pluto, in my eyes, is not the illness or the problem itself. Pluto symbolizes the force that you need to overcome them or to boldly face the facts. Pluto is a very small object, a dwarf planet in the darkest corner of our solar system. Only when the light of the Sun is being shed on Pluto, everybody can see it. It is just like with a problem: you need to know the how's and why's to be able to draw the right conclusion and start making the alternations needed to be able to live with the problem or to cut it out of your life or body.

Sun conjunct Pluto in the natal chart says that you are likely to be a fanatic and you can make life more difficult for yourself than life needs to be...Sun-Pluto people may be very demanding. It is difficult for you to live with authorities or to be an authority yourself. You want to resist against everybody who wants to change you or influence your lifestyle. Perhaps that was because your father was too severe. Perhaps you judge yourself too much. It seems that life for you is being a tyrant or being disciplined. The main problem is the theme of self esteem. Stress, or the intense way of living might cause health problems or it is the other way around: health problems strongly influence the way that you are living...

Sometimes it seems that the Sun-Pluto person is only happy when there is a problem to deal with. If there is none, they make one. They are the experts, the strong leaders and they want life to be challenging. At a certain moment their lives change in a dramatic or substantial way. But most of all they want to win games. The majority of the football coaches that I know have an aspect between Sun and Pluto. Some women with this aspect choose strong and dominating men as a challenge.

Examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jackson (physical transformation), Achmed Sukarno (politics), Leo Beenhakker and Louis van Gaal (coaches)

On my site Astromarkt you find the complete article(click this link) about Sun-Pluto (natal, transits and progressions) with examples like Josef Fritzl, the Pope and Ingrid Betancourt.


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