Friday, November 30, 2012

Mars and Pluto opposition my Uranus: Ahhrrrggg!

When you see this picture of a 17th century dental treatment, you know what my Mars-Uranus-Pluto experience is about.

The day before yesterday I saw the dentist. I see him for a check-up at least once a year. Now it was with Transit Mars conjunct transit Pluto in the 9th degree of Capricorn. Mars and Pluto were exactly opposition my natal Uranus…Guess what happened... I'll tell you all about it.

It was a periodical check up. I told him that I had the idea that last year's treatment had failed  and that something was wrong in my right jaw. He took a picture and immediately arranged an appointment with an endodontologist (a specialized dentist). Ahhrrggg!!!@#$%&

Mars-Uranus-Pluto is a combination for surgical intervention or accidents or injuries or explosions. And apparently, Mars-Pluto transits with Uranus signal a good day to see the dentist about a complicated problem. Or for a forced upon surgery...

The dentist, I noticed, is related to Mars. He uses instruments and he hurts, that is why.

With Mars on my Midheaven or progressed Midheaven I had treatments, painful treatments… So I decided not to see him until Mars had moved to Capricorn, but I couldn't pick the day. That is how I came to visit the good man on a day with Mars AND Pluto opposition Uranus.

It was a good thing, of course. It was high time that I went, but when it comes to tooth ache and the dentist I look a bit like this bird. So I waited until the problem would be solved by nature...even though I knew that something was wrong. It didn't hurt, it didn't show, so I thought that maybe it was something not so important. Or I hoped that it was (transit Neptune is also on my Jupiter this year).

I am expecting the invitation of the endodontologist, soon. I wonder what day they choose to explore the axis of that dental nerve. The dentist says that it doesn't hurt (don't they always say that?).  I wonder what transit will accompany thAt visit... I'll tell you if I am still around:).

Nerves, you know, belong to Uranus in the astrological vocabulary. Mars is dentist and hurt. And Pluto is for complications. Now we have the picture (by the artist Pulling Teeth):


Like I wrote before, the Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination is the combination of terror! ( ) Seeing the dentist was a one woman terrifying experience.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chart of Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, just like Penelope Jones Halsall, a romantic novelist (passed away December 31, 2011). Ted Bundy became a notorious serial killer. Here is some information about the chart of Bundy and about the astrological situation on the day that he died. I'm not presenting a complete reading here. I just want to show you some of the keys to what happened.

Many others born on November 24, 1946 were decent, nice folks. The combination of circumstances, education, genes (!) and the hour of birth made the difference. Those born in the afternoon and evening of November 24, 1946, all have the Sun 'calling'. It means that they or their life styles will draw attention at any possible level, somehow, maybe as a star, or as a leader. Ted Bundy drew our attention by killing and by being executed.
Maybe the importance of the theme of death (Mars-Saturn) rises because of Ascendant sesquisquare Mars/Saturn (meaning the frustrating dead end on the horizon). He had the strength (Mars trine Pluto) and the energy (5 placements in fire signs) to do it and the desire for excitement (and falling in love again and again). He also wasn't afraid of 'discord' (Venus sesquisquare Eris). 
 Women, love and desire had a key position in his chart (AC/MC-Venus). It is strange to find Ascendant/Midheaven opposition Venus here, but it is true: women were of crucial importance. 
MOON, VENUS, NEPTUNE and ASCENDANT (artistic presentation)
He managed to look like a nice guy. The combination of Moon, Venus and Neptune is the combination of artistic talent. All three were in aspect with the Ascendant. His appearance and behaviour was a 'work of art'. He acted. Women thought that he was polite and when he asked them to help him get some books into his van, they were willing to help him.

SUN SEPTILE NEPTUNE RULER 8 (inspired by fantasy of death)
There is a minor, hidden aspect that tells us more about that acting and about what was hiding: Sun ruler 1 septile Neptune ruler 8. Can I read this like : he was inspired (septile) by acts (1) of life and death (8)?

SUN/MOON square SATURN/NEPTUNE (motivated by/used to sadness and sickness)
As Ted Bundy is not an ordinary person, his chart can't be read as that of normal persons. Sun/Moon (249,98) square Saturn/Neptune (159,5) sounds like being motivated by sickness and sadness. It might be 'part of the picture'. Sadness and sickness might always have been part of his life experiences, too.


When he committed the first of the eerie of rapes and murders, transit Saturn was opposition his Progressed Sun and the progressed Sun was moving to Capricorn. He ended a period in life.

When his life on earth ended, there were more than 10 transits and progressions at the same time. When there is a very important period, there are almost always many indications. 

Bundy had two trines when he died (transit Jupiter trine Progressed Ascendant, transit Venus trine Midheaven) as if a wish came true. Five inconjunctions told us about a heavy loss:
. Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Sun/Moon
. Transit Saturn inconjunct Saturn
. Transit Mars inconjunct Sun
. Progressed MC inconjunct Sun/Moon
. Transit Pallas inconjunct Progressed Ascendant

There were two exact aspects:

1. Progressed Sun conjunct progressed Mars, ruler 8 in the progressed chart, in the progressed 4th house.
2. Transit Mars sextile Progressed Moon

Here is the picture of the chart:

More about Ted Bundy on Wikipedia

Also visit:  about Sun-Neptune aspects, transits and progressions.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Midpoint combinations: 3 in 1

Today I wanted to write about the death of Michael Hutchence (INXS), 15 years ago, but a comment on this blog about midpoints made me change my mind. So now I'll tell you about midpoint combinations and about midpoint combinations in the chart of Hutchence at the time of his death.

Here is some of my take on midpoint combinations.
a. Midpoint combinations are combinations of a position (planet/angle) in hard aspect with a midpoint (like Sun/Venus opposition Moon)
b. Midpoint combinations are the combination of all three of the positions involved (like Sun/Moon/Venus)
c. I prefer to use a 1,5 degree orb for the aspect with the midpoint combination
d. Tight aspects of 3 positions are an aspect combination (and often they form a midpoint combination as well).

I have written about midpoint combinations before here and on Astromarkt. What I always do is: mixing the three positions. There are more astrologers who do as I do. They generally disregard the subtle differences between, for example, Sun/Moon conjunct Venus and Moon/Venus semi square Sun. I see a Sun/Moon/Venus combination in both cases. I'd note them as Sun/Moon=Venus and Moon/Venus=Sun.
The first combination is important for being motivated by beauty, women, art and pleasure.
The second one highlights a need for luxury and style.
But in the end it is all about love life, entertainment and luxury in heart and soul. That is why my midpoint combinations are 3 in 1.

I mentioned Michael Hutchence, so why not use his chart as an example. Michael Hutchence was a singer and that was easy to see in his chart. Mercury was calling (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) and angular. This double prominence reflected the importance of communicating (writing, speaking, singing) somehow and anyhow, at any possible level.

Here you see the natal chart with transits and progressions for the final day. Michael Hutchence committed suicide soon after arguments on telephone and possibly under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol. He suffered from depression and had divorced in the year before his death. In that situation he had alarming transits and progressions.

In astrology the 8th house is the house of crisis (life and death). Inconjunctions refer to loss. Uranus inconjunct Pluto is the symbol of unbalancing dramatic change or revolution with a loss involved. Trines seem nice, but they often point at the easy way out.
When Michael Hutchence died with an exact trine of progressed Sun (ruler 8th natal house) with Neptune and transit Uranus inconjunct Pluto in 8, he also had midpoint combinations.  I counted a total of 8 indications related to what happened, but here I like to mention the midpoint and aspect combinations:

1. Transit Neptune conjunct the progressed midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven (AC/MC).

The AC/MC midpoint is the corner stone of the chart. Transit Neptune tends to weaken and confuse. With Neptune you can't really get a grip on things.
AC/MC=Neptune points at the importance of fantasy, ideals and dreams, in the natal chart. It is a gift for an artist or a prophet. But a curse in nasty situations.

2. Transit Neptunus conjunct Ascendant and Mercury
This transit Neptune was crossing the Ascendant and Mercury, too, in that same period before his death.  Mercury is for the mind. This transit confused the mind set.
The combination of Mercury, Ascendant and Neptune gives a tendency to be open for influences from outside and makes it easier to be harmed (see COSI*) or to be disappointed. It doesn't matter how you turn the combination that might lead you to the wrong paths in life. That is exactly what happened.


Remember,  if you ever have transit Neptune on Ascendant or Mercury, ask yourself this question: "Is this what I think or feel real or just my wrong concept of reality?" Transits of Neptune are often simply just too negative or too sad. Neptune is the symbol of romance and in those romantic days of the 19th century, Neptune could kill you softly by making a drama of things and drown in tears. An example:

Also visit: for example about midpoints and how to calculate and interpret them; or use the label 'midpoint' for more...

*) Whatever you may think of Neptune over Mercury/AC, no astrologer will ever think of it as 'a bright and good idea'. Transits of Neptune are confusing. When your concept of your situation are wrong, you might make wrong plans, too.

COSI is The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin. His take on Mercury/AC with Neptune = being deceived. For Mercury/Neptune-AC he gives 'being harmed' and for Neptune/AC-Mercury: 'wrong paths in life'
PS There is even a more difficult possible combination of midpoints. What about Sun/Moon = Jupiter/Pluto? I'd read this as motivated for success and having a strong need to be a star. But that is for later...

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chart of Adele

One of the most successful singers today is Adele, born May 5, 1988 in London. Time to study her chart! says that she was born at 3:02 a.m. and that is the time that I used. Here is the chart, calculated on with transits and progressions for October 19, 2012 when Adele gave birth to a son. (The father is charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki.)
Adele, natal, transits, progressions October 19

What you see when using the tightests aspects, is:

1. Progressed Moon opposition natal Sun (life changing moment)
2. Progressed Sun quindecile natal Moon (close spotlights on family)
3. Progressed Venus quindecile natal MC (a strong wish coming true)
4. Transit Node inconjunct Progressed Mercury (family talk)
5. Transit Pluto close to progressed Midheaven (intense change in the course of life)
This seems to cover the event…

Of course, I first looked for the pattern of artistic talent and the singer in the chart and for the keys to success. Here are some of them:
1. Mercury 'calling' to communicate somehow, anyhow
2. MC 'calling' to have a position at any possible level
3. Jupiter with Sun, Pluto and Uranus for extra self confidence
4. Angular Mars for the drive and energy that it takes to be a pop star.
5. Venus-Uranus opposition for sense of rhythm (frequent in the charts of pop singers)
6. Mercury quindecile Midheaven (an obsessive focus on using voice or pen in the career)
7. Venus quindecile Neptune for a strong focus on romance and…artistic talents
8. Venus trine Ascendant and opposition Moon for the good looks.
9. Jupiter ruler 10, rising before the Sun
10. The combination of Sun in Taurus, Moon in Sagittarius and Aquarius Ascendant for the uniqueness, the positive approach and perseverance (Taurus) that makes Adele who she is.

That is it, for now.

Or should I mention the overweight? Inconjunctions with Jupiter conjunct Sun, the Taurus Sun and Sagittarius Moon opposition Venus... A bit too much of it all, it says. See Astromarkt, about the indications for overweight... And I couldn't stop without a link to that beautiful song 'Skyfall' graciously sung in the best James Bond I ever saw...

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The synastry in the Petraeus affair

A few days ago I wrote about the Venus-Saturn synastry in the Petraeus affair. The Saturn of Paula Broadwell is opposition David Petraeus' Venus. Paula's Venus is 112.5 degrees from her Saturn (that is a square + half semi square) and general Petraeus has Venus sextile Saturn. So, the couple shares a Venus-Saturn connection. Now I know that there is even one more Venus-Saturn connection. Mrs. Holly Petraeus was born July 17, 1952 and that means that her progressed chart has Venus conjunct Saturn this year. That completes the triangle of Venus-Saturn.*). But how about the rest of the synastry between the three of them?

Here are the positions on the days of birth of David Petraeus with in green (transits) the positions of his wife Holly. 

It is interesting to see the match between the charts (he Scorpio, she Cancer, Venus in Sagittarius and Venus in Leo). Her Neptune opposition his Mars may be difficult, but there has to be some difficulty to get going, doesn't it?:) 
The present difficulty is named Paula. Paula's Mars is straight square the Sun of Holly and that means: competition! And hurt, of course.

Holly's chart only has Mars semi sextile Saturn as an indication of divorce. Unfortunately Petraeus' chart has more of the aspects that are frequent in the charts of divorced men (Moon-Neptune, Moon-Saturn, Mars-Uranus...). Time will tell how they deal with this. And if they stay together, the synastry between the signs in their charts won. At present, Paula and David's natal charts and Holly's progressed chart contain a Venus-Saturn aspect. They are all connected by the Venus-Saturn painful situation.

Infidel women and their charts: including the 'difficult relationships' aspects in charts of females and males.

The Stepford wives were perfect. The author's chart has a Venus-Saturn conflict (Venus inconjunct Saturn): 

*)Also, her progressed Saturn is square her Uranus (for breaking free, perhaps).  

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Robert Freegard, Thierry Tilly and astrology

This blog is about the striking similarities in the charts of two conmen with a sort of a similar way to control a group of persons by imposing as a hero who is saving their endangered lives. It is an amazing story! But even more amazing is, that their Astro ID*) look so much alike! On the days that they were born the same planet (Mars) rises before the Sun and they also share four not aspected ('calling') planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn and Uranus).

Thierry Tilly, a French conman, has been sentenced to 8 years in prison this week. I read a few lines of his story and I immediately thought of Robert Freegard. In 2009 I wrote about master conman Robert Freegard. This young man managed to keep a group of students under control for more than 10 years (!!!) by imposing as a sort of a James Bond. They would only be safe as they did what he told them to do and remained isolated from the rest of society. They were poor, lonely and sad for years. It is an incredible story for those who were not part of that group.
Freegard was born March 1, 1971.

Thierry Tilly, his French counterpart, was born on March 29, 1964. He controlled a rich French family of aristocrats. In 10 years time he got 4,5 million euro to save them from ' evil'. There are links below for those who wonder how he did that.  It is unbelievable that he succeeded, but he did.
I find it interesting that it isn't just the crime that has the same ingredients! Here is the picture of the positions on their days of birth and a list of similarities.
Position on birth day Tilly and (in green, transit) positions of Freegard

Robert Freegard and Thierry Tilly share some of their Astro I.D.:

1. Sun 'calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). That makes them 'leading'. They draw attention and are in the center of it in any possible way.  They have strong ego's. People born on March 1, 1971 or March 29, 1964 want to be 'seen'.

2. Mars is also 'calling'. That is for the workaholic and the person whose energy can reach any possible level (up or down).

3. Mars rises before the Sun. That means that they have an orientation on action. People with such a position of Mars tend to be aggressive, assertive and 'do-ers'. They are the activists and the driven kind of people.

4. Saturn is 'calling' for ambition at any level.

5. Uranus is 'calling', too. Add this to Saturn and what you get is the issue of limited freedom or breaking free. They both saw prison from inside.

Robert Freegard and Thierry Tilly are both active and driven 'leaders' with an issue: they wanted to cross borders. And they did!

Interesting is, that Freegard is a Pisces and that Tilly has un unaspected Neptune. It takes at least SOME fantasy to create a new reality for others.
Tilly also has Sun quindecile Quaoar (an obsession regarding creating a new world). Freegard was only 21 when he started his 'game' in a period of Progressed Sun semi square Saturn and conjunct Pallas.
Tilly was already 34/35 in 1999, when he met one of the family members and was introduced in the family, during Progressed Sun trine Pluto. It was 'game over' in 2009, with Progressed Sun inconjunct Quaoar (lost brave new world:) and Transit Neptune square Progressed Sun (isolation, confusion).

Of course not everybody born on the same day as these conmen are cons! There are many ways to break free, be in the center of attention etcetera.  Gender, genes, social position and culture, together with the chart (with hour of birth) produce a variety of possible characters and lives.

It is thought provoking that two persons born on different days with an almost completely similar Astro ID did the same thing and that not everybody born on their days of birth did that same thing. Two sides of a coin?

*) Your ID shows special marks. So does your Astro ID. Special marks are made by not aspected planets, angular positions and by the planet rising before the Sun.


Also visit: , for example about not aspected (calling) planets

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Petraeus-Broadwell and Venus-Saturn: love hurts

There is much commotion about the extramarital affair of general David Petraeus and the author of his biography: Paula Broadwell. She was his protege (his Jupiter opposition her Sun). A look at the astrological positions of their birthdays shows us that their love affair was a matter of Venus-Saturn. Venus-Saturn aspects are in their charts and between their charts.

1. Paula Broadwell's natal chart has a minor aspect between Venus and Saturn in the natal chart (112.5 degrees, square and half semi square).
2. David Petraeus has Venus sextile Saturn.
3. Paula's Saturn is opposition his Venus.
The Venus-Saturn issue manifested in their relationship.

Chart d.o.b. Broadwell, transits for d.o.b. Petraeus

Both David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell have a Venus-Saturn aspect in their charts. They share a Venus-Saturn aspect and a Venus-Saturn experience. Quoting myself:
Venus-Saturn: staying together as long as possible because love is a serious thing. And if you break up (possible with conflicts and supported by more indications) the pain is long felt."
Venus-Saturn is about:
- keeping up appearances in love
- everlasting ...
- marriage of convenience
- love hurts (especially when you are young)
- the hard side of love
See )

With Venus-Saturn there are children, a mortgage, parents, matters of status or other reasons for NOT separating and staying together, sometimes long after love has gone. A marriage of convenience, from the start or in the end, is often reflected by Venus-Saturn. What is decent and what will 'they' say? That is the question for Venus-Saturn. Guilt, tears, remorse and hurt loved ones are around those who face the facts of a Venus-Saturn aspect combination when the marriage or relationship fails.  Venus-Saturn is for when love hurts (you or your loved ones) and when affairs are painful.

PS Her Saturn is also inconjunct the Mars of David Petraeus. Mars-Saturn relationships CAN hurt.

David Petraeus used to be a general with a lot of success See why:

About Venus-Saturn when you are young on on General Petraeus secret affair and Chiron

Also visit: for example about Venus-Saturn

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

To win elections or not, and astrology

This post is about the progressions, transits and solar return of the charts of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on Election day and what they tell us about winning or not. The picture was quite clear considering the fact that there are 75% positive transits and progressions for Obama and more than 50% difficult transits and progressions for Romney. An important role is for the trine (for Obama) and the inconjunct or quincunx (for Romney).

As it takes two to compete, here is the list of aspects for both candidates. Important periods in life are almost always marked by a lot of transits and progressions... 

There is no glory in Obama's chart. He  won another 4 years but there are no easy times coming up. Here you see what transits and progressions where valid during Election day. 
1. The progressed Sun's first aspect after changing sign was a trine with Jupiter. It is a sign of prosperity and a fotunate start of a decade. For someone who wants to win elections, it is a positive signal.
2 Jupiter was on Midheaven in the solar return chart (in Washington) for a happy birthday and hope for the year to come.
3. Transit Quaoar still trine Progressed Ascendant shows new perspectives.
4. Transit Mars trine Progressed Ascendant refers to action. Together Mars and Quaoar find it easy to cooperate in order to create a new horizon.
5. Obama's chart has good relations with Sirius, also on Election day. Sirius is the symbol of high office.
6. His natal Sun was right in the middle of midpoint Venus/Jupiter (a party!) on Election Day

but also:
7. Transit Pluto opposition Sun/Moon midpoint is about challenges and problems to overcome (including a lot of stress, like with elections). Things won't be easy. Transit Pluto will be opposition progressed Sun/Moon soon...
8. The progressed Moon in Aries was square progressed MC for emotions (and showing them!) 

!The nasty transit of retrograding (!) Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun will be back, but on Election Day there was more than 1,5 degree orb. The negative influence of Neptune wasn't valid on Election Day! Neptune refers to negative press and more...(More about the Neptune transit here.)

Sum: There is a majority of positive signs. Six out of the 8 mentioned transits and progressions were of a positive nature.

Now what shows the chart of Mitt Romney? He had a lot of votes, but he lost. See the list:

1. Progressed Moon in Libra sesquisquare Jupiter and semisquare progressed Mercury, with P Mercury opposition Jupiter: that is a sign of a successful but also frustrating period. This is the only positive sign. There is increasing popularity and successHowever, sesquisquare says 'not yet' and semi square says 'not now', while opposition means ??? (question marks).

2. The Progressed Sun is not yet trine Pholus and it will take two years until P Sun opposition Jupiter: it is too soon for a positive turning point in life. Maybe his life will be better in two years, but not now...
3. Progressed Mars will be inconjunct Jupiter within a few months: successful action with a loss involved. 
4.Transit Node inconjunct (2nd quincunx!) Venus: a sympathizing group, but... A loss involved
Jupiter and Venus sound good, but in conjuncts aren't easy...

There were difficult aspects, too:
5. Transit Pholus opposition Uranus: unexpected turn
6. Transit Saturn square Progressed Saturn, after square natal Satun: that is refering to the nasty sides of age (memento mori)
7. Transit Neptune square Ascendant (orb less than 1 degree) warns for deception. Neptune is the planet above the circle.
8. The progressed chart of Mitt Romney has MC square Sirius

Sum: a majority of difficult or not so good aspects and only one positive (but frustrating) aspect. 

From an astrological point of view (and IMHO) because of two main reasons:
A. No inconjuncts  for Obama (quincunxes/inconjunctions show loss and loss of balance. You are better off without them); 2 for Romney
B. No trines for Romney; at least one for Obama (the trine enables things)

Romney had a lot of votes, but not enough (in the key states)
From the list you can see that it was no easy win for Obama.

I never forget to mention: time, culture, conditions, situations, so here the list is, again. It is always harder to loose if you are a President already. It will take more nasty aspects than Barack Obama had. And better than Romney had...It is a crazy idea that the results of the elections in 2012 could be 'seen' in 2010, even before the voters left their homes . What could have changed this future? Only a candidate with a better 'winning' chart...

Apparently, when someone's Pluto is opposition your Mars, it is harder to win, because the other has authority, is stronger or resists. Obama's Pluto is opposition Romney's Mars. The fact that there is a narrow aspect between Obama's Pluto and Romney's Mars points at the drive to win, for both of them, in a joined competition.

Most astrologers thought that Barack Obama would remain the President of the USA and they had reason to think that. It was not just wishful thinking. I had the same idea in 2010 ( ).
 That was because of the solar return chart (with Jupiter on top) in combination with the progressed Sun's first aspect in new sign (trine Jupiter) in Obama's chart. 

**) I'll have Pluto on top in this year's Solar Return. That is a good reason to prepare a post about the solar return...

Also visit: for example about Mars-Pluto and the drive to win.  Or see the labels for more background info and examples.

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Three steps to analyze natal charts

Using a certain self developed method helps you to analyze natal charts. I think that my method quickly shows the most important qualities of a chart. This blog is about that method. I also published it on Astromarkt.

Almost 4 years ago I published about the method in "4 steps to read a chart" and I used the chart of Sir Winston Churchill as an example. In the following years I learned, and now I use 3 (giant) step: Astro ID, character and 'special patterns'. Sometimes the first giant step is enough. Let me show you what I mean. You'll see that you get a clear picture of that difference, almost immediately.

What does the chart show us? The Astro ID…
The ID of a person describes special marks. The Astro ID is about special marks of the chart. The special position is for:
- the planet without major aspects like conjunct, sextile, trine, square and opposition within 5 degrees of orb or within sign. That planet is 'calling!' (drawing our attention and working at any possible level). The 'calling' planet is the most important prominent planet.
- angularity: the planet in a sharp and narrow angel with the Ascendant-Descendant line (conjunct, opposition or square) and the planet on Midheaven. Those are the cornerstones of the chart.
- the planet of orientation: the first (outer) planet rising before the Sun (that is the planet that you see first when you move your finger from the Sun clockwise). Skip Venus and Mercury (unless they are important because of another indication here).

There is at least one important position in your chart! If you have more than 3, it will be more difficult to focus.

HITLER: Sun and Uranus are calling, Mercury is angular = crucially rising before the Sun...That tells us that we deal with a : controversial - URANUS - communicator - MERCURY - and leader - SUN -. or someone with controversial opnions that are being noticed.  Jupiter rises before the Sun. He is a controversial leader with an international orientation and oratory skills.

CARTLAND: The Astro ID shows a lot of prominent planets here, too. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are calling! and Neptune is rising before the Sun. She has Moon, Jupiter and Saturn angular. 

(You immediately see the Moon-Venus-Neptune prominence and realize that there could be some sort of artistic talent in the air, but maybe not art because there is no connection between Venus, Moon and Neptune).  
Most important is Mercury-Venus-Jupiter combination 'calling', of course. It is a statement for successful and talented writing/talking, sweet stories etcetera, or for example for a popular (Venus-Jupiter) author (Mercury). 
The difference between Hitler's chart and that of Barbara Cartland is obvious. The first chart shows a will to be special, a leader, someone who changes the world at any possible level. The second wants to talk or write nicely and kindly. That difference added with the circumstances (he a man, she a woman, he poor, she rich) makes a lot of difference.

!Not so well known people have important placements, too. They use them at any kind of level. The fact that their are a number of important placements doesn't always mean that the owner of that chart is a VIP. It is more that your see the main issues and the most important qualities!

Sometimes one step is enough, like with the charts of Adolf Hitler and Barbara Cartland. The first one brought  us destruction and war, the other one romance... You could stop here (and come back tomorrow) because you just found the essential information in the chart. The Astro ID gave you just as much information as their official pictures do!:)

Continue for the second and third step on Astromarkt:

I decided to use other examples this time, but if you want to go back and see Churchill and the 4 steps to read his chart, here is the link..

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Two executed royals, born November 2

It is November 2, All Souls Day. Time to remember lost loved ones and burn a candle.

Here I take the time to remember two royals, born on a November 2 in history. I noticed - on Wikipedia - that two executed royals were born on November 2 : Edward V, age 12 and Queen Marie Antoinette, age 36.

There is nothing wrong with being born on a November 2. It is only the date of birth that the royals share. The position of the Sun differs 10 degrees as you may see in the picures of the charts. That is because of the difference between the Gregorian and the Julian year. However, they were both born under Scorpio. Edward had an 11th degree Sun and a Leo Ascendant and Pisces Moon. Marie Antoinette had a 21st degree Sun and a Cancer Ascendant and Libra Moon.
Their charts are different, just as different as their characters were. Both were political victims.

Edward was King for a few months. His uncle Richard was the bad guy who had him murdered at age 12, imprisoned in the Tower of London. I had a look at his chart and noticed the importance of Mars (rising before the Sun), Uranus (NA, calling!) and Saturn (the planet in X). This mirrors the risk of sudden (Uranus) blockage (Saturn) of energy (Mars). These planets are also important in the month of his death.
1. Progressed Mars was opposition Saturn and semi sextile Uranus (suddenly blocked energy, resonating the natal chart).
2. Transit Uranus was inconjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint (sudden nerves with a loss involved).
3. Transit Saturn was inconjunct Progressed Midheaven (the 'check mate' or 'lame duck' aspect: ending a period in life and there is a loss involved (inconjunct = losing, giving up)

And there was more bad news from 'above': Progressed Moon on Ascendant and inconjunct Chiron (emotional pain); Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Node (lost position; lost connection). And there is Progressed Venus sextile Ascendant (for mercy).

It is a hard episode in the history of England. With this chart, in that position, in those days, it was not a good chart to be born with. Saturn sometimes ends, too soon. Even if you have an important Sun at the meridian (or, especially when you draw attention with an important Sun).

The story of Edward reminded me of an earlier study of the chart of Marie-Antoinette, the executed Queen of France. Marie-Antoinette was also born on a November 2.  She was only 36 when she was decapitated. She had married Louis XVI, she was rich and she was not popular. In those days (after a revolution) that was enough to lose your head.
Watch transit Jupiter square Midheaven on the day of her death. Marie-Antoinette had TBC and probably uterus cancer in the months before she died. Jupiter is seen more often in the charts of ill people when they die, like in the chart of late Paul Newman:

Charts of Marie Antoinette and husband are also on Astrodomein  (text in Dutch)

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