Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Charts of beautiful women and Venus-Saturn-Pluto

Attractive modern entertainers and actors, (those males who know and use their appearances), often have the hot planet Venus in a cool sign like Virgo or Capricorn. And they have Saturn in aspect with Venus or the Ascendant. We admire them from a distance. Males with closer contacts with women have more placements in Taurus and Libra. But how about women? I compared the charts of eight women who are considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. And I found Venus-Saturn (just like in the charts of men) and Venus-Pluto, together, in 7 of them. But there are exceptions (there always are...): Catherine Deneuve. However... She has Venus 'calling' in the eight house (the house of Pluto) trine the Capricorn Ascendant.

In the post about Britney I mention the professional femme fatale (Venus-Saturn-Pluto: the 'die hard' in cases of love and beauty) in her chart. Maybe that is a way to see Venus-Saturn-Pluto. There is an expression in my country:
If you want to be beautiful, you must suffer
Just depilate and scrub and you will see how true that is... And how about the challenge (Pluto) of aging (Saturn), a serious problem for the beauty and the charm...?
Suffer for beauty, charm, estetics or vanity....maybe that is exactly what Venus-Saturn-Pluto is about. (However, see this link to an article with movie about the experiment that proves that kindness improves the looks,... of apples...:).
Continue to see the charts and observations and for links to posts about the women....and about apples...

Venus in Capricorn square Pluto and square Saturn
Venus <>MR Saturn
Quote: Beauty (Venus) has its price (Pluto) when you have Venus square Pluto, like Britney has.

Venus in Pisces square Saturn and 157.5 Pluto (that is a sesquisquare + half semi square).
Here is her chart:

Venus 105 Saturn and in minor aspect with Pluto. Time of birth is unknown.
it might cost her to be beautiful and looking good always.

Venus in Virgo inconjunct Saturn
Venus/Pluto opposition Saturn
Here is her chart:

Angelina Jolie has Venus in Cancer conjunct Ascendant and Uranus square Ascendant.
Venus/Pluto semi square Saturn and sesquisquare Midheaven

Marilyn Monroe's Venus is making minor aspects with Saturn (75 d) and Pluto (157.5d)
Quote: This is the Astro I.D. of a rather shocking or very controversial person (...). Uranus is semi sextile Venus. It is the tightest aspect in this chart, indicating artistic talents or extra ordinary beauty. So we have a shocking (Uranus and Pluto) female (Venus).
Ingrid Bergman has Venus in Virgo in the first house sextile Pluto and 47.5d Saturn (too wide for a semi square). Ceres is elevated.
Here is the chart:

CATHERINE DENEUVE is an exception in this list.
Her Venus in Virgo is 'calling' and trine AC, sextile MC
This is her chart:

Of course there is more than one combination of aspects and of course there is an individual chart and corresponding individual beauty specialities. See the links to the posts about Britney, Lindsey and Marilyn, for example. But, I have already noticed that Pallas, Uranus, Venus and/or the Moon are often in aspect with the Ascendant in the charts of beauti2es. Britney Spears has Uranus and Pallas. BB has Uranus and Moon. Jolie has Uranus and Venus. Deneuve has Pallas. Pfeiffer has Pallas and Moon. Marilyn Monroe has Uranus sesquisquare Ascendant.

CERES (good genes)
Sometimes there is a genetical beauty component, shown by Ceres and/or the family was important for the career:

- Angelina Jolie has an elevated Ceres, her father is an actor.
- Ingrid Bergman also has an elevated Ceres. Her mother was acting, too.
- Catherine Deneuve has Ceres on the Descendant. Her parents were actors.
Everyone knows that if you want to be beautiful, you have to put the apples in your cheeks.
About an experiment with apple halfs treated nicely and full of hate. Result: the loved half of the apple looks better.
Apples and women are ancient combinations. See about Eris on Wikipedia  Eris is the mythological Discordia. She threw an apple in a crowd of beautiful godesses and said: for the most beautiful:)
Eve ate the wrong apple and so did Show White...


Cei. said...

I have
-Moon sesqui-quadrate Ascendant
-Venus quintile Ascendant orb
-Uranus sesqui-quadrate Ascendant
-Venus trine Pluto
-Venus conjunction Saturn
-Venus sextile Uranus (tightest aspect)

Am I gorgeous? lol

Astromarkt said...

Your chart says you are!:)

Cei. said...

Haha, my mom keeps telling me I have an exotic beauty. But it's hard for me to show my so called beauty haha. Maybe because Venus is intercepted? :/

Astromarkt said...

Dear Cei, Studies like these generally don't work the other way around. Please consider:
A. Those models and movie stars are not always natural beauties. Venus-Uranus is also the aspect of beauty surgery. Venus-Saturn is often insecure and shy. As the story says: it doesn't come easy...
B. The mentioned aspects are PART of the road to their career (with indications for talent for acting or fame, for example).
C. And the fact that models/stars have the mentioned combinations doesn't mean that you HAVE to become a model. You could just enjoy it and work with talents that you choose to work with. Beauty is almost always a big help!:)

Cei. said...

I've never wanted to be a model, but a singer :)
I was wondering though, how Saturn, Venus, Moon, North node & Chiron work in intercepted signs.

Astromarkt said...

OK. I don't work with intercepted signs, so I can't answer your question about Venus intercepted, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Interesting! I have Venus on the MC square Saturn, and Venus trine Pluto, as well as Pallas trining the Asc, and Uranus rising. Venus square Saturn has always made me feel insecure and unattractive, yet only now as I've gotten older do I realize that I was beautiful! Dang. If only I had known it at the time. Even now though, at age 49, I do appreciate my looks more, although there is the aging and the sadness about losing the youthful beauty.

Anonymous said...

Check also for the Saturn/Pluto midpoint to conjunct or square natal Venus. My daughter has this and despite my bias as a mother, she truly is beautiful.

Astromarkt said...

Correct! I mentioned that on my site Astromarkt in the article abt Venus' midpoints:

Anonymous said...

Venus Conjunct Neptune and Moon in Scorpio, square Saturn and Trine a Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo.

There is much to be said about inner beauty versus outer beauty and I would have to say that where I grieviously lack in the latter I am blessed with the former which gives others the illusion that I am physically attractive.
Although this has been an embarrasment to me for all of my life ( I was mistaken for a boy at 14 )I would have to say that I would want no other life.

Astromarkt said...

Interesting! Did u know that Marilyn Monroe had pladtic surgery? Most of the exampkes are no natural beaties, but examples of what to endure for the sake of being or staying a beauty. Thank u for the comment!

J.D. said...

I have venus trine my mc and venus conjunction neptune and uranus what does that mean for my appearance? And does midheaven have to do with appearance? because I have a lot of aspects to my mc

Astromarkt said...

Hi J.D.
The MC is about status and position more than about appearance, but a trine with Venus makes you want to have a 'nice' or beautiful imago. Take small orbs and the number of aspects with Midheaven will be less:)! (Tight aspects first). Venus-Neptune-Midheaven btw is part of the artistic pattern (see ) and Venus-Uranus adds rythm or excitement. Models and singers often have this combination, but it doesn't work 'the other way around', just like stats don't.

Sorry for the late answer and thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

my sun and venus in virgo both in 2nd house conjunct
and venus square my moon jupiter conjunction
and semisquare mars and Sesqui-quadrate uranus

Astromarkt said...

Txs for adding an example!

RJ said...

I have Venus sextile Pluto, trine to Uranus and Neptune, conjunct Moon. Venus makes no aspect to Saturn hmm :( lol. I have Sun sextile Ascendant, Jupiter sextile Ascendant, both Mercury and Pluto square the Ascendant. Saturn opposite Ascendant and my Neptune/Uranus conjunction biquintiles Ascendant... *breathes* haha, that was more than I thought, lol.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Venus in the 1st house, Cancer, conjunct Sun/Mars tight sextile to Moon in Virgo, in the 4th house, plus Quintile Uranus in the 4th, a very wide Pluto sextile. Venus is the 5th house ruler, and the 12th house ruler. (and Venus conjunct Sirius) Venus/Mars midpoint = Sun

No Saturn to Venus, but there is an integration of the North/South node signs, Aries/Libra. Venus is squared these nodes.

But what does it all say, I mean as the whole? I certainly don't want to hurt to "be beautiful" but my mother used to echo this horrible statement. Although I have a Saturn sextile to my ASC, & its ruler, nothing to Venus. But an exact Quintile to Mars/Sun.

Astromarkt said...

Hi Anonymous, this story is about 'beauties' (and the difficulties to remain good looking through the years) with Venus-Saturn-Pluto aspect/midpoint combinations. You don't seem to have such a combination.

Anonymous said...

Hi , please tell me what you think of these; I think I have artistic and I guess beauty lol

Venus trine neptune
Venus sextile pluto
Uranus conjunct neptune
Moon semisextile neptune
Uranus semisextile AS
Uranus semisquare pluto
Neptune sextile pluto
Moon trine mars / neptune

Venus square moon, is this bad?


Astromarkt said...

Helllo June 9 anonymous, please go to
Http:// about the pattern of artistic talent, that you might also have in your chart if the orbs are not too wide.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've got Capricorn rising with Venus opposite my ascendant. Venus is conjunct Saturn and both are squared by Pluto. I wouldn't say I was beautiful but I'm not unattractive. Maybe that's because Venus is in cancer...

Astromarkt said...

Aspects and chart don't work the other wat around.
It is in the article: if you want to look good, you must suffer! That's the idea of VenusSaturnPluto combinations in the charts of models and actrices who (maybe) find it hard to deal with age or minor beauty problems. The VebusSaturnPluto combination doesn't refer to beauty, but more to what it takes!
So, you don't have to be a beauty with VSPluto, but if you are, it may take time effort and money to keep it that way if you are a professional model or actrice.

hope this explains....:)

Unknown said...


I have Venus trine Saturn, Venus 1st house along with Uranus and Neptune. Venus conjunct AS and conjunct Neptune too. Saturn also trine AS too, so as Jupiter. Moon semisextile AS.

Uranus was my chart ruler, and it makes aspects with Pluto and other erotic asteroids like Lilith and Eros (but Uranus doesn't conjunct AS. Only Venus and Neptune)

I've been told pretty by both sexes. But I'm pissed off at Lilith conjunct AS. God my Moon semisextile AS always wanted to get close to kids but then I had Lilith and the kids were scared of me.

Classic Chic said...

I have an Aries ascendant being tightly squared by a 10th house Saturn conjunct Midheaven in Capricorn. Saturn trines my 6th house Pluto in Virgo. I have Venus conjunct Mars in 10th in Capricorn but not conjunct Saturn or the MH. People seem to notice my looks and feel the need to react. Mostly they seem to find me attractive but I've always been told that I look older than I am.

Virgo loner said...

I have
-libra acendant
1st house
-Venus in libra
-Mars in libra (i'm a guy so i included this)
-Pluto in libra
-Juno in libra
-Uranus in scorpio
-North Node in scorpio
all conjunct ascendant except the last 2

8th house Taurus
-Moon (no aspects to Venus or Saturn)

MC cancer
10th house Saturn in Leo
sextile venus, mars, and ascendant

should i have gone into modeling/acting like my grandmother always suggested? lol

Astromarkt said...

The examples in the post are of females. It may be different for males. Many of us are attractive beauties, few of us can make a living that way:).
Your Libra/Taurus/Cancer Moon could also give you artistic talents, for example, or a special sense of style. It is up to you which way to choose.
But I'm glad that your grandmother saw the keys in your chart to esthetic and artistic ways:)

Shawn M. Cohen said...

Interesting as I was born with Saturn in the 10th 2 degrees Sag (yes, I am now in my SECOND Saturn Return!) opposite exact degree Venus in Gemini 2 degrees in the 4th house. Capricorn Rising 17 degrees with Chiron and Moon in Aquarius 10 and 18 opposing Jupiter 21 Leo and Pluto 26 Leo in the 7th. Saturn and Venus is Square to Pluto. My Sun 16:30 Aries and Mercury 16:38 is casimi in the 3rd house with North and South nodes Sag 10 degrees in the 11th, opposite South Node in Gemini in the 5th at 10degrees making a wide conjunction to Venus as well as North Node making a wide conjunction to Saturn. Was I pretty in my youth? Jupiter opposes the Moon was always my problem..too chubby. Could never really lose the weight...could have modeled was asked to model and did some modeling but the Saturn opposing Venus exact degrees and bringing in the South node in my 5th house made me so insecure and shy. I finally broke out of that nonsense about age 20 and went forward believing in my brains not my wanted me for my beauty but I wanted to be wanted for my brains. That has served me well, not to fall for such bull, as I am now age 59 soon (In April) I went a spiritual and metaphysical path since my first Saturn Return. Now I walk down the street and no one looks...but I remember a time when they all looked, hounded me, chased after me with flowers, invitations and it always made me feel uneasy, even scared. Freedom comes when you realize it is all an illusion anyway and looks are the biggest one! I used to say, "So God made me pretty, big deal, now what can I make of myself!" That is where the metta is!

Moorticy said...

Hello! I wonder if I would be pretty 'astrologically' xD

Some aspects: Midheaven and Ascendant.

Pisces rising
Venus conjunct the ascendant
Mars trine ascendant
Saturn sextile ascendant
Pluto squaring ascendant


Pluto conjunction midheaven
Venus squaring midheaven
Uranus sextile midheaven

Astromarkt said...

Hi Lady Coraline, as I said before: statistics and charts don't work the other way and the aspects in the example charts refer to the price and pain for pro beauties. Even if you are not a beauty, estethics are important to you and so is charm, earning money and love.

Unknown said...

My daughter is very beautiful. (people say she looks like me - but pictures don't lie. She is the most photogenic person I have ever known). These are her Venus/Saturn/Pluto/MC aspects: Saturn Conjunct Pluto
Venus Square Pluto
Pluto Trine Midheaven
Pluto Trine Ascendant
Sun Sextile Pluto

Thank you Astromark - interesting article. =D

Unknown said...

insecurity has plagued me my entire life. Virgo moon/Saturn and Capricorn rising I can tend towards self deprecation, i see every flaw and if something isn't perfect then it is never good enough. Your comment struck a chord with me about appreciating what I have been blessed with, I have spent too many years feeling insecure about my appearance and it has caused me a lot of unnecessary angst. If only I had known at the time that I was beautiful. Well now at 36 I can begin :)

Unknown said...

My Venus and Neptune are both square my mid does the square aspect affect me?

Astromarkt said...

Rachel, hard to say without full context but you could for example:
- have a position related to art or romance or foto modeling
- have had affairs/relations with negative impact on your social position
- have ideals about beauty that influence your career
- had problems due to wrong kind of sympathies or being overly sensitive
Venus/Neptune/MC combines illusion, beauty/love, and position in society, always seen in the light of yout chart and situation, of course. It is a bit off topic here!:)

Anonymous said...

I have venus semisextiling my sun, which is my chart ruler (leo rising)

Here are my aspects-
Venus square Uranus orb -3°29'
Venus trine Jupiter orb -4°33'
Venus sextile Mars orb +4°45'
Venus square Neptune orb -6°45'
Sun semi-sextile Venus orb -1°31'
Mercury semi-sextile Venus orb -1°25'

People tell me I'm beautiful, but I feel like they probably don't see me in the right light, or just see me in a good moment or something... My logical mind wants to interpret if I REALLY am good looking or not.... It is sad to say, but that is how I feel. Sometimes I feel it must be impossible b/c I don't have prominent Libra energy in my Ascendant!

I don't really understand the semisextile, is that aspect of venus on my sun/ chart ruler enough to give beauty?

Astromarkt said...

When people say you look good, accept this! You probably are:)

Unknown said...

Hello. I have venus (cancer) conjunct sun(Leo), moon (cancer) and mercury (Leo), asteroid Apollo (cancer) all in 4th house. Aries ascendant. Mars in Libra 6th house

I also have Venus trine Neptune and Uranus in 10th house both in Capricorn, trines Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Pluto (Scorpio) conjunct in the 8th house. Also trines Saturn in Pisces 12th house. I have a Grand water trine involving Venus Saturn Pluto.
Venus squares ascendant, moon squares ascendant, Uranus squares ascendant, Neptune squares ascendant, Jupiter sesqui quadrate ascendant, Pluto semi square midheaven, and Ceres bi quintile ascendant and trine midheaven (10th house Capricorn). Ceres semi square moon and venus and sesqui quadrate uranus. Pallas trine ascendant and eris conjunct ascendant.
Mars sextiles Pluto, Jupiter, uranus , neptune,sun,moon and mercury. Opposite Saturn. Uranus and Neptune sextile Saturn. Saturn quintile midheaven, true node quintile midheaven, juno trine ascendant,Eros square midheaven and Chiron conjunct mars.

A lot of people told me am pretty,handsome,cute but I can't really see it. Can you tell me whether I am by those aspects and how they affect my appearance. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hahaha pretty much all of the above. Especially the career part, I am a beauty therapist.