Saturday, September 4, 2010

100 year old birthday party

Yesterday I saw a television item about the birthday party of a 100 year old woman who was also reunited with her son after a separation of 20 years, so that she could celebrate her birthday in the presence of all her children. She, or should I say the chart of her day of birth, is such a nice example of how astrology works.

One of her 'recipes' for getting old, she said, was 'keeping interest in the other gender' and 'having fun'. The birth chart has a tight Venus quintile Jupiter.*) The quintile is a creative (and inventive) aspect. Venus-Jupiter is the combination for popularity, parties and pleasure. Now that she is  100 year old the progressed Sun is conjunct Venus, highlighting the nice sides of life and ...bringing peace with her child.

Here is the chart of August 18, 1910. Watch the percentage of placements in the Earth and Air signs. That is in line with one of the findings that I published on Astromarkt ('The astrology of getting very old')  and with the examples that you find when you click the label 'old'.

*) Besides: with the Moon in Aquarius, Venus and Jupiter would not be making Ptolomeic aspects in sign and/or orb 5 degrees and be 'calling' (that is: very prominent and expressing their energies at any possible level).

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