Monday, September 6, 2010

Julia Gillard and the hour of birth

Corrected h.o.b. for Julia Gillard with Sun on AC when she became the PM

With reference to the post about the elections in Australia,and with many thanks for the mail:) here is the possible chart of Julia Eileen Gillard WITH hour of birth (according to a friend of her mother she was born at noon).  
A birth around noon with Uranus in the ninth house would be in line with the fact that she was born in a Baptist family and says not to believe in a god. Uranus in the ninth is often the indication for another religion or belief than the parents had.

To see the explanation of the  corrected 11:52 a.m. chart by Alice Portman, click here... . She used the emigration to Australia at age 4 to correct the chart. This corrected chart has the Progressed Sun on the Ascendant on June 24,, when Julia Gillard became the Australian PM!
Possible birth chart of Julia Gillard with transits and progressions for June 24, when she became the PM
A corrected chart is a chart with an estimated hour of birth based upon the correspondence between events in an individual's life, transits and progression. When there is no hour of birth available for you, you could give it a try to find a possible hour of birth. Personally, I have an offical hour of birth and my mother;s time (just 3 minutes later). I have tried to find the exact minute a few times and I ended with possible hours of birth between 12:25 and 12:45. The official time is in the middle:)! 

A lot of charts of VIP's are corrected or estimated charts. (Sometimes you can recognize corrected hours of birth by the minutes and seconds). That is why the work of Astrodatabank to find the true hour of birth and mention the source or controversy is so valuable and appreciated. 
For example the chart of Joan of Arc, that is a DD-rated chart. An AA-rated chart is one with birth certificate in hand (like Barack Obama's chart:). A DD-rated chart has a date that is not verified. Always check the rating to see if you can use the chart as a tool for understanding and learning about transits and progressions! 

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