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Susan Boyle and the finale ( your moment...)

This is an easy post, because it is easier to after-dict than to pre-dict and also more 'astropolitical correct'. Here is a belated 'glass ball' that shows what all of you can see, too:
1. the aspects of transitting planets of yesterday and
2. the MC of the final moment of the broadcasting
This of course in combination with the natal positions of Susan Boyle.

In short: there were too many difficult aspects last night. It is a rather alarming picture. There were more than 3 indications for not becoming the winner of 100.000 pounds and a visit to the Queen. Nevertheless: earlier this year (with SA Mercury-Jupiter) she had her contract and she become known all over the world. Yesterday however, was not her best lucky day.

1. Transit Mars square Saturn (hard competition)
2. Transit Saturn inconjunct Midheaven (giving up on a position, stepping back...)
3. Transit Neptune semi square Sun (frustrating disappointment)
4. Transit Jupiter semi square Sun (frustrating success)
(Jupiter and Neptune together are the combination of the devoted audience, the fans, and the media attention.)
5. Transit Uranus 15 degrees from the Sun for tension.
6. Tertiairy Moon inconjunct natal Moon: emotional outburst?
7. Transit Pluto square Solar Arc MC: period of transformation, courage needed in the profession.

Inconjunctions often reflect a loss. Semi squares indicate possible frustration. Inconjunctions and semi squares dominate the above picture of the transits for Susan Boyle during the finale last night. There is no trine, no conjunction with a beneficial planet.. .

In the earlier post 'Heroes, Angles and Sun inconjunct Neptune' I mentioned the present semi square of transit Neptune with Susan Boyle's Sun and the meaning of Neptune (disappointment), also considering the existing Sun inconjunct Neptune in her natal chart. Transits and progressions with the same combination of planets as aspects in the natal chart are activating the combination of the natal chart. Such 'repeated' combinations have a stronger effect than other transits or progressions. .
And there was even more Neptunic influence...

There was another firm indication of disappointment, again with Neptune involved. See the chart below:

This is the chart of the final moment of the television broadcasting program Britain's Got More Talent. The Midheaven (and/or the most elevated point of the circle, the square with the Ascendant) points at Neptune, Susan Boyle's natal Neptune. When I saw that, I was almost certain that she would not be the winner. During the EC and WC football I used the Midheaven of the final moment of a match and the natal chart of the coaches to try to see which one was happier with the results. I was happy with the method used with football matches!:) There were some interesting results (see the link).

An artist has no free will to choose the final moment of the finale and coaches are not able to select the hour of the matches. But you can perhaps choose an hour for an important meeting, just by watching the astrological clock. Maybe it works and if it doesn't, no harm done. Please consider that Susan Boyle has become famous all over the world, even though she didn't win (and see Venus conjunct IC in the solar return: a good year and the progressed Sun in the final degrees of a sign, indicating a life style changing).

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Heroes, angels and Sun inconjunct Neptune

The tabloids don't stop writing about Susan Boyle's behavior under tension right now. First they made an angel of the woman. Now they tell us that she swears. Susan Boyle has Sun inconjunct Neptune. The inconjunction is the symbol of little balance. Neptune is the symbol of the idol and...of the possible disappointment. With Sun-Neptune in your chart you sometimes forget who you really are, because others have a wrong idea about you. The aspect is frequent in the charts of actors. The public sometimes forget that they are not the persons of the sitcom or movie, but real human beings. Human beings may try to be perfect and sometimes even look perfect, but they never are. With Sun-Neptune you are a hero, but there is always a but with an inconjunction.

A Sun-Neptune inconjunction in synastry, transit or progression has the same kind of disappointing effect. Barack Obama’s Neptune is inconjunct John F. Kennedy’s Sun. Transit Neptune will be inconjunct Obama’s Sun in June 2010.

Barack Obama's hero is John F. Kennedy. Almost a year ago I wrote about the charts of Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy and the Saturn-Uranus inconjunction in the chart of Obama meaning 'desperately holding on to old concepts'. Today it is the birthday of John F. Kennedy. I had a look at their charts again and noticed another inconjunction. Obama's Neptune is inconjunct JFK's Sun. That is the expression of worshipping another person (perhaps in a disproportionate way).

LOVE (Maria Callas-Onassis)
When people are in love and Neptune of one person is in aspect with the Sun of the other, than the Sun-partner is the living image of the ideals and dreams of the Neptune-partner. The Sun-partner only sees the romantic side of the relationship. There is adoration. Now nobody is perfect, so the chance of being disappointed is great. Real life (Sun) is not a dream (Neptune) and the inconjunction in between tells the couple to release and let go or to get a more realistic picture of what is a 'wonderful life'.

The Neptune-Sun synastry occurs in the relationship between Onassis and Maria Callas (his Neptune inconjunct her Sun). She never got over him (he left her for Jacqueline Kennedy). A Dutch well known couple (Adam Curry-Patricia Paay) has the same pattern. His Neptune is inconjunct her Sun. She did not see it 'coming' but he recently left her for someone else after a long marriage. They always seemed to be a very romantic couple.
Deceit is one of the possible reflections of the Sun-Neptune connection between two persons. Sacrifice and lost is another side of the connection.

When a person is death (a historic figure) and the relationship is between a hetero male and another man, the Sun-Neptune connection indicates worshipping, too. To Obama, JFK is a heroe. Obama's dreams and ideals are impersonated by Kennedy. But as it is an inconjunction between his Neptune and the Sun of Kennedy, in real life he would come to see that a human being is never able to match the ideal.

Obama's elevated Neptune is square his Sun, reflecting the tendency to be an idealist above all. There is a strong will to realize dreams and to try to be the spitting image of a hero. And a strong tendency to see the ideal in others. In the eyes of Obama, JFK looks like being the ideal president, perhaps, but...(there is an inconjunction between Neptune and Sun and there is always a ‘but’ when there is an inconjunction). In June 2010 transit Neptune will be inconjunct the progressed Sun of Barack Obama. That will be a moment of little balance between adoration, ideal and real life. Perhaps with an important role for the media (and the tabloids), just like in the case of Susan Boyle who faces transit Neptune square her progressed Sun in the same period of 2010 and has transit Neptune semi square natal Sun right now.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Smoking Audrey Hepburn

A stamp with the image of Audrey Hepburn, smoking a cigarette, was worth 26.000 pounds or 42.000 dollar yesterday! Good reason to have a look at the smoker in the chart of Audrey Hepburn.
Audrey Hepburn was chain smoking. On you find a list of moments when she smoked. I have written about the smoker in the chart of President Barack Obama and other smokers before (see the posts about smokers...). A prominent Neptune and Moon and a Mars-Neptune combination will do if you want to be an addict:). The tendency to addiction is in the chart of Audrey Hepburn, too.

1. Neptune
Neptune is angular, on the Descendant and Neptune doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects ins sign or orb 5 degrees. That makes the planet of the actor, drugs, smoke, mist, dreams, illusions, arts and sensitivity very important so that the issue of addiction has a big chance to be important, too.

2. The Moon
Her Moon is in Pisces. A Pisces Moon symbolizes the need to for romance and hiding from the real world into the world of dreams, fantasy, visions and arts. Her Moon does not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. So there is a need to 'run' and needs are important at any kind of level!

3. Her Sun is square the midpoint Mars/Neptune and Neptune is semi sesqui square Sun/Mars. The use or abuse of drugs, medications, alcohol CAN be indicated by Mars-Neptune combiations.

4. Ceres
Uranus oriental (rising before the Sun) frequent in the charts of those who live extremely long. But...Audrey Hepburn died at age 63. More and more I come to consider Ceres as important as I find Pluto. Ceres is the first to rise before her Sun. Ceres symbolizes nutrition (food, drinks and whatever you take, comsumption).

The same characteristics (Moon Pisces calling, prominent Neptune) that contributed to the talent of Audrey Hepburn contributed to the addiction.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Minor aspects, major impact

More and more I see the impact of minor aspects. They refer to hidden capacities and qualities. Major aspects are easy to see, minor aspects need more calculating. It is the same thing with the reflection of those aspects. The major aspects reflect the visible character and talent; the minor aspects reflect what the others don't see at first sight. It takes examination.

Take for example the chart of O.J. Simpson. The major aspects in the chart show us what was easy to see: a capable actor, somebody with success. The minor aspects however refer to the anger, aggression and criminal behavior that were not known to the public until he supposedly killed his wife and her friend. He didn't look like a criminal, but now he is in jail. See the post about 'the chart behind his chart'...

The chart of Susan Boyle has a strong pattern of talent that is not represented by major aspects. Instead, we see Venus connected to Moon and Neptune with quindeciles. The quindecile shows a strong focus, a fanatic objective, an obsession even. There is a quintile between Sun and Saturn and a biquintile between Sun and Pluto to indicate the creative die hard*). This combination of talent and perseverance is part of the road to her success. She didn't look like being a successful artist, but she is. See the reading of her chart...

Josef Fritzl, the man who abused his daughter and hid her and their children in the cellar, could do what he did for years, because nobody suspected him. He has Sun biquintile Neptune and Venus biquintile Mars for creative passion and a creative fantasy. He also has Mars quindecile Uranus. This aspect might - in the most evil sense - indicate an obsession with controversial sex. Those qualities and obsessions enabled him to create a double life, acting as a common father and grandfather. See the posts about the Fritzl case...

Inconjunctions show us where we need to let go, or where we find little balance, or what we simply need to accept in order to continue our life. It takes time to become aware of the impact of an unhealthy situation or attitude. The inconjunction is not a Ptolemaic aspect, but a minor aspect. The effect of the inconjunction is strong, however. See the posts about inconjunctions.

Semi squares and sesquisquare are hard aspects and hardly 'minor'. Yet, they are not Ptolemaic aspects and listed as minor aspects. Their effect is on a longer term and not directly visible. Bernadette Brady explained the semi squares and sesqui squares in her book 'Predictive astrology'. She says that semi squares refer to a 'frustrating not'. Sesqui squares should bring advantages in a later state! A good example of the effect is in the article about meeting people (on Astromarkt). Camilla met Charles with progressed Venus conjunct Saturn and semi square Uranus (restricted freedom in love). Her progressed Ascendant was sesqui square his progressed Jupiter. The impact of the meeting was not yet visible (for the public eye).

To find the minor aspects in our charts we need to do more calculating. To find the hidden personality behind the daily mask we need to dive deeper into a personality. It takes longer to express the qualities represented by the minor aspects, but one day they surface or erupt.

*) The combination with Saturn and Pluto refers to the 'die hard'. See the article on Astromarkt.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Susan Boyle's astrology chart for April 1: remarkable...

I just heard the voice of Susan Boyle, for the first time, on tele. And I got cold. What a voice!:) Now that April 1, 1961 at 9h50 in Bathgate seem to be THE data for her birth chart, I considered to give it a try with this chart. Her Astro I.D. also shows the posibility of success. The artistic talent is strongly visible in the chart and so are the unmarried woman and the limitations.
She could never have become famous if she had not had Mars in aspect with Sun/Moon (for enterprise) and Pluto in aspect with ASC/MC for courage. And if there had not been Idols...

Remarkable: her Venus is in the middle of Moon and Neptune, making quindeciles with both. The combination of the planets of the arts is being repeated three times in the 22.5 degree midpoint range (f.ex. Venus opposition Moon/Neptune, a 'midpoint yod', see the drawing of the chart). There is, in other words, a very strong focus on artistic talents, indicated by the two quindeciles, the midpoint yod and the 3 times repeated midpoint combination!

The astrological pattern for artistic talent usually consists of aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and the Midheaven and in the signs that belong to Moon, Venus and Neptune (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces). It is all there:

1. Moon in Libra for sense of arts and style (!)
2. Venus quindecile (165d) Neptune for a strong focus on arts
3. Moon quindecile Venus (for a strong focus on the need for what is beautiful)
4. Neptune square Midheaven (a career related to arts or the 'amorphous' movies, religion and the sound of music)
5. Moon trine Midheaven (for keeping memories alive)
6. Venus quintile Midheaven (for a creative style or entertainment in the professional field)
7. Venus 157.5 Jupiter/Pluto for success in entertainment
8. Moon (Placidus) or Neptune (equal) in the 5th house of games, play and entertainment

It is also easy to see the limitations and barriers:
1. Saturn (from the 8th house) inconjunct Ascendant; Saturn is the symbol of time and being late (though not too late). Saturn is very strong in Capricorn.
2. Sun inconjunct Neptune symbolizes a disproportionate isolation or sensibility.

Inconjunctions refer to disabilities at birth (physical or mental).

3. Sun, Moon and Mars are in hard aspect (in the 22.5 d range) with Saturn/Neptune, the combination of illnesses.

Susan Boyle never married. There are certain indications in a woman's chart for not getting married or for a divorce/separation. In her chart you see Sun square Mars and Mars quindecile Saturn, two of the four indications (the other 2 are Venus-Uranus and Sun-Uranus).

Her Astro I.D. is marked by Mercury and Jupiter. Notice that Mercury (communications, the voice) is elevated in order to show us that speaking, singing or 'being a messenger' is important, above all. And watch the position of Jupiter, unaspected, the first outer planet rising before the Sun! That tells us that she is first of all a positive person at any possible level. The combination of Mercury-Jupiter and their prominence means: successful communications. As Mercury is in Pisces and Jupiter in Aquarius we get the sensitive and artistic sign together with the sign of rhythm and aspirations. The Solar Arc Mercury square Jupiter of this year gave light to the most prominent qualities of her chart.

A. Saturn
Saturn is inconjunct her Ascendant. That means that her presentation (ASC) is a disadvantage (Saturn) in a disproportionate way (inconjunction). Luckily her Gemini Ascendant kept her young at heart. But nevertheless, she was stopped several times. When she was a teenager, the progressed Sun was square Saturn. She left school with few qualifications. She managed to become a cook and to enjoy singing in church. There is a quintile between Sun and Saturn in her chart for a creative way to be respected. This year progressed Sun is trine Saturn, activating this natal aspect. Susan Boyle IS respected today.

B. Neptune
When her father died someone had to take care of her mother and as she still lived with her parents, Susan was the one. She had to sacrifice herself. That was with progressed Sun opposition Neptune. This aspect activated the existing aspect in her birth chart (Sun inconjunct Neptune) that indicates a tendency to isolation, sacrifice and giving up.
She is an idol now, and that is the other side of the Neptune coin…

C. Mercury and Jupiter.
Earlier this year Susan Boyle had Solar Arc Venus trine Moon (happy time) and Solar Arc Mercury square Jupiter (success in communications). As I mentioned above: the Solar Arc Mercury square Jupiter of this year gave light to the most prominent qualities of her chart.

D. Transformation time
When the progressed (or Solar Arc) Sun is in the final 2,5 – 3 degrees of a sign, life starts changing. This period doesn’t end until the progressed Sun reached the 3rd degree of the next sign. Transformation time for Susan Boyle has begun. Her progressed Sun is in the final degrees of Taurus.

PS Sun/Mercury (a starry voice?) is conjunct Zero Aries, symbol of the public idea about a person.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Famous couples: King and Queen of Norway

King Harald V and Queen Sonja have a special and rather romantic love story. It took them 9 years to convince the father of Harald that he had choosen the right woman to be the next Queen of Norway. He had fallen in love with her big brown eyes from the first moment that he saw her. That is the effect of Venus in Aries. He has Venus inconjunct Neptune, so for a king to be he has a rather disproportionate romantic nature. He fell in love and didn't want nobody else, even if he tried. Let us see if they match:)

More on my new blog Astrology and Love. Astrology and Love is dedicated to astrology (natal and progressed charts, synastry) of love, romance, marriage and divorce. And to famous couples.

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Chart of Roxana Saberi (back in the USA)

There are many reasons to post about Roxana Saberi (now back in the USA), even though there is no hour of birth. She was born on the same day (April 26, 1977) as Tom Wellings (Smallville) and baseball player Kosuke Fukudome. Other reasons are the interesting progressions and transits now that Saberi returned to her native country:

- the progression of Moon trine progressed Jupiter (being helped) and conjunct Pluto (the combination of having success, effective in 2009),
- the trine of transit Ceres with her natal Sun yesterday and today (to see your roots in a harmonious light)
- the progressed Mercury return in 2009 (Progressed Mercury conjunct natal Mercury: to start writing a book)
- the progressed Jupiter trine Pluto in 2009 (success, more gain)

And notice the natal chart with:

- the combination of restricted freedom: Saturn and Uranus. Saturn and Uranus are in hard aspect with Sun and Mercury, reflecting issues of restricted freedom (physical and verbal*).
- the reflection of energy and action at any level, mirrored by the calling oriental Mars ( her Mars is not aspected and rising before the Sun and Mercury: risk of acting before thinking?)
- the inconjunction between Venus and Uranus, for the love of tension and excitement in a rather disproportionate way.

Saberi is a journalist and of course a journalist wants to have news and breaking (Saturn) news (Uranus). Being assertive is a good thing for a reporter, too. For Roxana, with Uranus opposition Sun and Mercury, being a writer may sometimes be a nervous and (too) exciting job. With Sun inconjunct Uranus in progression the tension may have been too much now. Uranus is also the symbol of controversy and the limelight because of that. The complete picture tells us that she is likely to try to break the rules and get into trouble, taking risks and being 'in the news'.

Roxana Saberi has the progressed Moon trine Jupiter this year. Reason to be grateful! It is the best progressed aspect a person can get. It refers to being stimulated, helped and supported. Roxana Saberi had the help of her country and now she is out of the prison in Iran.
Saberi is a journalist. Now that she is safely back home, transit Ceres (symbol of the roots) is trine her natal Sun.

This year Saberi's progressed Mercury (retrograding in her birth chart) conjoined natal Mercury. She is writing a book and after the episode in Iran she may have found enough material to start (conjunction) writing (Mercury) the book (Mercury!

Mercury is inconjunct Pluto and opposition Uranus in her natal chart. She may be very outspoken in her opinions and her books may likewise have a surprising impact.

There is a tight inconjunction of Venus and Uranus in her natal chart that tells us that she loves adventures and risks (excitement) in a disproportionate way (such as in Iran). Another inconjunction is that between Mercury and Uranus (difference of opinion, freedom of ideas). As Mercury is also square Saturn restrions in freedom of speaking and writing may be issues in her life.
Venus and Uranus in the chart of a woman often indicates special beauty and the picture in the chart shows that Roxana Saberi is good looking.

Tom Welling (actor, playing the young Superman in Smallville, broadcasted worldwide) and Kosuke Fukudome (baseball player, winner of the Central League MVP award 2009)) were born on the same day.
Mars is the symbol of sports and action. The fact that Mars is rising before the Sun, without major aspects, tells us about an active and energetic person. This explains baseball. Sport and action will be the first thing that comes in mind with Mars oriental. Mars is the symbol of muscles and who can do without when he is acting to be Superman?

Genes, gender, social position, education, situation...they all matter. The differences in life, career and situation are partly 'written in the stars' but always submitted to culture, history, politics and such influences. Nevertheless, all those who were born on April 26, 1977 may experience a nervous misbalance and sudden changes in lifestyle that may change their views and start communicating about their ideas in a new way. They also will find a reason to be grateful in 2009 and moreover...have success (progressed Jupiter trine Pluto). It is easy to see that process working!
I wouldn't know in what way the theme of restricted independence 'works' in the lives of the two men (though it could just be that they are bound by contracts).

Sun and Mercury -Saturn-Uranus
Sun square Saturn
Sun opposition Uranus
Mercury square Saturn
Mercury opposition Uranus
Saturn square Uranus
Uranus sesquisquare Sun/Saturn


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saturn in relationships

With Saturn in a relationship you know what you (don’t) have. Saturn aspects in synastry usually are considered to be bad. Perhaps these aspects don't make it easier, but one thing is sure: they often reflect long lasting relationship. This does not mean that it is a nice and shiny romantic relationship. It can be any kind of relationship. Saturn is the symbol of business, too.

There may be good reasons for the official marriage to continue or for keeping in touch and sharing responsibilities (obligations - real or imagined -, material security, children, laws or a facade). One of the ways to reflect the Saturnal influence in a relationship is ‘keeping up appearances’. Sometimes this is because of a public function and sometimes just for the world outside. Saturn is the (sometimes two component) glue that keeps a relationship going,even if you would like it to end.

A broken heart on a chain suites this story about Saturn and realtions. It is harder to keep the heart on the right place and it might cost a lot of glue to hold things together. But this is only in the end, of course, when the relationship failed...and if the Saturn influence in relationships was already visible in the natal chart. I have a few examples of couples in politics, royal couples, actors and of not famous (but interesting) couples.

A divorced couple in my country (she a song writer, he a singer) has a son who needs to be taken care of because of several handicaps. They fight each other at court, because she is not willing to leave his house. She cannot find a house that is just as large as this and she wants a stable for her horses. What keeps them 'related' even after divorce, astrologically speaking? Saturn! Her Saturn is semi square his natal Sun.

Elisabeth Taylor married again and again and sometimes she married the same person, Richard Burton. She has Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries and that explains her impulsive decisions. This conjunction is inconjunct the Sun and Saturn of Richard Burton. That reflect the disproportionate (inconjunction) relationship.
Her Saturn is trine his Descendant. Burton has Sun conjunct an oriental Saturn and Venus in Capricorn. Liz has Sun semi quintile a 'calling' Saturn.

President Sarkozy married singer Carla Bruni. His Saturn is conjunct her Venus and trine her Ascendant. Should I read it like this: they are together because of her good looks and his position? See the post about this famous couple. Bruni has Sun square Saturn (ruler 7th house of marriage).

Saturn of Bill Clinton is exactly square Hillary's Sun. They did not divorce in spite of their difficulties. Maybe they separated their lives, but officially they are still married. Their relationship stands like a rock. Hillary has Venus square Saturn.

Barack Obama's Saturn is inconjunct Michelle's Sun. Her Jupiter is trine his Sun, however, and that is tighter aspect (see the reading of the famous couple's charts). The composite chart has Sun square Saturn.
What does this couple share with the Clintons?

Both are or have been Presidents of the United States and I presume that their function and status (symbolised by Saturn) has two effects on the lives of their partners. One: they are restricted and limited in a way, by obligations and protocol. It would not be easy to divorce the most important person in the world and the world is watching every step and move to see if something is wrong. The other side is status and a position in society that is strongly related to the husband. His fall is yours, when you are a first lady.

The Kennedy's have a Saturn-connection. Her Saturn is biquintile his Mars. His Saturn is square her Moon. In the composite chart Sun and Moon are square Saturn. John F. Kennedy had several mistresses and affairs in the short period of his presidency. What effect would this have had on their marriage?

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands was married to Prince Bernhard and they remained married even after serious problems and even though she knew that he had daughters with two of his mistresses. His Saturn is square her Midheaven, her Saturn is conjunct his Mars. The government of those days told her that she had to step back if she divorced. So she could not leave him and she left their bedroom instead. Bernhard had Venus square Saturn.

Saturn of Prince Charles was inconjunct Jupiter ruler 1 of Princess Diana and they divorced, but as she was the mother of the next king to be, there was an important unbreakable tie between them. In their composite chart the Sun is sextile Saturn.

I could go on and on with these kind of examples. But what if you are not 'famous', royal, not the first lady or the President? 80% of the women in the world depend on the social position of their husband. They don't all have Saturn aspects in synastry. Saturn may create a situation of obligations and mutual responsibilities (as a parent for example).

Example: a couple living apart ‘apart’ but officially married. His Saturn is exactly square her Pluto and Pluto is her ruler 1. When he stepped out of the house, she had progressed Sun opposition Pluto and he had a progressed inconjunction of Venus and Saturn with progressed Ascendant square Saturn. Venus is inconjunct Saturn in his natal chart, too, so this aspect activated the existing 'to say goodbye to your lover, but...'. Her Venus is conjunct Saturn. So they share the aspect of the official marriage (and the disadvantages of it).

Most people divorce when the marriage is over. I know a couple that shared Venus square Saturn (they both had that aspect in their chart) and they divorced. But there remain problems between them because of the child that they have. The relationship did not end with the marriage, because of responsibilities and parenthood. They divorced because their Saturns didn’t aspect a personal planet of the partner.
Charts belong to individuals and their specific situations. Individuals discover unique ways to express the astrological symbols. Saturn is the symbol of what is long lasting. But sometimes with Saturn problems, trouble and difficulties together just don't seem to come to an end. Does this mean that you should avoid Saturn-kind of relationships? Even if Saturn is important in relationships, according to your natal chart? Perhaps if that is, you are drawn to serious, secure, long lasting relationships and you might avoid the one night stand pleasures. There is a good side and a bad side about Saturn. The good side is that you know what you have (or not...:)

See the labels on the right and under this post for 'famous couples', 'love' and 'relationships', or search this blog (above on the left) for Kennedy, Obama, Sarkozy and other famous examples.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alexander Rybak won (Transit Saturn square progressed Sun)

Good news for all those who have transit Saturn square (progressed) Sun! Alexander Rybak has transit Saturn square progressed Sun right now and he won the European Songfestival. Of course, to be a winner with this aspect you need to be able to play the violin and sing, too!:) Who would have expected a man to win in such a way (he had a record of points) with a transit of Saturn!

The simple explanation is that Saturn's transit just means that a period of life has reached it's end, and that you have to face new responsibilities and duties. Life is becoming 'heavy' with this transit. I bet that there is a lot of work waiting for Alexander Rybak. Saturn doesn't need to have a negative effect when you are young, although I presume that he is rather tired right now! (Of course, the individual natal and progressed chart of Alexander Rybak might have beautiful transit with the planets of the party and the pleasure: Venus and Jupiter. Even though he is a rather serious person.

He is a composer, a pianist, a singer and he knows how to play the violin. His parents are also musicians, so genes, circumstances and education contributed to the final results. Perhaps he was not educated to make fame in the world of popular music, but the fact is that he has success today and that his records will be sold.

The nature of his background is important. The chart is simply adding possibilities and chances reflected by the astrological pattern of artistic talent*).

Alexander Rybak was born 13th May 1986 in Minsk, no time of birth available, but he lives in Norway. Jupiter (the international) is the first outer planet rising before his Sun.

In his natal chart you can see part of the astrological pattern of talent, even without hour of birth*).
1. His Moon is strong in Cancer (imitation, reflection, acting on stage).
2. Venus is quindecile Neptune (for a strong focus on arts).
3. The combination of Sun in Taurus with Moon in Cancer refers to Venus and Moon, the combination of sense of arts, style and beauty.
4. The tight opposition between Venus and Uranus shows artistic aspirations and sense of rhythm, more common in the charts of pop musicians.

Venus is sesquisquare Pluto and inconjunct Mars, too. Perhaps this is reflecting very strong passion. The inconjunction between Sun and Uranus tells us that he wants to be 'special' in a sort of disproportionate way. Well, he IS. He won the European Songfestival with being special:). His song was different and drew attention. It was traditional, a Norwegian style folk song, just like you would expect of a person with such a strong Saturn (for classical)

Now how can a transit Saturn square show a winner? There is an explanation. Saturn is not making Ptolemaic aspects in his natal chart. He must be an ambitious person. He probably did his ultimate best to be winner. And there is another explanation: the quindeciles. Three quindeciles tell us about strong and intense focus on a subject. He has Venus 165 degrees from Neptune, Sun 165 degrees from Saturn and 165 degrees from Pluto. He is a die hard in arts! He started at age 5. And now he is 23, he won and this is YouTube with the song

*) See my blog Art&Astrology for dozens of examples of the astrological pattern of artistic talent.

For Saturn and the classical arts and music, see:
Celine Dion's aspirations
Chart of André Rieu
Chart of Tchaikovsky
some of the examples on Art&Astrology...


Mars-Uranus effect: sexual mismatch?

To avoid misunderstandings: this post describes similarities in charts related to similar experiences only. The Mars-Uranus aspect is not an indication of homosexuality, nor do you need to experience sexual mismatches, as you may see when you use the following links:
Charts and aspects are like stats: don't use them vice versa! Mars-Uranus is high speed and short fuse and (that is what I write about here) sometimes to hastily connects people with the wrong sexual orientation.

I like to add that Mars-Uranus aspects are shared by many thousands on the same days and every day (also on NON Mars-Uranus days) a certain percentage of men and women are born gay. Charts don't tell us if they are made for a man, a woman, a cat, a company or an event, so charts can't tell us if a person is or is not gay! Also, many gay persons don't have a Mars-Uranus or Venus-Uranus aspect at all!


Mars-Uranus is one of the aspects in a man's chart that doesn't make it easy to get or stay married with a woman. That is what astrologer Ram found in the first half of the 20st century. He didn't mention why, but an explosive nature is perhaps not the best nature to stay married. 

I think that this aspect (also) might point at the importance of sexual mismatch in a relationship. Gay men are often considered to be women's best friends. But it may not be a good idea to get married to your best friend, when his sexual orientation is not 'hetero', even though there may be sexual attraction.

One year ago I wrote about Margareth Thatcher and Edward Heath. The reason was the story that she had tried to seduce mr. Heath and failed, probably because of his sexual identity. Hmm...their charts don't match at all, so perhaps they were no match:). But there is also his Mars opposition her Uranus in the 5th.

The Mars-Uranus combination in the charts of females sometimes attract men who will remain 'friends' but with whom sexual relationships may fail. I have a few examples in my files of women with Mars-Uranus aspects in their charts who got married to men who later had their 'coming out' as a homosexual. The interaction between Mars and Uranus in the charts of a couple might point at unisexual relationships. I mean the sort of a relationship between a man and a woman that does not necessarily include sex (any more) or just now and then (the flashlight sexual relationship).

A famous Dutch example is the marriage of homosexual writer Gerard Reve (December 14, 1923, 17:30 Amsterdam) with poet Hanny Michaelis (December 19, 1922, 6 AM Amsterdam). They were married from 1948 to 1959. She has Mars conjunct Uranus in her chart, he too (127.5 degrees). Why did they get married anyway? They have Mars trine Mars and his Jupiter is on her Ascendant. Her progressed Uranus reached his Mars in the year before the marriage.*)

Another example of the Mars-Uranus influence is Manvendra Singh Gohil, the homosexual Indian Prince who got married and later divorced because of his sexual identity. The potential of sexual mismatch is in his chart: Mars semi sesquisquare (67.5) Uranus. I consider the minor aspects (such as the semi sesquisquare) as indications for the more intimate aspects of a personality (the person when you get to know him/her better is reflected by the 'chart behind the chart')**).

Another example of a minor aspect between Mars and Uranus and getting married though being homosexual is Dutch actor Albert Mol (03011917 030000 AMT Amsterdam). He also had children with his wife.
Adéle Bloemendaal (actrice) was born with Mars inconjunct Uranus (on January 11, 1933 in Amsterdam) and she married actor/dancer Donald Jones (born January 24, 1932 in New York). He was gay (and his chart has Mars quintile Uranus, Venus opposition Neptune). They had Mars sesquisquare Mars in synastry and got attracted to each other, later divorced and remained friends.

The Mars-Uranus combination does not necessarily need to be expressed in a sexual way. And homosexuals don't need to get married to a women, unless in certain social or cultural circumstances.

There are many other ways to reflect the 'unique and different kind of explosive' energy of Mars-Uranus. There is an article on my site with more information about Mars-Uranus combinations. The aspect is frequent in the charts of those who want to be fast with making changes, for example.

The influence of transits of Uranus with Mars is sometimes shocking, as you may read in the article on my site Astromarkt, about the trappist monks of Algeria.

*) It is important to have a look at the progressed charts of a couple. You can read about that in the Astrology of Meeting People on my site Astromarkt.
**) Read about the chart behind the chart of O.J. Simpson...


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maria Donati (101) goes into politics

Next September 14 Maria Donati will be 102 and probably member of the city counsel of Saludecio, Italy. See her picture and the story (in Italian,on This is her chart.

She was born -14-09-1907 (I guess in Saludecio, time unknown). Here are some of the indications for getting old for those born on that day:

- First of all: it takes the right genes.
Ceres - symbol of roots and genes - is rising before the Sun and pointing at the primary importance of genes in this life.

- Very important: there are no inconjunctions in her natal chart. Inconjunctions in the natal chart indicate misbalance, also in health conditions. Maria Donati had none from the start. More about inconjunctions...

- On her day of birth 50% of the positions was in earth(bound) signs and 60% in movable signs. To get old it is important to take good care of yourself and to move!

- The 'oriental' Jupiter and Uranus are 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspects). I have seen more examples of how Jupiter and Uranus contribute to the length of life. A recent example is that of Melly Uyldert, a Dutch astrologer who died a few days ago, aged 100.

- Maria Donati has Sun opposition Saturn and square Pluto, the combinaton of the 'die hard'.

Moon in Sagittarius does not make Ptolemaic aspects. Ceres is rising before her Sun. The two symbols of nutrition (of the basics in life) and of 'being a woman' are prominent. That is in line with what she promisses: that she will listen to the wishes of the people,just like she listened to her children...She wants to stimulate the well being of the family and community. And I bet that she knows how to feed them.

Maria Donati has Sun square Pluto in the natal chart (for wanting to win). She had transit Pluto conjunct progressed Sun last year (perhaps when she started with politics). Later this year transit Saturn will be square her Sun and Pluto. Perhaps it won't be easy to be a politician at her age. But at least: she managed to be in charge and in the news, in time.

RELATED (about managing to be in charge):
Sun-Saturn aspects...


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Demjanjuk and Uranus rising before the Sun

John Demjanjuk has been found fit enough to face the judge and to remain in a German prison today. That shows us that there is always the chance of the disadvantage of the advantage. The cynical fact is that Uranus is the first outer planet rising in his chart. I have several examples of the beneficial effect of that position of Uranus in the charts of very old persons. Pope Benedict has it (and they thought that he would be an 'interim' Pope:).

John Demjanjuk is 89 years old. Had he died 10 years ago, than he would not have been forced to spend the last years of his life in another country, away from his family. He is in Germany because German authorities issued an arrest warrant. He will be on trial for 29,000 counts of murder (most of them Dutch jews) as a guard at the Sobibor death camp from March to September 1943 (source CNN).

BTW In his progressed chart Venus is conjunct Sun. In normal circumstances that would be a pleasure. At his age and given the situation the 'grace' and 'peace' of Venus could be eternal rest, being pardonned because of his age or any other effect that makes life better. Unless the prison in Germany is already better than in the which case he might live even longer.


Astrologer Mellie Uyldert died

With transit Jupiter trine and Uranus inconjunct Ascendant, a combination of relief*), Mellie Uyldert passed away. There was also a transit of Mars inconjunct progressed Sun and lately transit Saturn crossed her 100 year old Sun. Last year she broke a hip with transit Sautrn inconjunct Saturn. With the death of Mellie Uyldert an impressiven and controversial person has gone...

A quick reading of the chart of Mellie Uyldert tells us that she was first of all conservative (with Saturn rising before the Sun), that she had a strong focus on a subject (7 quindeciles) and that she was above all a person who wanted to guide others (Jupiter conjunct Midheaven). The amount of placements in her 9th house reflects the amount of publications about different subjects (herbs, stones, poetry and about astrology. In this post I will focus on that...

Mellie Uyldert was born (says my database of Astrolab) on May 3, 1908 in Blaricum at 15h51.

She has Sun sextile Jupiter and biquintile Uranus in her natal chart. The combination of Sun-Jupiter-Uranus is frequent in the charts of astrologers.
Uranus is square the Ascendant. That is of influence in the way she presented herself. People found her peculiar and excentric (and of course, astrologers ARE rather excentric). But her ideas and publications often caused upheavel because of the (racial) theories, for example. Uranus is oppostion the stellium of the ninth house...
The midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is connected with Mars and Nodes. The combination of Sun and Midheaven with Neptune/Pluto refers to the 'mystic' or 'paranormal' field of her activities.

Today Jupiter and Uranus were again important.
*)There is a post on this blog about Jupiter and Uranus 'Such a relief and sometimes death'., with more examples.


Chart of day of birth of Alvaro Colom

I wonder why there are so many top politicians with Sun-Saturn afflictions in the world. Alvaro Colom, President of Guatemala, was born on June 15, 1951 with Sun square Saturn,just like Karl Rove and Hugo Chávez. On the same day (June 15, 1951) a Dutch politician (Johan Remkes) was born. He did not become a President and there are no such accusations or situations. He is a member of parliament and a chairman of many boards (managemant of hospitals).

There is a big difference between charts of different locations and times. There is a big difference in situations, conditions and social (perhaps difficult) circumstances, too. And... there is always a difference in what a person chooses to do or not to do (in a situation that allows choices). Still, there are astrological conditions reflecting the specific situation of Colom, a man with Mars rising before the Sun (for being an entrepeneur or activist, acting first, being assertive).

Colom has been accused of being involved in murder in a video made by the victim. Colom's Solar Arc Neptune is now opposition Mercury. I hardly use solar arcs with planets but this one seems to be appropiate. Neptune is the symbol of unclarity, movies, fantasie and fiction. Mercury is the symbol of the messenger (the facts). When Mercury and Neptune are in opposition there is a question: is it fake or is it facts? Many in Guatemala have doubts now. The chart of a leading figure like a President is leading for the nation.

This all occurs with transit Uranus opposition his Saturn (the issue of restricted liberty). Transit Saturn will soon be square his Mars (the disadvantages or bad effects of being hit or hurt). Transit Saturn will square his Sun,too (and activate the existing Sun-Saturn aspect in the natal chart, showing the bad sides of life). There is a third difficult aspect: a progressed conjunction of Sun and Pluto in the next few months. That is a transformational aspect, changing your life style.
This will be followed by Saturn's return (feeling the disadvantages of your age).

It seems difficult to maintain his position with those kind of afflictions, but without hour of birth one cannot be sure about the results. It all depends on the position from the start, the situation of the nation etc. And not in the last place: on the individual natal chart.

Effect of Sun-Saturn aspects (managing to be in charge).
*)In Mercury and lies I write about the Mercury-Neptune way of lying:

Mercury-Neptune hides facts (remains silent), invents facts or simply misunderstands the information and is confused. Lying with a Mercury-Neptune is easy and is done by giving misty information or by 'pretending' facts.
Sometimes people with a prominent Mercury-Neptune combination in their charts become the victim of false information or others simply don't believe what they are saying because it sounds like if the person is inventing it (thinking too long, known for having a fantasy etc....). When you have to invent stories because you are an author, this aspect can be a blessing, but in real life it is not easy.


Charts and post of the Fritzl case

Time to collect the charts about the Fritzl case. Although there is a sentence, the difficulties are not over yet and neither is the interest in the case.
Transit Saturn returns to be inconjunct the natal Suns of Elisabeth and Josef Fritzl in the summer of 2009. The same aspect (transit Saturn inconjunct Sun) occured during the beginning of the trial against Josef Fritzl. Perhaps the next transit will mark an 'ending' or an end.

Here is a summary of the posts about the case, and here are all of the charts. There is still no hour of birth available for the public.

In this post the dangerous connection between the charts of father and daughter.

About the synastry and shared components:
- Josef Fritzl has Mars opposition Pluto and square Saturn. So, father and daughter share the issue of deadly violence.
- He has Mars quindecile Uranus, She has Mars biquintile Uranus. When the abuse started her Mars had progressed to conjunct his Uranus. Mars-Uranus is the aspect of the short fuse. It may be a perfect aspect in a fast sport. But it seems to be a difficult combination in a male-female relationship, especially between father and daughter (as it might also mean obsessive - quindecile - sexual - Mars- overdrive - Uranus, see the next item).
More about Mars-Uranus combinations on my site Astromarkt…

Also in this post:
There is a similarity between the chart of Elisabeth Fritzl and abducted Natascha Kampusch (see the post about her case on this blog).
Elisabeth Fritzl has Mars-Pluto (use/abuse of violence, actor or victim) and Saturn-Uranus (theme of limited freedom) in her natal chart. She has Sun conjunct Mars and inconjunct Pluto, Mars biquintile Pluto; Mars is semi sextile Saturn and biquintile Uranus.

BIRTH CHART OF JOSEF FRITZL, the man of cellars and atticks
In this post: the creative imagination and double life of Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl's chart has the same structure as the chart of O.J. Simpson: harmonious major aspects in combination with difficult minor ones. Or: a life behind a life and a chart behind a chart...
I mention the need for family (Moon in Cancer), obsessive sexual overdrive (Mars quindecile Uranus), use and abuse of power (Mars/Pluto with Sun) and the importance of status (Saturn oriental). Just like actors, he knows how to pretend: Moon-Mercury square and Sun-Neptune biquintile. The Moon-Mercury square tells us what we want to hear, the Sun-Neptune biquintile is very creative in making things up.
An actor, a composer and a museum manager were born on the same day. What they share is the world of fiction and fantasy. More about the effect of Sun-Neptune combinations on this blog...

In this post I look at the chart of the woman who did not know that her husband had a second family in the basement. The couple doesn't match, but they share certain aspects (of life...). Both have a desire to be a success and the theme of deadly violence is also an important thing that they share.
Rosemarie Fritzl has Sun inconjunct Saturn. And that leads me the final post in this list.

FRITZL TRIAL starts with Saturn's inconjunction
When the Fritzl Trial started Saturn was in the 18th degree of Virgo. Saturn is the oriental planet in the charts of Elisabeth and Josef Fritzl. It means that Saturn's aspects are important. As they were born April 8 and 9, their Suns are in about the 18/19th degree of Aries. So the trial was with transit Saturn inconjunct their natal Suns. Mother Rosemarie has Sun inconjunct Saturn in her natal chart.

In July-August 2009 there will be another transit of Saturn inconjunct the natal Suns of Elisabeth and Josef Fritzl. It is a difficult aspect reflecting loss and depression. But it also offers the opportunity to 'let go'.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Famous partners: Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs (Apple)

Business relationships can be as strong as marriage and produce or create a product like marriage may create a child. My example of today: Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the Apple guys. Their charts are connected by strong and tight aspects, they share a success indicating aspect and in their composite chart the beneficial Jupiter rises before the Sun.

An oriental Pluto, as Noel Tyl says, is reflecting the importance of 'who you know'. Steve Wozniak knew Steve Jobs, a 5 year younger man who wanted to create a personal computer. Jobs met Wozniak with progressed Sun conjunct Jupiter. You can see that as meeting the man who helps you on the right way. The Jupiter of Wozniak is conjunct the natal Sun of Jobs. That is a good sign! *) see the link to Astromarkt and the article about the timing of meeting a partner...

Now look at the interaction of their charts...There charts (and lives) are strongly related!

Steve Jobs'Uranus is exactly conjunct the Moon-Venus conjunction of Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs' calling Moon is exactly opposition the Ascendant of Wozniak and square his Midheaven
Steve Jobs' calling Sun is conjunct Wozniak's Jupiter
His Ascendant is trine Wozniak's Neptune
His Midheaven is 105 degrees from Wozniak's Sun

The strongest interaction is between the Moon and the Descendant and between Jupiter and Sun. Those sort of connections are important in the charts of a couple of a man and a woman and just as important in other relationships.
What they share is an aspect between Jupiter and Uranus. Jobs has the conjunction, Wozniak has the trine. They share 'positive change' and being inventive. Sharing Jupiter-Uranus is sharing sudden success.

It is very interesting that the men have an inconjunct between their Mercuries. This means that their ideas and ways of thinking just don't match. There can be strong differences of opinion. Or different studies. Or maybe they lost interest in working together. Anyway, the inconjunction promisses 'lost contact', different directions for interest and studies.

But first, TOGETHER they started a company and created Apple. From the interaction between their charts you can see that they strongly influenced each other. Jobs'existence (ASC/MC) was of crucial importance for realising the dreams (Sun-Neptune) of Wozniak). Wozniak had/has great sense of style and his chart says that he is above all inventive (a technician, someone who is to make changes). Jobs is the 'inventor', the leader, and salesman (Mercury on ASC, Saturn oriental). Together they were strong with Jupiter rising in their composite chart and conjoined inventiveness.

The prominence of Uranus (elevated) and Pluto (rising before the Sun) in the chart of Wozniak made me think of an arrest or an accident (a sudden and unexpected dramatic change). In 1981 he suffered from amnesia due to a private plane crash during progressed Sun conjunct Saturn (experiencing the disadvantages of the way you live). That was a year after he became very rich with Apple.

In 1980 the progressed and solar return chart promissed pleasure. In his progressed chart the Moon was conjunct natal Venus, Venus was opposition natal Jupiter and the Moon too. Venus was on the Midheaven of his solar return chart. Yes, it was a year of fun and pleasure, followed by a very serious year. He graduated in 1986, when the progressed Sun was conjunct progressed Saturn.

Jobs has an unaspected Sun (for leadership, drawing attention) and he always was more in the centre of attention than Wozniak was, even though Wozniak is a Leo.
Jobs also has Moon and Mercury without major aspects (for sense of study).
Jobs’s progressed Sun changed sign in the year that changed his life, 1980. Also progressed Mercury was conjunct his Sun. He had Uranus on the Descendant of the solar return (another indication for the change in his life).

More about their story:

*) For more about meeting persons at the right astrological moment, see my article on my site


The success of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is doing a great job in the Obama-government. Her progressed chart will be helping her for the next 6 months. There are two progressed prosperous aspects:
1. Progressed Jupiter is trine her Mars.
2. In or around February 2011 Jupiter will trine Pluto in her progressed chart. Those are combinations for success.

It is a pity that the correct birth time of Hillary Clinton has not been set yet. It could be the 20 p.m. or the 8 a.m., but nobody really knows for sure. What is certain is that her Sun is in Scorpio (without Ptolemaic aspects in sign) with Neptune rising before the Sun. That makes the 26th October 1947 a perfect day for a leading figure to be born.

A Sun without Ptolemaic aspects reflects 'drawing attention at any kind of level', performing as an artist or being in the centre of attention as a leader. As Hillary Clinton has 60% of her placements in fixed signs, she has 'endurance' and a strong will. Another important planet in her chart is Jupiter. Without Ptolemaic aspects, Jupiter is 'calling', just like the Sun. The importance of Sun and Jupiter contributes to self confidence and successes. And the combination of the prominent Sun, Jupiter and Neptune reflects the fact that she has a lot of devoted fans and followers.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Venus, Zuma and the 3 first ladies

Jacob Zuma is the new president of South-Africa. There are 3 first ladies. In my post about Venus in double bodied signs I wrote about Venus in Pisces:

"Venus in Pisces is a flexible Venus in a double look-a-like sign. But Venus is also very sensitive, empathic and romantic in Pisces. That is why so many artists have Venus in Pisces or Venus related to the ruler of Pisces. (...) Hugh Hefner has Venus in Pisces and as Venus does not make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, Venus is 'calling'. We can clearly see that..."

Jacob Zuma has Venus 'calling', too and in Pisces, just like Hefner.


Chart of Gordon Brown: Sun inconjunct and MC square Saturn

Gordon Brown knows how to survive a political crisis. At least, that is what he did in September 2008 and before. However, his natal chart is difficult and so are his transits and progressions. Here you read about the present situation, the situation in 2010 (Elections) and the resemblance with the charts of George W. Bush, Mussolini and ...Rosemarie Fritzl.

Now there is a financial scandal and I wonder what he will do to escape this. It seems that Gordon Brown paid his brother Andrew (...) 6.500 pounds for the use of a cleaner and for a plumbing bill. That was when he was a member of parliament. The Telegraph mentions 13 ministers who used the parliamentary expenses system in a way that forces the Prime Minister to defend the system and his fellow politicians.

His government may not be very stable, but he remains thePM always. His natal chart shows ambition and the possibility of decay and fall (at least in the public eye).
He has a 'calling' Saturn square Midheaven, just like in the chart of George W. Bush (who has Saturn square Midheaven, too). I think Saturn square Midheaven tells us that the career involves management (and/or government) and yes, politicians sometimes have to step back. With Saturn not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees (only this square with MC) one should expect rise and fall at any kind of level. But perhaps 6.500 pounds is not enough 'level'. Interesting, by the way, how Uranus opposition his Midheaven causes upheavel every now and then.

There is an aspect in Gordon Brown's chart that may look familiar to those who read all posts of this blog. Gordon Brown has Sun inconjunct Saturn in his natal chart, just like Rosemarie Fritzl. So I will repeat the quote from Cafe Astrology here: 'It is easy for you to take on responsibilities that aren't yours while ignoring ones that are.'
Rosemarie Fritzl
lost her position and 'status'. Benito Mussolini also had Sun inconjunct Saturn. Gordon Brown's chart shows a certain risk to end his career on the short end.

The politicians won't drop him, but there will be elections before June 2010. That is when transit Pluto hits his Midheaven. His progressed Midheaven is about to conjunct his Sun and to be inconjunct Saturn, hitting the inconjunction of the natal chart. That makes his position hard, compared to that in September 2008. He may be blamed by the public. Often Pluto complicates things and perhaps he will have a difficult time in spring 2010. But Pluto also often means 'come back', however difficult. Should he have to return to parliament and step back later, with MC inconjunct Saturn? With Uranus on the MC of his solar return for 2010, the results may be surprising. It was a surprise that he became PM, too.

SUN-SATURN: being in charge
Nevertheless, even with such difficult aspects Gordon Brown made it to the top of the UK, just like George W. Bush managed to be in charge of the nation. See the topic about Sun and Saturn, managing to be in charge.

PS The inconjunction may also refer to the fact that there is a health issue (he has only one eye).

More about Saturn (unaspected):

Transits and progressions of Aung San Suu Kyi (and Karadzic)

Aung San Suu Kyi (The Lady of Myanmar) is in the news on CNN after the arrest of an American tourist who swam to her house, where she lives isolated in house arrest (already 13 of the last 18 years). See CNN...
Dutch newspapers report that her physical condition demanded the visit of a doctor. She has low blood pressure.

Notice that her progressed Sun is in the final two degrees of Leo. This is reflecting a period of transformation. Within 2 years her progressed Sun will have changed sign and a new kind of life might start. The amount of transits in 2009/2010 however tells us that there will be several developments before that.

HEALTH (Saturn and Neptune)
Unfortunately the first transit Saturn will be square her natal Sun (in October 2009 and April 2010). Usually, in her kind of circumstances, this will not improve health. In March/April 2010 Neptune will trine her natal Sun. The combination of Saturn and Neptune indicates health issues.

RESTRICTIONS (Saturn and Uranus) AND IMPROVEMENT (Jupiter)
Also in April 2010 Uranus will be opposition her natal Sun. That means that in April 2010 the issue of restricted liberty might be 'hot'. Also ther is the square of Jupiter in May 2010. AS Jupiter is the final transitting planet ver her Sun, that might mean that her conditions and situation might improve after April 2010. Let us hope that the Myanmar government will allow medication and a docter before that.

KARADZIC (same day of birth)
Karadzic, born on the same day, has the same kind of transits and progressions. Of course there is a difference in time and place of birth, but the tendencies are similar. Karadzic is on trial right now, in The Hague. He arrived there on Juyl 30, 2008. He was arrested July, 21 2008 after the year of the transit of Pluto opposition his natal Sun. In that year the officials intensified the search for him. Thirteen years before he started to live as an alternative healer, wearing a long white beard as a disguise. The same day of birth, the same issue of restricted freedom, another cause...

Personal situations, conditions, genes, gender, politics...they should all be taken into account when you try to get a picture of the situation in April 2010. I wonder about the effect of the same sort of transits and progressions in the charts of these two politicians, both in a situation of restricted freedom.

More about the chart of Aung San Suu Kyi...


Friday, May 8, 2009

Famous couple: Josef and Rosemarie Fritzl

On Sternwelten (17 november 2008)I finally found the birth day of Rosemarie Fritzl, the wife of Josef Fritzl and the mother of Elisabeth Fritzl: September 23, 1939. I have always wondered about the contents of her chart. Now that I have a date of birth, this enables me to have a look at the match between her and her husband. My conclusion: there is no match but yes, they shared a life and astrological aspects. They shared a desire for earning money (Venus-Jupiter-Pluto) and they shared deadly danger (Mars-Saturn-Pluto).

Here are the charts of the days of birth (for noon) of Rosemarie, Elisabeth and Josef Fritzl.
I choose not to try to read the chart of Rosemarie Fritzl, without knowing her hour of birth. But, allow me to quote Cafe Astrology about Sun inconjunct Saturn: 'It is easy for you to take on responsibilities that aren't yours while ignoring ones that are.' See:

I think this perfectly reflects the upbringing of the children of her daughter and not having protected her daughter against her abusive husband (and she knew that he was convicted for rape).

Rosemarie educated 10 children: 7 of her own, 3 of her daughter. In 1992 the first foster child was dropped on her doorstep and that was with progressed Sun opposition Uranus: someone else suddenly changed her life. In an interview in 2009 she referred to her sad financial position since the arrest of her husband. She had to give up on 7 houses and a lot of money. Venus-Pluto is the financial axis. Transit Pluto was conjunct progressed Venus when her daughter stepped out of her prison. Progressed Venus is getting closer and closer to Pluto now.

BTW Mars square Saturn is one of the aspects that indicate possible divorce in the chart of females.

The reading of the charts of Elisabeth and Josef is in an earlier post that you find here.

Their Suns don't match (his in Aries, hers in Virgo)
Their Moons (probably) don't match
Her Mercury is opposition his
Their Venus don't match (his in Taurus, hers in Libra)
Their Mars (probably) don't match
Nothing matches. But...

They share (a combination of) aspects. Josef and Rosemarie share Venus opposition Jupiter: they love to travel, marriage is 'for better'. Both have Venus in aspect with Jupiter and Pluto for earning a lot of money. They were rather wealthy together, having 7 houses.

But most of all: they share 'hard measures'.

The chart of Fritzl is obviously that of an abusive person or should I say: a person who has the potential to be abusive. Mars, Saturn and Pluto form the combination of severe and hard measures, unnatural death and danger of death. This combination is in the charts of Josef, Rosemarie and Elisabeth.

- Josef Fritlz’ Sun in Aries is opposition Mars and Mars square Pluto. Saturn is opposition the midpoint Mars/Pluto.
- Elisabeth has Mars biquintile Pluto and semi sextile Saturn. Pluto is 157.5 degrees from Mars/Saturn.
- Rosemarie has Mars opposition Pluto and square Saturn. Mars is sesquisquare Saturn/Pluto.

The Mars-Saturn-Pluto connection reflects the fact that they all had part in the dangerous use and abuse of violence, as a victim or as an abuser. And the Mars and Pluto of Josef (use of violence) are the planets connecting their charts!
- Josef's Pluto is square Elisabeth's Mars. His Saturn is semi square her Mars.
- Josef’s Mars is quindecile Rosemarie's Saturn and quintile her Pluto.

Elisabeth's life changed in a positive way in 2008 and so did her chart. Her progressed Sun changed sign and progressed Venus joined her natal Sun to reflect that. But these days transit Saturn is inconjunct HER Sun since her father's trial and conjunct her Uranus. This is the combination of restricted freedom (Saturn-Uranus-Sun). She is still in a proces of transformation. Her progressed Sun is moving into Gemini, to another lifestyle and another way of living, but not stable yet.

*)They married in 1955/1956, when her progressed Sun was conjunct his natal Mars. In her natal chart there is a trine between Sun and Mars. When she and her husband were seperated, her progressed Sun was conjunct Mars. (I mention this just to show the cycle of life...)


About Mars and Pluto
About sharing aspects in a relationship
About matching signs, see this blog....
About inconjunctions...


Charts of Kiefer and Rachel Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is an actor and a director with a twin sister working in the same field. With transit Pluto inconjunct Jupiter (the disproportionate price to pay for success) he is in the news today. There is an explanation for his success as an actor and for his arrests.

On my blog Art&Astrology I mention the astrological pattern of artistic talent in the charts of artists, musicians, writers and actors. This pattern (of Moon, Venus, Neptune, the related signs and Midheaven) is visible in his chart (December 21, 1966, 9 a.m. in Marylebone UK), like this:

1. Neptune is the first outer planet rising before his Sun
2. Venus is conjunct the Ascendant
3. The Moon is on a crucial spot (down under in the chart)
4. Neptune is square Sun/Moon
5. Moon is inconjunct Midheaven, Venus is sextile Midheaven
6. Mercury is 67.5 degrees from Sun/Moon (for being communicative)
7. The Sun is square Aries Point (for directing and being a star)
8. He has a cool Venus in Capricorn, like other male movie stars have. See the post about male attraction...

Notice that the prominent Moon and Venus ('sense of art') are related to the career (Midheaven) and he is in heart and soul (Sun/Moon) an artist.

He spent time in jail in December 2007/January 2008 with transit Jupiter and Pluto conjunct Sun (and Uranus trine Midheaven). This was for driving under influence. Today he has transit Pluto inconjunct Jupiter. He is in the news because of another arrest. Someone was rude against his female companion and this person was head-butted by him.
There is an explanation for that, too.

1. Mars is elevated (on top of the chart) in Libra.
Mars is in Libra often leads to aggression (being with others provokes aggression). The position of Mars on top of the chart could be read like this: being above all an activist, entrepreneur, worker or ... fighter.

2. Saturn is opposition Uranus and Pluto
This is introducing the theme of restricted liberty and sudden arrest. It is a long term aspect combination, but in this individual's chart it is an important one. Saturn rules his Ascendant and is ruler 1. Pluto rules his Midheaven (position, reputation). Uranus rules his progressed Sun and is square his natal Sun.

3. Mars is semi square Neptune (for the use or abuse of alcohol and drugs AND for work related to the field of medications, fantasy, or beliefs...with the idea that the job is not fully satisfactory).

4. Mars is quindecile Saturn and 15 degrees from Uranus, thus connecting the combination of sudden restricted freedom.

5. Mars is sesquisquare Sun/Moon
He is a person who wants to act or react immediately.

6. Venus is tightly square Mars
That is the aspect of passion!

7. Mars is square his Ascendant (for an assertive approach).

Kiefer Sutherland has a twin sister (Rachel) who works as post-production supervisor in the world of the movies. See her picture here...
She was born 3 minutes later. That changes the degrees of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven, places Venus closer to the Ascendant, alters some of the midpoint combinations and...the big difference is the gender. Mars is working harder in the charts of males (because of the amount of male hormones).

This is her chart, her brother's positions are on the outside of the circle.