Sunday, August 31, 2008


Uranus is square Pluto these days. Uranus was conjunct Pluto in 1966. Only once in every 166 years there is a Uranus-Pluto conjunction. The squares are half as rare, but still rare. The opposition of Uranus and Pluto was in the hectic period of 1789-1799 (French Revolution, liberté, fraternité, egalité). In the charts of human beings the aspect or the prominence of the planets Uranus and Pluto urges the nativity to make changes, right now, anyhow (and sometimes in a violent way). What will this aspect do in the charts of generations? Are the times changing?

In the 60's life in the West changed indeed.Or at least: our perpective changed. Now we are aware of that past, of the 60's and of the hopes that people had at the time for a brave new world and the brotherhood of men. And of the strong urge to change life and make things better.

So maybe it is the 'time spirit' that makes Barack Obama repeat that things will have to change? Is there a revival of the spirit of the 60's, going together with a hard aspect between Uranus and Pluto, just like in the 60'?.

Perhaps the idea of time spirit explains Obama's plan to speech at the Brandenburger Tor. Obama makes us think back of Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the man who's dream is coming true in the person of the first black candidate for the presidency of the USA. Uranus-Pluto digs up old hopes. And tries to make them new again. With Uranus square Pluto we are forced to make a change, experience a change or to watch the world change. And when the spirit of the 60's was born with Uranus conjunct Pluto, that spirit has now evolved into Uranus square Pluto: time to act.


Today the people of New Orleans have to be evacuated for the second time, this time for Gustav, a hurricane even more destructive than Katrina already was.And that was only 3 years ago. Late Monday or Tuesday they expect the 'mother of all storms' to make landfall. And later on Tuesday (about 2 p.m.) Gustav will reach city of NO.

The chart of the moment of the planned evacuation is here below.

Notice Ascendant and MC in the 26th degree of Movable Signs (Virgo and Gemini) with Uranus in the 22nd of Pisces and Pluto in the 29th of Sagittarius. It reads like ASC/MC = Uranus/Pluto...a stressful moment of complete move and change is starting.


The chart of Katrina has Pluto in the 22nd of Sagittarius. The chart of Gustav has Uranus in the 22nd of Pisces. It seems that the 22nd degree of movable signs is important in the chart of NO, the USA or for storms.

I took a look in the Koppejan book of images and degrees (based upon the visions of Janduz) and I found 3 times a oourtisane or other sort of a Delilah and 1 time the picture of men fighting. That one was the 22nd of Sagittarius, the degree were Pluto was at the time of Katrina. Now Uranus is square that point in heaven. We might say that Uranus is reviving Katrina.

Still, 22nd of Sagittarius is a much more violent picture than 22nd of Pisces is, though both of the degrees are connected to fixed stars symbolizing haste and wasting energy. I hope for the residents of NO that they won't see there recently redecorated houses being devastated again. And that Uranus force in 22nd of Pisces won't be able to beat the strength of Pluto in 22nd of Sagittarius.

No matter what the storm in NO will do, the transitting square of Uranus and Pluto cannot be whiped out just like that. This aspects has a sudden transformative impact. More about that in another post.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sarah Palin is the mother of five, she has a partner and she has just been asked by McCain to be the vice-president if he will make it to be the next president of the USA. No more than a year ago Sarah Palin gave birth to her fifth child. She is strongly against abortion and a true conservative. For those who value signs above planets and, surprised about this Aquarian being conservative: Aquarius is not only the symbol of 'improvement' but also the sign for antiques and controversy.

Sarah Palin (11th February 1964 Sandpoint, Idaho*) was born with the Moon in Capricorn calling, or in Aquarius (conjunct Mercury), but the Moon is always oriental (rising before the Sun), no matter what sign the Moon is in. That prominent position of the Moon makes her first of all a person who wants to commit herself to a party or group. She is 'involved' and her needs and sense of 'to belong' comes first, if not her personal needs. I have the idea that Capricorn is her Moonsign, because of the ambition and the organisational skills that it takes to manage a household with 5 children and have a brilliant carreer. Having a prominent Moon seems to be good for the position of women (see for example the chart Nancy Reagan with MC conjunct a calling Moon in Leo). Sarah Palin was once - like Nancy Reagan - a beauty queen. Look at her Venus at Aries Point for prominent estetics.
With Sun tightly conjunct Mars her energy is explained. Moon, Jupiter and Uranus are 'calling'(no Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees) and it is rather easy to see the journalist (Uranus) and the successful woman (Moon, Jupiter and Uranus for foresight and good intuition).

One thing is amazing. She has a wider square between Sun and Neptune, just like Obama has and just like in the chart of Angela Merkel. All three of them have been underestimated at first or came more or less out of the blue…Jupiter is inconjunct Neptune in her chart. That symbolizes a certain, sometimes misbalanced, religious conviction.

Now that she has been appointed as the vice-president to be (if McCain wins) we see transit Neptune square her Sun and semi square progressed Sun. That transit of Neptune is activating the Sun-Neptune aspect in her natal chart. Is a dream (Neptune) coming true (Sun) the hard way (square)? Mostly transits of Neptune with the Sun don’t make a person very happy. This aspect causes disillusions and isolation, not a glorious moment. To me, she looked a little surprised. She has been chosen because she is a she and because she is more conservative even than McCain is. But she will never gain Hilary Clintons’ votes, because of that conservatism. And I bet she knows it. So THIS hit of Neptune might be the first act in a play that ends on November 4.
She also had transit Venus square Sun yesterday (ok, she smiled) and transit Pluto is now square Progressed Mars (another hard and difficult aspect for being forced to defend yourself and for political fights).

I added the charts of the synergy between Plain and McCain (their Suns have a distance of a quindecile – 165 degrees - and that does not seem effective partnership to me). Obama and Biden is a good match. McCain and Palin seem to be a less cooperative couple, unless her hour of birth shows us a good matching ascendant and MC.

For just in case, what if she might become a president one day? Then she will be very hardworking, social and caring person with a drive. And pretty, that too!:) She has Venus at Aries Point, also for diplomacy. I hope for the sake of herself and the nation that there is some leadership, visible in angular positions. But we can only know for sure with her hour of birth at hand.

PS September 1, 2008
Neptune's influence (revealing secrets and the media against you) is obvious in Troopergate. Sarah Palin is accused of using her influence as a governor as governor to get her ex-brother-in-law fired as a state trooper. When she became famous this old scandal of course emerged...

Is 16:40 hours the birth time of Sarah Palin?

Friday, August 29, 2008


It is (still) Michael Jackson's birthday. You can find his chart on my site. There is rumour about a come back. I wrote before:

So now Michael Jackson wants a come back, if only to pay his debts. Solar Arc Pluto trines his natal MC, but transit Neptune is conjunct his MC. Usually Neptune is confusing, weakening and disappointing. But as Neptune is the planet of the artist, maybe it will not be so in this case and the conjunction is offering another starting moment. Besides, this HOB is speculation anyway. So let us look at his solar return chart. Hmm...using 23h50 he has Pluto on the MC and the Moon on the Ascendant: a come back Solar Return chart. If Solar Arcs work, then he will be a succes: SA Jupiter square Moon and trine Venus!

If he comes back, then we know his HOB!:)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Angelika Merkel has been named the most powerfull woman today. I have payed attention to her chart before - click here - and I won't repeat that. I only like to point at the square between Sun and Neptune in her chart. That is the same square as in the chart of Barack Obama. Angelika Merkel is admired for the way that she does her job, not only in Germany, but all over Europe. And that is so since she became a prime minister. When? Wen transit Pluto was inconjunct her Uranus and trine natal Pluto, for a radical chang in her life. I thought,given the controversy about the Sun-Neptune aspect in Obama's chart, that it would be good to show a politician with this aspect and doing fine:)

another Saturn-Pluto conspiracy man

I just posted about the charts of Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Adam Curry, all of them believe in a 0911 conspiracy. And then I remembered David Ray Griffin. I had something about him on my site Astromarkt, but that piece of my website cannot for some reason be published any more. Here is the refreshed story about him.

another Saturn-Pluto complot theory man

Theologist and philosopher David Ray Griffin is the leading voice in the conspiracy theories about 09/11 and a million seller author since his retirement. Without hour of birth there is no chart, but the ephemeris shows a lot of information about his birthday (8th August 1939, Santa Monica) anyway.

We see:
- Pluto (oriental) with Venus ahead of the Sun (money and politics)
- Sun at Aries Point semi square Jupiter/Neptune (beliefs, followers)
- No positions in water signs (empathy calling)
- No placements in air signs, too (communications calling)
- 70% in fixed signs (strong will, perseverance: " 9/11. David Griffin will never let this go until we get the truth."..Wikipedia quoting him)
- Combination of earth and fire (creativeness)
- Closest aspect: Saturn square Pluto (the die hard confronting people and I am beginning to believe it is frequent in the charts of those who suspect conspiracies)

And could not Saturn-Pluto be: ‘fear of politics and politicians’? Maybe it is.
Both Saturn and Pluto are connected to the Northern Node, reflecting the time he was born (just before the war). This aspect links business to power and money. And this aspect shows the controversial struggle of the scientist (Saturn is for the institute of science) against politics (Pluto), too. It is the combination of a person who withstands hard confrontations.

So what do we see? A very creative and will powered leading person with a conviction. Power, influence, politics and money come first in his chart. He is a rather tough and hard person you cannot reason with. A die-hard!
The missing elements point at specialization or being extreme and at having a focus on a certain area in life. No water, no air: social life at any level.

Strange enough his Venus is on the ascendant of president Bush (if that ascendant is 7d06m Leo). I heard him say on tele that it was possible that Bush personally was not involved in the conspiracy from the very beginning...With Venus on another person’s ascendant it is difficult not to be kind.

David Ray Griffin is a theologist. He has the Sun semi square Jupiter/Neptune. The combination of Jupiter/Neptune is also there in the chart of Gibson. Professor Griffin is publishing about 09/11 since 2004. That was the year of his progressed Mars sextile Jupiter. In 2006, progressed Jupiter was trine Pluto (for a lot of profit and success), with transit Jupiter square natal Sun for successes that do not come easy or with conflicts.When a person has a tight Saturn square Pluto, the trines with Pluto will always be inconjunctions with Saturn at the same time. In 2006 Griffin had his fortune, but he also experienced the disadvantages and the price to pay.

In October of 2006 a tape recording of Atta was found. DAVID RAY GRIFFIN (8th August 1939 Santa Barbara) will not have been happy with this discovery since he had Transit Saturn square his natal Uranus at the time. GEORGE W. BUSH (6th July 1946, 7h26 a.m. New Haven) seemed to profit from the tape. Transit Pluto was making a perfect trine with the Midheaven (MC). Pluto is the planet of the politician, but also the symbol of discovery and investigation.

This time there is no date of birth starting with a 3 involved, like with Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson:).

sharing the number 3 and Saturn,Uranus,Pluto..

Adam Curry was born on September, 3 and so was Charlie Sheen. Both have a strong believe in complot theories, for example about 0911. In this post you find more about the way that their charts look alike.

Your Wake Up Call; is the program presented by Adam Curry on Arrow Classic Rock. Adam Curry is presenting the program from the UK and it is broadcasted in Holland. Adam Curry talks in this program about UFO', a supposed to be increasing amount of earth quakes and 0911.

Curry was born September 3, 1964 in Arlington (Washington), USA. There were no placements of Sun, Moon or planets in air signs on that day. That makes us think about communications. It might be one of the reasons for his profession. He has been a disc jockey and he is a businessman on the internet.

With the Sun involved in combinations with Mercury, Uranus and Pluto, it is no wonder that he talks a lot about theories that lead to intense differences of opinion and well known radio programs:). Moon in Leo is calling and so he managed to get attention. His prominent Saturn and oriental Pluto with Sun quindecile (105degrees) Jupiter and conjunct Pluto symbolize the succesful 'die hard' in business.
The Sun with Uranus and Pluto gives a strong drive to change the world, or 'make it better'.

All in all, September 3 1964 seems to have been a perfect day of birth for an emotionally involved 'star' with strong and controversial opinions. In the book 'The power of birthdays, stars and numbers" they speak of creative power.

I think it is amazing that Charlie Sheen was born on the same day in September (3), because Charlie Sheen also believes that the Twin Towers have not been destroyed by Osama bin Laden. And there are more similarities in the natal charts besides the degree of the Sun.
On August 1 and 3, 2006 I wrote about MEL GIBSON AND CHARLIE SHEEN and their ideas about September 11. I start with Mel Gibson and his beard:), just for fun.

" 3rd August 2006
A little surprised by the long grey beard of Mel Gibson (also read the messages below) I looked for an explanation in his chart and found one. His natal Sun in Capricorn (associated with the goat...) is in exact opposition with the Ascendant.

1st August 2006
Together with Charlie Sheen he (= Mel Gibson) supports a movement in the USA that has a complot theory about 9/11. Not the Arab intruders did 'it', it must have been the CIA or even Israel. You might wonder what these two actors have in common to get the same sort of ideas (...): Saturn-Pluto!

Mel Gibson is born January 3, 1956 at 16:45 in Peekskill USA. He has Sun in Capricorn semi square Saturn and sesquiquadrate Pluto. Also Saturn squares Pluto.
Fellow believer in conspiracy is Charlie Sheen, born 3rd September 1965 at 22:48 hour in New York (both of these data given by
Charlie Sheen has Sun conjunct Pluto (and Uranus) opposed to Saturn and so Saturn is opposed to Pluto. In both cases there are midpoint combinations with Saturn and Pluto involved.

The actors share more, among which Mercury square Neptune (a misty mind and fantasy fighting facts). Maybe that is good for actors (they can imagine facts for their job), but not for conspiracy theories. They do share even more: Mel Gibson has Mars conjunct Saturn, Sheen has a trine. Mel G. has Venus quintile Saturn, Charlie Sheen has a biquintile. They also share the Moon tine Mercury.

Interesting to see is that Charlie Seen has a lot of midpoint combinations involving Jupiter and Neptune, the combination for actors, religions and mediums: success with the unseen or fictions. Mel has Moon with Jupiter/Neptune and Jupiter with Moon/Neptune: fantasy unlimited and popular idol.

Saturn is in top of his (=Sheen's) chart (above all a conservative!) but a radical as well (Sun with Uranus and Pluto) (...)

How to interprete the fact that they both have these strong connections of Sun, Saturn and Pluto? The tendency to stick to a point of view no matter what, and to seek the harder kind of confrontations might be something they share. Or maybe they are just afraid of authorities and the imagination does the rest?

In the mean time, those who believe that ‘Skull and Bones’ organised an ordeal to make a brave new world, are convinced that it was no coincidence that Mel Gibson was arrested even though he said he was wrong…"

As it happens, Adam Curry also has a combination of Sun, Uranus and Pluto in his chart. Pluto and Saturn are prominent in his chart (Pluto oriental, Saturn without major aspects in orb or degree). He shares this pair of combinations with Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen. The combinations refer to a a very outspoken and controversial opninion with hard confrontations. As far as I know, Adam Curry is not afraid to confront people with his sometimes excentric ideas.

And as it happens, too, Mel Gibson, Adam Curry and Charlie Sheen were born on a '3-day'.

About missing elements and aspects
Uranus and Pluto in combination
Saturn and Pluto in combination
About the chart of Edgar Mitchell, frequently mentioned in the program of Adam Curry

As per September 1, 2008 (within a day after the message in the papers) Arrow Classic Rock stopped the program with Adam Curry. Too many listeners had complained and even started anti-Curry sites. T Saturn square Sun in action...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Gloria Estefan will be celebrating her 51st birthday in the harbour of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), on Tuesday, September 2. She was born September 1, 1957 in La Havana, Cuba. Even googling 'carta astral Gloria Estefan' did not deliver an hour of birth, so we will have to read the chart of the day for noon.

On the day that she was born Pluto was oriental. People with Pluto rising before the Sun are strategically, influential and 'political'. They know how to get into contact with the right kind of people. Politics is of importance in the life of Gloria, since her father - body guard of Batista - had to run to the USA when Fidel Castro became the comandante of Cuba.

Jupiter is the 'calling planet'. Jupiter refers to traveling and 'abroad' and she lived almost all of her life in the USA. In my country she is rather popular and on September 5 there will be a performance in Rotterdam. The coming year her progressed Sun will change sign and that might mean that she is changing her life-style.

BTW, the combination of a prominent Jupiter and Pluto tells us that she will be successful or will try to earn a lot of money (Venus semi square Pluto, too!).

A very important aspect in her chart is the tight square of Sun and Saturn and the Sun semi square Uranus (exact). This symbolizes the issue of limited freedom or the rebellion against limitations. Not unusual perhaps in the chart of a person with a forbidden native country, but there is another possible meaning: something physical that is causing limitations. On March 20, 1990 she had a very heavy car accident and she had to recover for a year. The accident occurred wit:
Transit Saturn sesquisquare Sun
Transit Saturn semi square Saturn
Transit Uranus trine Sun
Transit Uranus inconjunct Uranus

These transits activated the existing combination in her natal chart.

But where is the singer!? I almost forgot to mention that Mercury is also 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). And Mercury is the symbol of the voice and communications.

Still, without an hour of birth (HOB) you can hardly see the artist in the positions on September 1. It would have been easier if she had Neptune on the MC and Venus on top, square Ascendant, for example, but we won't know, I am afraid.

I like to tell you a 'chiste' (a joke) that I found on a site called Postal de Cuba.

Fidel va a su astrólogo y le pregunta:
-¿Que día moriré?
-Comandante, morirá un día de fiesta nacional.

Fidel goes to his astrologer and asks him:
- On what day will I die?
- Comandante, it will be a national holiday.

Monday, August 25, 2008


David Beckham helped Tom Cruise to lose weight. In 6 weeks he lost 6 kilo! That is nice story of friendship, is not it? There are many links between their charts and they have mutual Sun-Jupiter connections. Jupiter is the planet for coaching, support and help. Jupiter also happens to be the symbol of growth (in any direction).

Sun sextile Sun
Moon opposition Moon
Jupiter of Tom sextile Sun of David
Jupiter of David square Sun of Tom
Sun David semi square MC of Tom

They also share aspectcombinations of Sun-Jupiter and Mars-Uranus.

With his progressed MC inconjunct progressed Jupiter Tom Cruise had a 'fat imago', a misbalance (inconjunct; for success, but...) between condition and success. The progressed MC of David Beckham is now sextile Venus and that is nice:)

About David Beckham and George Clooney
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About why we are 'fat' and what part of the chart we can blame for it
About sharing aspects

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Margareth Thatcher suffers from dementia since 2000, when she had MC conjunct Saturn in her progressed chart. This aspect does not make life easier, generally.

I read this on The article in this Spanish newspaper says, that when her husband Denis died in 2003 she had to be told the bad news over and over again, because she forgot it time after time. She had progressed Sun semi square progressed Saturn in 2003 and Transit Pluto inconjunct her progressed Descendant, so that she had a hard time and was confronted with death and loss in that year.

The fact was told by her daughter Carol, announcing the publication of her auto-biography today. I think it can be told now that her mother is not able to read the papers any more….
This happens in the life of Margareth Thatcher, with her progressed Midheaven changing sign to Sagittarius (the sign of publications) in the year that her progressed Pluto will be opposition her progressed Sun. This changes her status (MC) right now. And within one year she will experience a sort of an involuntary change of life, something challenging. At her age, it might be something dangerous and life threatening. This also crosses my mind, because Pluto is in her eight house of life and death. In her solar return, later this year, Mercury - ruler 8 - is on her Midheaven. It makes me think of a crisis. Margareth Thatcher was born in 1925.

Post about the chart of Mrs. Thatcher and her son, with drawings.


Wikipedia offers a biography of Joe Biden. Now that I have read about the death of his first wife, I am sure that 8:30 a.m. is the correct birth time for Obama's running mate. So here is a PS about the chart of Joe Biden re: my post of yesterday about the synastry of Biden and Obama.

There are two reasons why I think 8:30 a.m. is an appropiate hour.

1. Ceres on the IC of Biden is symbolizing the caretaker, nature, mother...He had to be a single parent taking care of young children for years. Ceres on the IC is the issue of seeds, genes, heir dom and inheretance...the basics of life. Those issues are important in the life of Joe Biden.

2. Moon inconjunct Neptune (losing a woman or a family) of the signs of more than 1 serious relationship (in the charts of men), shows me that 8:30 a.m. is right. The Moon rules the eight house of life and death and Neptune the fourth house of endings. It is the most narrow aspect in his chart, apart from the angularities: Ceres opposition Midheaven and Uranus on the Descendant. Here is the chart:

And now it is up to you to decide if Saturn on the Midheaven of Joe Biden's solar return for his coming birthday is a good sign or a bad one. In particular since the MC is conjunct Transit Saturn on the day of the elections, while Uranus will be on the IC. It might just be the end of freedom and the start of a period of protocol and limitations. But it could also mean an unexpected end of a vocation. Astrology is flexible. So am I. There can only be one right answer. Let us wait for the VP that McCain has in mind. And when the pictures are complete, let's have another look at it. BTW When I had T Saturn conjunct Midheaven I moved to a bigger house (and a higher mortgage:)...


Yesterday Phil Collins celebrated his daughter Joeley's wedding with Stefan Buitelaar in Leiden, Holland. It was with the Moon parallax exactly opposition Venus. And is not Moon-Venus the perfect symbol of a family wedding and moments of love? What is a parralax? They can explain perfectly well on I limit myself to using the parallax position.
More about the moon in general (with the funny ideas about how to behave and the colours of your dinner) can be found on my site Astromarkt.

I have seen more tight transits and aspects with the Moon parallax. There is a difference of maximum 1 degree between the mean Moon's position used in the ephemeris, and the Moon parallax. In my computer program there is a possibility to calculate the Moon parallax position. I found it a great tool for timing in my own chart.

ASTROLOGY CHART PHIL COLLINS: his success written in the stars...

Phil Collins has a good chart for an artist. Neptune is the oriental planet*) and we see Sun, Venus and Jupiter on the IC, angular. Mercury is end dispositor of the Midheaven routing. And there you are: an artist (Venus-Neptune) with fans (Jupiter-Neptune) and success (Sun-Jupiter-MC, Venus-Jupiter-MC), performing or drawing attention as the leader (of the band (Leo MC) with communications (using voice or writing with Mercury) dominating the process. Venus in Aquarius is a beautiful variation on the Venus-Uranus theme that I use to find in most of the natal charts of pop artists.

*) The oriental planet is the planet rising before the sun. I use to skip Mercury and Venus (the most common risers) unless they are angular or 'calling' (without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). This is because most of the people want to be a writer or be an artist and few manage to work in that field, unless they have a 'call' or unless it is of vital and crucial importance for their life and carreer. In the case of Collins, Mercury is rising before the Sun, trine Saturn. Mercury does make aspects, Mercury is not angular, but Mercury (communications) is important anyway (end dispositor of the MC).
Neptune is the planet of visions, ideals, the amporpheus and arts.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Golden choice! The Bundies?

Barack Obama's running mate is Joseph Biden.Let us see what their charts tell us about the way they will be cooperating.

Joseph (Joe) Biden was born November 20, 1942 in Scranton PA at 8:30 a.m. (birth time unconfirmed, found it on the site of the Reluctant Astrologer). The official birth time is unknown.**)

Joe Biden is a Scorpio with a Moon in Taurus (unless he is born in the night). Mars is very important in his chart (oriental, probably no aspects within 5 degrees - unless born at night -, and Sun 15d from Mars). Joe Biden must be a man with a strong drive. With Uranus on the Descendant (for 8:30 a.m.) he would be the kind of person who wants to make changes (just like Obama – with a calling Uranus - says he wants).

What I miss in the positions on his day of birth is a close, tight, exact aspect. The only major aspect that is within 1 degree of orb is Sun conjunct Venus. And we see Moon inconjunct Neptune in the chart for 8:30 a.m. (but: that is not a confirmed chart). He is a real defender. Fifty percent in water signs, sixty percent in fixed signs: he cares and he goes for it. With Aries Point oppositon Mercury/Pluto he must be known for having strong opinions and dito mentality. Without HOB there is not much more to say. So let us focus on the interaction with Obama's chart.

Obama’s Saturn opposition his Jupiter, Obama’s MC conjunct his Sun and Venus, Obama’s Moon conjunct his Uranus
The Saturn of Obama is opposition the Jupiter of Joe Biden. The Moon of Obama is conjunct the Descendant of Biden (for 8:30) and Mercury trine the Ascendant of Biden. Venus of Obama square Neptune of Biden. Sun of Biden square Node of Obama. They do not have matching sun signs, moon signs or Mercury's. The choice for Biden must have been based on other terms than 'feel goods'.

The Saturn-Jupiter conflict is interesting. The convictions of Biden might me in contrast with the ambitions of Obama and Obama tends to limit Biden's progress in life or give it the constructive basis that is needed. One in the role of the man in charge (Saturn) and one in the role of the coach (Biden), but sometimes they might have quite different views. I hope that Obama will accept his advices and that they are able to keep the balance in ups and downs.

Is it a fortune that Obama's Moon is conjunct Biden's Uranus and descendant? This combination might awaken certain habits and reactions in Obama and one never knows which, because Uranus is surprising. The combination will be stimulating, sometimes colliding.

With all that in mind there are two crucial angular hits: Sun and Venus of Biden on the Midheaven of Obama. It is a golden choice. Biden embodies (Sun) the goals (MC) of Obama. And Biden is good (Venus) for the ambitions of Obama. His Sun shines on Obama's social position. Obama on the other hand has realized a true wish of Biden. Both will personally benefit from the relationship.

What Obama and Biden (if not born in the night) share is Moon square Pluto, so both are strong personalities. In my article about sharing aspects I wrote:
"….is a challenge for daily life. Two little tyrants wanting to have it their way, to eat their favorite food! But they are a closed front when in trouble. A bit like the Bundies! "
We are talking about politicians here. Pluto is the planet of politics and strategy. They do not have to live together. And together they are strong! Like the Bundies:)

The article about Obama's chart
or other issues about the Elections (see Labels)...

**) Read my post of August 24!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


A disaster like a plane crash doesn’t really come 'des astres' (from the stars). Most of the time human errors, mechanical problems (due to human errors) and miscommunication together with certain circumstances cause a crash.

The plane at Barajas did not just fall out of the sky. There was something wrong with the plane. It is good to know that, because I know that every day, every moment, there are combinations of planets and the cross of the chart, that match with accidents. Every day, everywhere. And sometimes this possible moment in time and place for an accident, reflected in the chart of the event, happens to be sort of 'fed' by a possible object. Sometimes these moments are obvious (like Mars or Uranus angular), sometimes not (midpoint combinations with the MC, for example). When time (planet) and place (angles) come together to make a hard and difficult combination, there is always a risk. The chart of 14:45 Madrid (the moment of the crash) shows us Neptune tightly square the Ascendant.

The chart of the worst crash in Spain in 25 years shows:
1) a calling Mars (no aspects in sign) opposition Aries Point and
2)a calling Neptune in the 3rd house of transportation and communications, exactly square Ascendant. Another clue is
3) the degree of the Ascendant: 23rd of Scorpio (see below).

The chart and the event make me ask questions like: Is that all that it takes to have such an accident at that particular time and place? And what is a time for such an accident? Heaven may know. Accidents and death happen all the time and everywhere. This one shocked us, because so many people died at once. No one expected this, and nobody was warned. It is impossible to know beforehand.

When astrologers in old times said ‘des astres’, they did not mean that they could have predicted them. On the contrary! Astrologers can see the time (the planets positions) but we have to know the place as well and the conditions... It takes TWO things (a chart and circumstances) and that is why there is such a word as 'co-incidence'.
Here a plane with a defect started to fly at the wrong moment. If anyone could have prevented that, he/she would have done it. We could blame the combination of the moment in time, the place and the stars. But those three would not have worked, had the plane be in good condition. Until we are sure about that, we cannot blame anything or anyone and only be sad about the event itself. Once you enter a plane, you are subject to other persons'responsibilities and actions and to the charts of others, because there is little YOU can do to turn a plane. So yes, perhaps your fate sometimes is in the hand of unknown 'astres'...

23rd Scoprio:
Janduz says that it is a degree of disability and the picture that accompanies her words in the Zodiac Image Handbook of Koppejan is that of a farmer sowing against the wind (and I read somewhere that Barajas has a bad wind). The explanation of Janduz is that this degree belongs to 'going the wrong way', acting too late or against common sense.

Read also:
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In the files 2006, about the pitcher Liddle and his crash:
"11th October 2006, CORY LIDLE
The plane crash on 11th October 2006 happened to NY pitcher Cory Lidle (born 22nd March 1972 Hollywood) with the present position of Neptune on the ascendant of the moment of the accident (...)"

PS dated August 28:

I read that one of the engines of the airplane moved backwards instead of straight ahead and that the plane's tail hit the ground over 3 times: 'going the wrong way'.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I saw a video where James Randi (in suit) tests an astrologer (in costume, sigh) about the value of sun signs by giving a sort of a cold reading to the audience (another sigh). Is thAt astrology? Is thAt a test? Any chart should be read completely and in the context of a persons' gender, social situation and environment. And even that does not give 100% correct answers. A chart does not tell it all, IMO. It presents a symbolic bag of seeds, some stronger and more able to grow than others.

Has James Randi ever tested doctors? Given them a picture of a man and let them say what is wrong with that person? No doctor would cooperate with such a test. But there is always an astrologer willing to be on You Tube with the famous Randi, the man who knows all about fraud and the occult.


Let me read James Randi's chart. He was born in Ottowa, August 7, 1928. We see 70% of his positions in fixed signs for a strong and persisting personality. He used to be an illusionist. He has Pluto oriental (for power play, influence and money). His Mars is tightly square Neptune (working with or against the immaterial, a morph etc.). His Sun sesquisquare Zero Aries is for drawing attention. Aries Point is opposition Saturn/Pluto. And that means that he is known for being a die hard...*)

Had we not known about James Randi, without an hour of birth we can only see that he was born to persist in whatever he was doing. And that he fights or works - Mars - (with or in) the field of illusions and the amorph (Neptune's territory). But first of all he is a man who wants power and influence (Pluto). We always see James Randi himself in the center of attention (because the Sun! is prominent). And we see power games. Sun and Pluto are most prominent in his chart.

It is OK to expose any fraud who claims to be supernatural in order to earn a lot of money, mostly coming from the common man. But it is rather funny, that Randi himself makes money fighting the 'supernatural', when I come to think of it.

There is nothing supernatural about astrology. Astrology and a chart is a tool in the hands of the astrologer. And as long as not every astrologer lies about his abilities or claims to 'know it all' just by reading a chart (or by knowing a sun sign!), no James Randi can change my mind about astrology. These sort of tests just make me feel tired, sometimes.

Talking about perspectives and views, read my personal blog, Mar's Blog (an astrologer's view about the 8 points against astrology).

When Saturn and Pluto join forces you get a strong concentration, a focus. Think of scientific specialists, for example, or about the heavy training of a sportsman. Saturn is the governmental law, Pluto is the law of the street (where the strongest is the winner), and so if they join eventually the law will win. Strictly maintaining ancient rules: Saturn and Pluto together! Those with both of the planets in the fourth house will have a hard and unpleasant background (but with good aspects there can be done something about or with that experience). You seldom see water in the wine with Saturn and Pluto on the label....

There is a certain 'boomerang' effect with Saturn-Pluto combinations. The slightest error in the past made during a Saturn-Pluto aspect might turn against you later, when Saturn joins Pluto again. Investigations about peoples' past bring errors to the light during a progression or transit that combines the planets and force the native to resign. Saturn brings up the disadvantages of research and investigations

More about Saturn and Pluto on my site Astromarkt

Sunday, August 17, 2008


One of the stressful things about sports and games is that one has to succeed in THAT particular moment in time. That goes even more for the Olympics (a once in the 4 year opportunity)!
For all of the competitors it must be no fun to loose. Sometimes it is just dramatic. At those times heavy progressed aspects and transits show how the chance for gold or even bronze has been undermined.

What kind of bad luck did Diego Hypólito have today? His Olympics fell into the water when he fell during his performance.

Hypólito is born 19th June 1986, 22 years old and Brazilian. Early 2008, he got infected by Dengue fever, just like over 55.000 more Brazilians living in the region of Rio de Janeiro. In spite of that, he decided to compete in Peking, anyway. Maybe his physical conditions had been affected by dengue. That makes it even sorrier that he lost this way. Here you see the list of hard aspects valid for his chart right now:

His progressed Sun sesquisquare Saturn
His progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Uranus
Solar return Sun opposition Pluto
(and Solar return Mars inconjunct Uranus)
Transit Mars square Sun
Transit Pluto still opposition Sun
Transit Neptune semi sextile and inconjunct his Mercury, Mars and Jupiter

All these are difficult aspects. It is not uncommon for a top performer to have hard aspects when there is tension. But these above are frustrating AND the two inconjunctions point at a loss. Another bad sign is that there are barely pleasant transits or progression at the same time.

(BTW the actual Mars and Pluto were tightly square at the moment of his performance! There was a strong drive to win and the level of stress and adrenaline was high. Shortly later there was a winner.)

Hypólito's gymnastic skills are partly genetic. His sister is also a top gymnast. In his chart we see Mars tightly sextile and Mercury trine the oriental Jupiter for international successes and intelligence. His chart has a 'calling' Sun (for performance, leading or drawing attention).
These important planets (Mercury, Mars and Jupiter) were inconjunct and semi sextile transit Neptune today. The deception (Neptune) has affected the most important combination of aspects in his chart. And with that: his positive and active mental condition.

There may be much more to say about Hypólito, but I leave it with this impression of the sad day in his life as a sportsman. And I think that there is hope for him for a 'next time'. In 2012 he has progressed Sun sextile progressed Jupiter and natal Jupiter. Even if he does not do the Olympics in 2012, he will make progress in life.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Queen is going on tour. In October they will be in The Netherlands and they end the tour in Wembley Stadium in London. They made a new album, dedicated to the king of Queen, Freddie Mercury. The singer of the band and the man who moved the millions, was born September 5, 1946 in Zanzibar. I noted a 5:10 BGT birth time (source Astrothè And I very much doubt that this birth time is 'the one'. Mercury and the Sun on either side of the Ascendant, that is what I would have expected for a 'Queen' and a 'Mercury'. So I was glad that I found a 6:25 A.M. on That places the Sun on the Ascendant. Mercury remains prominent (oriental, calling) and is ruler 10. Yes, maybe THAT is his chart.

However...I read the 5:10 chart and I found a Yod of Venus, Jupiter, Moon and Midheaven! And more*).

The chart shows a socialite (very communicative and busy), drawing attention with the way he behaves, maybe even because of his modesty. He is unique and controversial (Uranus is on top of it all and opposition Moon for the desire to be different from the rest of the family and social environment).
The Moon sextile Venus and Jupiter could be interpreted as being very (Jupiter) loved (Venus) by the people (Moon).

Freddie Mercury was an artist. There are 5 hard clues for this vocation.
1. Venus, end dispositor of the MC
2. Taurus MC, Venus in Libra, Venus and Jupiter inconjunct MC (YOD)
3. Yod of Moon, Venus and Jupiter with MC
The finger of successful (Jupiter) artistic feelings (Moon-Venus) points at the Midheaven (the stage).
4. Closest aspect: Moon sextile Venus = sense of beauty and esthetics
5. Neptune calling, Mercury too
Arts (Neptune) and communications (Mercury) called him to use his voice as an expressive tool.

Several midpoint combinations show that he was able to succeed and I won't mention them all:
*Sun semi square Venus/Jupiter: Success in love and/or art
*Moon square Jupiter/Ascendant: A lot of popularity
*Moon square Jupiter/MC: being confident and full of trust
* Jupiter sesqui square Node/MC: liking merry and sharing the successes with others
*Pluto semi square Venus/Ascendant: strong attraction
*Pluto semi square Jupiter/Ascendant: recognition, good influences, successful presentations
(Venus/Jupiter/Pluto/Ascendant in combination: meeting a lot of admiration)
* Ascendant square Moon/Venus (nice personality) en square Moon/Jupiter (being happy), semi square Pluto/Node (influencing the crowds and the masses);
(The combination says: very successful - Pluto and Jupiter - artistic - Moon-Venus - group - Node - presentation - Ascendant)

There are more than one clue for sickness and death as an important issue in his life.

a. The sabian symbol of his Ascendant (22nd degree Leo) shows us an ill man in a cabin with a bird singin on the roof (Koppejan books).
BTW This reminds me of someone who always said that a 22nd degree is a fatal degree. In this particular case it was, but only in the end. Before he got ill, Freddy Mercury was a star and he will always be one of the best pop artists in the world.

b. Midpoint combinations:
Sun conjunct Mars/Saturn (having to deal with lack of energy and illnesses, according to Ebertin);
Moon sesquisquare Uranus/Neptune (dealing with death);
Mars conjunct Venus/Neptune (infection by sexual action);
Saturn semi square Venus/Pluto (immorality, according to Ebertin; I think it means having to deny yourself love - a die hard in love);
Saturn conjunct Neptune/MC (serious illnesses come your way - maybe in your professional life)
Saturn semi square Neptune/Ascendant (environment that makes you sick)
Neptune semi square Sun/Saturnus (chronic disease)

c. For keeping his HIV a secret I find Saturn ruler 6 in 12.

He died with the following transits:

- Transit Jupiter conjunct Sun (and progressed Sun was conjunct Jupiter in August of that year). I think it means a contact with a doctor or a priest.
- Transit Pluto square Ascendant (ruler 4 in 12): to force something
- Transit Mercury trine Ascendant in the days before he died, for getting in touch and having visitors.
- Transit Saturn ruler 6 inconjunct the prominent Mercury (saying goodbye)
This aspect is exact on the final day.
- Transit Uranus trine Sun (liberation)
- Transit Uranus square progressed Ascendant: shocking change
- Transit Mars in the 27th degree of Scorpio semi square progressed Ascendant in de 12th degree of Libra
(Mars and Uranus together point at an injury or at a shock)
- Transit Sun square progressed Moon (emotions)
In the solar return chart Uranus was on the Descendant

BTW I wonder why Freddie Mercury had this artist name. Maybe he knew that Mercury was prominent in his chart and rules his Sun? Or it was (striking) coincidence.

*) What is important in his chart:
A. 50% of the positions in air signs, Sun Virgo, Moon Sagittarius opposition the Uranus on top.
B. A Yod of Venus and Jupiter with Moon and Midheaven, making a sextile.
C. 6 out of 10 placements in the chart are important and prominent.
1. Mercury oriental and calling
2. Uranus on top
3. Angular Sun
4. Calling Neptune
5. Calling Saturn
6. Moon square Aries Point

Mercury in Astrology

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen on YouTube


After all of the confusion about Eros/Cupid/Cupid*) last week, I had an urgent need for a real Eros. I mean his chart, of course. There is only one and that makes it easy. I am talking about Eros Ramazzotti, the singer, born October 28, 1963. Astrothè says that he was born at 11. I had my doubts about that. And I found an Italian site for astrology, Astre i Gossip that mentioned: 11:30 a.m. That is better! That will place Mercury on the Midheaven and Mercury is the planet of the voice.


Eros, the asteroid, is conjunct Eros Ramazzotti’s East Point, in the first house and Eros does not make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degree. So I consider his Eros calling! And that is how they called him: Eros (aren’t astrologers allowed to joke sometimes?). His little daughter also has a beautiful name: Aurora (born December 5, 1996). The mother is Dutch (Michelle Hunziker) and they divorced in 2002.

The midpoint of Sun/Moon (heart and soul) is the crossing point of will and desire. Mercury, Venus and Pluto are connected to this midpoint and they are in mutual reception (Mercury in Libra, Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo). In my book AstroTrio I name the combination of Mercury, Venus and Pluto that of ‘an artist with a drive’.

Had you not know that Eros is the famous singer, you can find it in his chart by looking at Venus – ruler MC – quintile Uranus and conjunct Neptune. The combination of Venus with Uranus and/or Neptune is frequent in the charts of singers!

Eros almost ended his career as a bookkeeper (MC in Libra semi square Pluto for the financial axis). But we were lucky. He had a break through in 1084 with transit Pluto conjunct Sun and progressed Sun sesquisquare progressed Jupiter. Pluto and Jupiter joined forces for success. The 3rd indication for this break through is the aspect of the progressed Moon trine progressed Jupiter. There is no better aspect, believe me!

Of course it takes a willing birth chart to break through. Ascendant, MC and Moon are connected with Jupiter/Pluto. That is again 3 times success. I also counted more than 12 midpoint combination that indicates progress and success.

Jupiter is inconjunct Pluto in his chart for the price you pay for getting rich and famous. Jupiter is the retrograding ruler of the Ascendant and that brings us to his ‘being shy’.

Eros is a Scorpio. Scorpio’s are strong in defending private territory. So is Eros. On the English Wiki you find that he should be suspicious with little real close friends. They are quoting him about his youth. As a confirmation I found the Moon in Pisces opposition Uranus and the combination of Sun Scorpio and Moon in Pisces (for being mysterious or very – Pluto – sensitive – Neptune -).

CUPID? (The one who makes you stupid?)
Yes, this was Eros. But what do I see on top of this chart? It is a prominent hypothetical Cupid of the Hamburger School, again!

*) Eros and Cupid are asteroids. In my computer program Cupid was the hypothetical Cupid of the Hamburger School.

shows that some are born for successes...

Some people are born on a day with special gifts. They will rise from whatever position in whatever circumstances, no matter in what caste or castle they were born.

A very high rising star in political India is Mrs. Mayawati Kumari. She was born January 15, 1956 in Delhi, time unknown. She does not have a caste at all. She is the intelligent and educated daughter of a clerk and now pays more taxes than any politician in India, ever. It is a pity that we don’t have her time of birth to see what planets are angular! However, the chart of 12 noon for that day is already very illustrative.

You know that Jupiter and Pluto in combination promise success and confidence. This politician has the Sun biquintile Jupiter and Pluto!
A 'calling' Sun (i.e. a Sun without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) points at drawing attention (on stage, in sports or as a leader) and she has the Sun calling in Capricorn, sing of ambition, climbing and administrations. The biquintiles give those who were born on that day a creative talent to succeed in life. I count at least 10 midpoint combinations that point at succes, even without a time of birth.

Mercury calling introduces the theme of communications.

There is a very tight combination of hard aspects with the oriental Mars in Sagittarius: square Jupiter and Pluto (another indication for success), conjunct Saturn and trine Uranus (for the theme of restrictions and the liberation of limitations) and semi sextile Neptune. Uranus/Neptune is square Northern Node ('meeting with people who care about the future', according to Tyl). The Mars-Saturn conjunction is also quintile Mercury and square Pluto (out of sign). She is very tough for a woman, daring to cross lines and take hard measures, making enemies in politics and endangering her life and position. She is now Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and is working hard against corruption.

The female planets (Moon and Venus) are both in Aquarius, the sign of liberation and emancipation or change. With Venus opposition Pluto there is a desire for money, power and influence. She became very rich (see her Venus opposition Pluto and read about the effect in the article on my site Astromarkt). There is also the possibility of heaving strong sympathies and antipathies...Venus is out of sign trine Neptune, opposition Jupiter and square Saturn. A female die hard with a lot of followers and admirers...And just as much enemies, of course.

Read Wiki about her


Ted Kaczynski, the man who killed 3 persons and injured 29 by mail bombings, does not want the FBI to present the cabin that he used to write in. The exposition is not doing any good to his victims, he says. The terrorist has transit Saturn square progressed Saturn now. That is a moment of regret. It shows you the hard sides and disadvantages of mistakes, for example. Ted Kaczynski is known as the UNAbomber (University and Airline bomber).

He was born on May 22, 1942 in Chicago and did not have many contacts. The time of birth is unknown. Still, the positions on the day that he was born give us several clues that in certain conditions might be leading to criminal activity:

1. Sun in Gemini conjunct the oriental Saturn and Uranus (for the limitations of independence and freedom). He had the ambition to change the world and stop technology.

2. Sun semi square Mars (on Jupiter/Pluto). He was an activist and he succeeded in his actions (terrorizing the University for 18 years! with 16 attacks).

3. Mars is also semi square Saturn and Uranus.
The semi square and other affliction between Mars and Uranus are frequent in the charts of terrorists and activists. See the article about the combination Mars-Uranus on my site Astromarkt.

Of course, not everybody born on that day became a terrorist. We don't know the crucial positions in his chart. The angular positions and the position of the Moon are unknown, for example. And the way he grew up, his circumstances and genes are important for the development of the 'bag of seeds' (the chart).

The first time that he sent a mail bombing was on May 25, 1978. He was arrested on April 3, 1996, in the year that his progressed Sun was semi square the oriental Saturn. When he was arrested Transit Uranus was opposition Pluto and Transit Pluto opposition progressed Uranus. The combination of Uranus and Pluto is frequent when there is an arrest. At the same time Transit Jupiter was semi square the conjunction of Sun, Saturn and Uranus.

Ted Kaczynski was a smart mathematician. At age 16 he was allowed to go to University. Mercury in Gemini conjunct Jupiter tells us about the success that he had at school. He was promising as a student. Look at Saturn rising before the Sun: he is a serious person. He also wanted to make a change (Mars and Uranus). Unfortunately he was also extremely shy and withdrawn so that he had a hard time as an assistant professor. Without reasons he left University in 1969. That was in the year of progressed Sun square Neptune, very telling! Neptune is the symbol of withdrawal and disappointment. Ted Kaczynski did not like the angry world outside. And he will spend life without the possibility of parole in jail, being locked away forever.

Those who read my blogs have seen many examples of how Saturn and Uranus work together to limit freedom. In the chart of the Unabomber we see this conjunction of Saturn-Uranus being repeated 3 times, by midpoint combinations like Uranus=Sun/Saturn, Saturn=Sun/Uranus and Sun=Saturn/Uranus. We could even regard the reasons for his mailing to this combination of planets. He saw (Sun) the disadvantages (Saturn) of technology (Uranus) and fought it (Mars), in his own eyes.

Somewhere in his life things went wrong when he isolated himself too much. I have read stories before of extremely intelligent people studying alone too much, without the necessary social and intellectual interaction. Human beings need to be sociable. And Kazcynski has 50% of the placements in Gemini, the sign for contacts and communications. He did not see anyone, however. And started sending letters. For years he kept killing and hurting the world outside, without having feelings for his victims, estranged (Neptune!) from the rest of human kind. Venus semi square Saturn and Venus 105 degrees from Pluto together unfortunately sometimes creates 'die hards' where sympathies are concerned.

The combination of rebellion, isolation and anger created a terrorist who acted according to his sun sign. He wrote letters.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As a Sagittarian I will have Uranus square Sun this year, for the second time. The first hit was a close encounter with a little mouse in the house (SHRIEK!@#$). They say that the final hit is the worst one. Maybe then it will be a BIG mouse!?:) Uranus is for adrenaline...And in a few days time Mitt Romney will have T Uranus conjunct natal Sun. What little mouse will make HIM jump at the couch?

I have several examples of the intense force of a Uranus transit and of the position of Uranus on the MC or on top (square Ascendant) in an event chart. Whatever happens with transit Uranus, it will be a surprise and it might be shocking to yourself or others. In a big way, when you are a public figure. And sometimes in a tiny way when you are a simple astrologer, blogging. Maybe doing that is enough adrenaline and Uranus does not want to make it worse?:)

I have seen several examples of the effect of transit Uranus in the charts of public figures. Most of the time they make news, often it is not pleasant news. Today's example is the transit of URANUS square the progressed Sun of Evo Morales. Over 60% of the population of Bolivia supports his policy. But his greatest enemies stay in function...And maybe that caused the same shock as seeing a mouse running in your living room. Evo Morales was born October 26, 1959 in Bolivia, time unknown. Reyes, his enemy (born April 20, 1954), has his Mars conjunct the Saturn of Morales, like a nail on a coffin. Uranus produces adrenaline...

In 2006 I noted for Uranus on my site Astromarkt:
- Uranus conjunct MC at the moment that an ice hall in Germany collapsed and
- Uranus conjunct MC at the moment of a bomb in Israel
( In history see the chart of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima with Uranus on top, square Ascendant).
- Revelations, like those about Einstein and his affairs with women, in the news when transit Uranus crossed his MC.
- T Uranus square, opposition or inconjunct (progressed) Sun for Dutch 'top' criminal Willem Holleeder and George Michael at the time of their arrest and for Dave Brown at the time of the trial. Transit Uranus was square the Sun of the Israelian minister Katsav when he was being accused of undesired intimacies. And Litvinenko had both Uranus and Pluto in aspect with his Sun when his life was in danger and his skin changed dramatically.
- T Uranus conjunct the Sun of an entertainer with a secret affair.
- A Dutch minister had to quit because of an affair caused by others, when he had Transit Uranus sesquisquare Sun.
- A Dutch television personality had progressed Sun conjunct Uranus when she had a car accident.
- Transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Sun of Madonna accompanied the discussed adoption of an African child (together with T Saturn semi square progressed Sun).
- There was an exciting transit of Uranus conjunct the Sun of Daniel Craig during the release of his first James Bond.
- Transit Uranus square Sun in 2006 was what the Belgian Prince Laurent had, when it became known that he used marine funds to decorate his apartment.
- Sun-Uranus afflictions Uranus afflicted the Ascendant of Robin Williams and also the Ascendant of Günther Grass when something out of the past became news.
- And with Transit Uranus conjunct Venus a Dutch author became a centerfold in Playboy.

So I had expected more than just one little mouse. There is another chance for Uranus to make me shake on the 2nd of October (my natal Sun, square) or later in October, on the 16th (square Progressed Ascendant and inconjunct both Pluto and Neptune). Last time T Uranus was opposition the midpoint of Neptune/Pluto I had a very very minor surgery on my foot, when the aspect was exact. Uranus is in Pisces (like my Ascendant is) so that fits! BTW, have I mentioned before that in my chart exact transits and progression have made me a fan of tight aspects, yet?

The difference of having Uranus on the natal MC, or not
The Uranus transit of Jesse James..., when his words were broadcasted involuntarily....

who might be McCain's vice-president

Mitt Romney seems to be the best Republican candidate for the vice-presidency. Rumors say that McCain will soon announce his appointment. Within 3 days, transit Uranus will be exactly conjunct his Sun and semi square the MC with transit Neptune square Jupiter. As Uranus is the ruler of the Midheaven in Romney's chart, it will be days of crucial importance, whatever he decides to do.

Romney was, like McCain, a candidate for the Republican Party. On February 7 Mitt Romney stopped the race. That was with Transit Saturn inconjunct his Midheaven and opposition Mars. Also transit Jupiter was inconjunct Pluto. I mentioned at the time that distances of 150 degrees (inconjunction or quincunx) tell us to 'give up on something'. That is mostly provoked by a misbalance. In February Saturn was at a very low spot in his chart. Now Saturn has passed the 'deep valley' of the IC and is climbing upwards again.

Romney has several angular (crucial) placements. Venus, Pluto, Moon and Jupiter are conjunct the cross of the chart.
a. Mars is on top, calling and oriental for the entrepreneur.
b. Venus (diplomacy, charm and talents) on the Midheaven.
c. Pluto (politics, strategy) on the IC.
c. Moon and Jupiter (popularity and support) on the Descendant.

We see the potentials of success and popularity and the financial axis on the meridian. If we take Ceres seriously (and why would we not?) Ceres is rising before the Sun and important in his life. Ceres is the symbol of nutrition, inheritance and agriculture. I think Ceres also has something to say about following into the footsteps of a parent. I read that Romney's father was a business executive and former Governor of Michigan. He idolized his dad (says Astrodatabank).

In the astrological profile of USA presidents I often found Moon-Jupiter aspects. Romney has the
Moon conjunct Jupiter (exactly, within 3 minutes of orb). What he does not have (and most of the others do have) is the combination of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto for the 'chess player''s mind.

With 50% of his placements in water signs, Romney is likely to be a loyal person. The Venus-Saturn opposition of McCain is in close aspect with Romney's Sun, their Moons 'get along' and Romney's Jupiter is sextile the Moon of McCain. But his Mars is opposition McCain's Sun. And that might be a reminder for those days that Romney was fighting to become the candidate that McCain is today. Also McCain's Sun is inconjunct Romney's Midheaven, so that there might be a mismatch between the leadership of John McCain and the goals of Mitt Romney. And yes, he gave up and John McCain became the leader:)

Today, McCain's Pluto is conjunct the progressed Ascendant of Romney and his Moon on the progressed Ascendant of Romney.

In my post about the charts of Obama and McCain, dated July 6, 2008, I wrote about McCain:

"Mr. McCain did not become a general, like his father and grandfather. But he is ambitious (Moon in Capricorn), obsessively (Sun quindecile - 165 d - Saturn). And the tightest aspect in his chart is Moon opposition Pluto. I suppose that he is very demanding and not easily to be persuaded. His experiences in situations of danger of course changed his personality in a dramatic way."

His strong personality (Moon-Pluto) is right now pushing the progressed horizon of Mitt Romney. Maybe he is trying to persuade him to be his second man?

About Ceres

Electoral compass, for those who have not made up their mind, yet:)

People meet or get to know each other at the moment that they share the same kind of situation or period in their life. Both partners are at the same time searching for happiness or are sharing a good or bad moment and that 'connects' them. At least, you would think so when you see their progressed charts!

Monday, August 11, 2008

now theat he leaves LA Galaxy

Saturn is the symbol of the end, the departure, the good-bye, the misfortune, mistakes and all other disadvantages and tests in a human life. Only with a beautiful trine of Saturn or with other very good aspects, Saturn might offer you respect, stability or a step upwards in your carreer. Transit Saturn has now ended the American dream of Dutch coach Ruud Gullit. Ruud Gullit stepped back and is not longer the coach of LA Galaxy.

Transit Saturn is now semi square his Progressed Sun and conjunct his natal Sun and Pluto AND opposition his natal Jupiter. He experiences that his club (Los Angeles Galaxy) has not been able to win the last 7 games. And that is it. Ruud Gullit has given 'personal reasons' for leaving.

He started his American adventure on November 8. At the time I wrote on my Dutch blog 'Astrokrant:
'Ruud Gullit (born September 1, 1962, unknown time) is leaving for the USA to become the coach of Los Angeles Galaxy. This happens with Saturn conjunct his Sun and opposition Jupiter. Saturn points great responsabilities (and maybe a heavy load or mortgage). In his chart you see literally the advantage of this on the other side (the opposition with Jupiter).'

Now Saturn returned (after retrograding) and then hit Pluto.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

thanks Jupiter!

Our solar system seems to be rare. Solar systems like ours can only be if it takes just as much time for the the protoplanetary disc to get thin as it takes for the first giant planet to be shaped. According to calculations by computer, such a situation is rare. It takes giant planets to enable 'earths'. That means that we cannot leave this place:) And that we are real lucky to have Jupiter around. Maybe that is why in astrology the symbol of Jupiter means 'to succeed'?

Saturday, August 9, 2008


In January this year I wrote about the president of Georgia (on my Dutch site That was because he had been elected and because his wife is Dutch (just like I am). Now that there is a war going on and Russia intervented, it might be interesting to have another look at his chart. Above you see his positions and those of his Dutch wife on the outside. Just like at the time of the elections, transit Pluto is now conjunct his his Sun and square Uranus. It is a hectic transit, pointing at possible revolutions and arrests. That is why I wrote this in January (quick translation:)

"Michail Saakasjvili - like his wife Sandra - has Neptune oriental. His Sun is square Zero Aries. And Zero Capricorn is right in the middle of their Suns. It measn that they will experience transit Pluto conjunct their Suns this year.

That (Pluto conjunct Sun) is a big challenge, it might include danger and it will change their lifes! I think that the results of the elections will have something to do with it in the first place. Because today*) transit Pluto is conjunct Saakasjvili's Sun and square his Uranus. That is just like in his solar return! This combination (Sun-Uranus-Pluto) is the recipe of major change in life (sometimes, BTW, in the shape of an attack or an arrest).

In the natal chart of the Georgian president the Sun is square Uranus (for the will to change the world), Jupiter is inconjunct Saturnus (for the advantages and disadvantages and vice versa). He is an idealistic man full of passion (Venus squre Mars). His opponents say that he wanted to change the country too fast, they suspect corruption and they think he is helping his friends to gain more than others. He silenced his opponents by destroying a television station. Yes, Pluto sure did his work well!:)

Sun, Mars and Zero Aries related to the midpoint Saturn/Pluto tells us that he is a 'die hard' and that the issue of political damage is a theme in his life. Mars with Saturn/Pluto regulary points at the danger of violence. In politics this combination warns for a heavy power struggle. Sun and Mars are prominent in his chart and that is why he became a leader and entrepeneur."

For Dutch readers: see