Friday, July 31, 2009

Bus accident in Spain

El Mundo reports that on July 30, 2009 at about 23h10 there was a tragic accident with a bus that cost the lives of 6 Dutchmen (at least). This is the chart for that moment with Venus, dispositor of the eight house of life and death, opposition Midheaven and sesquisquare Uranus/Pluto, Uranus on the Ascendant and a 'calling' Pluto without aspects. MC+Uranus+Pluto have an effect of dramatic changes. The oriental Mars is pointing at speed (action in the first place) and Uranus on the Ascendant is almost synomymous with accidents (tension, hectic situation and surprises). Mars is quindecile Midheaven.

In the article about accidents on Astromarkt and on this blog under the label 'accidents' you may find more astonishing examples of the effect of Mars and Uranus. BTW: Mercury is inconjunct Uranus for the unbalanced motorized transportation: the bus fell on one side.

Charts like this do not implicate that accidents are inevitable. They just shwoe that there are certain moments that allow incidents like this to happen.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador; a matter of Mars

Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador keep arguing and wrangling in public. Mars is the symbol of fighting (and competition). Mars is strongly involved in this matter.

Mars of Lance Armstrong is sextile Contador's Sun, 15 degrees from Contador's Mars.
In the composite chart the Sun is square Mars, because Contador's Mars is trine Armstrong's Sun.

Got the picture? Here it is:

...the harmonic synastry aspects of Sun and Mars is a square in the composite chart because sextile + trine divided by two is a square (60+120)/2=90 and because they both have a minor aspect between Sun and Mars in the natal charts (sesquisquare and semi square = 180/2=90).

That means that when you ARE team mates and cooperating in harmony (harmonious Mars) there can be an underlying competition (the synastry chart), too.

Mars is also parallel Mars in synastry!

Well, that explains, doesn't it? It also might just be an overload of adrenaline...


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nicolas Sarkozy hospitalized (how about the chart?)

On July 21, 2009 Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former secretary of NATO, had his goodbye party when he suddenly collapsed. It was international news, see China view.... He was born April 3, 1948 in Amsterdam and transit Neptune was trine his Uranus when he fainted and transit Mars square progressed Mars.

Today, Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France, was hospitalized for examinations after feeling unwell while pratising sports. CNN reported about it...

Uranus and Neptune
Uranus and Neptune together are the principle of elimination of the waking consciousness (Ebertin: The combination of Stellar Influences). Today transit Neptune is inconjunct the Ascendant of the French President. Uranus is opposition his Ascendant. Transit Mars is sextile natal Mars.

The blissful realization
With Jupiter trine Midheaven and inconjunct Uranus there was a bit of luck. He was with body guards at the time of the incident, so he was helped immediately. Mr. De Hoop Scheffer was surrounded by others as well. When he got ill he had the same 'thank God'-combination: transit Uranus square progressed Jupiter + Uranus and in this period he has progressed Jupiter opposition Uranus. Let's hope for him that this indication of relief is justified. The chart of his wife Carla shows a shock.

Intense shock
Today Uranus is conjunct the Midheaven and Pluto exactly conjunct the Sun of Carla Bruni and those are the kind of transits that reflect a dramatic shock. She also has transit Saturn opposition progressed Mars, while Sun and Pluto are on the Descendant of her solar return chart for this year. This incident might be the shock that is being reflected by the transits.

For more about Carla Bruni, read Astrology & Love...

For more about Sarkozy on this here...


Thursday, July 23, 2009

The chart of the Texas shooting

This is the chart of the shooting yesterday in Houston Texas (drawn at Just like in the charts of the Dunblane Massacre and the school shooting in Germany, Mars and Uranus are prominently placed in this one. At the moment of the drive-by shooting at the Texas University Mars was important as the first planet rising before the Sun and Venus. Mars is quintile Uranus (offering an opportunity for a creative way to 'explode'). Uranus is ruling the Ascendant and Uranus doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That makes Uranus an important planet in this chart. Uranus is trine Midheaven.
Pluto is also 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Pluto rules the Midheaven.

That completes the same picture as in the charts that you can see in the earlier post, about Dunblane and Germany. Apparently, when Mars, Uranus and Pluto are important and one of these planets has a contact with the MC, it is a risky moment of possible violence. The combination is frequently active in case of accidents and impulsive (sometimes dramatic) acts. More about the combination of Mars-Uranus in natal charts, on my site Astromarkt or click the labels for more info and examples.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Conrad Murray, Saturn and Michael Jackson

Conrad Murray is the last (doctor) who saw Michael Jackson alive. He is perhaps in big trouble. He might have been responsible or might be held or feel responsible for the death of MJ. There is a big question mark about his guilt or responsibility in this now that the potential lethal Propofol was found in the second authopsy, as well as traces of injections.

In 'Astrological' question marks are oppositions; guilt or responsibility is symbolised by Saturn (Roman God of time). Medications (and drugs) are related to Neptune.
Now watch how Saturn is involved in this. Dr. Murray has a difficult progression with Saturn. His progressed Sun and the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson reached the point of the doctor's Saturn in this year. Is that coincidence? Or does it mean that there was a starring role for Michael Jackson in the bad times for Dr. Murray? And there is more about Saturn...
On Murray's day of birth the Sun did not make major aspects in sign. That makes the Sun very important. It draws attention, too.
Saturn was rising before his Sun. That is reflecting a serious man, a person with ambitions. Saturn is prominent in his chart.

When he became MJ's doctor in 2006, the progressed Sun of Murray was opposition progressed Neptune and later the progressed Sun was opposition progressed Saturn.

In the progressed chart of Murray Saturn is conjunct Neptune in 2009.

On the moment of MJ's pronounced death the Ascendant was conjunct Murray's natal Neptune. The Midheaven of that tragic moment was at 26d Cancer; square the midpoint of Saturn and Neptune in the natal chart of Dr. Murray. Every day there are moments when the actual Midheaven is in hard aspect your Saturn/Neptune midpoint. In the given situation and circumstance Midheaven square Saturn/Neptune was a very tragic deceptional aspect mirroring how Dr. Murray must have felt when he heard the news.

In this year, the progressed Sun of Murray is opposition natal Saturn, highlighting his bad sides and the disadvantages of life in general. It is a depressing aspect.

His natal Saturn is conjunct the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson and his progressed Sun is opposition MJ"s Sun. (In other words: the progressed opposition of Sun and Saturn in the chart of the doctor is related to the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson. This relates his depression and bad times to the vitality (or not) of MJ. Perhaps he is and maybe he feels responsible for the death of MJ.)

Murray and Michael Jackson apparently met at the wrong moment and Murray made a bad decision in 2006. Saturn and Neptune don't promise a rose garden. They often reflect hard and difficult times.

Conrad Murray's day of birth is February 19, 1953 (in Grenada). That is the same day of birth as Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Presidente of Argentina, who faces hard times because of the crisis and other hard circumstances and just lost the majority in parliament today!

Individuals are created by the mix of circumstances, conditions, gender and genes and...the people that they meet...An hour of birth would give insight in the crucial positions of the chart, but still...Astrology is no tool for a judge. Astrology is an instrument for considerations only.

For more about the astrology of meeting people, see Astromarkt...
For more about Michael Jackson on this blog, click here...


Jupiter and Neptune (now conjunct in Aquarius)

Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius this year. As you may see in the picture above, they are not really close. They are in the same degree of Aquarius and we see them in one vertical line from earth and almost at the same height (they are 'parallel'). I am not an astronomer, so I advice you to see for example this site for more information about the astronomical facts: or go to the site of NASA.
This post is about the astrological combination of Jupiter and Neptune.

Jupiter is in the news today because of the dark spot discovered by an Australian amateur astronomer by telescope. (I think they should name the spot after him (Anthony Wesley). The spot reveals that there was an impact by an asteroid or a very large piece of ice. Had this struck earth, life on earth would have been in serious danger. Jupiter saved us again.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. The gravitational field of Jupiter is massive and protects the earth. Jupiter is our guardian against asteroids. Jupiter 'catches' them before they reach the earth. I could not write this without Jupiter. Steven Hawking said that intelligent life on earth had a chance thanks to Jupiter.
'What has kept the Earth 'safe' at least the past 65 million years (....) it the massive gravitational field of Jupiter, our cosmic guardian (....)"
!How convenient that Jupiter has always been the symbol of protection and help in astrology. Jupiter symbolizes growth and prosperity!

Neptune is not visible from earth and remained unnoticed until telescopes improved. 'Tele' in the words telescope and television is related to Neptune. Tele is another word for 'far'. Neptune is also related to gasses, chemicals, fantasy, art, visions, poison, psychics, movies, plastics, drugs, alcohol, ideology, photography, mediums, the media and dreams. There is an explanation for the reason why for each of those words. Everything that has no real shape or matter or that is fugal is part of the Neptunian atmosphere. Mist, for example.

Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius go together. Before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter was considered to be 'ruling' Pisces. In some ways Jupiter and Neptune have the same meaning. They are both related to religion, beliefs, traveling and overdoing things. I have no idea what the planets really have in common, except for clouds and spots on the surface that grow appear and disappear.

Anthony Wesley, the Australian astronomer, watches Jupiter about 20 hours a week. He is a true follower of the planet. Fans and followers are symbolized by the combination of Jupiter and Neptune (the great ideal). Another reason to do a post about Jupiter-Neptune!

The combination of Jupiter and Neptune (aspects, midpoints, transits) combines what they reflect. Jupiter/Neptune enlarges (Jupiter) fantasies (Neptune) and successfully convinces those who belief, who empathize and who 'can imagine'. I found the combination in the charts of religious people (see Astromarkt, the chart of 18 popes)'.... One can be considered 'holy' with Jupiter/Neptune prominent in a chart!

Here are some of the possible meanings of the combination of Jupiter and Neptune:
- great idealism, propaganda
- the visionary
- successful fraud
- confidence unlimited
- mystic belief (see the charts of popes).
- illusionary happiness
- big (Jupiter) idol (Neptune)
- great (Jupiter) scandal (Neptune)
- Reinhold Ebertin names 'speculations'

With a conflict between Jupiter and Neptune the world witnessed the conflict between religion (Neptune) and conviction (Jupiter) in the 'cartoon riots'. Any aspect between Jupiter and Neptune in your chart reflects idealism. Conflicts show the disappointments…They are even greater because of Jupiter.

Here are a few examples of the possible effect of combinations of Jupiter/Neptune with a third position in the chart:

With Mercury, Jupiter/Neptune creates the great story teller because you communicate (Mercury) with the help (Jupiter) of fantasy (Neptune).
This combination is also useful for those who want to sell cars or clothes. Jupiter presents the facts as better than they really are. Neptune covers up and creates a dream. 'Yes, you really look great in that dress!'

When Neptune is in aspect with Mercury/Jupiter the negative side of the combination has a greater chance to manifest itself. An example is Dutch Princess Margarita, who was part of media scandal a few years ago after unproven accusations. Brigitte Bardot and Hillary Clinton have the same combination (Neptune semi square Mercury/Jupiter).
Gandhi, Marcel Proust, Jack Nicholson and Einstein have Mercury in aspect with Jupiter/Neptune. In the chart of Guy Verhofstadt (former Belgian Prime Minister) the combinations appears three times! Richard Chamberlain has Mercury biquintile Jupiter and opposition Neptune; Dustin Hoffmann has Mercury conjunct Neptune and trine Jupiter. John Cleese (Mercury trine Jupiter and sextile Neptune with Jupiter opposition Neptune), Elvis Presley (Mercury sextile Jupiter and trine Neptune and Jupiter conjunct Mercury/Neptune) and Bill Clinton (three times the combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in the 22.5 degree range) are other examples of people who were helped by fantasy or visions and who had or have many fans or followers because of what they said or wrote. They were able to make others belief in their words.

When you deal with 'ordinary' people with this combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in their chart, please check and double check what they said. And if you have this combination: try to be as realistic as you can be whenever you make plans.

In combination with Venus, Jupiter/Neptune creates the fairy tale marriage in the charts of those who married a future king or a famous idol. With Venus you get the highly romantic and social successful marriage (in the eyes of others). The combination of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune is very lucky if you have to pretend to be a great lover or to be in love, for example as an actor. The fairy tale marriage of the tabloids that is subject to gossip is one of the reflections of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune working together. Another possibility is that the nativity is in love with an idol (instead of with a person of flesh and blood). It is a very lucky combination in the charts of artists, because they can use their fantasy, empathy and vision to be successful (Jupiter) in the world of arts Venus-Neptune). They often have female fans and followers or they are very popular idols. They find it ‘wonderful to be here’ and they ‘love you’ from stage.

The dark side of this combination is 'keeping up appearances' of beauty or the happy marriage.
King Albert (Neptune semi square Venus/Jupiter) and Queen Paola of Belgium (Jupiter sesquisquare Venus/Neptune) have the combination in their chart.
It is frequent in the charts of those who did a lucky marriage, like Prince Bernhard, Prince Claus, Princess Máxima who has the Ascendant related to Venus/Neptune and Venus/Jupiter, Mercury/Neptune and Mercury/Jupiter. Her sister in law, Mabel, has Venus semi square Jupiter/Neptune. Boris Becker also has Venus in aspect with Jupiter/Neptune, Michael J. Fox, Oprah Winfrey, Robert de Niro, Walt Disney and Cyrano de Bergerac have Jupiter in aspect with Venus/Neptune.

With Midheaven the career is involved; a devoted audience supports you from a distance (you have a lot fans and followers). Example: Pim Fortuyn, the murdered Dutch politician (who was a devote catholic ánd became a sort of an idol in a short period of time). Four of the 18 popes in my article on Astromarkt have Midheaven in aspect with Jupiter/Neptune.

The Ascendant - your presentation and situation - in combination with Jupiter and Neptune can reflect a religious environment or a devoted person. Sometimes this combination is reflecting a religious or ideological environment (like in the chart of Putin) or the world of the movies.

In various posts on this blog I have given examples of how Sun and Neptune combinations go together with the love for animals. Add a bit of Jupiter and you get the protection (Jupiter) of animal (Neptune) life (Sun). That is not because Neptune means 'animal'. Neptune cares for the weak ones because Neptune is a softie.
With the Sun idealism is highlighted, like in the chart of Mother Theresa. With Jupiter/Neptune in aspect with the Sun you live by your ideals (and sometimes that is because of a negative attitude towards success).

The Dalai Lama (born July 6, 1935) has the Sun tightly trine Jupiter and sextile Neptune, square Jupiter/Neptune. Jupiter is square Sun/Neptune. Neptune is conjunct Sun/Jupiter. His chart mirrors devotion, spirituality and idealism and is a great example of the effect of Sun-Jupiter-Neptune combinations.

This year there will be two conjunctions (in May and in December) and that strongly influences 2009. The idealistic combination of planets in the sign of change, revival and hope might produce new hope, new ideals and a revival of religious devotion and spirituality. New heroes and idols might show up. (Perhaps one of them is Jupiter, the planet who saved earth:)

PS Jupiter and Neptune together seem to reflect moments of hope (found remedies and vaccins, for example). There was the announcement of a vaccinn in January 2006 (against avian flu) with Jupiter square Neptune. A vaccin against Mexican Flu has been announced around June 11 (Jupiter was conjunct Neptune end of May).


Mexican Flu, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter

In 2005 I wrote about Saturn, Neptune and pandemics like Avian and Spanish flu on my site I edited this article today, now that the Mexican flu is causing some panic all over the world and I added information about the present positions of Saturn and Neptune.

I also wrote a new article about the Jupiter-Neptune combination, that I will post here, too (because of the actual event on Jupiter). See the label 'Jupiter Neptune' below this post or on the left side of my blog to find examples and information about Jupiter-Neptune combinations.

The two articles are related. I found that the Saturn-Neptune inconjunction of December 2003 was related to an outbreak of avian flu in China and Thailand and that a remedy (a vaccin) was found in January of 2006, with Jupiter exactly square Neptune. In 2009 Jupiter is conjunct Neptune and Saturn will be inconjunct Neptune mid September 2009. That increases my hope that it will be possible to keep the Mexican flu under control.

Saturn has a 28-30 year cycle. Massive epidemics are less frequent. The Saturn-Neptune connection will not help us to see world wide epidemics coming simply because of that fact. Astrological aspect show a tendency, a possibility. It depends on the situation, the time in history and other aspects (helping or not) how and if that possibility will become a reality. And it depends on your personal chart and situation how you can deal with that reality...

You can read the articles here:
Saturn, Neptune and (avian) flu
Jupiter and Neptune combinations


Monday, July 20, 2009

Chart of the first man in space: Yuri Gagarin

Now that the world remembers that it was 40 years ago that people landed on the moon, it is also time to remember Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. He was launched on April 12, 1961 with transit Mars trine his natal Sun. He returned safely, but died young in an aircrash after a period of fame and being a sort of an ambassador for Russia (Venus is 'calling' and prominently placed on the Ascendant!).

Yuri Gagarin had an Aquarius Ascendant with a Sagittarius Midheaven and Moon in this chart (data from The rules (Uranus and Jupiter) were in opposition. His Midheaven is half semi square Sun/Jupiter and 112.5 degrees from Sun/Uranus. Jupiter is septile Midheaven, Uranus is sesquisquare Midheaven. The combination of Jupiter and Uranus is always present in the charts of astronauts (see 'Landing on the Moon').


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Landing on the Moon

This is the chart of an important moment in history: the moment of the landing of Apollo 11 on the surface of the Moon as seen from Houston. For such a moment you would expect an extreme chart, but it is a rather ordinary one. It is not the chart of the event on the moon. It would be nice to have a chart with coordinates of the Moon and the position of the earth and the planets, but there is no such chart (and I cannot calculate one). Houston was the center of activity, home for the astronauts, so I took this chart.

In the chart the Moon is inconjunct Saturn but that aspect has already been tight and so the critical moment had gone bye. The meaning of Moon inconjunct Saturn is misbalanced and extreme worry (and we know why!:). There is an increasing quindecile of Moon and Node, connecting emotions and groups. Soon after the landing Neil Armstrong would step down the ladder and tell the world about it.

Jupiter and Uranus are opposition Aries Point, and that is important, because astronauts (like astrologers) frequently (if not always) have an important combination of Jupiter and Uranus in their charts. The combination of Jupiter, Uranus and Aries Point is reflecting the positive change for the world and the world watching the new developments. Jupiter and Uranus are also in hard aspect with the crucial midpoint ASC/MC exactly at the moment of the landing. More examples of Jupiter-Uranus on this blog...

These guys are true travelers. They boldly went were no man had gone before and they safely returned. Jupiter is the planet for those who travel. Jupiter is connected to the Midheaven (career) of the two astronauts who's Midheaven we know.

Chart of the astronauts

The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is trine the Sun of Edwin Aldrin, who has Jupiter sextile Uranus in the natal chart. His Jupiter is square Midheaven and the elevated Uranus is semi quintile MC.
Pallas is elevated in the natal chart. At the moment of the landing Pallas was tightly conjunct his Descendant. Pallas perhaps symbolizes the importance of patterns, but Pallas is also Pallas Athene.
Aldrin is a religious person (Neptune opposition Ascendant and square Jupiter).

The moment of the landing is exactly with transit Mars on the Descendant of Neil Armstrong. Even the local Ascendant of Houston was opposition his. It is a moment of action, of 'hitting the target'. In his progressed chart Mars was close to the Ascendant as well. Mars is sesqui semi square AC/MC in his natal chart, reflecting the importance of the military (action, sports etc.).

Pallas would be conjunct his natal Moon shortly after the landing.
The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is quindecile his Uranus (ruler of his Midheaven). In the natal chart Jupiter is inconjunct the Aquarius Midheaven and that is another Jupiter-Uranus combination. In the progressed chart Jupiter already had been square Uranus and the combination of Jupiter and Uranus was in the first degree of Gemini, sextile Aries Point.
Armstrong was born to draw most of the attention (Sun opposition MC).

MICHAEL COLLINS (31 October 1930 Rome, no hour of birth)
The progressed Saturn of Collins (the man who remained in the Apollo 11 and who was responsible for the safe return on board of the 'moonwalkers') was exactly trine Midheaven of the landing. Progressed Uranus was inconjunct the MC of that Moment (for the tension, I guess).

The chart of Edgar Mitchell and the aliens...

The Moon , your menu and your diet..


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Henry Allingham died age 113 year old

Mr. Henry Allingham was the last man who was alive and fought in the First World War (1914-1918). He died today.

It is amazing to see that there is a Yod in his natal chart that is connecting Mars, Saturn and Pluto. The apex (the planet that the yod seems to 'point at') is Saturn (the planet of old age). Mars, Saturn and Pluto together are the components of the combination of unnatural death (either your own or that of others) as a (rather unbalanced) issue in your life. I can imagine that Mr. Allingham was being confronted with his early past throughout his life and even more when he became 'the last man standing'. Also his father died when he was 1 year old. His mother died when he was 18. Death was important in his life, was not his own. He survived them all.

Saturn does not make major aspects. That makes Saturn a prominent part of the chart, too. The inconjunction of Saturn with Pluto is reflecting the 'excessive die hard' and maybe that is enough to explain why he became so old. Another indication is Aries Point opposition Jupiter/Uranus (so that we know him because of his special prosperity). The Sun is septile Jupiter and Jupiter is 105 degrees apart from the 'calling' Uranus. The prominence of Uranus makes life exciting enough to continue it. As far as I know, he was more an engineer than a fighter in the army (see the 'calling' Uranus without major aspects, also symbol of cars - he was an employee of Ford in the interbellum). He was able to support himself until 2006, when he was about 110 years old!

Air signs like Gemini (the sign of ‘forever young’) contribute to longevity, as you may read in the article about getting old on my site Astromarkt. He credited 'cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women — and a good sense of humour" for his longevity. The humor is obvious (50% in air signs); Sun conjunct Neptune symbolizes the alcohol and cigarettes.

But...All of those indications were shared by the thousands of others who were also born on June 6, 1896 and who died earlier. I can hardly refer to genes as important part of the picture, as his parents both died at an early age. Still, with Ceres exactly opposition Jupiter/Uranus I like to think that he had lucky genetic material. He did not live without enjoying pleasures and he was in the army in times of war and still he survived all that: he must have had a guardian angle on his shoulder.
That makes me curious about his hour of birth and about the positions in his natal chart. It would be nice if Jupiter and Uranus were on the angles of that chart. If he was born at 22:15 hours he would have had ASC/MC square Jupiter/Uranus. That would mark his time and place of birth as a special fortunate one. Unfortunately, his hour of birth is unknown, but we do know the exact time of death. The chart that you see below is the chart of that moment, with the natal positions of Henry Allingham on the outside.

For more examples of very old people on this blog, click the label 'old' on my blog. For a YouTube movie about the 111th birthday of Allingham, click here...


Chart of broadcaster Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite was an American broadcaster (Mercury square MC), so his job was strongly related to news. We see Uranus opposition Midheaven to reflect that. The aspects with Midheaven are perfectly telling us what he did: he reported (Mercury) news (Uranus) with style (Venus).

Why was Cronkite so good at his job? It is because of Mercury. With Mercury in aspect with Sun/Moon and ASC/MC he was in heart and soul and all in all a communicator. His voice (Mercury) was world famous. He did precisely what he was good at. With the Moon trine Mercury he was popular as he sort of reproduced the public opinion*). Of course there is more...

There are several midpoint combinations that tell us about his capacities and successes:

Sun semi square Mercury/Jupiter
Sun half semi square Mercury/Pluto
(these two midpoint combinations together are reflecting a lot of words:)
Sun square Jupiter/Neptune (for the believing audience)
Jupiter sesquisquare Sun/Mars and sesquisemisquare Sun/Pluto (self confidence, success)
Jupiter half semi square Mercury/Uranus (for being 'witty')

Walter Cronkite died with typical symbols of death in his chart:

Transit Saturn square Mars (end of energy)
Transit Pluto inconjunct Saturn (lost related to end of pain)
Transit Node opposition Saturn (farewell to a community)
Transit Venus trine Venus (for rest in peace)
Transit Neptune conjunct progressed Sun (weakness)
Transit Jupiter conjunct progressed Sun (improvement)
(together Jupiter and Neptune refer to religion)

It happened yesterday, on a day with a solar transit conjunct Saturn and inconjunct Sun (on a bad day...)

Also, the progressed Ascendant was close to Mercury, ruler of the natal and progressed eight house of life and death and the most important planet in his chart.

*)More about Moon-Mercury in an earlier post...

Also see for his chart and a bio...


Friday, July 17, 2009

Cherrie Blair contracted Mexican Flu

Cherrie Blair has been diagnosed with Mexican Flu (Swine Flu). She is the first person with Mexican Flu with a known birth chart, so let us see what transits are involved.

Saturn inconjunct progressed Mars
Uranus inconjunct progressed Neptune
Uranus inconjunct progressed Pluto
Pluto inconjunct progressed Midheaven

That is 4 times an inconjunction. Inconjunctions are strongly related to illnesses. When there are 3 inconjunctions you can almost bet that something will be wrong (rule of 3). Uranus - Neptune seems to me to be a perfect indication. In Cherrie Blair's natal chart Uranus is also square Neptune. It means, by the way, also, that there is a lot of upheavel in the media about it:)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chart of Maria del Carmen Bousada and twins (no Hob)

Maria del Carmen Bousada was the oldest mother ever and she died of cancer less then three years after giving birth to her twins. Her date of birth is January 5, 1940 and it was in Cádiz, Spain, but there is no time of birth known. On the day that she was born Mars was conjunct Jupiter on Aries Point, trine Pluto as if to illustrate that the world would know her for her successful production or labour. This combination comes back in the combine chart of her and her twins (Sun square Mars and inconjunct Jupiter, Mars sextile Jupiter).

The Moon rising before the Sun gives an orientation on what is close to yourself and on for example children. She did not have them before she was almost 67, on December 29, 2006 in Barcelona, when transit Saturn was trine her natal Saturn to make it easy (trine) to be old (Saturn) and a parent (Saturn).

Transit Mars was inconjunct progressed Mars for being out of balance, hurt or being in labour (Mars). It is not uncommon to see an active Mars in the synastry with our children because of pain, cuts, injections and scars. Transit Saturn was also semi sextile her progressed Neptune at that time, when she perhaps was feeling the first symptoms of her later fatal illnes. In her natal chart Saturn is inconjunct Neptune as well. That transit activated the existing possiblity of serious illness (Saturn-Neptune).

If she was born with a Gemini Ascendant (possible, because she managed to lie about her age, so she looked young) Ceres is square Sun/Moon and when she discovered the possiblity of getting pregnant her progressed Sun was square Ceres. That would motivate her strongly, because Ceres is the symbol of motherhood and Sun/Moon is the symbol of what motivates you. For more examples of the effect of Ceres, click the label. More about Ceres? Click here...

It will be a shocking change for her children, who deal with heavy transits like transit Uranus square natal Pluto (the symbol of sudden change) and transit Saturn square progressed Mars and inconjunct progressed Neptune (for the lost related to death).


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hidden problem with agression (Mars-Pluto minor aspect)

Staf van Eyken is a Belgian murderer who killed three women. The first one was murdered on October 13, 1971 with progressed Mars conjunct natal Mars and transit Pluto inconjunct natal Sun. This combination of transits activated the existing semi-and biquintile combination of Sun, Mars and Pluto in the natal chart. This apparently also activated a hidden (minor aspect) problem (Pluto) with aggression (Mars)*). His nickname is 'The Vampire' because he also bit them. He got the death penalty but that was changed into life in prison.

Today he heard that he will never leave jail for the rest of his life. In this period the issue of restricted liberty is symbolised by the transit Saturn conjunct progressed Saturn and Uranus square his progressed Sun**).

His hour of birth is unknown, so we can only see the potential for violence for the day of birth. First of all, he has Sun sextile Jupiter and sextile Uranus, tightly, with an oriental Jupiter. Perhaps that makes him optimist enough to ask for permission to have weekends off (from jail). There is a tight combination of aspects between Venus, Saturn and Neptune that I have seen more often in the charts of killers. Perhaps it is the reflection of lack of empathy with the victims. Van Eyken has Venus opposition Saturn and inconjunct Neptune. This goes together with Mars semi quintile Pluto and biquintile Sun, for a creative way to use or abuse violence or force.

Circumstances like the abuse by his steph father probably activated this potential in the wrong way. Tony Danza was born 21 April 1951 in Brooklyn. He is an actor and used to be a wrestler and a professional boxer (using force and strength). It is also the day of birth of a famous mathematician, a drummer and a hockey player. The personal chart (with hour) + the circumstances + genes are the ingredients for the mix that creates the individual. Without an hour of birth we don't know the Ascendant, the degree of the Moon, the midpoints Sun/Moon or ASC/MC or the angular positions. They are extemely important for an Astro I.D. As you may see on this blog, circumstances, education, gender (hormones!), genes and social culture have a hughe impact on the individual. They make the difference.

*) Mars-Pluto's problem, click to read more about Mars and Pluto...

**) Read the recent post about Natascha Kampusch and Saturn-Uranus...

***) The Venus-Saturn-Neptune composition also existes in the chart of the BTK-killer and in that of Youssouf Fofane..

For more about minor aspects, click the label below this post that you can see on:
Thanks to for providing the means to create this chart drawing!

Sonia Sotomayor's day of birth

Sonia Sotomayor will be judged today. Is she the right member for the supreme court or is she a biased judge? Probably the Democrats will grant her her function. Some Republicans fear that she is a racist judge. Sonia Sotomayor was born time unknown on June 25, 1954 (says the Mountain Astrologer) in NY. The chart is the chart of her day of birht, at noon.

In her natal chart the Moon is rising before the Sun, at any time of birth. Recently I gave two examples of an oriental Moon in the article about sextiles. One man was responsible for the death of another man and the fact that they belonged to different groups (Muslim and Jew) was important for the event. The oriental Moon shows a strong orientation on your own folks.

Venus is the symbol of the judge (the lady with the balance in her hand). Venus doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, so Venus is what I name 'calling'. She is diplomatic and estethic at any possible level.

Mars is sextile Saturn and that almost garanties that she will do as the law tells her to do and work hard to achieve goals. With the Sun trine Saturn she is being respected, too. Unfortunately the opposition between Sun and Mars makes her very competetive and hot headed (see Café astrology)
Perhaps that is the kind of temperament that a poor girl needs to became a supreme judge. The combination of Sun, Mars and Jupiter is a combination for success.

Mars sextile the angular Saturn (for management) in her natal chart is being activated tomorrow, by Mars inconjunct Mars and inconjunct Saturn. This seems to me to 'strike her' and put her down, very unlikely to happen as all expect her to be chosen. Perhaps there will be some attack on her personaly that 'hits' her.

Another interesting observation is the lack of placements in flexible (movable) signs.

The progressed Sun is aspected by transit Jupiter (opposition), Uranus (inconjunction) and Neptune (opposition), perfectly reflecting the tension, the media gossip and the glory. The result seems already known as the Democrats have the majority. And so she realizes another effect of the oriental Moon...The fact that she belongs to a group was not just important in hard times, it is also important now.

Also read the article about bias in the chart, on Astromarkt...
and see the post about sextiles (and the oriental Moon)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Hard times for Natascha Kampusch

Life does not get better for Natascha Kampusch. A member of the comity that studies her abduction claims that there has to be a second abductor and that Natascha conceals that because he threatens to publish pornographic material. Her proofs? I don't know. I only know that the ofen depressing transit Saturn will be making the final opposition with Natascha's progressed Sun (=vitality). Her progressed Midheaven (reputation) will be trine progressed Jupiter, so perhaps she will get help. But there is also a square with the natal Saturn after a conjunction with Uranus...The combination of Saturn and Uranus is the combination of limited freedom that is so important in her natal chart. And now this issue is again manifest.

There is also Neptune. Neptune is getting closer to the natal Sun. That is reflecting the role of the media (the scandal) and isolation (or shame). All in all, very inconvenient. Moreover, the progressed Ascendant and Midheaven are changing sign and that is maybe an indication for a crucial period of change in her life.

For more about her chart and life, see this post...For more examples of the effect of Saturn with Uranus, click the label 'Saturn Uranus' below this post (or see 'Labels' on my blog).

BTW: watch the amount of sextiles in her chart (5!!!) and read the earliers post about sextiles ...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dick Cheney's progressed Mercury-Neptune opposition

There are lies and hidden facts and they are all shown by means of an aspect with Mercury. The hidden facts are symbolized by Mercury and Neptune.

Today there is upheavel about Dick Cheney's secret anti terror program. See CNN
In the progressed chart of Dick Cheney Mercury is now oppositon Neptune, symbolizing a question of lies. In his natal chart Mercury and Neptune are 146.83 degrees apart (between a biquintile and an inconjunction). In progression there is now a 180 degree distance (an opposition).

More about Mercury and lies...on this blog.


Effect of the sextile (example: Youssouf Fofana and Ilan Halimi)

Today I found a sad example of the disastrous effect of 'harmonious' sextiles. Sextiles unfortunately allow and invite the nasty sides of life, just because of lack of resistance. Sextiles help you find the easy way out. In bad circumstances the best way out seems to be leading you into criminal acts or apathy (sometimes you cannot help it). Sextiles also happen to turn into semi sextiles or squares when you are between 25 and 35 years old. That is when the challenge of the hard aspects is often too hard for the soft sextile. There are other ways to activate the natal sextile aspect in a difficult way: by a transit that creates an aspect like in the natal chart, but (often) with a different distance between the two planets involved. I will explain at the end of this post (giving some examples**)

The nasty effect of the sextile has a better chance in the nasty circumstances of the poor city neighborhood. Ilan Halimi became the victim of the gang of Fofana. Both of them have a lot of sextiles in the chart. They share certain sextiles. And they both have the Moon rising before the Sun. They belonged to different groups. Fofana had radical ideological ideas. The criminal wanted money and thought that other Jews would pay millions for the poor telephone salesman.


Ilan Halimi was only 23 when he died, in 2006. He was kidnapped by a gang, tortured for 3 weeks and left to die tied up on a tree. In the period that he suffered transit Mars was inconjunct his natal Sun. In his natal chart he has Sun sextile Mars, just like the criminal who was responsible for his painful death. The transit activated the sextile**).

Ilan Halimi's natal aspects mostly are sextiles. With the 2 sextiles and 1 trine of the Moon at Noon excluded (because of the unknown hour of birth) there are 5 sextiles and 1 conjunction. No opposition, no squares, between planets or lights. There is that semi square of Sun and Uranus only. Halimi was a Maroquian Jew in France and that made him 'different' in the local area. He also had Sun 67.5 degrees from Neptune and perhaps that also made him vulnerable.


The man who has to spend the rest of his life in jail for what he did to Halimi is Mr. Fofana. Even during the trial he kept insulting Jewish people. He threw a shoe to the public. Youssouf Fofana is a black Muslim, born August 2, 1980, with 4 sextiles in his chart. He also has Mercury square Pluto and inconjunct Neptune and trine Uranus (for radical ideological ideas). Saturn is square Venus and Neptune*).

With the Moon rising before the Sun he needed to belong to a group of persons. You belong to a group more when you despise other groups. The fact that you are part of the family or group is very important in the life of those with an oriental Moon (they have a strong orientation on habits and belongings).

For more about bias, see the article on Astromarkt...

Just like Halimi he has Saturn sextile Neptune, Neptune sextile Pluto and Sun sextile Mars. Halimi also has Venus sextile Mars and Mercury sextile Uranus (Fofana has Mercury trine Uranus).

They shared 3 sextiles (Sun-Mars, Saturn-Neptune, Neptune-Pluto) and one harmonious aspect (Mercury-Uranus). Their encounter was far from harmonious.

Sextiles just make it easy to do (or don't do) certain things. They are not harmonious in the sense that they produce harmony. They are just 'easy'. It was easy for Fofana to hurt Halimi. It was not easy for Halimi to fight Fofana. Sextiles don't ever make it easy to fight. Sextiles lead you to the easy way out (and sometimes even to the exit of life). Even Fofana 'took it easy'. He was the leader of the gang, he didn't have to do his 'job' on his own. He had complices.

Sextiles and trines are frequent in the charts of inmates, I read a while ago (but where o where? Anybody knows?). Does the sextile have a bad impact (searching for the easy way out and for easy gain or leaving you without the capacity to make choices, 'lame')? Kurt Cobain had no squares in his chart (not within 5 degrees of orb in sign). He had 6 trines, 3 sextiles and 3 oppositions. He killed himself. Arhur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington) has 6 sextiles in his chart (and a Pisces Moon) and he was the leader of the British army. He must have had angular positions of Mars or how else to explain the fighter in his chart? Maybe because he could not fight the aristocratical environment that forced young men into the army? Questions, questions, questions and a lot of answers to be found. I will be back on the subject later this year. With Fofana and Halimi as examples the sextile aspect raises enough questions for a study.

*) The combination of Venus, Saturn and Neptune unfortunately often appears in the charts of malicious males like for example the BTK killer with Pluto on Venus/Mars, Venus/Saturn en Venus/Neptune. Perhaps the effect of Saturn in the combination with Venus and Neptune is to limit the feelings of compassion.

**)Activated sextiles...
For example: transit Neptune conjunct your Sun and the Sun sextile Neptune in the natal chart. This transit seems to open the gate to giving up, being a victim and getting isolated and it is even easier to do so when you already want to be alone and dream your life away.
Another example: transit Pluto conjunct your Sun and the natal Sun trine Pluto. This transit forces you to be strong and that is easy for you because you have certain courage.
Third and last example: progressed Sun square Uranus with natal Sun sextile Uranus. Your life style changes suddenly by some nerve breaking incident or accident (that makes you controversial, too). You already know how to deal with those changes (because you have always been 'different' and you are not afraid of changes).


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paris Jackson's Mars conjunct Saturn

Someone pointed at the post on Astrologie Blogo about the natal chart of Paris Jackson. I wanted to see if there was some indication what happened to her.

First look at the solar return chart with Saturn (symbol of the father, symbol of farewells, too) conjunct Midheaven opposition Mars. That is the same combination (Mars-Saturn) that occurred in the chart of Michael Jackson at the time of his untimely death. See the post about the transits at that time...

Why do the transits and progression and solar return chart have such a strong effect in her life? It is because in her natal chart we also see Mars conjunct Saturn (ruler 10). Again Mars-Saturn, again the reflection of the importance of energies ending and of death in her life. The death of the man who raised and protected her will of course be very influential. Even more, because Paris Jackson has Moon in Cancer (a need to belong).

Another indication for the importance of death in this year is the progressed Jupiter (ruler of the progressed 8th house AND the natal 8th house) exactly opposition transit Saturn (ruler of the 10th house, a parential house) at the moment of her father's death. In other words: transit Saturn conjunct progressed ruler 8th house: death (8) of a parent (Saturn).

One of the indications of change is the changing sign of the MC in progression. Paris' Midheaven changed sign now that her position in life (and in the family) change into that of an orphan. The first aspect that the Midheaven will make in progression is a conjunction with Neptune, the planet of being lonely, deserted and isolated. There is another effect of the MC conjunct Neptune. That is becoming conscious of the unrevealed spiritual world and the world of music, arts and religion. Neptune is important in her chart and so is mystery, if only about her biological parents. Perhaps that is why she was born with the Sun and Mercury conjunct Ceres, the symbol of the roots and the genes. An important, calling Neptune on top, together with Moon in Cancer sesquisquare Venus and Venus square Sun/Moon tell me that she at least was influenced by her father, the artist. Also Michael Jackson's Uranus was exactly trine the natal Sun of his daughter. He was very special in her life, a source of inspiration.

The charts that tell us 3 times about the situation in this year reveal the theme of death (Mars-Saturn) and the timing (Saturn) of death (Jupiter, ruler 8).

There are more interesting observations regarding her natal chart, such as the quintile between the Sun in the 12th house and the unaspected Neptune on top for a creative way to lead a double life (or to live the discrete way) to the max. It is also, together with the other indications in her chart, the combination for creative talent*) (as an actor perhaps). Who knows...

*) See the examples in ART&ASTROLOGY...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pluto and Robert McNamara's chart

Robert MacNamara died. The former Secretary of Defense was born with an important Pluto (symbol of ‘life and death’, power, money, politics, defense and influence) conjunct his Ascendant and Ceres (symbol of the roots). The combination of Pluto and Ceres seems to be perfect for a person who later became the leader of the World Bank. With Saturn half semi square Mercury/Pluto he had the strategic mind of the politician.

Now he died and these are the transits involved:

The most tight transit: Pluto inconjunct Progressed Ascendant

Transit Saturn conjunct progressed Sun and Ascendant
Transit Pluto opposition Ascendant and Pluto
Transit Node inconjunct Ascendant

In the solar return (for Washington, June 9 2009) Pluto is exactly conjunct the Ascendant. And that brings Pluto back to where Pluto an angular and crucial position.

When he became a member of the JFK government his progressed Sun had changed sign and so did his life style. The changing sun sign symbolizes a period of change. He first became a CEO (of Ford, in November) and then he suddenly beame Secretary of Defense. The first aspect of the progressed Sun is the conjunction with Neptune. I don't think that that is a good sign. With progressed Sun conjunct Neptune you may start a long period of isolation, rumours, affairs and desillusion (even though you felt as if a dream came true).

Robert MacNamara married his teenage love and remained married until the death of his wife, for over 40 years. This long lasting marriage is symbolized by Capricorn on the Descendant and by Venus in Cancer conjunct Saturn. I have no idea what Venus inconjunct Uranus in his chart means but I guess that it has something to do with the long lasting friendship with Katherine Graham. After the death of his wife he started dating her. But in September 2004 (!) he married Diana Masier. That was also an important year. Again his important Pluto has a starring role. Pluto was conjunct the Ascendant, opposition Venus...


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Roger Federer and Pluto

Roger Federer won at Wimbledon and is now the King of Tennis. He is the holder of the record of 15 grand slams (read CNN). Pluto is the symbol of winning and gain. Pluto is important in the chart of Federer, who's midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven (the cross point of the chart) is square Pluto. Today transit Pluto was exactly opposition Federer's progressed Midheaven. That is apparently reflecting the winning position (and stress!).

The natal chart also promissed success. Jupiter is trine Midheaven, Pluto is sesquisquare Midheaven. And Mars is square Jupiter/Pluto for successes in sports or as an entrepeneur. Federer has his own label...

Read the post about
Federer getting married and the Gemini Midheaven for using the hands...


Friday, July 3, 2009

Meeting of Obama and Putin on July 6, 2009

Next week, on July 6, President Obama of the USA will meet PM Putin of Russia in Moscow. Both leaders have the Moon in Gemini and their Moons are very close. Usually that means that they are 'soul mates' or friends. Let us hope that that is true and that their meeting will be in a good atmosphere. Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama are good diplomats. Their Venus doesn't make major aspects and that is telling us that they are charming (if they want to:) at any possible level.

Today I read that Barack Obama had said that Putin is still having one foot in the past and that Putin answered that he is not. As it happens (...) both have an aspect between Saturn and Uranus in the natal chart. Limited liberty, independence with restrictions, old and new, hanging on to the past...all that is part of the concept of Saturn-Uranus. It is a concept that they share. Click the label for more about Saturn and Uranus, the limits and barriers of freedom and independence.

Mr. Putin has transit Uranus square Mars (so maybe he needs to take some tranquilizers to remain calm - Progressed Midheaven conjunct Neptune:).
Barack Obama has transit Mars square natal Uranus and will perhaps not be as diplomatic as usual, too. As he also has Venus conjunct Uranus in the progressed chart, perhaps he will meet nice new friends or he just loves the adventure of being in the former USSR.

Mars-Uranus is the combination of impulses. Let us see if they are top politicians enough to manage their impulses. And let's hope that the conjunction of their natal Moons means that they feel comfortable with each other. Mars-Uranus CAN be used for teamwork. ... We will know the results after the 6th! In the meantime for tomorrow I wish the American readers:

For more about Obama ...including his natal chart.

More posts about the chart of Putin...

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rabindranath Tagore and Michael Jackson

The Indian online newspaper NDTV mentions that Michael Jackson was reading Tagore in his final days . This is the link to the message. Here below you see the chart of Tagore and the positions of Michael Jackson's day of birth. Notice that Michael Jackson's Venus is conjunct the Jupiter of Tagore. This is an aspect that promisses pleasure and joy. Also Michael Jackson's progressed Uranus was square the Venus and Jupiter of Tagore's natal chart.

A few quotes from the works of Tagore:
"Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”

"Music fills the infinite between two souls"...

I never read Tagore, but I read his chart on Art&Astrology...

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