Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chart of broadcaster Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite was an American broadcaster (Mercury square MC), so his job was strongly related to news. We see Uranus opposition Midheaven to reflect that. The aspects with Midheaven are perfectly telling us what he did: he reported (Mercury) news (Uranus) with style (Venus).

Why was Cronkite so good at his job? It is because of Mercury. With Mercury in aspect with Sun/Moon and ASC/MC he was in heart and soul and all in all a communicator. His voice (Mercury) was world famous. He did precisely what he was good at. With the Moon trine Mercury he was popular as he sort of reproduced the public opinion*). Of course there is more...

There are several midpoint combinations that tell us about his capacities and successes:

Sun semi square Mercury/Jupiter
Sun half semi square Mercury/Pluto
(these two midpoint combinations together are reflecting a lot of words:)
Sun square Jupiter/Neptune (for the believing audience)
Jupiter sesquisquare Sun/Mars and sesquisemisquare Sun/Pluto (self confidence, success)
Jupiter half semi square Mercury/Uranus (for being 'witty')

Walter Cronkite died with typical symbols of death in his chart:

Transit Saturn square Mars (end of energy)
Transit Pluto inconjunct Saturn (lost related to end of pain)
Transit Node opposition Saturn (farewell to a community)
Transit Venus trine Venus (for rest in peace)
Transit Neptune conjunct progressed Sun (weakness)
Transit Jupiter conjunct progressed Sun (improvement)
(together Jupiter and Neptune refer to religion)

It happened yesterday, on a day with a solar transit conjunct Saturn and inconjunct Sun (on a bad day...)

Also, the progressed Ascendant was close to Mercury, ruler of the natal and progressed eight house of life and death and the most important planet in his chart.

*)More about Moon-Mercury in an earlier post...

Also see for his chart and a bio...


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