Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador; a matter of Mars

Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador keep arguing and wrangling in public. Mars is the symbol of fighting (and competition). Mars is strongly involved in this matter.

Mars of Lance Armstrong is sextile Contador's Sun, 15 degrees from Contador's Mars.
In the composite chart the Sun is square Mars, because Contador's Mars is trine Armstrong's Sun.

Got the picture? Here it is:

...the harmonic synastry aspects of Sun and Mars is a square in the composite chart because sextile + trine divided by two is a square (60+120)/2=90 and because they both have a minor aspect between Sun and Mars in the natal charts (sesquisquare and semi square = 180/2=90).

That means that when you ARE team mates and cooperating in harmony (harmonious Mars) there can be an underlying competition (the synastry chart), too.

Mars is also parallel Mars in synastry!

Well, that explains, doesn't it? It also might just be an overload of adrenaline...

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