Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mexican Flu, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter

In 2005 I wrote about Saturn, Neptune and pandemics like Avian and Spanish flu on my site I edited this article today, now that the Mexican flu is causing some panic all over the world and I added information about the present positions of Saturn and Neptune.

I also wrote a new article about the Jupiter-Neptune combination, that I will post here, too (because of the actual event on Jupiter). See the label 'Jupiter Neptune' below this post or on the left side of my blog to find examples and information about Jupiter-Neptune combinations.

The two articles are related. I found that the Saturn-Neptune inconjunction of December 2003 was related to an outbreak of avian flu in China and Thailand and that a remedy (a vaccin) was found in January of 2006, with Jupiter exactly square Neptune. In 2009 Jupiter is conjunct Neptune and Saturn will be inconjunct Neptune mid September 2009. That increases my hope that it will be possible to keep the Mexican flu under control.

Saturn has a 28-30 year cycle. Massive epidemics are less frequent. The Saturn-Neptune connection will not help us to see world wide epidemics coming simply because of that fact. Astrological aspect show a tendency, a possibility. It depends on the situation, the time in history and other aspects (helping or not) how and if that possibility will become a reality. And it depends on your personal chart and situation how you can deal with that reality...

You can read the articles here:
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