Monday, May 31, 2010

Celine Dion's progressed chart

This is the progressed chart of Celine Dion, with Jupiter and Pholus square Midheaven.Je geeft haar die leeftijd trouwens niet.....:)
For the indications for artistic talent in the chart of Celine Dion see Art&Astrology


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gary Coleman and the Pholus-Uranus transit

The Uranus-Pholus combination that I mentioned in the post about David Laws and his lost job (and a father losing his child) can be seen in the chart of Bryant Neals Vinas and shows up in the transits of GARY COLEMAN’s death:
transit Pholus 13.75 d Sagittarius is 75 degrees (minor aspect) from Uranus (28.65 d Virgo) and 75 degrees from transit Neptune, while transit Neptune is inconjunct Uranus. It is a Uranus-Neptune-Pholus combination.

Uranus and Pholus together mirror a sudden turning point. Neptune and Uranus are the symbols of sleep and awakening and an inconjunction between them shows problems or fluctuations in the processes (being in trance, coma or unconscious). That was one of the symptoms on the final day of Coleman.

Minor aspects sometimes have major impact. More examples of minor aspects, Uranus-Neptune or Pholus? Click the labels.

PS Astrological symbols have many associated meanings. When Uranus-Neptune is not fysical, the transits and/or progressions often reflect a ' bad press'.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Uranus inconjunct Pholus re: David Laws

Early this morning I studied the chart of someone who lost his child with a) Transit Pholus in 5 inconjunct ruler 8 Uranus and b) Progressed Pholus in the 5th sextile transit Uranus in the 8th. Inconjunctions cause disbalance, often due to a lost. Uranus takes you by surprise and Pholus can cause damage or turn your world upside down.

Uranus inconjunct Pholus can also put a person out of balance because of sudden turning point in life or he/she may suffer a lost (inconjunction) because of damaging (Pholus) news (Uranus). That is like in the case of David Laws. He just lost his job in the government of Cameron (he was Chief Secretary to the Treasury), within 14 days from the start. In his former job he had claimed 40.000 pounds on his secret second house expenses (ment for his secret lover) and that is against the rules (only) since 2006 (was it OK before then to have the taxpayer pay for a lover's nest in the UK, I wonder?).

Liberal Democrat Laws lost his job with progressed Uranus exactly inconjunct progressed Pholus (see the chart). The natal inconjunction has grown tighter and tighter to reach this point of no return. Not only has he lost his job, his hidden homosexuality has now been made public and it is exactly that what he had wished to conceal for whatever reason. Could the aspect also mean that a new episode in life has begun, but in a rather disastrous and shocking way?

I have not found more indications in the chart of the person who lost his child, in spite of having an HOB, so maybe this double Uranus-Pholus and the inconjunction related to the 8th house was just about enough reflection.
Also, I couldn't find much more in the chart of the day of birth of David Laws (who had a single Uranus-Pluto combination today in I don't know what houses).
That makes me think that the Uranus-Pholus inconjunction is a very strong reflection of a dramatic change. At least, that is what I saw in these two chart. I will be back later with more material.

BTW I found that the name of Pholus is related to moths (night butterflies) and I found a reference to ' Fly' by Celine Dion in an essay about this site " Winged planets" , also about the effect of Pholus in natal charts.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Astropost: Astrology chart Natascha Kampusch and PriklopilThe Saturn-Uranus and Sun-Pluto connection

There will be a movie (release in 2012) about the life of Natascha Kampusch.

See Astropost: Astrology chart Natascha Kampusch and Priklopil: The Saturn-Uranus and Sun-Pluto connection for more about the

The news about the movie is here...


Astropost: Chart of d.o.b. Angie Sanclemente

Yesterday Angie Sanclemente, a former beauty queen, finally was arrested. In Astropost: Chart of d.o.b. Angie Sanclemente I mention the following indications for restricted freedom (Saturn-Uranus) and being a suspect (Mercury-Neptune):

- TYransit Saturn square Progressed Sun
- Progressed Sun sesquisquare Uranus
- Transit Neptunue inconjunct Progressed Mercury
- Transit Neptune square natal Mercury


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chart and life of Evita Peron

One of the most interesting lives of women is the life of Evita Peron. Her natal chart for May 7, 1919 at 5h15 LMT Los Toldos is perfect for this woman with sense of drama, glamour and persistence. She was an idol and her life revolved around politics, sex, power and influence. Like in the case of Princess Diana her death and funeral became a public drama. What in het chart shows this? And how do the progressions (and transits) correspond with her life?

The most remarkable things in her chart (considering what we know about Evita Perron) are:
1. Neptune is ‘ calling’ and angular (close to the IC). This makes us think of romance, an idol, mystery, scandal, charity and art…all this at any possible level. We know that Evita Peron wAs an idol. But there is another side on Neptune on IC and that is for a negative background.
2. Fixed signs are important in her chart. 50% of the positions are in fixed signs, reflecting will power.
3. Leo Moon for the need to show off and for the drama queen. The Moon conjunct Saturn is reflecting the way she remembered her childhood (cold and hard).
4. Sun/Moon semi square Pluto shows us that she was motivated by power and influence.
5. Sun square Saturn (wide aspect, but the Sun and Saturn are both in aspect with the Moon).
Her father never acknowledge his daughter and died when she was only 7 (and the square had grown tighter in progression). Like a lot of other persons with Sun-Saturn she managed to be in charge... (click for more examples).
6. Mars semi square Aries Point en conjunct Sun reveals an assertive woman, the importance of men (and soldiers) and her enterprise. She would marry an important man and the army would block her attempt to become the vice-president.
7. Venus (final dispositor of Midheaven) is biquintile Midheaven for a creative way to improve her status (with the help of beauty, talent and charm)
8. Pholus sesquisquare Ascendant might reflect how her situation changed. The midpoint AC/MC is square Pholus in this B-rated chart (source Astrodatabank) and seems to be correct because she definitely altered her state of being (from poor peasant girl to First Lady). Pholus is in her 8th house of life and death, revealing the importance of her death for who she would be in the end (she became ‘ immortal’).

When she was born she didn't exactly have the kind of chart that promissed a glorious life. The tightest angular placement is for Vesta on IC: she was dedicated to her goals!

9. She left her home town for Buenos Aires at age 15(!). That was a right decision at the perfect time. The progressions of that year are: P Sun trine MC, P MC square Sun, P Moon trine Venus, sesquisquare Jupiter and trine Pluto – successful combination for an artist – and P Venus conjunct Jupiter. It is an abundancy of nice and shiny aspects, completed by transit Pholus trine progressed Ascendant (the small start of a new presentation). Also, her progressed Sun had changed sign and that is an indication for a change in lifestyle. The first aspect in the new sign was a quintile with progressed Juno. The next period of 30 years of her life started with the symbol of the married woman in a creative aspect with her sun. In the progressed chart Mercury (ruler of the progressed 5th house of entertainment, the other gender, and show) was on the Ascendant. There was one little nasty thing: P Moon opposition P Saturn, reflecting hard or bad feelings, feeling alone.

10. When she met Juan Peron she had P MC trine Venus (ruler of the seventh house), an appropiate aspect for finding a partner. Shortly after meeting him, the progressed Moon was conjunct Jupiter and that is a fortunate aspect. Her progressed Sun was opposition Pholus, reflecting a turning point in life achieved by others, when Juan Peron was elected President and she became First Lady.

11. Her Pluto was inconjunct the Northern Node and afflicting her Moon. As soon as she could she took revenge on the middle class people who looked down on her when she was younger and less important. She abused her position of power to get this revenge.

12. There were only 6 years of glory. In November of 1951 (with progressed Mars quintile Saturn) she was told that she had advanced cervical cancer. She was creative enough (quintile) to use iron (Mars) constructions (Saturn) to keep herself up right until the end.

13. She passed away on July 26 1952 at 20h23. There are several indications in the solar return chart. I won't name all of them (who would like to know?). 1. Pholus crossed over the Midheaven and Pholus is in the natal 8th house of life and death + pointing at a turning point in her condition. Since she was already seriously ill, this was a bad sign. 2. Also P MC was sextile Orcus (the symbol of the underworld). 3. Transit Saturn sesquisquare Progressed Ascendant and afflicting progressed Sun/Moon. 4. Transit Jupiter -ruler of the progressed 8th house- is semi square natal Sun/Moon.

Evita had several indications for a possible divorce and I wonder if she would have divorce Juan Peron if she had not died so young. Her Sun is conjunct Mars and 75 d Uranus with Mars in a wider square with Saturn. Those are 3 of the 4 possible indications. Juan Peron (born October 8, 1895) also had Sun conjunct Mars. As soon as the common enemy would be beaten they would start competing. Their Suns are inconjunct and her Mars is inconjunct his. His Chiron is inconjunct her natal Sun. Three inconjunctions bind them. It is a sort of a statement of ‘ lost’ and loosing each other. Nevertheless the popularity of Evita Peron was important for her husband. In his chart Venus is on top, inconjunct Neptune. The planets who are most prominent in the chart of Evita are angular in his chart. Perhaps they shared the same romantic ideal and what is more romantic than a sad love story? Here you see her chart. The positions of the transits are for the day of birth of Juan Peron.

PS For more examples and information about the named planets and asteroids, just click the labels under this post.
PPS The 28th degree of Aries: ' Large disappointed audience' says this site about sabian symbols...It is the Ascendant degree of Evita Peron, if this is indeed the correct HOB.
PPS PS See this about Evita Peron:


Astrological mirror of 50 Cent's lost weight

Curtis James Jackson or 50 Cent managed to loose 17 kilos to play the role of a cancer patient. It took him 9 weeks of eating fluid food and walking/running 3 hours a day. Watch the pictures on YouTube... I was curious about the astrological reflection in the mirror! Of course I added Ceres (food) and Pallas (patterns) with Pholus (turning point) to the usual planets and lights when I erected the chart of his day of birth because I expected those objects to be important in the picture.
The results are interesting:

1. Pholus is inconjunct his natal Sun!
That is reflecting a turning point with a lost related to fysics and health.
2. Pluto has been and will again be square natal Pallas (in the natal chart Pluto is also square Pallas). This introduces the theme of changing patterns.
3. The progressed Sun is in the 18th degree of Leo. That’s sesquisquare transit Ceres (frustrated nutrition).

And that is the astrological mirror.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Four Mount Everest climbers

Sherpas are cleaning the Mount Everest and trying to bring the bodies down of death climbers who remained in the deep frost of the icy mountain. Scott Fischer and Gianni Goltz are two of those found climbers. Just like climbers Wilco van Rooijen and Edmund Hillary they have a Mars-Uranus aspect in their chart: the drive for excitement and the company of fellow men. It is an aspect that often involves: taking risks… (See the examples (labels under this post) or move to Astromarkt to see more… ). Fischer and Goltz also both had an aspect between Saturn and Pluto*) (i.e. square and quindecile).

They also had an affliction with or from the oriental planet of their natal chart on the bad day that they lost their lives doing what they liked most: climbing.
1. Fischer had Progressed Sun 75 Saturn, his oriental planet.
2. Goltz had transit Jupiter (his oriental planet) inconjunct natal Sun.

Another example:
Climber Wilco van Rooijen (Mars tine Uranus in the natal chart) was rescued in time in August 2008 (see that post). He has Mars trine Uranus in the natal chart. His oriental planet is Neptune. When he had a serious accident his progressed Sun was changing sign and progressed Saturn was conjunct natal Saturn (a progressed Saturn return). He didn’t die. He was rescued in 2008 with transit Jupiter conjunct Sun.

It seems that a conflict with a prominent planet in the natal chart (and an oriental planet is such a prominent planet!) is reflecting an event in a more radical and thorough way and is mirroring more ‘ prominent’ influences. Also the natures of the aspect combinations speak for themselves:
- Goltz’ inconjunction with Jupiter is showing that he was overdoing things (he had success and he made it to the top, but…- inconjunction- with a lost involved). He lost his life when he climbed without using oxygen and refused to take oxygen when he felt bad on the way back. One of the sherpas declared that he might have survived had he accepted the oxygen.
- Fischer had bad weather conditions and when he needed more oxygen there was not enough. He couldn’t be reachted in time. The progressed Sun sesquisquare Saturn shows that some barrier or bad luck frustrated him and his vitality. Transit Saturn is now inconjunct his progressed Sun. The family didn’t allow the sherpas to move the body from the place where he died.

READ ALSO: Post about Dutch climber Wilco van Rooijen (Mars trine Uranus) with link to the chart of Edmund Hillary

*) More about Saturn and Pluto on Astromarkt


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sarah Ferguson's money issues

On August 23, last year, I reported about the importance of the combination of earning money (=Venus-Pluto) in the chart of Sarah Ferguson and here is the link to that post.
A quote:
The planets of money and values, Venus and Pluto are on her Midheaven and rising before the Sun to express the importance of earning money. She was super rich, she went bankrupt, she came back and now she is down a bit.
Today she in the tabloids because of selling cash-for-access (to her ex-husband Prince Andrew), as a secret tape recording unfolds. See the news here . Before, the Daily Mail wrote about Sarah Ferguson's money problems (See 'Poor Sarah'). The chart is below.

The reason for taking money is that she doesn’t have a penny (she said). See Saturn in the 2nd house, reflecting the lack of cash (in her eyes). It must be hard for someone who is oriented on money and to whom money is above all of importance (oriental Venus-Pluto on Midheaven), to have less than before (Saturn in the second house). But the amounts of money involved are exceptional, still (half a million pound for leading a reporter to the prince…).

The events are mirrored by the following transits and progressions of which Neptune (the planet of scandals, secrets and – some – media) makes the most with the crosspoints AC/MC and Sun/Moon.

Transit Neptune (planet of the media, scandal, secrets, hiding and gossip) sesquisquare AC/MC rx when the tape was produced and now: 1. semi square progressed Sun/Moon and 2. square progressed AC/MC.
That’s 3 times Neptune and 3 is crowd. In the charts of VIP's difficult transits of Neptune often go along with a bad press.

Transit Saturn already has been square her natal Saturn and will return to make another square this July/August and is now 75 degrees from progressed Sun. This means that there is a nasty confrontation with responsibilities and status. As natal Saturn is in the 2nd house, it is about money and what ‘she can do’ (her capabilities).

Progressed Uranus sextile natal Sun for an easy change in life.

Progressed Pholus square natal Mercury: a mental turning point

Varuna is on her natal Descendant and now square her natal Sun. Varuna is important in the charts of a lot of VIP’s. The square refers to the nature of her ‘fame’ right now.

Transit Pluto is square the Northern Node and was/will be semisquare the Ascendant, reflecting the angry community.

She divorced in 1996 with progressed Sun in 27.5 Scorpio and after that she completely changed her life style. She cleared her debts in 1998 (when the Sun moved to Sagittarius). But now her MC progressed to Scorpio (ruled by the important Pluto) semi square the natal Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (for the ups and downs of an influential position).


Bryant Neals Vinas' chart with potential risk

This is the chart of the day of birth of Bryant Neal Vinas, alias Ibrahim; Bashir al-Ameriki and Ben Yameen al-Kanadeeis with transits and progressions for the day when he left the USA for Pakistan, in order to join a jihadist group where he planned to bomb a NY station. Bryant Neal Vinas converted to islam in 2004 (age 21), radicalized with the 'help' of the internet and left the USA in 2007. He was captured in 2008 and pleaded guilty in 2009. He might have to spend the rest of his life in jail. I wondered what would be (part of) the indications for possible radicalization and for converting in the natal/progressed chart. There is no hour of birth available. What I found in this chart is that the tightest aspects form the combination of Sun,Mars, Saturn and Uranus. It is a mixture that risks acts of rebellion and restricted freedom as a result of it in certain circumstances and social condications.

Usually I find Uranus in the ninth house of converted people (but without hour of birth it is unknown for Vinas).
People born on December 4, 1983 tend to want to be exceptional,different, to rebel and to change the world (Sun conjunct the oriental*) Uranus). The conjunction is getting stronger and tighter in progression, enabling him to estrange from his family.

This important Uranus is exactly sextile the planet of action and war (Mars): this urges to make changes, now! See the label Mars-Uranus or read the article on Astromarkt and you will notice that Mars-Uranus is always there where the action is and that terrorism or freedom fighting is asscociated with this aspect or midpoint. All the terrorists that I studied have a tight Mars/Uranus, the combination of the short fuse. So has Bryant Neal Vinas.

The symbol of restricted freedom (from protocol to jail) and efforts to break free is the combination Saturn-Uranus. On the day of birth of Bryant Neal Vinas Saturn was semi sextile Uranus. Saturn is in the middle of Mars and Uranus and that tells us that violence is an issue, somehow.

When he moved to Asia, transit Jupiter was conjunct his Sun. Jupiter is the symbol of traveling, successes and the international. Jupiter is also the symbol of conviction. I have seen the Jupiter-Sun connection in the chart of a man who became a priest, too and it was even present in the chart of a terrorist on the day that he blew himself up. It is indicating a moment that the chart's holder considers a happy moment to start a voyage (to whatever). Often with Sun-Jupiter you meet a 'wise person' (a doctor, a priest, a teacher, someone who travelled a lot). The Jupiter transit of Vinas had all the ingredients of Jupiter (a long trip, becoming an international, meeting teachers, living according to your conviction).

Pholus, the symbol of the turning point (or point of no return) hit the most important combination of Sun,Mars and Uranus from 2008 to 2009.
In November 2008 he had transit Pholus conjunct Uranus. Uranus is his most important planet. The transit meant a turning point regarding freedom and independence.
During his arrest and when he admitted his crime in January 2009, transit Pholus was conjunct his natal Sun.
Pholus was sextile his natal Mars and semi square his progressed Mars, indicating a turning point in a battle.

When converted persons move to Pakistan there is a potential risk that they want to join radicals. The risk is even higher when a Mars-Uranus combination is of importance in the natal chart. Click for another examples (Jihad Jane, Colleen LaRose.

*) I found an interesting site about the planets of orientation here… and added to link to the recommended sites (see above). For more examples of the oriental planet: see the label under this post.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nicolaus Copernicus reburial

Nicolaus Copernicus, the man who dared to say that the earth is turning around the sun (against the doctrines of the Church of that time) is news now (see CBS).... His remains have been moved to a cathedral and the Church apologized. What transits and progressions accompany this event? The chart is below, here is a list of transits that together produces the idea of an important and sensitive change of status (and status quo).


- Transit Pholus is exactly conjunct the progressed midpoint AC/MC, mirroring a crucial turning point. Remember that the cross point of Ascendant and Midheaven represents the exact location of birth in a natal chart or more precisely: YOU at a certain spot on earth. The progressed AC/MC is reflecting further developments regarding your special place on earth. Pholus is the symbol of turning points. When Pholus is on AC/MC you might expect a turning point regarding your whereabouts.

- Transit Neptune is quindecile progressed Venus (and progressed Venus is 105 degrees from natal Midheaven. This looks like a matter of estetics and arts and ...sentimental and romantic atmospheres.

- Transit Uranus is exactly trine progressed Ceres. I am not sure how to read this. New home? News about genetic material?

- Progressed Midheaven is inconjunct natal Saturn.
That is a very strange kind of aspect on a day when his name and reputation has been cleared. A cleric said sorry for the comdemnations of Copernicus'theories by the Church.
For a man in his conditions (MC), or should I say for his remains, this 'goodbye' (Saturn) is perhaps rather disproportional (inconjunction), even considering the historical fact that the church did him wrong and certainly too (inconjunction) late(Saturn).

- The progressed Midheaven of Nicolaus Copernicus is conjunct natal Neptune and inconjunct natal Saturn and that could be read as 'suffering because of a developping condition'. Also transit Neptune is square natal MC, reflecting discontentment or confusion and being isolated. However, we can't read this chart like if Copernicus was still alive. Considering the fact that his NAME and REPUTATION (MC) is involved and not his condition (he is dead) perhaps these Neptunic aspects should be considered as mystification and getting some kind of heroic and 'holy' status.

Charts can't be read without some knowledge about a person's situation (economical, social and fysical). Charts can be read after death, but in that case the transits and progressions correspond with ideas about the person involved (and not, of course, with the person's well being - if you don't believe in such an active 'life after death').

Bono (U2), surgery and Mars-Uranus

U2 lead singer Bono had immergency back surgery in München, Germany, after an injury while preparing for his tour. Transit Uranus is exactly conjunct his Mars. Mars-Uranus is one of the aspects that reflect operations. Mars-Uranus is the kind of combination that 'hits you' or 'cuts you' suddenly.

Major events like this don't happen with one transit only. Notice that Jupiter and Uranus trine Midheaven (for a positive and welcome change) and that Neptune is square Midheaven (for an unwanted period of rest and perhaps for the 'sleep' involved. There are many more indications that I leave unmentioned now: just see the chart drawing. There is more info about the artistic talent in the natal chart on Art&Astrology.

Interesting link:
astrology home listed the transits and progressions corresponding with a major operation. Mars-Uranus is one of them.
More about Mars-Uranus in natal charts, progressions and transits, see the labels below this post on Astropost.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Lance Armstrong fell: Mars-Saturn again

Yesterday, when Floyd Landis accused him of using doping, Lance Armstrong fell and injured his face. He fell riding the Tour of California. He will be able to do the Tour the France, officials said. Last year (see the post about it) Armstrong fell and broke some bones with transit Mars square Saturn. Transit Saturn happened to be sesquisquare his natal Mars this time.
So the Mars-Saturn combination reflected injury and falling, again. It is the combination of falling (Saturn) and getting hurt (Mars).
Also transit Pholus is 75 degrees from transit Uranus and natal Pluto (T Uranus is opposition Pluto rx). That might be reflecting a sudden dramatic turning point or a surprising turn (maybe involved in this incident).

There is more about Armstrong on this blog, that you can see when you use ‘ Search this blog’ (on the left). One of the post about him is about the ‘ battle’ with Contador: here is the link.

This is his chart (no hour of birth), with transits and progressions, showing the transit of Saturn.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Floyd Landis, Lance Armstrong and Sun-Jupiter aspects

Floyd Landis admits the use of doping, and he accuses Lance Armstrong of having used doping, too. Floyd Landis had been found positive after winning the Tour the France and lost his title. I wrote about his ‘ negative positive’ Jupiter before (see the post about Landisl), with positions on his day of birth and links to other examples of Sun-Jupiter aspects in the charts of people accused of using doping (Bertrand, Jones etc.). Or just click the labels below...
(Jupiter is the symbol of positive energy, but when a person is tested for doping and the result is ‘ positive’ , being ‘ positive’ gets a negative meaning.)

Here is the chart of Landis day with the positions on the day of birth of Lance Armstrong. Landis was born October 14, 1975 in Landersville AL. Armstrong was born September 18, 1971. Landis, BTW, has Sun semisesquisquare (67.5d) Jupiter. The Pluto of Landis is exactly square the Mars of Landis, and that seems very appropiate (they are competing).. Also the Neptune of Landis is square the Mercury of Amstrong. Mercury-Neptune combinations often go along with accusations (see the label for more). None of these aspects actually reveal guilt or innocence. They just happen to ' pop-up' in similar cases and should be considered regarding the situation and the characters of the persons involved, as always...


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The fairy tale king and his 12th house castle

One of the most famous castles in the world and certainly one of the most fairy tale-like castles is Neuschwanzstein in Bavaria (Bayern), Germany. The idea to build a castle in the tradition of the Middle Ages (in the eyes of a person living in the decade of Romance) came from king Ludwig II who wanted a very private place, a refuge. Why? Because he was shy and a romantic person with fantasy. It is so easy to see the need for privacy and isolation in his chart that I just had to show you.

1. Moon in Pisces
2. Moon in 12th house
3. This Pisces 12th house Moon is ‘ calling’ (no Ptolemaic aspets in sign or orb 5 degrees) so that the need for privacy (Pisces 12th house) could reach any level (mountain high☺
4. Neptune on Midheaven

1. Moon in Pisces
2. Moon trine Venus (out of sign)
3. Moon ‘ calling’ (no Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees)
4. Venus biquintile Neptune
5. Neptune on Midheaven
(6. Venus trine Quaoar for shaping beautiful new realities)

The Pisces Moon and Neptune on Midheaven are in the list of indications for the need to have privacy and in the list of indications for romantic and perhaps artistic talents. Beautiful and more complicated things can’t be created without moments of silence and isolation. And, in moments of silence and isolation creative ideas pop up with more ease. It took the mind, influence and money of a shy and romantic sensitive king to imagine a romantic and fine shaped isolated castle that would impress many many tourists and visitors. But there is a less romantic side: in his final years they isolated him against his will.His life and death have always been food for fantasy and mystery. In 2007 the granddaughter of a countess revealed a jacket with two bullet holes that explained his strange death (he ‘ drowned’ although he was a perfect swimmer). He never married and there is still a controversy about him being homosexual (or not, which seems to me unlikely). He was engaged to a niece of Sissy and the marriage was cancelled probably for that reason. They limited his freedom in his later years (Saturn/Uranus = Sun/Moon) because he didn’t function as a king should do and because he was too shy to be considered a normal person. They said he had paranoia. Noone knows what more reasons they had…
Anyway, he dreamt and romanced his life away, spending too much money and was perhaps murdered in the end. It is an intruiging story and sad, like all romantic stories, but: with a happy end after death. He left us Neuschwanzstein and inspired Walt Disney…You can see the chart of Walt Disney on Art&Astrololgy, the Astropost blog about the pattern of artistic talents in natal charts…

BTW On the day of his death there were many aspects:
- Progressed Mars was semi square progressed Midheaven ( a conflict, fire, shooting)
- both Quaoar and Pholus were in aspect with progressed Venus (preferences and sympathies on a turning point)
- Transit Pluto was conjunct natal Moon and
- transit Uranus trine natal Moon (together a sudden dramatic experience)
- Progressed Moon was square progressed Mars (a period of anger and aggression, need to exercise or be assertive).
(Notice Mars-Uranus-Pluto related to the Moon for a sudden dramatic and aggressive moment)
- Transit Saturn square natal Uranus and semi square natal Pluto (a sudden dramatic ending or farewell)
- Transit Saturn opposition Pholus rx adds the question of ‘ shooting own feet’
- Transit Saturn is sesquisquare natal Midheaven (the frustrating end of a position or condition).
- Transit Neptune inconjunct Descendant (betrayal, grieve or disappointment with a loss involved)

Three years earlier his progressed Sun was square Pholus and opposition Uranus, indicating a sudden and controversial turning point. In 1883 he did nothing more than bestowing the ‘ Bad’ on Kissingen Bavaria as far as we know. However, in this mysterious life a lot of facts remain unknown.

The Moon (house) in Pisces (like a fairy tale) in 12th house (refuge)....the translation for Moon Pisces 12 might be a fairy tale (Pisces) house (Moon) in an isolated place or ment for privacy (12th house)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Select your favorite quote about astrology...

This site: gathered a lot of quotes about astrology. They are food for thought on a lazy day. What is your favorite quote?

1. By Arthur C. Clarke (born December 16, 1917 with Jupiter 105 Uranus, Sagittarian Sun quatrinovile Jupiter and sextile Uranus*):
I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical.

(!I am a Sagittarius, too! :) Arthur C.Clarke was a science fiction writer and inventor.

2. By Ralph Waldo Emerson:
Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.
I never heard of Ralph Waldo Emerson before yesterday when his name was mentioned in a serie on television (shame on me:) and now I noticed his name again. Time to pay some attention to this chart (see below)!

Ralph Waldo Emerson was an essayist, philosopher and poet and later a transcendentalist (a believer in indiviual spiritual growth). Here below is his chart for the moment when he started travelling (to Europe) after the death of his ' mate' (she died very young). More about his life on Astrodatabank...
BTW, watch Varuna on his Ascendant and see the link to the recommended study about this object in the left upper corner or use the tab ' Recommended sites, books and studies'. And notice that Mercury in Gemini is the final dispositor of Midheaven, indicating the importance of communications and ideas in his professional life.

3. By John Kenneth Galbraith:
The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.

I like this one now that we are in the middle of an economic and financial crisis that has not been 'predicted' or 'forecasted'. John Kenneth Galbraith was born October 15, 1908 with Venus quintile Pluto (for being creative in matters of money) and Mercury was exactly sextile Uranus and sesquisemisquare (67.5d) Jupiter*).

*)For more about the combination of Jupiter and Uranus in the charts of astrologers, astronauts, popes and all those who experience, use or need a helicopter view, see the post about Jupiter-Uranus (use the label or this link).

Friday, May 14, 2010

Laura Bush's Uranus

Laura Bush was on Astropost before in a post about the 'calling' Uranus of Laura Bush,reflecting humanitarian interests and being 'different' at any possible level (in her group, I mean). It was written when Amnesty paid attention to her good works and compared her with Eleonar Roosevelt. (see the link).

Today the media reports that she has stated to have a different opinion than her husband and the Republicans about gay marriage and abortion.

Let me quote myself:)

Uranus is 'calling' these ladies! In the charts of both ladies Uranus is not making any Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. In the chart of Eleanor Uranus is on top and rising before the Sun and Mercury, so that she has an orientation on the theme of Uranus.
And in the chart of Laura Bush Uranus is square the midpoint ASC/MC and 157.5 (sesquisquare + half semisquare) from the midpoint Sun/Moon. That means that she is all in all and in heart and soul Uranus-minded.
We all know that Uranus when it comes to vocations means that you want to make the world a better place and to help people.

Isn't it interesting that the Uranus of Eleanor Roosevelt is at 29d49m Virgo and Laura Bush's Midheaven is situated at 29d23m Capricorn? That links the prominent Uranus of Eleanor - symbolizing human rights at any level and above all- in a positive way to the 'vocation' of Laura Bush, strongly going into the same direction.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Change of PM's

Progressed Midheaven inconjunct transit Saturn and Gordon Brown has now resigned. In August/September he will also step back as the leader of the Labour Party. The inconjunction of Saturn ment lost and stepping back.

More about the chart of Gordon Brown, his progressions and transits here...

PS For the chart of the new PM (David Cameron) click here...


Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Pisces:
double bodied fun!

Next week Venus in Gemini will be square Jupiter in Pisces.

Pisces and Gemini are so called ' double bodied signs' . Venus is pleasure and Jupiter is happiness and ' more' .
Next week's Venus and Jupiter will also be opposition and square my natal Venus in Sagittarius and I am going to spend time off in Bavaria (sauerkraut, bratwurst, kuchen, Schwarzwalder Kirschen Torte, maybe not the perfect place to be in the middle of a 1500 cal. diet...)
Question: Will I be ' double bodied' when I'll be back?!

Cafe Astrology says that transit Jupiter square Venus it is the perfect time for self indulgence (and for a desire to skip duties ( see this link to read more...), In other words:it is time for having lots of fun without working. There is a name for that: HOLIDAYS!. Isn't that perfect timing? Jupiter is also the planet of the international (the traveller) and Venus is nice, so I guess that I will enjoy it!

But how is it to have Venus-Jupiter in the natal chart? Two examples (and see the label!):

Imagine: Sean Connery has Venus square Jupiter (tightly) in his birth chart. Does that help to make life more fun, I wonder? Off topic: there was an investigation recently about white washing or fraude involving the sale of his house in Marbella (Soain). BTW: He is one of the ' James Bond's' of the article on Astromarkt, that you see here...
But back to Bavaria; it is the place of victory for Bayern Munchen's coach Louis van Gaal, who posed (and danced) in Lederhosen just a few days ago. Here is his chart with transits and progressions and without h.o.b. Notice that Venus/Jupiter is semi square the Sun and see how funny that can be in leather shorts! I'll report back about the level of pleasure with Jupiter transit square my Venus!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plutonic aspects in the Spanish royal family

The Spanish King and his son have transits and progressions with Pluto. Crown Princess Letizia also has ' signs of transformation and change' in her chart, but it seems to be another kind of challenge...
Pluto is refleting power and authority, too. Today, the royal power of Juan Carlos was given to his son, because King Juan Carlos had a - successful- long surgery (see the news). This happened with transit Pluto semisquare natal Ascendant and progressed Ascendant conjunct Pluto. More transits and progressions are accompanying this (see the list*).

For a few hours Felipe was ' in charge' . Today Felipe has two Plutonic transis/progressions:
1. transit Pluto on the Descendant and
2. the progressed Sun opposition Pluto.
It seems to be a time of problems, stress and challenges for both father and son.
Crown Princess Letizia, will also ' meet' Pluto soon (transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Ascendant). It seems that her transformation is of another kind: beauty surgery and the dentist!

The wife of Felipe, Letizia, has progressed Midheaven oppositon Venus (question of esthetics and beauty). Her progressed Sun recently changed sign (life or lifestyle changing) and is trine transit Chiron, the healer. Also transit Pholus is exactly sextile her Mars (turning point in competition) and transit Pluto will soon be inconjunct her progressed Ascendant (defending or changing your circumstances with a certain lost or unbalance).. You see that there is a matter of beauty, change and stress in her chart. And in her solar return chart for this year, Quaoar is on Midheaven: a year with a new perspective or creating new concepts in her career and public position (or a new image being created...).
It seems that the royal couple had a photo shopped official photo and that Letizia had her nose and teeth ‘ done’ lately. Maybe that explains the changes, challenges and the opposition of Venus! See the photoshop picture here.

More Spanish royalty:

- Birth chart of Juan Carlos...

- Divorcing Princess Elena...

- History: Juana la Loca...

PS About Felipe and Letizia:

The midpoint Sun/Moon of Letizia is in aspect with her Venus and with her husbands' Sun. When the Sun of a man hits the midpoint Sun/Moon of a woman, it means that he is the one for her (the one she wants to belong to). For more about the midpoint Sun/Moon, click the label! (Labels are below this post and on the left side bar on

*List of transits and progressions of Juan Carlos reflecting the surgery:
The complete picture is of a revolutionary change in - physical- conditions with relief and difficulties, maybe in getting back to 'usual' after alert and stress. In a few months time progressed Midheaven square Pholus rx; the social position at a turning point.

Transit Pluto semisquare natal Ascendant +
Progressed Ascendant conjunct Pluto; stressful circumstances, something being removed or amputated; physical comeback

Transit Uranus trine Ascendant; easy and sudden change of circumstances; a physical intervention

Transit Uranus inconjunct Progressed Moon; extraordinary upheaval; something happens that creates nervousness

Progressed Sun square natal Chiron; facing a healing

Transit Neptune exactly semi sextile Midheaven; unconsciousness

The midpoint of transit Jupiter/Uranus conjunct progressed Sun; a relief (a successful intervention or positive change)

Transit Pholus sesquisquare Pluto and Midheaven; a frustrating and challenging turning point


Friday, May 7, 2010

Chart of David Cameron

This post is about the chart of David Cameron with transits and progressions (to see the drawing, scroll down). Yesterday David Cameron became the winner of the British Elections. His Sun was sextile the Midheaven of closing time of Election Day*).

In short, David Cameron has the chart of a leader (the Sun is 'calling'), a lot of things coming his way (beginning with barriers!) and in the long term a success to look forward to. But first he has to deal with partnership/coalitions...(Saturn on the Ascendant; time to commit yourself).

Because of the placement of Ceres - seed and genes - on top of his chart, and the results of the elections, I added a picture of the corn harvest (by Pieter the Elder Bruegel). It isn't harvest time,yet, however. It is not even certain if he will be the next PM and if he is: will it be a conservative government or does he need a partner? Labour + Liberals = a majority...There are a lot of (political) considerations following the results of the elections. Let us see David Cameron's natal chart with transits and progressions. What is to be expected íf he will be the next MP?

Coalitions and Saturn
It is a difficult chart for coalitions and relations in general, at the moment. Transit Saturn is about to reach his Ascendant (this August), followed by Mars. It will certainly be hard work to keep standing and it might require strict measures.

Whatever he does now, will be important for the next years. (For example: Saturn was on the Ascendant of George W.Bush during Katrina and what he did nOt do was of importance for his position and status). Any transit on the Ascendant or Descendant has the potency to change your horizon and it depends on circumstances and the person involved what the transit of Saturn will be reflecting. Some keywords: taking responsibility, being blamed, duties on the horizon, commitment and sometimes separation (distance). It requires patience, decency, respect and control to deal with this transit. Transit Saturn moved over his Ascendant before (with this Ascendant: on March 12 and again on August 12. May 27 is in the middle of the period.)

More 2010+2011
There is a lot of activity with this chart. Transits of Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune come and go in 2010 and 2011.
The trine made by transit Uranus will be back and bring welcome changes for a while (in September 2010 and in March 2011).
There will also be support in mid January 2011 (t Jupiter trine progressed Sun), but Neptune will be square the progressed Sun in February 2011. Neptune is the symbol of disappointment and isolation. A lot of ups and downs....
In 2011 transit Uranus will be square the Midheaven and opposition Ascendant, illustrating upheaval and changes again in April.

2012: P Sun trine Jupiter
The chart of this leader has one advantage. In April 2012 the progressed Sun in Sagittarius will make the first major progressive aspect in the new sign and it is one of the best: Progressed Sun trine Jupiter rx. It is the reflection of a successful new life (or lifestyle) and if he is still in charge it mirrors successful leadership later in 2011 (and perhaps good prospects for the UK).

Duties and responsibilities (Saturn)
The chart of a leader of a nation is often indicative for the well being of the people. There may be hope and eventually successes, but times are hard first. Saturn is the symbol of hard times. Transit Saturn will hit Cameron's Ascendant in August and his Sun in December.

The natal chart has the Sun 'calling' (for drawing attention and taking the lead at any possible level). The 'calling' Mars gives an energy level with ups and downs and is often seen in the charts of workaholics and ...sportsmen. Vesta on the Ascendant shows dedication. The oriental position of Uranus and Pluto might point at impulse and a tendency to be 'radical' (in the sense of making changes, 'revolutionary'). He may be a young radical in the eyes of old conservatives, but with the final dispositor of Midheaven (Venus) in Libra he is more of a diplomate and moderate.
Should I say: a dedicated diplomatic workaholic leader with an eye on change?

David Cameron's Ceres on top of the chart and the crucial midpoint AC/MC in aspect with the Northern Node might point at the importance of networks and genes (or the family background). Ceres is the symbol of grain and seeds. Isn't it surprising that this symbol is so important in the chart of a descendant of Alexander Geddes, who made a fortune in the grain business? BTW one of his ancestors is 18th century King William IV (and his mistress Dorothea). In the UK there is more (openly:) distance between the classes than in the rest of Europe. The position of Ceres makes it clear how important networks and genes were and are in the life and position of Cameron.

For more background information about Ceres, Vesta,midpoints, Uranus-Pluto combinations etc., see the labels!

*) The Suns of Brown and Clegg were inconjunct (quincunx) and that is a sign of lost. The Midheaven of a final moment related to the charts of leaders reveals a lot in football games (see the label 'football') and politics has a lot in common with football:), apparently.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Closing time Election day chart

The polls are open until 10 p.m. Previously I tought it was at 19:00 hours, but that was wrong. So here is the true chart of the UK Elections closing time (Times Online says it is 10 p.m.).

The suns or progressed Suns of the party leaders are all in aspect with the MC of closing time (30th degree of Virgo). The progressed Suns of Liberal Nick Clegg (on the edge of Aquarius and Pisces) and Labour Gordon Brown (in the last degree of Aries) are inconjunct (quincunx) the Virgo MC. The progressed Sun of Conservative David Cameron (in the final degree of Scorpio) is sextile the MC. It is peculiar that all three have the Sun in the final degree of a sign (reflecting a changing life style). Their Progresed Suns are afflicting each others P Sun and that is in line with their positions. Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown should perhaps work together after the elections and their progressed Suns are sextile (Aries and Aquarius), a rather soft combination. The progressed Sun of David Cameron is square Gordon Brown's and inconjunct Nick Clegg's. Squares and inconjunctions are hard aspects.

Inconjunctions often refer to losts, but time will tell if that is right, today. As a result of the exit polls the conservatives are smelling victory already (see Times). Click the label Elections or Politics to see more about the candidates or move to 'Hot items now' (above).


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Faisal Shahzad, Mars-Uranus and terrorism

Terrorism is related Mars-Uranus (the short fuse). There is an article on my site Astromarkt about Mars-Uranus . I quote:
"....Suicide killers of the London Subway Blast (July 7, 2005). They were born:
a. October 20, 1974: a conjunction of Sun, Mars and Uranus and Sun conjunct the midpoint Mars/Uranus
b. September 9, 1986: Sun trine Mars and square Uranus
c. December 15, 1980: Sun conjunct Mars/Uranus"
Faisal Shahzad,the man arrested for the incident on Times Square (trying to explode a car) was born on June 30, 1979 if Wiki is right. On June 30, 1979 Mars was quindecile*) Uranus. It is not that you have to become a terrorist with a Mars-Uranus affliction, but this aspect is always there in the charts of terrorist (statistics don't work vice versa!). In this specific case Mars is the first rising outer planet (the oriental planet), if we skip Varuna: an activist, a soldier, an entrepeneur, someone who acts first (and maybe thinks later?).
If we don't leave Varuna out, we get the picture of a person with an orienation on 'fame' by action. The effect of the aspect combination should be seen in the light of the man's background, of course.

Here is a link to more moderate examples of Mars-Uranus on this blog. And here is the chart of the day of birth of Faisal Shahzad.

Watch the 'soft' aspects of the Sun with Saturn and Uranus, the combination of restricted freedom. Maybe that is reflecting that it was easy to find him. This d.o.b. might be right.

READ ALSO the post about Colleen LaRose (Mars conjunct Uranus), an American woman who supported a group of terrorists and was arrested a few months ago.

*(165 degree aspect, meaning 'strong focus'or 'obsession')


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

VIP Birthday's May 4, May 5 and May 6

Here are links to the charts of some persons born on May 4, 5 or 6. And the chart of the final vote on Election Day,at 19:00 hours (if I am correct).

Born May 4: Karen Homolka, or 'Barbie' had an important Moon-Pluto aspect in her chart.

Born May 4: Audrey Hepburn couldn't stop smoking. Why?

Born May 5: Chris Brown had a violent relationship with Rihanna...

Born May 5: Michael Palin's name is mentioned in the article on my site Astromarkt: Conspicuous by Absence (about the missing element or aspect).

Born May 6: Rudolfo Valentino,mentioned in the post about male attraction

Born May 6: Tony Blair.His chart is in the post about the synastry with Gordon Brown.

And then it is UK Election Day, also on May 6 (Tony Blair's birthday. The link leads to a post about the candidates. Here is the chart of the final vote on that day: 19:00 hours (just for the records:).


Barack Obama and the bad press

This is the picture of the chart, transits and progressions of President Barack Obama now that there is an oil spill disaster and now that the National Enquirer accuses him of cheating his wife. [BTW: I have already had a look at the match between Barack and Michelle Obama (on Astrology&Love...(link))].
Hard times again, indeed, and the chart is perfectly reflecting that. Here is a list of what Obama is dealing with right now:
- Transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Venus: unbalance about ‘another woman’ happens to be one of the possible ways to read this combination and in fact: there is news (Uranus) about his lovelife (Venus) and it is outrageous (inconjunct)
- Transit Uranus opposition progressed Sun for upheaval and being part of a controversy caused by others; as Uranus is ruler 1 and Sun is ruler 7, this opposition has an effect on relationships
- Transit Saturn will return to a conjunction with progressed Sun before Summer: Saturn is always hard…
- Transit Neptune semi square progressed Midheaven often signals a bad press; frustrating weakening of position
- Transit Neptune: almost inconjunct his progressed Sun: gossip creating unbalance and lost. There is a post about Sun inconjunct Neptune where I mention 'the fallen angle' (and the bad press that Susan Boyle had all of the sudden).
- Progressed Sun will change sign in 3 months time: in the middle of a period of major changes in life
- Progressed Mercury square natal Saturn and sextile natal Uranus (restricted freedom of communications)
- Progressed Mercury is exactly inconjunct Vesta (could be read as: unbalancing talks about ‘home’)
Help is on the way as Jupiter is in Pisces, on his way to an opposition with progressed Sun and …the first aspect of the progressed Sun in the new sign (Libra) will be a trine with Jupiter, unless I take into account that there will also be an opposition with the symbol of marriage (Juno). There is an earlier harmonious aspect, too: progressed Moon trine Neptune. I hope that it means that he is in the mood for (domestic) romance.

Charts of leaders often have a great impact on the nations that they are leading. If that is true this time, the hard times will be followed by better days within months.

For more about Obama, click the label or click HERE!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Uranus-MC and the Deep Horizon (Gulf) Explosion

Stepping from the site of Lynne Hayes to the link to Lucky in Love, I started wondering about Uranus-MC in the chart of this explosion,because I found so many Uranus-MC-aspects in the charts of explosions and yes: Uranus is quindecile (165 degrees) Midheaven. Uranus is the symbol of the flash. More examples? See the label 'Úranus' or 'Accidents'.

Another interesting observation: Varuna (God of the Ocean) at 20 Cancer, sesquisquare Ascendant and quindecile Ceres (symbol of mother Earth). For more astrological ideas about the disaster I like to refer to other sites:
Lynne Hayes
Funk Astrology


Dream weddings in astrology

Cinderella married a prince. It is a fairy tale. Few women (unless princesses themselves) get married to a royal or noble person or wed a millionaire. And even fewer men!
But if they did, they wouldn’t have to cook, wash, do vipers and make coffee and (for the men) they would always get a proper job just because they know the right persons. What a life of luxury! So if a woman does benefit from getting married in an extreme way, we would expect to see a whole lot of money and luxury related marriage in her chart, wouldn’t we?
There is another important indication for a miraculous wedding: Jupiter and Neptune are the combination of beliefs and devoted audiences and …great dreams.So I think that Venus with Jupiter and Neptune is the combination of the fairytale marriage (very – Jupiter- romantic – Venus+Neptune, but with a great chance – Jupiter- for disappointments in love – Venus+Neptune, as well). Maxima, Diana and Gracia have this ‘ theme’ in their charts.
Here are some examples of marriages between ‘ royal blood’ and ‘common people’.

1. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands married a rich boy who will be king one day. Her Venus is in hard aspect with Jupiter/Pluto. In the days around her wedding day the progressed Descendant was conjunct Juno, the symbol of the married woman. With Venus trine her Ascendant it is no surprise that she is the most popular one of the Dutch royal family. She has (Mercury and) Venus in a (wider) inconjunct with the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. And that is a combination for a fairytale.

2. Princess Diana married Prince Charles on July 19, 1981. In her chart Jupiter(ruler 1) is inconjunct the elevated Pluto in a ‘ Cinderella or ‘ harem’ degree’*), reflecting the extraordinary price to pay for success. The progressed Midheaven was square Pholus to illustrate the ‘ turning point’ on her wedding day, with Midheaven sextile Mars and 75 degrees from the Sun in her 7th house of marriage. Quaoar trine the Descendant might mirror the new reality that started when she married her prince. I quote Astromarkt:
Three of the midpoint combinations are on Zero Aries! (Venus/Jupiter, Venus/Neptune, Jupiter/Neptune, variying on the theme of Venus/Jupiter/Neptune that I found in the charts of those doing a fortunate marriage).

And of course: for a 'dream' wedding!:)

3. Princess Victoria of Sweden (July 14, 1977 at 9:45, source is about to marry a ‘ common’ young man next month, named Daniel Westling (born September 15, 1973). He has Jupiter trine Pluto and square Venus and maybe that is just one of the reflections of successful marriage and a lot of money. He has Saturn rising before his Sun. For their match, see Astrology & Love…

Three different stories that I like to complete with Grace Kelly’s Juno trine Midheaven (a position related to marriage) and Venus, Jupiter and Pluto (sesquisemisquare) in aspect with Quaoar (a complete new world through a successful marriage). There is also Venus sesquisquare Jupiter and sextile Neptune.

But where is ‘ royalty’ in their charts? With these aspects and transits they could have married a successful CEO as well. The amount of indications for social growth and success together with indications for the successful marriage give an indication of the level of growth. And of course, you have to be in the position to meet royalty or the rich…What is success anyway? Maybe for most of us a successful marriage is a lasting marriage:).

Here is the chart of Maxima and the transits and progressions of her wedding day:

*) See Astromarkt about the chart of Diana: (link)