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The MC inconjunct aspect

Inconjunctions with the MC (Midheaven) have a special effect on the status, the condition, the career or the 'name and fame'. Although this doesn't HAVE to be in a disruptive way, the lack of balance creates a certain danger.
The inconjunct of Progressed Midheaven mirrors an unbalancing development in the career or in the position in the world.
When it is an inconjunct by transit, the inconjunct shows what happened to influence the position in the world.

I have a number of examples of this in (see the links in the article on illustrating the reflection of inconjuncts with MC. Of course all these examples are strictly related to the individual  of the example. Here I like to mention some more personal experiences.

a. I had the inconjunct with Progressed Midheaven and Pluto in a very stressed situation.

b. I had the inconjunct with Progressed Midheaven and Uranus in 2003. Two exciting things happened. I had a disturbing nightly anonymous nasty phone call of a stranger who apparently had access to my medical files. And I considered starting a website, but (…inconjunct) I didn't know how.

c. Later my brother offered to help me with the implementation of the very first pages of the first version of my site and gave me a date for it 6 weeks before the start with Progressed MC inconjunct Uranus, soon after T Uranus conjunct Jupiter and T Saturn inconjunct my Progressed Midheaven.  As a naive starter I forgot not to use my name. Loss of status was included!:)  (In my country they don't take you seriously anymore when you 'believe' in astrology)

d. On May 17, 2013, Mars was inconjunct my Sun and Midheaven. It was the day after my arrival in Rhodes and I slept almost all of that day (still recovering of flu and with  heavy pain in my back). Inconjunct Mars is an energy drain.

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The transit inconjunct alert:

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Astro Travel, holidays in Greece, poll and mythology

I went to Rhodes (Greece) last week because it was one of the few sunny European spots with a temperature of 25 degrees Celcius and more. Never been there before. It was simply the best place  to be considering the weather and the fact that it was a very very last minute. It was a perfect choice: good hotel, nice people, interesting sites and above all: SUN! There must be a reason why Helios is the god of Rhodes! Helios means Sun. Rhodes is a sunny island.

Rhodes is east of my Mercury/MC line in Astro Click Travel. I had the idea that I was talking and reading a lot more than usual. This instead of writing and blogging, I mean. But I also slept a lot:). I finished Dan Brown's Inferno. I shopped on the airport and I had accidentily chosen the English hard cover instead of the paper back, which was in Dutch. (May I recommend Inferno?)
I also read a lot about Rhodos, the history of Rhodos and Greek mythology, unfortunately translated from Greek to Dutch in a way that was very confusing sometimes. I was particularly interested in the myth about Ouranos and Kronos.

Uranus (Ouranos) in astrology represents indepence and revolt, while Saturn (Kronos) is more the symbol of the status quo. The myth is a contradiction of that idea.
In Greek mythology Ouranus was the god of the days before real time began. He was the god of heaven. He was also a terrible father who threw his children to earth's depts because he was afraid that they would take over his power.
It was his son Kronos (Saturn) who - inspired by his mother Gea = earth - bit off the genitals of Uranus, took over the power and liberated his brothers and sisters. So Ouranus was the bad guy and Kronos revolted.
That was before Kronos started to eat his children. This made me think of the concept that the revolution eats his own children (after the revolution, of course:).

It was Zeus (Jupiter), eventually, who conquered Kronos. When he was born, his mother Rea gave a stone instead of the baby to Kronos. That is how Zeus was rescued. Later Zeus liberated the eaten children. In fact, he did a lot more. It is interesting how violent the gods and heroes of mythology are, especially when you consider the fact that the story blames Pandorra for opening the box of evil (like Eva ate the apple, also being curious), closing it just in time to keep hope with us. (Curiosity kills the cat.)

Now how does Uranus become the symbol of independence and being free, while in mythology he is in fact a nasty castrated father who married his own mother! Interesting that we can't see Uranus when we look at the sky above and that Ouranos was deposed by Kronos. It is just a story that tries to explain the beginning of humanity (simply said, I mean). But the concept of freedom doesn't seem to fit in with the story about Ouranos. Erin Sullivan explains it on
Isn't it funny that the planet Uranus turns the other way around and that the meaning of Uranus in astrology also seems to be 'the other way around' when you consider the myth about Ouranos?

OK, back to easy, back to holidays.
Rhodos is near my Mercury/MC, the Costa Brava is my Pluto /Ascendant line and that is supposed not to be relaxed, but stressed. But I like Barcelona! Pluto/Ascendant should ruin relationships or introduce fated ones on that line. This never occured to me over there. Perhaps this is, because it is also east of my Jupiter/Ascendant line and that makes it one of the most pleasant places to stay! As I have Jupiter conjunct my Ascendant in the natal chart, this aspect resonates the aspect in the birth chart, for more effect.
In other words: my Jupiter conjunct Ascendant 'works' on the Jupiter/Ascendant line over Barcelona (and Valencia, Toulouse and Brussels, too).  I don't have a Pluto-Ascendant natal aspect and I don't recognize the effect on the Costa Brava.

Another example: I have a wider MC-Venus (7d+). The Venus-MC line is on Rome, Copenhagen, Venice and Muenich, places where I have been and that I really liked (uh well, who doesn't?:). Maybe that is not a good example. But I intend to look for those destinations with a Jupiter-Ascendant, Venus-MC or Sun-MC line. Considering the fact that I have these aspects, why not use the beneficial side of them?

Now I wonder about you?
1. do the lines of Astro Click Travel correspond with your experiences?
2. do those lines seem to be stronger when there is an aspect in the natal chart between the two components of the line as far as you know?
3. ever visited a place on your Venus-MC or Jupiter-AC line? And, how was it?
4. any more examples, or examples of the contrary?

Please do the poll! It is on the right, until May 7. Later I will post the results in the comments.


Just for fun: the sunshine sun sign holiday guide

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Nasty Pisces (2) like Speer and Eichmann

Some time ago I wrote about 'Sweet Pisces' criminals. Among them: Mengele. This post is about Adolf Eichmann's chart and a bit about the chart of Albert Speer.  Signs are not human. People are not their sun sign. Charts are about more than sun signs. And some born under Pisces aren't as soft and compassionate as they are supposed to be. Where is the shark in the charts of these Pisces?

Someone said, in a documentary, that Nazi criminals looked just like ordinary people. Their charts also look like the charts of ordinary people. That is because you have to see charts related to their background. In critical periods in (mundane or personal) history the progressed chart shows how a person grew into his position. Certain nasty characteristics may turn into nazi characteristics in certain circumstances.This is about the chart of Adolf Eichmann. His background is Nazi-Germany. His education was unfinished. He joined the Nazis in the early years and worked his way up. He was executed in 1962, as a war criminal. Adolf Eichmann managed the deportation of Jews to extermination camps and ghettos in German-occupied Eastern Europe.

Adolf Eichmann managed the deportation of Jews to extermination camps and ghettos in German-occupied Eastern Europe. His background is Nazi-Germany. His education was unfinished. He joined the Nazis in the early years and worked his way up. He was executed in 1962,  as a war criminal.

Saturn - the career - was rising before his Sun, just like in the chart of Hitler's architect, Albert Speer. Speer, Eichmann and the cruel doctor Mengele all three had Sun conjunct Eris. Above is the chart of Eichmann. Here is that of Albert Speer.

When I read a chart I use 4 steps:
- Astro ID (based on the prominence of planets).
- Character (elements, Sun, Moon, Sun/Moon and Ascendant)
- Aspects and midpoints like Sun/Moon, AC/MC
- Specific patterns
I limit myself mostly to the Astro ID, here. That is because those 'special marks' seem to be enough to explain what brought him into his position and to explain what he did.

His natal chart is an ordinary chart with some highlights. There are 4 'calling' planets. They show the opportunities ahead, at any possible level, somehow and anyhow. There are also 4 angular position (Uranus, Pholus, Neptune and Venus). Venus with Uranus and Neptune is the combination of blinded love and sympathy, while Pholus is the symbol of the turning point.


- Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are 'calling' (no major narrow aspects in sign). The combination of these 3 refers to
A. a great communicator who is not always reasonable,
B. someone who tends to dominate somehow and anyhow and
C. to the 'international', occupying himself with foreign matters or living abroad. He also lived in Argentina (as from July 14, 1950) for 10 years until his abduction and arrest.
- Mars was 'calling' for drive and aggression at any possible level. Mars with Jupiter and Pluto gives a lot of energy and drive. This helps in order to gain success. He had a successful career until the war was over.

- Saturn is rising before the Sun and will remain the planet of orientation in the progressed chart, too. When Saturn rises before the Sun a person's orientation is classical. They will follow their parents or other authorities. They are realist, earth bound, materialistic.

- Uranus is opposite Midheaven, showing both the importance of techniques (the mechanic) as the controversial nature of his 'name'.
- Neptune on Midheaven and Venus on the Descendant makes you think of an artist. As there is no pattern of artistic talent, these positions may refer to a certain talent in general and to a combination of skills (Venus) and vision (Neptune). Ideology prevailed (Neptune on MC). Brutus says about Venus-DC: 'willing to give other person's ideas a shot' and I think that this is in line with what happened. But was he 'gullible' or naive? I doubt it. He presented himself as a simple administrator and perhaps expected others to be 'gullible' in this…
- Pholus on the Ascendant is a statement of the turning point on the horizon.
In the progressed chart Uranus and Neptune made narrow harmonious aspects with the Ascendant when he moved to Argentina in 1950.

So he had a chart with opportunities and chances and he had an Astro ID with 4 key positions. He used his tools for crime without blood on his hands. He was the man who organized crime. There is no way that his chart 'intended' to organize deathly transportations. There is Mars/Saturn on Pholus semi square Northern Node that we can read as deathly common key starting point.But that doesn't mean that 'someone above' or 'the stars' planned what he did. It is the other way around.

In times of war, ambition may lead to crime. His ruler MC is the  Capricorn Moon, ruled by Saturn, rising before the Sun. Maybe that was enough in those days.


Hitler's architect was not executed, by mistake. He was believed when he presented himself as a decent Nazi who didn't know about the Shoah. In fact, in order to create a new Berlin, he had the Jews of Berlin transported to Poland just to be able to confiscate their homes.

Just like Eichmann, Speer had Saturn and Eris rising before the Sun. Their rise was in the war.

Just like Eichmann, Speer had Neptune on an angle. Just like Eichmann, Speer had Uranus on an angle of the chart and Pluto 'calling'. Ideologies, techniques, power and authority are of importance in both charts.

Is it just coincidence that Speer and Eichmann had Saturn and Eris rising before their Pisces Sun? Why does Mengele have Sun conjunct Eris? Here is his chart:

If you are interested in Eris, see this post:  that I ended with (quote)
If you have a prominent Eris in your chart (angular, for example or in a very tight aspect with the Sun or Midheaven) you might see more conflicts and be in the middle of it than others do. Do you?"
Speer, Mengele and Eichmann had a life with Eris...Their Sun was conjunct Eris or Eris was rising before their Sun.





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The pattern of artistic and political talent

When you study the charts of artists and politicians, you may notice that many of them have the same 'trio' in aspect. For art (and entertainment or art craft) I see Moon-Venus-Neptune and for politics Mercury-Saturn-Pluto. Not always, but very often…

My blog Art&Astrology ( is completely dedicated to the astrological pattern of artistic talent, shown by means of the charts of dozens of artists, musicians, painters, photographers, directors and singers. What is that pattern?

Venus is the symbol of beauty and style. Venus rules Taurus and Libra.
Moon is the symbol of senses and of moods. The Moon rules Cancer.
Neptune is the symbol of vision and fantasy. Neptune rules Pisces.

All aspects (minor, major, soft or hard) between Moon, Venus and Neptune create the pattern of talent. For example: Moon semi sextile Venus and inconjunct Neptune or Venus trine Moon and square Neptune. Or: Moon novile Venus and Venus biquintile Neptune.
Placements of Venus, Moon or Neptune in the signs that they rule  attribute to the pattern. For example: Venus in Cancer, Moon in Taurus and Neptune in Libra.
The Ascendant or Midheaven in those signs are also a big help.

The MC in aspect with one, two or all three (Moon, Venus and Neptune) links the talent to the public and the career.

Most examples on Art&Astrology have this pattern in the chart. There are always exceptions. Sometimes people are born in a family of artist and find a job there. They were trained from the beginning. In those cases sometimes we see Saturn rising before the Sun or an important Ceres. Example? Bette Davis

There are more of such patterns in charts. I think of the Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combination in the charts of politicians. Aspects (again: major or minor, strong or weak) between Mercury, Saturn and Pluto and placements of these 3 in the signs that they rule (or of the Ascendant or MC) are frequent in the charts of politicians. This is often- not always!- in combination with a Moon-Jupiter aspect.
Start reading the examples by using the label 'politics' and you find:

  • Chavez 

Mercury novile Pluto. Mercury/Pluto midpoint in hard aspect with Saturn.
Moon conjunct Jupiter

  • Ed Koch

Quote: Just like most of the American president (and many politicians) there is a Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combinations  for political correct answers and strategic communications together with this Moon-Jupiter aspect.

  •  Bill Clinton

Mercury conjunct Saturn and Pluto; Pluto square midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Moon sextile Jupiter

  • Hans-Rufolf Merz (Swiss politician)

Mercury in Scoprio, biquintile Saturn and square Pluito. That is the signature of the communication strategy (the political mind).
Probably no Moon-Jupiter

  • Angelika Merkel

Mercury semi square Pluto and half semi square Saturn in Scorpio

and more.

There are always exceptions. Barack Obama doesn't have this patter in the natal chart. However, when he won the Elections in 2008 Mercury made very tight aspects with both Saturn and Pluto (square and semi square). Here is that progressed chart of the president who wasn't born to be a politician, but who learned to become the most powerful one.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

The astrology of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI

They became king and queen on May 10, 1774. They lived live in comfort and luxury, disregarding the signs of time. They died young, executed after revolution. The King's Saturn inconjunct Midheaven was accompanied by her Sun inconjunct his Midheaven. Together they lost it all, including their lives. Here is the story of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.

Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI died young because of of murder after revolution. Their history is a sad history. If she hadn't married him, she wouldn't have died so young. But she also wouldn't have had the luxury life that she had until she was 36. She was married but had her own house and a Swedish lover. The marriage was a political marriage, but the couple didn't exactly dislike each other. 
Here is the chart of Louis 16. The transits
are the position on the day of birth of his wife (noon)

This is Marie Antoinette's chart. Transits are the positions on Louis' birthday at 12 uur

  • Her Sun in Scorpio didn't match his in Leo. They had separate lives.
  • His Moon is in Scorpio, hers in Libra. It helped to live separate lives, because they had a different education and other needs and habits. His Moon is close to her Sun. It is a classical marriage Sun-Moon aspect, however, the fact that it is HIS Moon means that she draws more attention.
  • Mercury square Mercury: not matching opinions, difficulties in communications (perhaps because of the language?)
  • Venus in Libra and her Venus in Scorpio is no math. They hardly had the same taste or preferences. 
  • Mars in Virgo matched with her Mars in Cancer. So they did what they had to to and produced children, eventually.

  • His Uranus trine her Sun: this offers her freedom and independence.  He introduced her into his life style and even though the relationship 'flashes', the two get along well as if they were friends.
  • Her Sun inconjunct his MC: her lifestyle made his position unstable.
  • Her Pluto is square his Ascendant: he must have felt a bit intimidated by her
  • Her Venus sextile his Saturn is good for the continuation of marriage.
  • His Juno conjunct her Moon could point at being promised to him as a young girl.
  • His Venus conjunct her Jupiter (good aspect for having a lot of fun)

The king has a certain artistic talent or desire (Moon square and Venus sextile Neptune). The Moon sextile Saturn likes to be alone sometimes. If it hadn't been for convention, maybe he would have divorced in our days. Her wide opposition between Mars and Saturn , in combination iwth the trine of Uranus with Sun and Venus show up that she could have divorced in our days, too, as soon as she didn't have the freedom that she desired. He gave her her freedom.The Sun trine Uranus in her natal chart is mirrored by the Sun-Uranus aspect in synastry.
But how about Mars-Saturn? She survived her husband, but only for nine months. 

Neptunus is on the Ascendant of the composite chart. That makes the relationship a bit 'confusing'  of 'difuse'. They may have cheated on each other. As they were a royal couple, however, there is another explanation for Neptune here. As you may know, Netpune's transfer from Aquarius to Pisces went along with revolutions and new ideologies. Their names (Ascendant) are connected to the French Revolution, forever and ever. 

There is more in the composite chart that I leave up to you to discover. I only want to mention that Jupiter is in the second house of money and inconjunct Midheaven. What they spent, cost them their heads. 

When the king was decapitated Saturn was exactly square Saturn in is progressed chart. As he was born with Saturn inconjunct Midheaven, losing a position was already an issue. It is hard to be in charge and be blamed for all that went wrong (that is one thing) and because of mistakes he really lost his status. That is Saturn inconjunct MC! 

When her husband was killed on January 21, 1793 transit Saturn was quindecile (165 degens) her natal Sun. That is a strong sing of depression. The progressed Ascendant inconjunct progressed Midheaven with progressed Sun inconjuncct IC reflected löss and emotions because of it.

On the final day of the French queen transit Chiron was trine her progressed Midheaven with transit URanus square her progressed Mercury. Transit Saturn was quindecile progressed Mercury. Mercury-Saturn says goodbye...
As Transit Jupiter was trine the progressed Ascendant, she may have been grateful. 

In her natal you see  Mars inconjunct Eris, a clue for loss through a battle or struggle, like in the chart of Russian prisoner Khodorkovsky.

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Mars in the case of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander

The case of the murder of Travis Alexander (see Wikipedia) is a rare case of brutal violence against a man, committed by a woman (Jodi Arias). It made me think of the John Wayne Bobbitt case (his lover cut off his penis, see link), of the Mars-Uranus effect and of more examples of Mercury inconjunct Neptune, but most of all of Mars.

Killings, murders and accidents never happen because of just one aspect. In this case it is also a combination of a rather aggressive woman with possible psychiatric problems and a short sexual relationship that never should have had a second episode. Mars is the symbol of cutting, shooting, firing and sex. With Mars, it is often playing with fire...

Why is Mars so important here?

1. Mars is prominent in Jodi Arias chart.
Her Mars is opposition Aries Point and 'calling' (without major narrow aspects). It is for drive, aggression, work, energy and sex at any possible level and for being known to the public related to men or a man.

2. Mars is also important in the interaction between her chart and the chart of Travis Alexander. The distance between their Mars is 112.5 degrees (90+22.5, square + half semi square). This minor aspect with major impact shows the fire and later anger between them. See the post on Mars-Mars synastry...

3. Progressed Sun semi square Mars when she killed him.
When Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander her progressed Sun was semi square Mars. Remember my post on Mars-Sun and Sun-Mars progressions ('manifest aggression')? Here is the link. When the progressed Sun meets Mars or vice versa it is time to stand up for yourself, to act, to show your anger and drive. But when this happens to someone with a prominent Mars who is in a bad mental state, accidents, incidents and fights may happen. It also highlights sex(Mars)life(Sun).

4. There is a Mars-Uranus issue:
- Bobbitt has Mars novile Uranus.
- Travis Alexander has Mars inconjunct Uranus.
- Arias has a prominent Mars septile Uranus.
Two short fuses meet and explode?

5. Her Mars is quindecile (165d) Eris. That is a statement for a strong focus on what makes WAR: obsessively driven by discord. 

6. His Eris is also quindecile her Mars (as they are about the same age*).

Here are the positions on her day of birth and in transit his. You may notice that they don't match much.

In my opinion you can't read Arias' chart as you read the charts of 'normal' persons. She seems to have a psychiatric problem. In those cases the hard aspects are harder and the soft aspects contribute to the realization of the potential in the hard aspects. There is that obsessive anger. For example: there is Sun square Pluto for the fanatic and intense living person. Her Saturn is square Alexander's Venus and Venus-Saturn sticks like glue. Her Neptune is sesquisquare his Sun and that is very confusing.

The second most narrow aspect is Mercury inconjunct Neptune. When there is doubt about a verdict or a statement in a criminal case, Mercury-Neptune pops up (see the examples). It is the aspect of the confused mind, and the unclear facts. It may be clear that Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander, but she says that it was because he abused her (and she happened to carry a gun with her…). We will never know what exactly happened between them, but we know that she shot and stabbed him (more than 20 times) and that she was stalking him before that happened.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for the day of the murder:

Travis Alexander's chart has three interesting components:

1. Jupiter rises before the sun, narrowly conjunct Venus. That is a statement for having a party and
being lucky in love (with women).

2. Uranus is square the Sun and inconjunct Mars.
Unusual, sudden sex and experimental sex techniques CAN be related to this aspect combination. You may wonder why, if she was already stalking him, he took the risk to have sex with her. Mars inconjunct Uranus acts on impulse and that is risky.

3. Sun is sesquisquare Pholus. See the post on Pholus = Phallus:
A sesquisquare is frustrating. Sun-Pholus is the combination of the turning point in life.

Here is the chart with progressions and transits for the day of his death:

*) Jodi Arias had an affair with an older man before she met Travis Alexander. In that affair, the quindecile between Mars and Eris was wider.

It is  a bit strange that her name is Arias. It looks like Aries and in fact, she has an important Mars.

"...the symbol of fantasy is Neptune. Neptune is also the symbol of what is 'unlimited'. And fake. Mercury-Neptune hides facts (remains silent), invents facts or simply misunderstands the information and is confused. Lying with a Mercury-Neptune is easy and is done by giving misty information or by 'pretending' facts.
Sometimes people with a prominent Mercury-Neptune combination in their charts become the victim of false information or others simply don't believe what they are saying because it sounds like if the person is inventing it (thinking too long, known for having a fantasy etc....). (…)
More about Mercury inconjunct Neptune on this blog Astropost:
about the Friedman case:

Another Sun-Neptune synastry is that of Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife:

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mars trine Saturn, Nessus and Ariel Castro's chart

Ariel Castro was born on July 10, 1960 in Puerto Rico*) with an exact trine of Mars with Saturn. Driver, meringue player and abductor, divorced after domestic violence. How does that match up with a trine? Well, trines make it easy.
Mars-Saturn is for punishment, disciplining actions and discipline in general. Trines don't mean that you use the quality for good things only. The fact that his Mars is trine Saturn doesn't mean that this date of birth is not correct. So here is the chart:

In his progressed chart Mars was inconjunct Saturn at the moment of the first abduction (Michelle Knight's on August 22, 2002). Mars-Saturn is the kind of aspect that can be used to overcome difficulties and in the army or as a hero. Mars-Saturn is also the combination of death, limited energy and drives and slapping (see )

Some 10 years ago his progressed Sun was changing sign and so was his life style. Between 9 and 11 years ago he abducted three young women/girls and kept them in chains. It started on August 22, 2002 when there were the following transits and progressions:
1. Progressed Mars was inconjunct Progressed Saturn, resonating the natal Mars trine Saturn. The self discipline was lost.
2. Transit Pluto was inconjunct natal Mars (violent act, the extraordinary - inconjunct - drive to dominate)
3. Progressed Sun square Nessus (in mythology a rapist). Nessus rises even before Mars...
4. Progressed Mars trine Pholus (turning point in sex life?)
5. Progressed Mercury conjunct Uranus (nervousness)
6. Transit Saturn opposite Jupiter

The combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto is always difficult and threatening. Sometimes this combination is seen in cases of violent death or suicide or other 'unnatural' causes of death.


Also visit: for example about Mars-Saturn: or about Nessus

Ariel Castro was found dead in his cell in September 2013 when he had transit Pluto trine his Progressed Sun (for an easy way out in a crisis).

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Manifest agression; Progressed Mars-Sun

They are searching for two little boys who went with their father for a trip that ended in his suicide on May 6. It might be that he ended their lives, too. The parents divorced two years ago and their were problems. The father (January 12, 1975) was born with Mars rising before the Sun and without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. His Mars is 'calling', so Mars is important. It means: he could be a workaholic or driven at any kind of level (zero up to 100%). In this year 2013 his progressed Sun sign changed (life style changing*) and his progressed Mars is conjunct the Sun. That is the time that aggression, drives and assertion will be manifested. With such a progression and an important Mars the spotlight is on the muscles, being a man, standing up for yourself, fighting, arguing, war... In some situations Mars mirrors getting hurt or hurting others.

I wrote about Progressed Mars before, see
In that post I mentioned Jared Lee Loughner (Gabrielle Giffords case). He was born September 10, 1988. At the time of the shooting (January 8, 2011) his progressed Mars was quindecile (165 d) Sun, manifesting an obsession with anger and arms. Also his Progressed Sun was square Mars. That is a double highlighted Mars. Mars is the symbol of fire, shooting and stabbing. Mars is related to weapons, too.

Who will ever experience Progressed Mars conjunct Sun?
It takes a Mars rising before the Sun or a retrograding Mars to ever experience a progressed Mars conjunct Sun. People with Mars behind the Sun (within 90 degrees) may experience Progressed Sun conjunct Mars.

I had Progressed Sun conjunct Mars in February 1988 when my husband and I decided to move back to where we came from and buy a to be constructed house. No accidents, nobody hurt, in spite of the importance of my Mars (no aspects in sign). Maybe the fact that I am a woman minimizes the importance of Mars? Or did I get an injection of adrenaline? A boost that got me on the right road? From that move on, I got back on track and started to study and ended a period of being jobless and house wife (oh my:), as soon as the progressed Sun changed sign, soon after the move. I was also very busy with astrology, studying the relationship between elements and the age of death.

You don't have to start shooting, killing or fighting during a progressed conjunction of Sun and Mars. You don't have to harm yourself or others during this progression. Only in certain situations aggression might pop up. Otherwise Mars gives the boost to stand up for your self and shoot your own troubles.

*)The change of the progressed sun sign is one of the indications of change in life. See

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The killer in the chart of day of birth of Beate Zschäpe

Beate Zschäpe is a neo-Nazi, accused of taking part in the murder of 10 persons. Eight of them where Turkish owners of restaurants. That is why the case is named 'Döner' murders.' (see Wiki)

Where is the killer in her chart? 
Before I answer that question, read this: a chart is not an order coming from the stars. There is no 'Befehl ist Befehl'. You, limited or stimulated by your genes, social-economic situation, gender and education, are the one who makes the ultimate choices what to do with your potentials and talents. You weigh and choose right from wrong.

There is another point to take into account. There is also an astrological difference between those who were born on the same day. They were born at a different moment and in a different place. Charts are the pictures of the sky at a moment in time and place, seen from earth. Narrow aspects are always shared by those who were born on the same day (except those with Moon, MC or Ascendant).
Here are the narrow aspects for January 2, 1975.

1. Mars-Uranus
Like in more cases of terrorist acts, this is the chart of someone with a prominent Mars (rising before the Sun) afflicted by the 'calling'* Uranus (semi square). NA Uranus wants to change the world somehow, anyhow and apparently no matter how.
Mars-Uranus acts hastily and speedy. It is the aspect of the short fuse and the explosive nature. She was involved in bomb attacks, too...

2. Mars-Saturn-Pluto
There is also the combination of unnatural death (Mars-Saturn-Pluto) that is so frequent in cases of (involvement in) murder and suicide. We see Mars inconjunct Saturn and semi sesquisquare (67.5d) Pluto.
You don't have to murder or be murdered with such an aspect combination, but if you are in a dangerous situation it might be easier for you to be in danger or to be causing dangerous situations. See the labels and links for more examples.

3. in Uranus-Pluto
Her prominent Uranus is half semi square her Pluto. Uranus is now, in 2013, square Pluto. Revolt is in her chart and in the air, right now. Possibly Mars, Uranus and/or Pluto hold an important position on one of the angles.

4. Sun-Saturn (afflicted and weak in Cancer)
The Sun is opposite Saturn in this chart. I will soon publish an article on Sun-Saturn, with examples of those with a Sun-Saturn hard aspect who didn't have a normal relationship with the father. Beate never knew him. There is Sun-Mars-Saturn combination that links life to death ends AND there is that Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination for the danger of death ends.

This is an assertive woman (Mars rises before the Sun). She is also explosive (Mars-Uranus) and ambitious (Sun-Saturn) but she never studied or tried to make a career...


 In 1991 she joined a neo-Nazi party with transit Pholus opposite Progressed Sun, symbol for a turning point in life. Today she has transit Pluto on her Sun, for stress.


Here are the charts of the DOB of the woman, with transits and progressions for the day of the first (they think) murder and for the day of the start of the trial. Above is the picture of the demonstration in   München in remembrance of the victims.


Venus in Capricorn doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is a statement for the importance of beauty, sympathy or sympathizers (...) and of charm or diplomacy. Venus calling CAN help when you want to make something nice or beautiful. We may not see that in what she did and how she did it... Others born on January 2, 1975 used this potential talent!

Mars-Uranus is great for accelerating, like in sports.

Mars-Saturn-Pluto is great for tough sports, where you need to be a 'die hard', like with rugby. There is no need to be a killer when you were born on January 2, 1975.  Like always, you need to see the composition of planets, signs and aspect related to the social, cultural and genetical situation.



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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The King in the chart of Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

The chart of the new King of the Netherlands has some interesting indications for his present position.  Charts don't make kings. But:
- Sun/Moon midpoint, for example, is conjunct the royal star Regulus.
- Midheaven is in Leo.
- Saturn doesn't make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. This Saturn is 'calling' for duty and responsibility and management.
- The Sun is on the Descendant, in a crucial position. The importance of the Sun refers to leadership. And he is also a true member of the family: he has this important Sun binovile the elevated Jupiter. Jupiter's color is orange:). Most members of the family have a Sun-Jupiter combination. It is the aspect of the privileged person with lots of self confidence.
So for some reason he was equipped to do the job.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for last April 30, the day that he became king.

On the day that he started the new period in life, there were indications of change.
1. The most exact aspect is the progressed Mars quatronovile natal Sun, a sort of a statement of rejoicing the job.
2. Transit Saturn conjunct the Ascendant usually isn't seen as a nice aspect. There is a heavy load to carry and it might just have been that robe;). As Saturn is 'calling' in the natal chart, this transit is indicating a moment of 'coming out' for ambitions. He was under scrutiny but as the day was a perfectly organized day and he didn't make mistakes (on the contrary), this transit of Saturn was like the present that Saturn gives when he leaves a house (the 12th, in this case).
3. The change is visualized by means of Uranus (symbol of change) and Pholus (symbol of a turning point). There are 4 aspects:
a. Transit Uranus trine Progressed Ascendant and on his way to an aspect with Midheaven, soon.
b. Transit Pholus is trine Midheaven and opposite the Sun.
There is clearly a turning point and change in life style, position and … name.

How long will you be king, asked his daughter. With Saturn sesquisquare Midheaven we may expect that he steps back, just like his mother did for him. But not now...:)

Queen Maxima is one of the most popular members in the family. More on her chart:

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Transit Mercury-Uranus and interruptions

Uranus is always flashing and Mercury is fast. So this post about Mercury-Uranus transits will be short! Just before I move on, I like to mention that I experienced transit Uranus square Mercury and transit Mercury square Uranus.

As Mercury's transits are fast and often unnoticed, I never paid much attention to them. But I read CafeAstrology and they are right: transit Mercury square my Uranus indeed interrupted my thoughts. The Mercury-Uranus transit was about my mother having fainted. I received an alarming call coming from the nursing home, but a few hours later it just seemed to have been the start of a cold and the effect of not eating enough. Meanwhile I was in between leaving the office and going to the nursing home and trying to finish my job for the day. There was a tension between the need to see my mother and the need to do my duty. I can't run to the nursing home just like that and drop it all.

The next transit (Uranus square Mercury) was on the day that I had myself informed about my pension fund. The square didn't do any harm, on the contrary. It was a rather pleasant surprise and not shocking. The meeting interrupted another meeting at the office (I had to leave the room for it).
So let's say that transit Uranus only interrupted my job, again, just like Mercury transit did!

In February 2014 Uranus will again be square my Mercury. I wonder what sort of amazing new information I will get then! And how, where and when I will be interrupted, again.

Have you noticed interruptions during transit Mercury - Uranus or vice versa?



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Saturn inconjunct Midheaven and lost status

In Februari 2013 I tweeted about the chart of Princess Cristina (daughter of King Juan Carlos) when she had 3 transits of Saturn inconjunct Midheaven, Jupiter and Ceres and her name was mentioned related to the royal fraud case in Spain. This aspect, Saturn inconjunct Midheaven, is now visible in the chart of someone I know. She also has transit Neptune on the Descendant. Again, Saturn inconjunct Midheaven proofs to be a very hard aspect.

What happened is that due to necessary repairs of the foundation of her house, she had to borrow tens of thousands and she couldn't afford it. The mortgage was already more than the (ever and ever lower) value of her house. Now she is forced to sell and bankrupt. For the next three years she will have to live on a minimum for food with her husband and children. Being a stay-at-home mother will be almost impossible, but there is also no job for her. That is symbolized by her progressed Midheaven inconjunct natal Saturn.

A progressed aspect is the symbol of a development in a certain direction. The inconjunct is the symbol of loss and lack of balance. Inconjuncts are related to the 6th and 8th house. In certain circumstances and with more transits and progressions pointing at the situation, the inconjunction mirrors illnesses, grieve and troubles. I'd say that this is an example of longer lasting trouble. Transit Neptune opposition Ascendant describes the present, the uncertain situation. Progressed MC inconjunct Saturn shows the lost status in the longer term.

Many of us are in the same bad situation now that the crisis continues. Every hard aspect is sounding harder in bad times. I wonder if any fortunate aspect is sounding like a whisper these days. It takes a lot of help from 'the stars' to come to success now.

Princess Cristina and her husband are involved in a scandal. She still is a princess, and she didn't loose her wealth and position up to now. But her public image (MC) was damaged and so was that of her parents (MC). She also faces charges: (And watch transit Pholus, indication of the turning point in life).

Not everybody will have Progressed MC inconjunct Saturn one day. (I will, when I am 72!:( The aging process?)

Everybody once and a while has transit Saturn inconjunct Midheaven. I had this in August 2004. I will have to go back in time to find out what happened in that month. The fact that I don't remember it, means that it didn't damage me in the longer term. Why not?

Cristina de Borbon's Saturn is square Sun and Midheaven in the natal chart. The person that I know has Sun semi sesquisquare Saturn and Saturn is opposition Midheaven. My Saturn doesn't make a minor or major aspect with Sun and neither with Midheaven. Perhaps the resonation of the natal aspect make the transits and progressions sound louder.

Here is the chart of Princess Cristina with the transits and progressions of February 16, 2013.

Right now transit Saturn is square her Progressed Sun:

Video 'House for sale'
On the synastry of Princess Cristina and her husband Inaki Urdangarin, see Astrology&Love:

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