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Reading Silvio Berlusconi's chart (again)

In 2009 I wrote about reading Silvio Berlusconi's natal chart. Later, the time of birth according to Astrodatabank was 5:40. So here is a new version. Can I find Berlusconi in his natal chart?

Silvio Berlusconi's father was a bank employee. Berlusconi is now an important politician and a convicted tax evader who owns A.C.Milan and many millions.

When he was young he worked on cruise ships, to entertain people (as a musician). He composed music and wrote books. He founded a construction company in 1961 (when his sun sign changed to Scorpio) and in 1978 (Progressed Sun trine Saturn) he founded Finivest. He earned a lot of money. In 1994 (P Sun trine Eris) he entered the world of politics and managed to become Prime Minister for just a few months. It is easy to see the artist in the chart (the combination of Moon in Pisces and Sun in Libra, with Neptune rising before the Sun and in a wide opposition with Venus

Today it is his birthday and it is shortly after the ministers of his party resigned. Here is the chart with transits and progressions. Transit Uranus and transit Pluto are in conflict with his Mercury now. In the natal chart Mercury is inconjunct Uranus AND quintile Pluto. No wonder that he and his party are hot news, again!
Click for a larger picture...
I use the 3-step method described on my site Astromarkt:
until it is enough to see Berlusconi in the chart:)

(Just like in your passport: what makes you different?)

The Astro ID of Silvio contains Neptune  (rising before the Sun), Pluto! calling (no aspects in sign and orb 5 degree) and the Northern Node (opposition MC). The combination of Neptune and Pluto is the combination of the 'silent or secret force'. Illusionist, madame Blavatsky and mystery writers, but also spies have a prominent Neptune-Pluto combination mirroring discretion, secrecy, keeping secrets and being mysterious. It is a combination that has often been linked to the paranormal, too. When Neptune rises before the sun you may expect a belief or ideology that comes before all. A 'calling' (not aspected) Pluto  (quoting myself) means:

Pluto is seeking challenges and influence by using force and authority or values (money). Strong men (with or without muscles) have unaspected Pluto's, but Pluto is also 'calling' those who do dangerous work or they work where strategy is needed (in politics, for example).
The nasty side of a 'calling Pluto' is that you need more and more power and can't resist the challenge to prove how strong, powerful and rich you are. In certain cases this is too dangerous (for the person or for others).

The important angular Northern Node is reflecting the importance of the community (from family to nation).

One more striking thing is the position of Midheaven. Venus is trine Midheaven, but out of sign. That means that the MC is 'calling' and the position in society could reach any possible level (top or down), somehow/anyhow. 

The Astro ID of Berlusconi is that of a believer/idealist using tactics and strategy at any possible level (perhaps in politics) and whose special status (IC/MC) has a strong connection with groups of people (either way).

A. Elements
Most of the 10 most important planets, Sun and Moon are in water and movable signs. That makes me think of Pisces (the movable water sign), the sign where his Moon and Saturn are. Pisces rules the 7th house and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) rises before the Sun. Pisces/Neptune = the media. Elementary, Berlusconi 'goes - and bends! - with the flow'. Pisces is also an artistic sign and the sign of the sea. That is where his career started.

B. Sun-Moon-Ascendant
Sun is in Libra quintile Jupiter (creative ways to 'be great') and half sesqui square Pluto - 67.5d (a combination for success and confidence); Moon in Pisces' narrowest aspect is the sextile with Uranus (need for excitement), Ascendant Virgo is sextile Pluto (easy way out of problems and challenges). As this Pluto is prominent (see Astro ID), circumstances and situations (Ascendant) made it easy (sextile) to dominate (Pluto).

As Sun/Moon midpoint is in Sagittarius, opposition Chiron in the ninth he is motivated by opinion making.

We see a man with a romantic or creative nature, self confident, with a need for excitement. He finds himself in a situation and has the opportunity to present himself (Ascendant) as a strong man (using power, influence and money) to reach any position possible (MC is calling!), motivated by opinion making.

C.  What more does it take? Expect for that Mercury inconjunct Uranus aspect that brings him in the news again and again...?


1. On the day of birth of Berlusconi (September 29, 1936) Mercury was inconjunct Uranus for all new babies. So, what didn't change with the hour of birth, was the inconjunct between Mercury and Uranus (see: ). This aspect is a sort of a guarantee for political incorrect and upsetting opinions. Mercury rules his Midheaven in Gemini. For a man who worked with news items, this aspect was even more important.

2. The transits and progressions for one of the days of his trial remain the same, as I used the 5:40 chart then:

3. I wrote about the Venus-Nessus issue related to 'Ruby' :

4. On the broken marriage of Silvio Berlusconi:

5. The moment of winning elections in 2010:

On not aspected (calling) planets:

6. On Neptune with Pluto:

7. Chart reading method used:

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Mars-Uranus terrorist

This is a quick post about an observation that I made when I read the news today.
It is Mars-Uranus linked to terrorism, again.

Today I found one more example: Samantha Lewthwaite, nick name The White Widow (her husband Germaine was one of the London 7/7 2005 terrorists). She is wanted by Interpol because she may be involved in the terrorist attack in the Nairobi shopping mall.

She was born on December 5, 1983 . On that day Uranus was rising just before the Sun and Uranus was exactly sextile Mars.

The aspect of the short fuse and the drive to make changes asap, may be just one of the reasons why a person commits such cruel crime, but I mention it here because it is that one reason that she shares what the other terrorists whose chart I calculated: a prominent Mars-Uranus combination. (And yes: there is more in the chart, like the cluster in Sagittarius and the 'calling' Saturn in Scorpio just as there is more to say about her road to terror, perhaps).

Here is her chart:
natal, transits and progressions of Samantha Lewthwaite
- When she was 17, her progressed Sun sign changed sign to Capricorn (a sign that life style changes). That is when she converted to Islam.
- The Uranus-Pluto square 'hit' her Mars-Uranus lately and will hit her Mars again.

Also visit: and see the article on Mars-Uranus (the short fuse) with the list of examples of terrorist with narrow and prominent Mars-Uranus combinations.. Of course, Mars-Uranus doesn't turn a person into a terrorist. It is the other way around: terrorists have it.

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Frederick William II: a Libra loving ladies and art

The love life of Frederick William II of Prussia was rather complicated. He married, had 1 child, divorced, married again and had 6 children. Meanwhile he had 7 children in two morganatic (bigamist) marriages and with Wilhelmine Enke, his official mistress. This is his portrait. It seems that he had a more than average BMI.

Charts show us what we know of people. He was thickset and burly, very clean (body and house). Let's see what his chart says.

The astrological pattern of artistic talent is (as you may see on Art&Astrology) a mixture of aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and MC, together with placements of these 4 components in the signs ruled by Moon (Cancer), Venus (Taurus and Libra) and Neptune (Pisces). Frederick William II had Sun in Libra, Moon in Taurus, Venus in Libra, Neptune in Cancer. Venus was square Neptune and inconjunct Moon. The Moon was sextile Neptune. Neptune was sextile MC. That is a complete pattern. He was a talented cellist. Beethoven and Mozart enjoyed his patronage.

Often, the romantic nature of the artist leads to love adventures. The same fantasy, ideals and visions that help an artist to create something that we love, helps him or her to be involved in love affairs. In his chart, symbols of women are of crucial importance. Consider his mighty position as a monarch ...and you know the rest.

1. The Moon is on the Descendant. That is an important position for the Moon in Taurus. It means that his needs were important, too. As the Moon is one of the symbols for women, women are important (according to the chart).
2. Juno is on his MC. Juno is the symbol of the married woman and of marriage. An angular Juno signals the importance of marriage and women in general. MC with Juno links his reputation to his marriages.

Venus square Neptune is one of the 4 aspects that appear to be frequent in the charts of divorced men.

A Taurus Moon square Jupiter (longing for a lot, habit of overeating) and a fanatic Scorpio Ascendant make it harder NOT to eat. In 'Obese and astrology' on Astromarkt I mention these and other astrological factors to blame...but maybe Ceres trine the Ascendant also eases the access to food.
The Scorpio Ascendant is conjunct Pluto opposition Moon and square Mars. This intensifies needs and energy. He had enough of both for all the ladies in his life:).

He was a Libra born September 25, 1744. Wilhelmine was born on a December 29, 1753.
Here is his chart. The 'transits' are for the day of birth of Wilhelmine Enke. Their charts don't seem to 'match' much.

chart of Friedrich Wilhelm II and position of Wilhelmine Enke

Last but least: Saturn in Virgo rises before his Sun. He was first of all the son of his father, someone with a position in society. Virgo is the clean sign. Perhaps this position of Saturn and the Moon in the sixth house contributed to the need to wash himself, get rid of carpets and keep the air clean?

On divorce in the chart:

On the subject:
See and

On overweight:

On Moon-Pluto and crime:

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Deciding about Libra

On the first day of Libra, let's talk about Libra...
The Libra problem is that it is difficult to make choices. That is not just a Libra problem. So why is it so difficult to decide, for Libra in particular? It is because Libra is in the middle of the balance, trying to keep everything up in the middle, without too much depression and overwhelming excitement. When you make choices, you may hurt someone's feelings. 

Libra is the sign of balance, they say, but it doesn’t mean that every Libra is in balanced, on the contrary. It is easy to get out of balance, when you are balancing. And that is what Libra does: seeking balance, keeping peace, always trying to avoid fighting, arguing and war. It is the main goal of Libra to keep things nice, fine and in harmony. That doesn’t mean that every person born with Sun in Libra is a peacemaker or no person born under Libra would ever be a soldier.  A sign is not a person and vice versa. When they call you ‘a Libra’ you may have more planets in Scorpio or Virgo than in the sign where your Sun is. You can be any sign and have an important Libra (Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven) that is pointing at beauty, harmony and peace. 

Nevertheless: the Sun is the most important object in the sky. When the Sun is in the astrological sign Libra (which is not the constellation, but a season) astrologers consider you to be an aesthetical man or woman. Let us find some of these aesthetical examples and skip the artists. You can find them on Art&Astrology.

You can find something on this blog on the charts of Libra's like:

2.     Margareth Thatcher (yes, a Libra, with an important Mars: )
3.     Serena Williams (a competitive Libra:

I have blogged about the charts of

But  how about Simon Cowell (born October 7, 1959 in Lambeth, London UK, time unknown)? Earlier this year there was a lot of fuzz about a woman (the wife of his friend) being pregnant.  It seems that he earns more than 50 million pounds/year and that is not surprising with a conjunction of Venus and Pluto rising before a ‘calling’ Sun. That is typical for a star (someone drawing attention) to whom earning money comes in the first place.  With Venus square Jupiter, too, he succeeded in it. It also makes him very successful with the ladies…With so many choices life is hard for a Libra:).

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bob Geldof and a lot of Uranus

Today the management of Bob Geldof cancelled performances in small towns in my country because of lack of interest (not enough tickets sold). That is interesting! Look at the chart. Here is a Sun-Uranus aspect working again! Uranus is the symbol of sudden changes, sometimes disturbing, sometimes exciting. The houses involved are 2 and 8 (the money axis).
Click to get a larger picture...
Transit Saturn (8 Scorpio) is sesquisquare Progressed Moon (23.6 Pisces) in the second house (worry)
Transit Uranus (ruler 2) is opposition Sun (shock, surprise, incident)
Transit Uranus is also sesquisquare AC/MC midpoint (fundamental changes)
Progressed Sun is inconjunct Uranus (and this aspect will be more and more important; a period of life with unbalancing changes)

The fact that the natal chart is Sun square Uranus, increases the importance of the aspects between Sun and Uranus right now (T Uranus 180 Sun and 135 AC/MC, P Sun 150 Uranus). There is a lot of Uranus and what happens here seems relevant for the house that Uranus rules (the second house, with Aquarius on the cusp). The second house is the house of income and public (V) appearances (of X). The axis 2-8 is the money axis. No show, no income, surprise! 
The other day I reported about a nasty hot water incident with Transit Uranus opposition Sun. No hot water here (I hope), but a public cold shower, working both ways. His fans are not pleased...and find it arrogant.

On the other hand there is the news that Bob Geldof will be granted the Freedom of the City of London prize, but not for the music. It will be granted for what he did, for example for Live Aid, on September 16. It is not the first time that he's being honored. See

Transit Uranus sees to it that your name is being mentioned (in the papers, if you are famous enough): you are news. Bob Geldof is also news because he told the press that next year he will be a rock star in space! That is extra-ordinary, exciting and so: very Uranus! So much more than rocking in Purmerend or Dordrecht! I hope that he left the Uranus warnings safely behind when he goes up.

Just for the record:

Venus (ruler Libra Midheaven) is square Moon and semi square Neptune.  The Moon is novile Midheaven.
That is a complete astrological pattern of artistic talents, like the majority of artist’s charts have (see Art&Astrology).


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On happy houses and Transit Uranus square Sun/Moon

Real happy houses:), in Braunschweig Germany

Recently I tried to verify the meaning of houses and rulers. Are they telling is something about a situation? Here is an example.

Someone close who had hot water over him with transit Uranus opposition Sun has a Uranus ruling the happy 5th house and Uranus sits in the 9th. In Indian astrology the 5th and 9th are the happy houses. (Maybe that helped, but who really verifies that?). He would have been more lucky if the water had fallen the other way.

See the September 6 post about Neptune conjunct my Ascendant (and Uranus square my Sun/Moon), both exact on September 4 and you may see that transits of Uranus are alarming, but what happens is not necessarily happening to you.

Here is another reminder of that fact:
  • On August 31, 2012 I tweeted:
    "Transit Uranus exactly semisquare progressed sun and I had an alarming call today: mother broke hip."
    That moment certainly changed my way of life. She never recovered completely.
Uranus works like an alarm bell ringing. And my Uranus is co-ruler of 12 and in the 5th, with transit Uranus in the 1st house, in both cases.

Now how to get that lucky 5th house interpreted?

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cosmic awareness and: Yuri Lonchakov quits

Astronaut Yuri Lonchakov resigned. He said he found a better job. Let us see about the transits and progressions for now and let's find the 'helicopter view' or 'cosmic awareness' in his natal chart of March 4, 1965.

The combination of Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of cosmic awareness (the helicopter view, seeing things from a higher perspective). That is why this combination is so prominent in the charts of astronauts, astrologers and some modern popes.  It's not different in the chart of Russian astronaut Yuri Lonchakov. His natal Sun in Pisces is opposition Uranus and in minor aspect with Jupiter (a 67.5 degree half sesquisquare aspect).

Saturn rises before his Sun and is conjunct Sun. First of all he is ambitious, cautious and serious. That is hardly in line with the hectic and impulsive Uranus-Pluto conjunction. But, right now Uranus is square Pluto. It is a wake-up call for the natal aspect. It is time for a change...

Lonchakov's Pluto is on the midpoint Mars/Uranus. He was born with Uranus conjunct Pluto. Both Uranus and Pluto are opposition his natal Sun. These aspects tell us about urgency, turbulence and sudden measures. Maybe it is also the kind of aspect combination for a man who needs some stressy, risky and new excitement from time to time.

Progressed Mars is opposition Saturn: there is a dead end (he quit)
Transit Pholus is square Node: there is a turning point in his network
The Progressed Sun changed sign to Taurus: his life style changed
Transit Neptune is conjunct Venus: there is some kind of financial or romantic thing going on
Transit Uranus is conjunct progressed Mercury: accelerated decision making (a sudden idea), unusual  decision. (In the progressed chart Mercury is inconjunct Uranus)

This all doesn't explain why he said that he found something more exciting to do. But it certainly shows that what he said (Mercury) surprised others (Uranus) when he stopped (Saturn) working (Mars).

LINKS on transit Venus conjunct Neptune (a lighter version of Neptune conjunct Venus:)

Also visit: on Jupiter-Uranus

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Dennis Rodman: very Uranus

Dennis Rodman is such a perfect example of Sun square Uranus. See Astromarkt & attached chart

That is what I tweeted before (in February). It is because Dennis Rodman has Sun exactly square Uranus for being controversial (and he is! again and again).  Right now we see transit Uranus square his progressed Sun. When a transit or progression highlights a natal aspect, you may expect that this original tendency will be highlighted. To call Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator a 'friend for life' IS controversial.


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Moon in Scorpio september -december

Medaglia d'oro al Valore Militare  
There is a Scorpio Moon in 2013 on September 9/10, October 7/8 and on November 3 and 4 (New Moon). The last Scorpio Moon of 2013 is on December 28/29 and there is a Scorpio Moon on November 30 and December 1. Baby's born on those days will have a Moon in Scorpio.

Moon in Scorpio seems to be important for persistence. It is a Moon for the brave and those who dare. It is a Moon for someone with strong needs and ditto personality, some more than others (because there is more in a chart than the Moon).

Examples are:

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

What happened with Transit Uranus opposition Sun

Transits of Uranus are amazing, surprising or alarming and shocking, depending on the rest of the chart. Sometimes such a transit mirrors an accident, not necessarily happening to you. Maybe you 'just' see it happen...

On September 4, 2013 transit Uranus was exactly opposition the natal Sun of my husband, at 13:42 MEST. Just  a couple of minutes later, he had an accident with hot water and had second-degree burn spots on his chest. Fortunately there is no reason to fear complications any more, and while he first looked like a modern mummy, he now has only one piece of bandage that covers about 30cm2.

Transit Uranus opposition Sun often accompanies sudden changes. As Uranus was retrograding, there will be one more hit, on March 19 2014,with Uranus direct. Also on January 11, 2014 transit Pluto will be square his Sun. Uranus+Pluto means turbulence,  revolt and forced changes. It is red alert time now. Uranus+Pluto signal stress and nervousness.

No worries, there is not need to be afraid with only one transit Uranus. Of course, there were more transits and progressions at the same time, like always when there is an event that you will remember. There were two more transits:
  • Transit Chiron (sesquisquare Sun/Moon: see the doctor) and 
  • Transit Pluto conjunct Progressed Mars (danger to get hurt)
There were progressions, too:
- Remains of progressed Sun trine Pluto and
- remains of progressed MC square Uranus.
These two progressed aspects were exact only days ago. We are in a hectic period of many changes.

I don't believe in 'fate'. I think that it was, because of the impatient hurry or urge to complete what he was doing. 
Aware of the hectic and stressful aspects,  I had alerted him about hurrying in traffic, but then something else happened. With Uranus it is always 'something unexpected'. Uranus is amazing, surprising and shocking, indeed.

Uranus is for adrenaline. In hectic times, you have more of it and you tend to rush, hurry and make the wrong moves. And if you don't, you need the adrenaline to start running...(but only when there are more indications for this and when there is a situation allowing this to happen).
SO, lesson learned...:
  • TRANSIT URANUS opposition SUN: don't hurry with work (6th) 
  • TRANSIT PLUTO on PROGRESSED MARS: mind the danger to get hurt
  • TRANSIT CHIRON - SUN/MOON: see the doctor

LINKS When transit Uranus hit my Sun, I bumped my head against a wall and later there was a shocking little mouse in house:). Isolated transits of Uranus need not mirror serious harm.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Two charts, one experience

A long time ago I wrote 'When one chart is up and the other one is down'. It was about the correlation between the charts of couples sharing experiences such as the wedding day, when children are born or parents die. As the lives of couples are sort of intwined, you may expect to see the reflection of the event or situation in both of the charts (natal or progressed).  Couples almost always have tight connections between their charts. They often experience the same transits, like this happy couple.
Personal examples:
  • My Sun/Moon midpoint is exactly square the Sun of my husband. My AC/MC midpoint, too. And there are more synastry aspects. When his Sun was hit by an opposition of transit Uranus the other day, this transit Uranus also hit my midpoints Sun/Moon and AC/MC.  What happened was an accident with hot water. It happened to him, but Uranus shocked me, too. More on that accident in the next post.  
  • Mid August transit Jupiter was square his Sun, was Jupiter opposition my Sun/Moon. That's when he did that hole-in-1
  • When my sister was dying her progressed Sun was conjunct mine. It made us share transits and brought us closer together.
Such interactions between charts mirror shared moments of crisis or joy.

 Of course you can have the same transits with a stranger, too. You don't know him or her, but if you did, you would empathize and 'feel along'. Charts: they should be seen and read in the light of the situation and the circumstances.

The axis AC-DC connects the houses 1 and 7 (house of partners). Transits may refer to things that happen to your partner and have an effect on you, personally. Jupiter may make you happy for him/her, Neptune may make you sad, Saturn worries etcetera.

Also visit: for example about love or about  Mars and synastry

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