Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chart Johan Cruyff today

On Astropost you can find the reading of the chart of Johan Cruyff: that I published when he became 65. Today there is a less pleasant message about him. He is seriously ill (lung cancer, they say). In the chart with progressions and transits you see a number of aspects, but I want a point at one of them, because this aspect relates to what is going on, strongly.

Transit Saturn, ruler of his 6th house of illness, is opposite the midpoint Sun/Moon in Gemini (the sign of the lungs). Here is the chart:
There is also the progressed Sun almost square Mars and semi square Ascendant, Progressed Ascendant inconjunct Midheaven and Pholus opposite progressed Venus in Gemini. Progressed Mars in Gemini had an opposition of Saturn earlier this month. 

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Football with Neptune, like the Titanic sinking

Yesterday, the Dutch football team failed in many ways. They are out! It is interesting that this happens with a lot of Neptune in the charts involved (posted below):

1.    Danny Blind (coach) has a progressed Sun trine Jupiter (so maybe he keeps his job), but  transit Neptune is also inconjunct his natal Sun.
2.    The chart of the Netherlands has transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun (and progressed Sun trine Saturn). Though the economy is getting better, this result and the high number of refugees have a negative influence. There is also transit Uranus inconjunct the progressed Midheaven (a number of incidents disturbing the status quo).
3.    Yesterday, transit Sun was conjunct Neptune in the Dutch national chart. Transits of the Sun color your day. Neptune is often the sign of deception.
4.    Robin van Persie, who shot the ball passed his own keeper, has transit Neptune opposite his Mercury now (for miscommunications), AND transit Pluto inconjunct Sun (for stress).
5.    Wesley Sneijder: transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Mercury (wrong communications with a loss involved) and transit Uranus square progressed Sun (making him nervous)

Such a lot of Neptune leads a national team into the mist or maybe more like the Titanic sinking (the ship sank with Neptune inconjunct Ascendant).

Or was the Czech Republic better?:)

Here are the charts. 


CTR + Tap or click in the chart, open new window and maximize the size!

 PS for those interested in declinations: the Dutch progressed Moon is now at 0°41'23" N

about Zero Degree declination In that post I ask the question:
Could it just be, that the Zero Degreee Declination of the Moon refers to a critical and not so controllable point?

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Chart d.o.b. and the 2015 of Forecaster Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong is a financial forecaster who developed his own system based on history to predict all time highs and lows, and crisis in nations. Although it is common knowledge that results from the past don't guarantee those of the future, I am interested after seeing The Forecaster ( )

He forecasted a problem with the states debts in October 2015 (a close down) and - in 2014 - he saw indications for a world wide war and/or the fall of Europe after clashes with immigrants. It is not hard to predict problems in Europe, but ... in February 2014 there weren't those amounts of immigrants to house, feed and more, like today. It is a migrant crisis (see Wikipedia), during Neptune in the first 10 degrees of Pisces, like the Migration Period of 376 (see: )

How are Europe, the USA and Putin doing today according to the charts?

  • The chart of Europe (Treaty of Rome, January 1 1958) has Neptune conjunct progressed Sun right now and that is in line with confusion, invasion and uncertainty. 
  • Transit Pluto is opposite the USA Sun and this describes how the leading position of the USA is being challenged today.
  • Transit Pluto is square Vladimir Putin's Sun, even on his birthday:)

It is stressy.

Shortly, transit Neptune will hit the USA Progressed Sun as well. Neptune always offers mist and obscurity, if there is no strong ideal to 'go for' (and end up in the mist as well, sometimes:). So, the 'stars' aren't favorable. But we can all see that.

Neptune is all around. I mentioned this before here and I quote myself:
...The chart of Germany (United Germany, October 3, 1990, Berlin, zero hours) has transit Neptune in Pisces inconjunct the natal Sun in Libra. That is exactly the kind of aspect that makes it hard to deal with all the Neptunic things such as refugees, the sea, idealism, beliefs and the media. This aspect demands clarity, openness and open eyes when there is little balance and too much confusion. It is hard to do. The chart of the leader of the nation is in line with that. 

As Angela Merkel's Progressed Sun is in the 24th of Virgo, quindecile (165d) transit Neptune, there will be a strong focus..

Martin Armstrong however, will see Jupiter trine his progressed Sun later this month, just like in 1989 when he forecasted the all time high (going low). There is no time of birth available, so that all I can tell you about his chart is this:

- Saturn doesn't make major aspects in sigh or orb 5 degrees. Parents! Ambition! Business!
- Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces: discretion and secrets (he never gave away his source code, even not in jail and under pressure)
- Jupiter/Neptune = Sun (speculations, fans and followers, beliefs)
- Jupiter 157.5 Pluto (minor aspects, major impact; this increases confidence)

Well, time will tell if the system of Martin Armstrong can forecast major problems like wars and crashes always or if those who have been warned will be able to prevent this or...that it is just speculations. I'd rather believe that...

PS The picture is of the place where they kept Martin Armstrong for 7 years without sun or rain on his face, trying to make him give away the source code of his system (according to the movie). From the way that he has been treated you can tell how scary it is for some people if a person can really 'forecast' the future of those in power and with money.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Neptune and Max Gradel

Max Gradel, Bournemouth  football player, was injured and can't play for six months. Now his Ivorian family says that this happened because they bewitched him. 

If he believes that, their influence will increase, of course. Neptune is the symbol of all things that you are not certain of and can't lay your hand on: fantasy, beliefs, dreams, heaven, romance, and mysterious things like witchcraft. See the chart of the day of the injury: Progressed Sun conjunct Neptune describes a period of isolation and uncertainty. Transit Neptune square Sun confuses. 

Both aspects refer to a negative press, too. His family complaints about him and would like to get financial help. Now they told him that they can hurt him at distance and that they are to be blamed for 6 months of misery. Wonder if that makes him send presents...:)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Mercury Retrograde AND inconjunct

Mercurius is retrograde. 
I have written about Mercury retrograding before and mentioned what sort of disasters are to be expected, especially in the USA, where Mercury retrograde is a a period in which you shouldn't buy, sign, travel, write or arrange anything if you don't want to be delayed, fooled or forced to make other arrangements soon. That was exactly when I decided to install OSX El Capitan on my Apple Mac. El Capitan is named after the mountain in Yosemite Park and you can see how steep those walls are:).
I don't want to live in fear:), so I decided to put El Capitan on my Mac, disregarding the fact that Mercury is also inconjunct my Ascendant right now. I learnt my lesson well, believe it! First the Mac said that there was not enough space and so I deleted my foto material, a few programs and documents, just to find out that after removing all of the more than 4000 pictures there was still the same amount of KB left. And yes, I deleted the trash and 'recently removed' files. I also stressed because after all that fuss I thought to have removed an astrology program, too. 
Of course, I can't blame Mercury for this. Mars is opposite my Ascendant. That doesn't help to remain calm. The nasty thing is that retrograde inconjunctions come back (this one will hit me again in 2 weeks). 
Next weekend Mercury seemingly starts walking again. So if you have an angle or object between the 1st and 5th degree of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or Pisces, maybe you should wait with installing El Capitan. And all the rest!:), especially when you were born between 22 and 27th of April or February. Inconjuncts of Mercury are warnings for communications. Perhaps there is something wrong with THIS post, too:)!

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