Monday, October 5, 2015

Neptune and Max Gradel

Max Gradel, Bournemouth  football player, was injured and can't play for six months. Now his Ivorian family says that this happened because they bewitched him. 

If he believes that, their influence will increase, of course. Neptune is the symbol of all things that you are not certain of and can't lay your hand on: fantasy, beliefs, dreams, heaven, romance, and mysterious things like witchcraft. See the chart of the day of the injury: Progressed Sun conjunct Neptune describes a period of isolation and uncertainty. Transit Neptune square Sun confuses. 

Both aspects refer to a negative press, too. His family complaints about him and would like to get financial help. Now they told him that they can hurt him at distance and that they are to be blamed for 6 months of misery. Wonder if that makes him send presents...:)

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