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Mars and Pluto; Saturn and Uranus...
The two combinations together appear in the charts of Elisabeth Fritzl and Natascha Kampusch. It means that the themes of limited freedom and use/abuse of violence could be important issues in their lives.

JOSEF FRITZL, the man who abused and incarcelated his daughter in Austria, was born 9th April 1935. I look at his chart, at her chart and at the interactions, progressions and transits to see if there is any astrological clue. I don't have the hours of birth. Still I think the positions on the days of birth explain a lot, even more when you add the circumstances (the available cellar, for example).

On that day the Sun is in the 19th degree of Aries, opposition Mars and square Pluto. If not used in sports or enterprise, these aspects might point at fanatic agression. The combination of Sun with Mars and Pluto might lead to use and abuse of power. In this case, it did! And the victim also had a Mars-Pluto combination in her chart (Sun conjunct Mars and inconjunct Pluto) with Mars biquintile Pluto.

He could do what he did because:
- there is a biquintile between Sun and Neptune for a creative fantasy. Sometimes this means: a creative (biquintile) secret (Neptune) life (Sun)
- Neptune is calling (not making major aspects in sign) in his chart for a fantasy at any possible level...
- Mercury is prominent conjunct Zero Aries and square Moon. That is good for not telling people what you really feel and a struggle between need and mind.
- Venus opposition Jupiter and sextile Pluto. It is a succesful combination in arts and skills...and with women. You cannot imagine, but possibly (and the media say his neighbours confirm it) with this combination you are dearly loved...

The prominence of both Mercury and Neptune mixes communications with lies and fantasies.

Whitout an hour of birth there is not much more to add to this, except...that his progressed Sun is in the final degree of Gemini, about to change sign (or maybe already changed). The changing progressed sunsign tells us about a changing lifestyle. In progression there is a conjunction of Sun and Mercury. Transits right now show an arrest (Pluto-Uranus trine) and a relief (Jupiter-Uranus tirne) at the same time.

The abuse of Elisabeth started at age 11. At that time his progressed Sun was changing sign to Gemini and sesquisquare Mars. As the Sun, Mars and Pluto are connected in his birht chart, this was the moment the abuse (Mars-Pluto) started. The progressed Sun lighted the fire...

On 24th August 1984, when he locked his daugher in his cellar, transit Mars was sesquisquare his Sun and Pluto opposition Uranus (the arrest aspect). The progressed Sun square Saturn, Saturn opposition progressed Saturn...
It is evident that in that year his life (in his eyes!) became harder and his responsibilities and guilt (Saturn) were highlighted (Sun).

Elisabeth Fritzl had a life until she was 11. Then her progressed sunsign slightly changed. Her father started abusing her. We see Mars (recently changed sign!) sesquisquare Pluto in her progressed chart. In her birth chart Mars is biquintile Pluto. So the progressed Mars activated the natal construction.

Of course her date of birth (April 8, 1966) cannot show us the hell she lived in. There must have been some crucial placements in her chart for the specific moment that she was born. In combination with the circumstances (a very strong and potent Mars-Pluto father with technical skills, a cellar available and a mother who did not ask too many questions...) these lead to an unbelievable life.

I believe that she has Moon conjunct Neptune near the MC in Scorpio, because that would bring Vulcanus and Northern Node conjunct the IC for domestic (IC) family related (NNode) violence (Vulcanus) and the isolation (Neptune) of a woman (Maan). It would also explain the number of children, because Jupiter would be in the fifth. And Uranus conjunct Pluto, the closest aspect!, in the eight house of life and death, sex and power. Uranus-Pluto is the aspect for rapid changes and revolutions (like f.ex. in case of arrests).

With or without hour of birth, Elisabeth Fritzl also has a Mars-Pluto connection for use and abuse of violence in her chart as her father has. That is not strange, in fact it is common in the charts of victims and criminals. Read my article about Mars-Pluto!. She has Sun conjunct Mars and inconjunct Pluto. But she also has Sun inconjunct Uranus. Mars-Uranus-Pluto is the combination for action on impulse, for resistance (Uranus) against violation (Mars-Pluto) in some cases. Her father started abusing her at age 11. We see Mars (that recently had changed sign!) sesquisquare Pluto in her progressed chart, activating the Mars biquintile Pluto in her birth chart.

Elisabeth has Sun inconjunct Uranus and conjunct Mars, with Venus in a 165 degree quindecile with Uranus. There is also a semi sextile between Mars and Saturn. It means that she has all of the four indications for not getting married or for divorce in her birth chart. Independance (Uranus) and being on your own (Mars) might be important for her. And it is THAT aspect of life that was taken away from her. This construction in her chart also explains why her mother believed that she had suddenly left. I guess she sort of revolted at the time.

Saturn and Uranus: theme of limiting freedom...This combination is connected by Mars. Mars is semi sextile Saturn and biquintile Uranus. On the 8th April 1966 there were combinations for the possiblity of danger (Mars-Saturn-Pluto) and matters of limited freedom (Mars-Saturn-Uranus) as a blueprint in the chart. And later circumstances, transits and progressions added their influences to create this faith.

But what else is the connection between the charts of father and daughter (with or without HOB)?

His Venus is opposition her Moon and Neptune. He is attracted to her. His Jupiter is conjunct her Neptune: she may have believed him., he benefits from her weaknesses. His Pluto is trine her Saturn, for endurance? Her Moon is conjunct his Jupiter and that is strange, because it says that he supported her and cared for her (and in a way he did). Their Suns are conjunct as they are born almost on the same day. In this case their lifes were closely bound together. Also notice NNode trine NNode (being related).

When the abuse started in 1977, her Mars had progressed to conjunct his Uranus. In his chart Mars is quindecile Uranus (165 degrees). In her chart Mars is biquintile Uranus (144 degrees). As it happens...

There was a similar case in Austria in 2005. It happened to Natascha Kampusch when she was only 10. She was born at 6:45 a.m. in Austria on 17th February 1988 with a prominent Mercury. She is about to have her own talk show. In her chart Saturn and Uranus are connected to Zero Aries. They do not make any major aspect in sign. That shows how important the theme of limited freedom was and still is, in her life. Saturn and Uranus dispose of 60% of her planets, as most are in Aquarius or Capricorn. There are 13 midpoint combinations with Mars and Pluto, connection the limited freedom to use and abuse of violence.

On the day of her abduction (2nd March 1998) transit Pluto was square progressed Sun. That certainly transformed her life! As he has many clues in her chart for intelligence, charm and patience she managed to survice. On the day of her escape, 23 August 2005, transit Sun was trine Saturn and Uranus! A trine is good for an easy way out.

Her abductor, Wolfgang Priklopil, was born 14th May 1962 in Hainburg a.d. Donau. With Moon in Virgo and Venus in Gemini he prefers women young. There is a quindecile aspect between Saturn and Uranus (obsessed with limited freedom). When he committed suicide transit Pluto was inconjunct Sun, Uranus conjunct progressed Jupiter and Venus conjunct Venus. There is a quindecile aspect between Saturn and Uranus. When he kidnapped Natascha transit Uranus was conjunct his Saturn.

The LSD-man died

Albert Hofmann discovered the psychedelic drug LSD. He was born 11 January 1906 and died 29th April 2008. I like to point at the placement of the oriental Uranus, that I often notice in the charts of those who become very old.


- Sun is calling (no major aspects in sign) and inconjunct Pluto
- Moon is calling, inconjunct Saturn
- Mercury is calling, inconjunct Jupiter
- Jupiter is calling, sesquisquare Venus
- Pluto is calling, inconjunct Zon

FIVE planets are drawing attention and work at any possible level to get it. Notice that Jupiter-Pluto is involved and where Jupiterand Pluto are together, succes is near. Mercury is the most prominent planet, being on the descendant (crucial). Mercury is symbol of communications and transmitting messenges.

Uranus is the planet of those who want to change the world, mostly to make it a better place. Uranus is also the symbol of being ahead of time (and knowing before the time is there). That is why Uranus is also connected with astrology.

Uranus is oriental in the chart of Hofmann. In my book Astro I.D. I mention several examples to illustrate the contribution of an oriental Uranus to the length of life. Hofmann is another good example. He became 102! More about getting old...

Aquarius (changing the world, techniques), Uranus in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, Neptune in Cancer, Moon in Leo, Sun in Capricorn and...back to Saturn. Saturn is close to the MC This planet shows that administration, managing, control, hierarchy, rules and limitations, science and a certain age are part of the carreer. Hofmann was a scientist.

Neptune symbolises drugs and medications. In 1938 Hofmann discovered LSD. His progressed Sun was sesquisquare Neptune then. And the progressed MC was conjunct Ceres, the dwarf planet on top of his chart. Ceres is the symbol of heirdoom and grain.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

who's making positive changes...

As he made a few good changes, let us look at the brigth side of Raúl Castro. Raúl Castro was born 3th June 1931 and I don't even know what time of the day. But, on that specific day the Sun was calling and when the Sun is !calling! (not making major aspects) it means that the nativity is born to be a leader, born for performing or born to 'steal the show'. A leader, in this case. And a soldier (Mars calling, too! and quindecile -75d- Sun). Mars is related to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction by a semi quintile (36 d) and, both Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct the midpoint Sun/Mars. This is a combination for successes.

But... he is also and idealist (Neptune calling!), though - if born in the afternoon*) - first of all a man who wants to make a change (Uranus oriental). And that is exactly what he is doing in Cuba right now, in a positive way. He turned death sentences into sentences for life (except for terrorism), and is starting to introduce the free market. Nevertheless, as a brother of Fidel, he is part of the same system and he has not been chosen in a democratic way. But let us stay positive!:)

The progressed Sun is moving towards the natal Mars and to a semi square with progressed Mars. Now it is time for him to act! But there is another indication for changes and that is transit Uranus (his oriental planet) trine progressed Pluto. The combination of Uranus and Pluto is for impulse and revolution and the trine for a smooth way of sudden (Uranus) transformation (Pluto). It sounds like a new and non violent revolution in Cuba. Let us hope so.

*)Venus might be prominent enough to be the oriental planet, had he been born in the morning. Venus would be semi square Aries Point then.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Like a jumping Jack Flash Tina Turner keeps coming back on stage. On October 1 this year she will start a tour in Kansas City. The transits tell us that it will be a happy start (transit Jupiter square progressed Ascendant and transit Uranus conjunct Venus: a sensational feeling...) but you also see that the come back might cause frustration and pain and might even be more or less 'forced' (transit Pluto semi square Sun).

She still shakes the stages and the audience! Born 26th November 1939 at 22h10 CST in Bronscville Tenessee, Tina Turner is already 68. Her oriental (= rising before the Sun) Neptune is square Venus in Sagittarius and Venus in Sagittarius is connected to a 'calling' Uranus (in a creative biquintile). The combination of Venus and Uranus is frequent in the charts of modern artists and Venus-Neptune combinations show a certain artistic talent. Also notice the Moon in Gemini, sign of youth...

Tina started her carreer singing with husband Ike (5 November 1931 - 12 December 2007). More about the violent relationship with him can be found in message, written when he died.

A little more about comebacks and the Pluto influence:

Bob Dylan (born May 24, 1941 in Duluth MN at 21:05) has a calling Venus conjunct Moon in Taurus and Jupiter. Neptune is on top of his chart. In september 2006 he was a number one hit in the USA again right after a transit of Pluto conjunct the Midheaven and with transit Uranus on the Ascendant (for a revival).

Pluto is the symbol of a profound change of reputation or situation (status). With the ascendant Pluto could transform your relations and with Sun Pluto might change your fysical health the hard way (and make life lived more intensely).

Pluto square MC for Mel Gibson at the time of his statements, right before therapy...
Pluto square progressed MC at the time of the abduction of Bétancourt...
Transit Pluto square Sun and progressed Sun sextile Pluto at the beginning and end of the asignment of UN-man and Dutch politician Pronk in Dafur.
Progressed Pluto opposition Jupiter at the time of the strong victory of Ségolène Royal in her party.
Progressed Sun sesquisquare Pluto for Litvinenko (with transit Uranus square Sun) at the time of the attempt to kill him.
Progressed Sun conjunct Progressed Pluto for Demjanjuk at his trial.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

BIRTH CHART JANET JACKSON: Venus biquintile Neptune for artistic talent

Janet Jackson was awarded Saturday for what she did for equal rights for homosexuals and lesbians, with transit Jupiter trine Mars, a succes combination. Janet, sister of Michael Jackson, was born in Gary, 16th May 1966.

She divorced twiced and once said she doubted if she was suited for marriage. In fact, she is not...
Venus in Aries is one thing (easy come and go of love feelings). Sun conjunct Mars is one of the indications the astrologer Ram found in the charts of divorced women. And we don't know about her HOB.

How can we see her artistic talents without HOB?
Her chart must have Venus or Neptune prominent, on a crucial spot in the chart, but we cannot be sure. However, if she is born in the afternoon or evening Venus is biquintile Neptune and that is a solid indication for creative (biquintile) artistic (Neptune) talents (Venus).

Another thing we know is that this chart lacks placements in airsigns and air is for communications and that points at Mercury (the messenger, by voice, by transport, by writing). Without placements in air signs a person is looking for an exchange of ideas and for social contacts. With the risk that she will communicate at any possible level, anyway, anyhow...

The minor aspects are of great influence in her chart. See Jupiter and Sun connected by a semi quintile (36 degrees), for example, or Jupiter with Venus (80 degrees) or Mars (40 degrees).

And what I find very important is, that her Mars is conjunct Michael Jackson's Mars, so that they might enjoy tight cooperation (and competion!). His Mercury (a.o. symbol of brotherhood and siblings) squares her Northern Node and her Jupiter is trine his Neptune.

Major aspects (Ptolemic aspects) are: conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition. All other aspects are 'minor'. For example: quintile (72 degree), quindecile (15, 75, 105, 165), biquintile (144), quincunx or inconjunction (150 degrees), septile (51,42: seventh part of the circle of 360 degrees), semi square (45) or sesquisquare (135).

I make a difference between major and minor aspects. The major hard aspects are usually more obvious, but the minor aspects add a subtile specification that sometimes turns out to be of the utmost importance. Like the screw that eventually causes the crash. Or the talent that helps you reach your goals. Major so called harmonic aspects make things (good or bad...) more easy.

In this blog I present examples of all of these aspects.

Surviving an attack...

Hamid Karzai was born 24th December 1957 and on that specific day you see the aspect of the survivor: Sun trine Pluto. Why is it an aspect for surviving? I think maybe because Pluto is the symbol of defense, protection (guards!) and being on guard with a certain strategy. Sun-Pluto aspects are frequent in the charts of coaches (football) who want to (Sun) win (Pluto) and are (Sun) an authority - in their field - (Pluto). Another component of the lives of coaches is the intensity (constant stress: when others fail to win, they lose the job).
This aspect does not protect you from dying young. Grace Kelly (Princess Gracia, 12111929 053100 EST Philadelphia) died rather young, with the same aspect, due to a crash after brain damage. So maybe Sun trine Pluto just provides you will all the force and strength that you most certainly will need?

Anyway, back to Karzai, Sun trine Pluto is the most tight aspect in his chart! Combine this with the oriental Saturn and you see a 'die hard' combination for hard confrontations and the disadvantages (Saturn) of politics (Pluto).

With Mars square Pluto having to defend yourself and the theme of use and abuse of power is evident in his life. Notice that Saturn is 106 degrees away from Pluto (a quindecile is 105 degrees)...Mars-Saturn-Pluto...

It is so easy to see why an attempt to kill him by force was made yesterday. Transit Saturn is now square Mars and conjunct Pluto, but also trine Sun. Transit Mars is inconjunct progressed Sun and Saturn. You see the theme of the danger (Pluto) to die (Mars-Saturn) - the theme of unnatural death cause - being mentioned twice! And it is confirming a combination that we see in his birth chart.

More about Mars-Pluto...

Friday, April 25, 2008


Wesley Snipes (actor) has been convicted for not paying enough taxes with some intriguing transits with his progressed chart: Transit Saturn conjunct Uranus, Transit Uranus semisquare Saturn and opposition Sun, transit Jupiter trine Sun. Maybe he was lucky and he could have got more years in prison? But what still remains is the Sun-Saturn-Uranus combination.

In his natal chart there is also a Sun-Saturn-Uranus combination. Sun opposition Saturn in Aquarius - ruled by Uranus - (and Sun is 22.5 degrees away from Uranus). The Saturn-Uranus combination is symbolic for the theme of limited freedom and resisting limitations. Sun-Saturn aspects related to the 12th house are frequent in the charts of inmates. Since his HOB is unknown I cannot tell you if this is so this time. But the opposition of Sun and Saturn is very tight and there is more.

It might be true , as Stripes claims, that he is naive nad an artist who does not know about finances. He has Sun square Neptune. He also has a list of legal problems (see Wikipedia). Look at Mercury inconjunct Jupiter and square Neptune...It is a perfect combination for an actor, but in business it is for 'big mouth' and 'miscommunications'. The square with Saturn adds narrow mindedness. You might read all this as 'disadvantages (Saturn) of telling big lies (Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune)'. Another tight aspect in his chart is Saturn inconjunct Pluto. That is a sign for hard confrontations.

Three years in prison is a lot...

1923 or 1924?

When he died I wrote about Charlton Heston, based upon his birth in 1924. But now I see that the Times and Astrodatabank (both reliable institutions) metion that he was born in 1923. Look at the two charts and see the differences. Or should I say, the possible matchs?:)

Because unfortunately in both cases there is a artistic talent and in both charts Pluto is in the 9th for a change of conviction.

In the 1924 chart Saturn is crucial (places on the Ascendant) for the conservative. In the 1924 chart Neptune is oriental (for the idealist and ...for the media) and in the 1923 chart Mercury is much more prominent (for communication).

The 1923 chart has no placements in fire signs. I think that makes fire 'calling'. Heston was very much in favour of the right to carry guns and that could explain...

With such differences in dates of birth it is very hard to read a chart. But in short:

the Astro I.D. for 1924 tells us about a person who is crucially conservative and a business man but full of passion (Venus opposition Mars) with an idealistic orientation (a material man in an immaterial world:).

the Astro I.D. for 1923 is that of a person who is first of all a communicator (speaking, writing) with an energy and agression at any possible level (no fire).
For some reason I keep preferring the 1924 chart:) So I looked for more...

In the 1923 chart, the solar return chart for his birthday last year had Venus on the descendant (rest in peace...) and the 1924 chart had a solar return in 2007 with...Venus square Ascendant and Uranus on the IC. Can you make a choice? I cannot!

The 1924 primary chart offers Pr.Pluto conjunct Sun in January. In that of 1924 this aspect occurs in July 2007.

It makes me think that it is no wonder that these data were mixed up all of his life...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time out...

Saturn is the symbol of time. In her next solar return we see Uranus on the Ascendant with Sun conjunct Saturn: time for breaking free...

Time out for Cameron Diaz, who recently lost her father while she was already considering to take a long break. Above you see the birth chart according to It is such a good example of my theory of Astro I.D.! Venus, planet of beauty is crucial. This planet is placed on the Ascendant Cancer (one of the most 'female' ascendants:), so we get double femininity. Venus is rising before the Sun, also. This prominent Venus is square Uranus for an exceptional, thrilling beauty!

Notice the golden yod between Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. It is a perfect combination for a positive change and unexpected popularity. And see how the most tight aspect in the chart is working the best: Moon sextile Venus for the beautiful woman.

Lately transit Saturn came over the Sun and made her life harder when she lost her father.


Pete Doherty is in prison right now as he used drugs on probation. Pete Doherty was born 12th March 1979 in Hexham UK and is a famous artist, songwriter, musician and ...ex of Kate Moss. Right now we see his progressed Sun trine Neptune and inconjunct (progressed and natal) Uranus with transit Uranus conjunct Sun. The spotlight (progressed Sun) is on drugs and media (Neptune) and on the mismatch with freedom and independancy. Uranus is at the same time 'waking him up'. Uranus is also trine Uranus. His bed must be shaking...
Uranus is present when society is there. And in fact, it seems that the other inmates don't like Pete at all, so that in this society he just does not match.

It is interesting to see that there is a quintile between Uranus and Saturn in his natal chart. Saturn's combination with Uranus refers to the limitations of freedom and the rebellion against it. It seems he rebels in a creative way. Growing up and becoming an adult the quintile between Saturn and Uranus got more and more tight in progression. The aspect's effect is now fading away.

On the day he was born, Mars was oriental (for being active, assertive or agressive, full of enterprise) and Jupiter was 'calling'. The prominence of both Mars and Jupiter promises succes.

PS 27th April:
I read that in his prison it is even easier to get heroin than outside! The inmates rule the limited staff and people climb over the walls to sell drugs to the prisoners! That explains Sun trine Neptune! It is so easy (trine)to dream away (Neptune)...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


A sad transit of Saturn inconjunct her Sun, together with an opposition of transit Pluto with Natal Mars, accompany the message that Reese Witherspoon is to divorce Ryan Philippe.

She was born March 22nd, 1976 in NY, with Mars square Aries Point and Sun ( of the 'divorce aspects'), Venus trine Uranus and Sun biquintile Uranus. Though the latter are no afflictions, the composition of Sun, Venus and Uranus suits the theme of divorce (marrying on impulse...).

In the chart of her ex-husband to be, Ryan Philippe (born September 10, 1974 in Newcastle USA) we see Venus square Neptune and semi square Neptune as a sign for divorce (in a male's chart) Right now we see transit Venus square Saturn and transit Saturn conjunct Venus, with transit Saturn semi square Saturn, confirming these aspects. In the progressed chart the Sun is conjunct Mars. Notice that transit Mars is square this conjunction with transit Uranus inconjunct and that Mars-Uranus is one of the indications in the chart of a man. So it this aspect is effective in progressions, when a birth chart indicates that there is a chance...

Now that we know why they divorced right now... let us have a look at the synergy between their charts:

The Moon is opposition Moon
Venus is opposition Venus
That looks like fatal attraction:); opposites attrack, but once the magnetism is over...

In 1999 when they married his Uranus was square her progressed Saturn and opposition her progressed Sun. His progressed Venus was opposition her natal Sun. Her Pluto was conjunct his progressed Sun and her Venus conjunct his progressed Jupiter. So, they had not much basic harmony, but in 1999 her Sun-Venus-Pluto interacted with his Jupiter and Venus and that is a statement for intense loving feelings! Unfortunately there was also a Uranus-Saturn synergy. Someones freedom is being limited...And now they are free again.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Travelling will be crucial...

The birth chart of the Pope has Jupiter and Saturn both crucial and calling! Jupiter-Saturn is the combination of hierarcy and the call for clergy and official religious life (combination of conviction = Jupiter and carreer = Saturn). Saturn high above in the chart in Sagittarius: he is above all a conservative. Jupiter in Pisces on the Ascendant as the symbol of acting in the name of christianity. When he became a pope, transit Pluto was on the Midheaven. At the time he felt 'he hAd to' do the job.

Apart form the prominent Jupiter in Pisces Mars 22.5 degrees away from the midpoint of religion (Jupiter/Neptune) is pointing at his vocation.

Sun in Aries trine Neptune makes him a good spiritual (Neptune) leader (Sun), just like is the case with the Daila Lama, who has Sun sextile Neptune and trine Jupiter. Moon in Libra makes him diplomatic, but the square with Pluto points at domestic changes and fanatisms that do not always improve the atmosphere. Mercury square Mars is for discussions that might get sharp. Venus square Neptune is indicating the possibility of making bad choices in life. But: who is perfect...

The pope was born on April 16 1927 at 4h15 a.m. in Marktl, Germany, so today is his official birthday.
Astrologically his birthday was on the 14th.

The Sun, at the moment of birth, was at 25d8min44sec Aries. This year 2008, the Sun is at that point on April 14, at 17h39m31s GMT ( 19u39 MEST). The chart for his birthday moment (the solar return chart) is based upon the return of the sun in the same degree and minute as when a person is born.

Looking at his solar return chart for this year, I notice the prominence of Mercury and Jupiter (the travel planets) on the corners of the cross. Not surprisingly he immediately crossed the ocean to the USA! Jupiter is for ínternational and Mercury for transportation.

In his birth chart (see image on top of this message) you see that I highlighted the 4 most prominent planets.

1. Benedicto: the blessed one
Jupiter is calling on the Ascendant in Pisces and disposing of the Midheaven: to travel and to convince at any possible level as part of the way he presents himself ...seems clear to me:)
His name is 'Benedicto', the blessed one. The ascendant (the way you present yourself) together with Jupiter (symbol of succes and being blessed)...Do you see it, too?

2. The energetic man
Mars conjunct IC and square Aries Point; for work at the background or an industrial family or for the reputation of being active. He insists on having a hugh walk in the garden every day!

3. A long life
Uranus oriental in the first house conjunct Aries Point: that is one of the advantages in a chart when you wish to get real old. Is not it funny that people spoke of him as an 'interim-pope' because of his age at the moment of his inauguration? In my book Astro I.D. I give some examples of people who got real old and had Uranus rising before the Sun (= oriental).

4. The conservative
Saturn on top, calling!: ambition, to manage, but why don't you look at it this way: PAPA!

40% of the possible placements are prominent and 3 out of 4 are prominent twice! I count 25 (!!!) midpoint combinations that indicate succes (in the 22.5 range) and that is a crowd. Add the prominence of Jupiter and Mars (for the amount of energy) and you see an important person stepping forward out of this drawing. .

I like to point at Mars square Uranus in the chart of the pope. This aspect (out of sign) is one of the indication that the astrologer Ram gave for not getting married or getting divorced in the charts of males. Moon in Libra in the seventh house of cooperation needs some company, but the square with Pluto in the 4th house might block the usual partnership (and maybe points at a painful experience).

Popes and their charts
Mars and Uranus
About interpreting midpoints

Monday, April 14, 2008

...a material girl trying to change her world...

Now that a sex tape of Marilyn Monroe got out of the closet, maybe it is time to have a look at her birth chart. In my files I have 1st June 1926 at 9h30 a.m. LA and that means that she has the following Astro I.D.:

- Uranus oriental (as both Mercury and Venus are rather 'common') and 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign) in the eight house of sex, life and death AND close to Aries Point;

- Pluto (symbol of the eight house) is also 'calling', so that the combination of planets for a revolution in life (any direction:( are prominent. Pluto is semi sextile the Ascendant, so that her appearance and presentation was related to the planet of life and death, sexuality, politics and influence and...transformation.

This is the Astro I.D. of a rather shocking or very controversial person. But let us consider the fact that this is the chart of a woman...
Uranus is semi sextile Venus. It is the tightest aspect in this chart, indicating artistic talents or extra ordinary beauty. So we have a shocking (Uranus and Pluto) female (Venus). But where is the idol? I see it in Sun quintile Neptune and quindecile (105 d) Jupiter.

This chart is not extremely 'telling'. I think we should consider her circumstances as well. She had a bad youth (Saturn in 4, square Moon: bad memories). She did not have much money and was a materialist at any possible level (no earth signs). She was rather good looking or 'thrilling' (Venus on top semi sextile Uranus and Pluto semi sextile Ascendant), with an extreme urge to change and improve her life (Uranus and Pluto). She was not extremely intelligent, she was a girl that had to manage and she did. She was born and lived close to Hollywood! What else would cross her mind!?

When she divorced Doharty in 1946, her progressed Sun changed sign and another way of life (Sun) started, in Hollywood.

As always on a dying day, the 8th and the 4th, Saturn and Pluto are present. On the day that she died (August 5, 1962) Neptunus (ruler of the 8th house) was inconjunct her Sun, progressed Moon was close to inconjunct Saturn in the 4th house of life ending, and transit Jupiter ruler 5 was o.oo degree orb square progressed MC. Maybe it was just an escape, a bad moment to try to get to sleep, an accident.

Marilyn did not have placements in earth signs, except for the midheaven. That caused an urge to collect material things and so she became a real material girl. A shocking material girl would not mind to make a sex video, would she? Her progressed Sun is almost trine Venus right now and will be inconjunct Uranus end of July. That means the progressed Sun hits the most important aspect in her natal chart. She loved to be 'shocking' and even after death she manages to be 'in the spotlights'.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Poor Priscilla Presley...She is aging (Saturn semi square progressed Saturn) and fighting it (transit Mars conjunct progressed Saturn and transit Saturn square progressed Mars). Pluto is afflicting progressed Ascendant and MC to challenge her to make fundamental changes, and she did. She had her face done by an unlicensed surgeon (says LA Times) and it will have to be done again, better! Pluto is for surgeons when fysical changes are part of the transformation. And for times when strength, force and courage is needed.

Dolly Paton also had surgery and looks incredibly young with an aged neck. A pitty that they cannot lift thát!:) Parton has the same problem as Presley: Saturn! Saturn is semi square her progressed Saturn and conjunct her natal Saturn. She must feel old. And transit Saturn is also inconjunct her progressed Sun. Together with transit Pluto square her progressed Sun and transit Uranus sesqui square the progressed Ascendant this calls for surgery and transformation.

So both felt old and needed a change. Redecorating the house would not change enough, so they redecorated their faces. Dolly will be happy soon enough (transit Venus trine progressed MC)

What do they share, except being famous and having to look good? Data:
Dolly: 19 January 1946 at 20:25 Locust Ridge TN
Priscilla: 24th May 1945 22h40 NY
They share an aspect between Venus and Jupiter (square for Dolly, biquintile for Priscilla). And they share a quindecile (obsession) aspect between Venus and Pluto (165 degrees for Dolly, 105 for Priscilla). Of course their beauty and charm is important for their succes in life and 'who wants to be beautiful, must suffer'. Still, there is a slight difference between a movie star (Presley) and a singer (Parton, also in the charts. Parton has a 'calling'Mercury for communicating and Uranus on top for causing upheavel all the time (like in December, when the audience in Holland found out that she play backed several numbers of her show: transit Uranus!). Priscilla on the other hand has Venus, Mars and Jupiter calling. I look at the unaspected Venus and see that Venus is also oriental (rising before the Sun AND prominent). That makes beauty a real issue...


Uranus does it again! With transit Uranus sesqui square progressed Sun, opposition natal Saturn and conjunct his natal Ascendant, ....
dr. Phil (September 1, 1950, 19u15 Vinita) caused upheavel in the press. Someone in his staff revealed that the crew payed 33.000 dollars to bail out a happy slapping girl (Mercades Nichols). They wanted to interview her, but unfortunately she was still in jail. So...they managed to get her out! And now the interview won't be broadcaster anyway. Interesting that Uranus is also opposition dr. Phil's Saturn (as Saturn is on his descendant), so that we get the combination for breaking (Saturn) free (Uranus) related to his name. Or should we read it like this, since he is trying to match items in his program with actuality: disadvantages (Saturn) of hypes (Uranus)?:)


Thomas Kohnstamm, author and travel writer (Living Planet) admitted plagiarising and making up parts of his book recently. Born in November 24, 1975 in Seattle he has an oriental calling Mercury. Mercury is rising before the Sun and does not make Ptolemic (major) aspects in sign. It is not uncommon for writers to have Mercury calling.

Let us have another look at Mercury. Mercury is tightly sesqui square Jupiter and inconjunct Mars (square Aries Point). The combination of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter is a combinaton for succesfull enterprise. But the sesqui square between Mercury and Jupiter also tells us something about 'big mouth' and 'too much to be true'. A book cannot be so popular unless it was good and the readers enjoyed it. So I guess the publisher was right and what he says now is not the whole truth. He is ONE of the writers of the 'Living planet'.

Why does he reveal all this now? It might be the Jupiter return in his progressed chart. Jupiter is retrograding in his natal chart and went direct in progression. Now Jupiter got back to the starting point. Jupiter is the symbol of publishing and travelling. And I guess he wanted to make a fresh start.

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Some explanation

Noel Tyl refers to it as 'peregrination', not making major aspects. He wrote an interesting article about it and refers to it in his 'Vocations' (good book).

As 'peregrination' is a term used in horary, I prefer to use 'calling' (drawing attention). What I call 'calling planets' are planets not making major aspects in sign. I have written about it on my site Astromarkt, in the article'Conspicuous by abscence...', that is also about missing elements.

In short: 'calling' planets manifest themselves at any level, but always intense. A calling Mercury just HAS to communicate and a calling Jupiter just HAS to convince or travel. It is a sort of an urge. People with 'calling' planets should not disregard their influence and try to give the planet a place in the field of the carreer or in their hobbies. Or else, this planet starts 'screaming'!:) And the calling Mercury will never stop talking, the calling Jupiter will be anoying all company with statements and the calling Uranus will be irritating and shocking whenever there is a chance.

I tend to see the 'calling' planet as an indication for a vocation. A calling Sun (like in the charts of John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton and Cher Bono Allman, for example) refers to either leadership or show (being the centre of attention). Or how about the calling Venus and Mars of Monica Lewinsky: the passion and male-female contact in her life caused a lot of noise:)!

Looking at the positions of her day of birth and ...
comparing them with other royal brides...

Kate Middleton was there, when prince William got his 'wings'. Will she be 'the bride'? Probably.

You see, just like princesses in Holland and Belgium (Máxima and Mathilde) on her birthday there is a narrow conflict between Sun and Saturn. Máxima = born 17th May 1971 at 20h4m Buenos Aires with as I believe the final degree of Sagittarius on her Ascendant - has Sun conjunct the oriental Saturn, orb less then 23 minutes. Mathilde - 20th January 1973 in Brussels at 10h47 MET - has Sun sesqui square Saturn (133.95 degrees to be exact). Kate has Sun in about the 19th degree of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and Saturn in the 22nd degree of Libra. Neptune is oriental. With Mars 67.5 Venus/Pluto and 22.5 Jupiter/Pluto she follows the 'rules for doing a good wedding'. Jupiter and Pluto indicate the succes. Her lover William will have the progressed Ascendant trine natal Venus in January 2009 and progressed Sun sextile natal Venus in april, followed by progressed Venus opposition Ascendant in april. So much of Venus makes one speculate:)

Kate and William share the Moon in Cancer and that is a good sign. However, I also notice his Mars conjunct her Mars. It looks like competition. Her Sun semi square Uranus and his Venus inconjunct Neptune could indicate divorce. His Jupiter ruler one trine Sun in 7 could however prevent it. And maybe they already 'had it', when they separated for a while last year. So let us hope for the best. For why else is her Saturn so tightly square the Ascendant of Queen Elizabeth, I wonder? For succession, perhaps?

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in the case of Sylvia Millecam (who was not cured)

Jomanda, a 'healing medium' in Holland, will have to face justice, now that the society against quacks won a case. Earlier the prosecution decided NOT to prosecute her for her role in the death of Sylvia Millecam, a famous television personality, who decided not to treat her breast cancer. She did this perhaps for vanity (she was very good looking and had false breasts) and because her father recently died in spite of treatment against cancer. So she turned to the alternative healers who use salt baths and paracetamol to 'heal her. And she turned to Jomanda.

Watch the chart of Jomanda (born 5 May 1948 at about 13 hours, Rotterdam) with the natal positionsn of Sylvia Millecam wrapped around the circle. Sylvia's birth chart has the Moon in Cancer...Jomanda has the Moon oriental (rising before the Sun).

Mars trine Jupiter and Pluto in Jomanda's chart and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Sylvia's chart. Both had succes.
Sylvia and Jomanda both have Sun square Saturn. It is THAT aspect that will come back in transits and progressions, as you will see here below...

These and more connections show that they had a ...connection.

Very important in the chart of Jomanda is the midpoint yod of the Midheaven with the Midpoint Jupiter/Neptune (MC oppsition Jupiter/Neptune): symbol of the guru, the faithful followers and fans and the progress on the immaterial field or in belief (people even had their water 'beamed in' through the television screen:). She gained millions at the time (see Venus semi square Pluto and Neptune in 2). Notice Sun sesqui square Jupiter and biquintile Neptune as a confirmation of this. .

Right now however Sunarc Jupiter is sesquisquare Neptune for false hope (and big deception) and Sun Arc Pluto is semi square Mars (having to defend yourself).
Transit Saturn is semi square sun arc MC (for a disadvantage). In her birth chart Saturn is square MC. In 2000 (treatment of Millecam) her progressed Sun was semi square Saturn and MC. (Millecam had transit Saturn square Sun...and in September 1999 she had progressed Sun sesqui square Saturn. That is when she found out about her cancer...). .

Same old Saturn has now crossed the Ascendant of Jomanda. Who ever had Saturn conjunct Ascendant will know of the effect. Just ask George Bush, who had this during and after Katrina. It symbolises being blamed.

So the prosecution of Jomanda comes with the following aspects:
- transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant in 1
- transit Saturn inconjunct the prominent Moon
- solar arc Pluto semi square Mars Mars
- solar arc Jupiter sesquisquare Netpune
And mind if I add the position of Saturn on the MC of the solar return chart?

About Ringo Starr and Saturn

Saturn for distance...

Delphine Boël is the not recognized daughter of the Belgian king Albert II and his mistress Sybille de Selys-Longchamps. She has written an autobiography about cutting the ties and recently presented the book to the press, rather bitter about her natural father. Transit Saturn is opposition her natal Sun. Saturn is very important in the relationship with Albert-Delphine and Saturn comes back in the relationship with other 'stakeholders' of this 'public affair'.

The mother of Delphine is Sybille de Selys-Longchamps, who had an affair with Albert during 18 years! This longlasting relationship was a secret until October 1999 (when a biography of Queen Paola revealed it). Sybille was born 28 August 1941 with an oriental Pluto pointing at cases of life and death, sexuality, money, influence, power and politics. Sun square Uranus is one of the indications in the chart of a female for a divorce. She divorced Jacquel Boël. During the marriage she had the affair with - at the time prince - Albert.

Their charts do not match. Saturn is square Saturn, very tightly, as an indication of the problems with convenience, status, moral and parenthood. When her progressed Saturn returned to conjunct natal Saturn, her daughter Delphine was born and the conflict started.

In 1968, year of Delphine's birth, her progressed Sun changed sign. And so...her life changed. And the progressed Saturn return pointed at 'getting of age', growing up, becoming a parent.

Her Jupiter conjunct his Sun, his Venus trine hers. And both had the progressed Moon in aspect with Venus and Jupiter (progressed and/or natal) for falling in love. Delphine says that Albert promissed her mother to abandon his wife and leave with her. (Don't 'they' always?:) But in the year of Delphine's birth transit Neptune came over the Midheaven: a scandal, secrets, etc. Nine months earlier the progressed MC of Albert changed sign, was trine Uranus and received a trine from transitting Jupiter: a positive change. Maybe he once wanted to move out of the palace...But there was Neptune...also the planet of giving up. And Neptune is on top of his solar return of 6.6.1967. The denial started.

Delphine was born 22nd February 1968. In 2004, after a transit of Uranus conjunct her Sun and transit Saturn square her Sun, she revealed that Albert had told her that she was 'no longer his daughter' (...). So they broke up with Saturn and she was in the news with Uranus.

Now again there is a Sun-Saturn conflict: transit Saturn oppositon Sun.

The wife of Albert, Paola (11 September 1937, 14:46 Forte Dei Marmi) has progressed Sun trine progressed Saturn right now. She feels recognised and stable, but at the same time transit Saturn is inconjunct her prominent placed Saturn (lowest spot of the chart). Another depth in her carreer...

Albert has transit Saturn square Mars. Mars is important in his chart. The planet of production (in the 5th equal house) is on the IC and rises before the Sun. In his natal chart Mars is square Saturn. So now this important aspect of his life is activated again and not in his favour (Saturn!). I see Mars-Saturn in the charts of biting dogs. In the chart of a male it could point at the struggle between decendy (or law) and action/agression. The aspect is also there in the chart of famous Dutch criminal Willem Holleeder (29 May 1958).
If Mars-Jupiter symbolises happy production, then Mars-Saturn might point at the disadvantages. Look also at the birth chart of Mohammed Al Fayed, who has Saturn in a crucial position on the Descendant, quindecile (165d) Mars, so that the fysical distance with his son became his obsession. Saturn provides distance, in space or in time or in status.

The Mars-Saturn connection in the chart of Albert is also present in the synergy between father and daughter. Minor aspects connect her Mars and Saturn to his. In the combine chart you see Mars biquintile Saturn and Sun inconjunct Saturn. So much Saturn...Maybe, like with the daughters of late prince Bernhard, she will be recognised after his death. Saturn often symbolises late or ....too late.

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'Idols' winner Carley Smithson was born and raised in Dublin, but lives in California now. What does her day of birth (12th September 1983) tell about winning today?

Venus rising before the Sun and is trine Neptune for artistic talents. (I bet that Venus is on a crucial place in her chart). The Sun does not make major aspects in sign. A calling Sun is good for stars! The most tight aspect is Mercury square Neptune for telling tales (and is not that typical Irish:)? It can also mean: hiding facts. It seems her coworkers in the restaurant did not know about her ambition to be a singer at all! I bet her Ascendant, Moon and MC could tell more about it.

Carly Hennesy (her true name) was not always that lucky. I found an article dated November 2005 on a blog that mentions 2 million dollar wasted on promoting her music. Well, THAT can be explained. She had progressed Saturn semi square Sun at the time.

Sentenced for life today...

Born on September 7, 1950 in Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA: David Bradley, a Gulf War veteran who killed 4 of this family members because the heat irritated him, he says. Mars is tightly square Pluto (for the use and abuse of power, influence or violence) in his chart.

I cannot tell you why and how he became a psychiatric patient and a killer and what influence cannabis or chemicals or genes had. Without an hour of birth I cannot tell you about the crucial placements, the aspects with Ascendant or MC and the degree of the Moon, either. But I cán show you the link between the Gulf War and the killings in the pattern of Mars-Pluto.

In 2006 transit Pluto was making hard aspects to his progressed chart: first square Northern Nodes, then conjunct Mars and later square Saturn. This combination of three says 'unnatural death' as a theme in his life. Mars is square Saturn in his progressed chart this year.

Mars and Pluto were also there during the Gulf War (1990-1991). During the Gulf War transit Pluto was conjunct his natal Mars, activating the Mars-Pluto conflict that was already there, in his natal chart.

Sentence: life..

At age 17, his progressed Sun changed sign. That was (the Times tells us) when his life changed and he moved in with the same uncle that he would kill years later.

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and how his chart looks like that of other preacher men...

On April 6, on my Dutch blog, I wrote about 'preachermen', three Sagittarians born between December 1 and 5. Now I read about Warren Jeffs, born December 3 (...!!!) 1955 in San Francisco. Sagittarius at worst is the sign for 'giving advice' even if you did not ask for it, and always knowing better...Now he is the arrested leader of a group of mormon followers. For info:

Jeffs has, just like the other preachermen, Saturn prominently in his birth chart, both for being a conservative with ambition and for his fathers'influence (he is his fathers' successor). Saturn is rising before the Sun and the oriental planet.
Also notice Mars sextile Jupiter (a drive to convince others) and the ever present combination of 'faith', represented by the midpoint yod of Aries Point opposition midpoint Jupiter/Neptune.

Besides,Jeffs has Sun conjunct Mercury (for subjective ideas) and Mars square Uranus for an explosive nature.

and why he lost his head.

Ringo Starr's shrub sculpture gets the chop, says the Daily Mail today. This happens after the Beatle's 'insults' about his home town Liverpool. I have a birth chart dated 7th July 1940 at 0h05m a.m. in my databank, but I asume that others have better hours of birth available. That would however be a shame! This chart fits an artist. Venus is conjunct IC and Neptune conjunct Descendant. The crucial Venus is also square Aries Point AND rising before the Sun. And he may not be nice to Liverpool, he IS an artist.

Even without a proper hour, you can see that Mars is conjunct his Sun right now and Neptune inconjunct Neptune. And what about the transits with the progressed chart? Saturn conjunct progressed IC (a very bad moment in a carreer) and Uranus opposition Progressed Sun (for the upheavel) , combined with Neptune sesqui square the progressed Ascendant (what you do is seen in a negative light). So I proudly put the drawing of his 5 minutes past midnight chart here.

BTW In ancient times affliction of Saturn with the (progressed) meridian was a bad sign for a prisoner or outlaw. He could lose his head. And Ringo lost his head, in a way, did not he?:)

They share Venus-Neptune...

To share Venus-Neptune is good for romance. Dreaming away by candle light or music or in the cinema. How long does it last? As long as things are OK. That is my view of partners who both have an aspect between Venus and Neptune in their charts, just like Charles (conjunct) and Camilla (square) have. And right now there is a rumour that things are not going swell...

You can see that in the chart of Camilla who has transit Neptune inconjunct Sun right now. Does that mean that the gossip do not really match reality? Or that her life does not match with her dreams and ideals? Anyway, it should add negativity to her view of life. This is even stronger because progressed Moon is conjunct Neptune as well. That means she does have a nasty period.

Charles however has progressed Venus tighly conjunct Jupiter today and on the 20th of April opposition Uranus. Is that for a revival in marriage or for new 'élan'? Who knows... It seems that he has more pleasure right now than she has. I guess the life in court is not as easy for her as it is for him. Besides, she is not very popular and there is the everlasting obstacle of the idolisation of Diana.

About sharing aspects with your partner
Reading of the birth chart of Charles

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Neptune is opposition the progressed Sun of the late Princess Diana right now. Her progressed Sun is close to square Venus. I think the gossip, the negative light that was shed on her past again and the media influence is related to the Neptune opposition. And the Sun square Venus hopefully means that a new eposide of peace is near. I am convinced that the accident was an accident. I see the Saturn-Pluto-Ascendant combination in the charts of Diana and Dodi, that I also noticed in the charts of 4 other victims of traffic. And on the 31st August 1997 Mercury-Uranus afflictions in their charts indicated being in a hurry and ... a possible traffic accident.

I have don the reading of the birth chart of Diana...before, on my site Astromarkt. She was born 1st July 1961 at 19h45 in Sandringham, married 29th June 1981, eldest child William born 26th May 1982. Diana died on 31st August 1997. There is a lot to tell about the Cinderella complex in her chart (Pluto on top in the 7th degree of Virgo) and about the Plutonic effect in her life (Pluto: the price you pay for richness, the symbol of life and death, money and power, sex and politics). The chart of Diana does not show a victim. It shows that she chose her own ways of doing things, and that she needed a lot of love.

There is a significant lack of aspects with the ascendant. It seems she was the play ball of events and situations and had little grip on it. A calling ascendant might point at 'representing' at any possible level.

The main afflictions are with Mars (conjunct Pluto) and through the translation of light with the Node connected with Uranus. All this occurs in the ninth house of other countries, travel and publicity. For the accident we see even more clues....

1. in her natal chart...
Mars, Uranus, Pluto close together in the equal ninth house of travelling. Afflicted Moon in 3. Ruler 8 in 3 opposed to planets in 9. Node exactly opposed to the midpoint Uranus/Pluto (radical relations, accidents together with others). And the supposed to (and always present) Vulcanus is almost exactly opposed to the midpoint Ascendant/MC.
And in her birth chart we see Mars, Uranus and Pluto in the eight house, indication of death by impulse or speed with Saturn related to the midpoint Pluto/Ascendant. That is a midpoint combination that also occurs in the two deadly traffic accident charts mentioned in the famous book of Carter. I looked at the birth charts he mentioned and gave my vision in this article, click here.

Diana was not driving and had no influence on the events at all. Still I think the transits and progressions for the accident are not plenty. Only her rush and taking risks can be found and maybe that is just her share in the event: being in a hurry.

2. transits and progressions
When she died there were these aspects:
- Transit Uranus conjunct ruler 1 Jupiter (mostly a 'thank God'relief aspect, but in transit an alarming signal? there must be something to be relieved about...) ;
- Transit Jupiter opposed to Progressed Sun (being happy, but with some side notes);
- Transit Uranus opposed to Progressed Mercury (nervous aspect, indicating the plan to speed ahead and connected to accidents involving 'hurrying' and technical problems);
- SunArc Pluto square Mars/Vulcanus (a life in danger)
- Transit Mars septile Vulcanus (another indication for danger).
- In the lunar chart previous of her death Saturn is on the descendant and Neptune, ruler 4, is on her IC.
- The strange thing is that in the converse chart the progressed Sun is tightly trine natal Jupiter. Look at Dodi with Uranus trine progressed Sun. Maybe it tells us something about the rather quick way of dying.
- Conversed progression: Uranus inconjunct Pluto; Saturn is almost exactly opposition natal Moon, ruler 8.
- Mars is ruling the 8th solar return house and is conjunct the ascendant of that solar return for 1997.

There are no transits involving the ascendant or MC unless you change birth time into 19h46m22s in which case primary ascendant is sesquisquare Pluto and the progressed Mars is exactly moving from the ninth into the eight house. That is why I think she was born 80 seconds later than officially mentioned in her birth certificate.

All ingredients of the conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Pluto in the birth chart are mixed up on that dramatic day!

Pluto is on top with Venus/Ascendant for the power of being beautiful and being married. Pluto is disposing the 12th house of discretion and secrets and in the 9th house of publishing. Pluto is part of the Yod with Jupiter and of the small tine with Sun and Neptune . Diana was an idol (Sun-Neptune effect) and that was even more so after she died (Pluto). Pluto is semi square the MC. So her position was in a negative way related to life and death, money and power and sex...A lot of people already seem to have forgotten that in the beginning the gossip magazines did not stop talking about the way Diana and Sarah Fergusson were spending heavy lots of money!

And that brings us back to Pluto on top in a Cinderella degree...
On Tuesday, December 18, 2007 I wrote in this blog:
A Mars-Mars and Jupiter-MC connection

Diana and Dodi: they must have made each other happy. Notice that his Jupiter squares her MC, while her Jupiter is conjunct his MC. I wonder it that could have prevented a row in the end. Her Mars is exactly square to his. Remember the charts of Paul and Heather? Her Mars inconjunct his...It must be attractive in the beginning but it might turn into fighting each other later when two temparements test their qualities.

On his last day, Dodi Al Fayed had a tight aspect of transit Uranus (ruler progressed 8th house of life and death) trine the progressed Sun. That could be read as an easy and swift change. Notice that on that day Mercury is tightly semi square Uranus (for a hurry) and Saturn is tightly inconjunct Saturn. Saturn is conjunct the descendant in his natal chart and in Scorpio, square Pluto. That is the same sort of combination that I found in the charts of other victims of traffic accidents. Another bad sign is Pluto opposition Mars, within 2 minutes of orb! And perhaps the fact that Saturn is close to the MC in his solar return chart for 1997.

The oriental Moon in 9 is opposition Jupiter ruler 8 and that is the tightest aspect in his natal chart. We could read this as the woman from abroad and the collission that ended his life, but it refers to being used to travelling a lot.
Saturn square Pluto in Scorpio and the Ascendant related to the midpoint Saturn/Pluto is corresponding again with the victims of traffic who's charts I studied.

On January 15, 2008 I wrote about the testimony with ??? given by
Paul Burrell,butler of the late Princess Diana and born 6th June, 1958 in Grassmoor.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Who is in charge?

Alan Greenspan keeps doing his old job. Every now and then he warns for a recession, and he does not seem to have much confidence in his successor, Bernanke, even though they both have a combination of Sagittarius and Pisces in their charts. This combination of Sagittarius and Pisces is symbolic for speculations (and for everything that one can be convinced of, without seeing it). They might have succesfull visions, too.

Two years ago Alan Greenspan stopped (did he?:) and Bernanke took his place.

Greenspan was born in NY on 6th March 1926 with Sun in Pisces, Moon Sagittarius and Jupiter rising before the Sun. Mercury is on Aries Point, and calling! Maybe that is why he cannot stop publishing (Jupiter) his ideas (Mercury).

Bernanke was born 13th December 1953 in Augusta, with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Pisces. In his chart Saturn is oriental. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are calling. He is much more carefull and less open than Alan Greenspan is. Transit Pluto is now semi square his progressed Sun and transit Saturn opposition progressed Mercury. It is a statement for meeting challenges and bad messages.

I think it is rather amusing how Greenspan does not seem to be able to step back in favour of Bernanke. Or should they work together as one? I wonder...


This article is about the aspect Mars-Uranus and the midpoint Mars/Uranus. It is the combination of the radical action. Fast and sometimes too fast actions are part of Mars and Uranus. The goal is to establish a change. It is the aspect of the revolutionary, the rebel and the independently operating soldier. Not surprisingly Mars/Uranus midpoint and Mars in aspect with Uranus are clearly shown in the charts of terrorists and freedom fighters. This aspect is also to be found in the charts of those causing accidents and involved in the crime scene. Arrests and operations belong to the Mars/Uranus combination. As an example: Frida Kahlo (6th July 1907 8h30 Coyoacan Mexico) had Mars conjunct Uranus. When young she suffered from a heavy accident that crippled her and later in life she was arrested and imprisoned for a while.

Here below you find several examples and a few to make you know that statistics do not work the other way around, and neither does astrology. Attention, also! Having such a clue as Mars-Uranus does not mean a person needs to become a terrorist or has to cause a bomb explosion. It is the other way around. The indication is apparently needed to create a terrorist or rebel.

The examples:
1. The 3 suicide killers of the London Subway Blast on 7th of July 2005 were born:

a. 20th October 1974 (Sun, Mars and Uranus conjunct, Sun conjunct the midpoint Mars/Uranus)
b. 16th September 1986 (Sun trine Mars, square Uranus),
c. 15th December 1980 (Sun conjunct Mars/Uranus).

Read more about that on my site

2. Rote Armee Fraction
Gudrun Enssling was a terrorist as a member of the Rote Armee Fraction. Born 15th of August 1940 at 18 hour in Bartholom. Mars makes an almost exact square with Uranus and Uranus squares the midpoint Sun/Mars.

3. Begin (16081913 060000 LMT Brest-Litovsk)
Menachem Begin started his political carreer as a terrorist. He had Sun sesquiquadrate Mars/Uranus.

4. William of Orange (the first, 24041533 085000 LMT Dillenburg)
Willem van Oranje (William the Silent) has Sun conjunct Mars/Uranus in the natal chart.

5. Mohammed B. (murdered Theo van Gogh, born 8th of March 1978)
(Recently called the leader of the Hofstadgroup and in prison now. Mohammed B. has Sun trine Mars and trine Uranus and that Sun is making an opposition within 2 degrees of orb with Mars/Uranus.
Mohammed B.'s Saturn is right in between Mars and Pluto of his victim Theo van Gogh. His Mars is on the midheaven of Theo van Gogh and his Pluto conjunct the Ascendant of Van Gogh. We see a double combination of violent death: Mars-Saurn-Pluto.)

6. Samir A. (member of the Hofstadgroup, born 27th July 1968)
Mars squares Sun/Uranus.

7. Osama Bin Laden (10th of March 1957)
Mars conjunct Sun/Uranus

The Sun square Saturn and Mars square Pluto and Saturn quindecile Pluto: a combination for using hard violence. Fifty percent in watersigns: to be influenced and involved too much, a desire to belong. Sun square Sarturn and sesquisquare Uranus: limited freedom. No placements in airsigns and an afflicted Mercury: not always reasonable. Mercury square Saturn in Sagittarius: not always telling the truth about being strickt in applying the religious rules. These are observations of the positions for the day that Osama Bin Laden is supposed to be born. That was on March 10 1957 in Jeddah (time unknown) according to the CIA. On that day there are combinations for success, but there are also indicatons for limitations of freedom and for hard confrontations. Yet, the narrowest aspect is Mercury conjunct Venus: he is a communication talent.
Add this with being rich and with his fundamental religious education when he was a lonely teenager, mix this with the time and culture of his whereabouts, see this in comparisson with the charts of terrorist....and there is Osama. Click for the complete reading of his chart on my site

8. Fidel Castro (probably born 13th of August 1927 2 am Biran)
Mars square Sun/Uranus

9. Willem Holleeder (criminal born 29th May 1958)
Mars sesquisquare Uranus

10. UNA Bomber (22th May 1942)
Mars semi square Sun/Uranus, Sun conjunct Uranus and semi square Mars

11. Ariel Sharon (27th February 1928)
Uranus semi square Sun/Mars

12. Yasser Arafat (27th Augustus 1929 2 am Cairo)
Mars wide opposed to Uranus

13. Lenin (22nd April 1870 at 21h42 in Uljanowsk)
Mars square Uranus and Mars semi square Sun/Uranus

14. J. van Speijk (known for exploding his own ship in order not to have this in the hand of the enemy, born 31st January 1802)
Mars square Uranus
(at the time of the explosion Uranus was semi square Sun/Mars and Mars square Uranus…check it: 5th of February 1831 at 10 am in Antwerp).
Besides: who was able to tell that his final words were ‘In that case rather into the air!’ as the ship exploded completely and there were no survivors?

15. Mao Tse Tung (26121893 073000 LMT Hsiangtar)
Sun semi square Mars/Uranus

16. Pinochet (25th November 1915)
Mars sesquiquadrate Sun/Uranus

17. Michelle Martin (wife of Marc Dutroux, born 15th January 1960 in Ixelles)
Sun square Mars/Uranus
For more about the Dutroux affair go to

18. Babic (26th of February 1956)
Mars inconjunct Uranus

19. Jeanne d’Arc (06011412 163000 LMT Domremy La Pucelle)
Mars inconjunct Uranus

20. Aung San Suu Kyi Radix
Mars semi square Sun/Uranus

21. Cindy Sheehan (10th July 1957 13h40 Inglewood)
Mars conjunct Uranus

Mars with Uranus is an explosive combination. Mars is energy, Uranus is the spark. Uranus is also the planet of ‘now or never’. Two explosives coming together to execute radical solutions… Somtimes the one with these indications becomes the victim of an accident (perhaps as a result of being hasty). This was the case with the next persons. Mind you: it take at least three indications for heavy accidents!

You read day-month-year…

23-1-1943 Uranus sesquiquadrate Sun/Mars
16-10-1967 Mars square Uranus
12-12-1974 Mars semisextilel Uranus
5-1-1969 Mars semissextile Uranus
23-1-1943 Uranus sesquiquadrate Sun/Mars
16-5-1959 Mars wide square Uranus
10-06-1991 Uranus opposition Sun/Mars
16-10-1967 Mars exactly square Uranus
19-11-1950 (murdered) Mars exactly opposition Uranus

The statistic component: the examples of the contrary
(any statistic has exceptions and it takes at least three indications for a heavy effect!)

Exceptions and examples without accidents (in this case 'renewers' or people doing something special):
1. Albert Schweitzer had Mars on Sun/Uranus.
2. Abraham Lincoln had Uranus on Sun/Mars
3. Anthony Bell (invented the phone) had Mars square Uranus
4. Sigmund Freud (Mars sesquiquadrate Sun/Uranus)
5. Willem van Hanegem (Dutch football player - soccer-, Mars conjunct Uranus)
6. Patrick Kluivert (football player - soccer - and involved in 2 heavy accidents – one killing a person, Uranus square Sun/Mars)
7. Van Nistelrooy (born the same day as Kluivert, Uranus square Sun/Mars)
8. Betty Friedan (Uranus conjunct Sun/Mars)
9. Coretta King (Mars square Uranus)
10. Machiavelli (Mars inconjunct Uranus)
11. Keith Richard (Mars conjunct Uranus; well, he did fall out of a tree:)

Conclusion :
Ebertin calls Mars/Uranus the principle of sudden effort and sociological: the freedom fighter or revolutionary. Accidents, injuries and operations are part of the meaning of Mars/Uranus. Harmonically it does indicate the good result of a dangerous situation. People with these aspects will not give in easily and be rebellious. Those are characteristics that might cause accidents. Combined with the Sun life can change drastically due to an accident, arrest or in the case of women a birth or pregnancy.

It takes more then one aspect or midpoint combination always! That does not make astrology an easy subject to statistics. But perhaps these examples clarify that Mars-Uranus stands for the unexpected action to bring a radical solution and that action sometimes collides with the life and will of others or with the law.

Marga Bervoets

Moussaoui, born 30th of May 1968 in Saint Jean de Luz, France took part in the preparations of the attacks op 9-11. This terrorist also has a connection between these planets. Natal Sun is conjunct Mars and square Pluto. Mars is (widely) square Uranus and is semi square the midpoints Sun/Uranus and Sun/Pluto. The mark of a man who wants to make changes with struggle and violence.


Mars, the planet of war and attacks, is on the birthday chart of Dalai Lama number 14 (born July 6 1935 at sunrise in Taktser, according to Astrodatabank). He is the spiritual leader of Tibet and Tibet is strugling for freedom right now. So that fits? I wonder. I have seen many places of birth and many hours, too, for the chart of the Dalai Lama. One is that of Chinghai, 16h22m36s GMT (so in the evening; source is my computer program Astrolab - ILH-4) and another one (Astrology Weekly) tells us that he is born in Tengster (could be Taktser, same coordinates) at 11:45 Local Meridian Time (about 5 a.m. GMT). Star IQ names 4:38 a.m., Tengstar (...) and Astrothème 4:38 AM Tengster Village. So let us agree whit sunrise in a place 101d12 North and 36d32 East in Tibet. I think, however, that this might be a manipulated birth time, just to get 'LEADER' in capitals (Sun conjunct Ascendant). À true spiritual leader, because the Sun is trine Jupiter and sextile Neptune (ruler MC). And a respected one: Sun trine Saturn. Abstination of female company and being taken away from his mother and family so young: Moon conjunct Neptune and opposition Saturn.

And we see a 'calling' Mars: a call for action. Uranus is oriental (one of the helping symbols for getting old). We see Mars and Uranus prominent for freedom fighter.

Now this Dalai Lama certainly isnot the kind of man to sit and wait. China accuses him of leading the protests against the occupation of Tibet by China. Tibet is completely different from China and one might wonder what the Chinese are doing there. I don't know, all I know is that the world accepts it.

With an MC in Pisces spiritual goals are on his way and as Mercury is the end dispositor of the MC-routing communicating is his 'ambition'. He knows his languages! We also see Saturn in the ninth house for the heavy load that conviction and religion lays upon him. I often point at the combination Jupiter-Neptune for religion. This time I like to point at Sun tightly square the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune, confirmed by Jupiter square Sun/Neptune and Neptune conjunct Sun/Jupiter. His day of birth was thé day for the birth of spiritual persons.

Will his country ever be free? I doubt it. But there is one good sign. On his birthday the solar return (4th July 2008, 13h15 GMT for Taktser, he lives in India, close to Tibet, in Dharamsala,) Venus instead of Mars is on the descendant. And Venus is for peace.