Sunday, April 20, 2008


A sad transit of Saturn inconjunct her Sun, together with an opposition of transit Pluto with Natal Mars, accompany the message that Reese Witherspoon is to divorce Ryan Philippe.

She was born March 22nd, 1976 in NY, with Mars square Aries Point and Sun ( of the 'divorce aspects'), Venus trine Uranus and Sun biquintile Uranus. Though the latter are no afflictions, the composition of Sun, Venus and Uranus suits the theme of divorce (marrying on impulse...).

In the chart of her ex-husband to be, Ryan Philippe (born September 10, 1974 in Newcastle USA) we see Venus square Neptune and semi square Neptune as a sign for divorce (in a male's chart) Right now we see transit Venus square Saturn and transit Saturn conjunct Venus, with transit Saturn semi square Saturn, confirming these aspects. In the progressed chart the Sun is conjunct Mars. Notice that transit Mars is square this conjunction with transit Uranus inconjunct and that Mars-Uranus is one of the indications in the chart of a man. So it this aspect is effective in progressions, when a birth chart indicates that there is a chance...

Now that we know why they divorced right now... let us have a look at the synergy between their charts:

The Moon is opposition Moon
Venus is opposition Venus
That looks like fatal attraction:); opposites attrack, but once the magnetism is over...

In 1999 when they married his Uranus was square her progressed Saturn and opposition her progressed Sun. His progressed Venus was opposition her natal Sun. Her Pluto was conjunct his progressed Sun and her Venus conjunct his progressed Jupiter. So, they had not much basic harmony, but in 1999 her Sun-Venus-Pluto interacted with his Jupiter and Venus and that is a statement for intense loving feelings! Unfortunately there was also a Uranus-Saturn synergy. Someones freedom is being limited...And now they are free again.

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