Thursday, April 3, 2008

All about the sun sign Aquarius, Moon, planets, Ascendant and Midheaven (MC) in Aquarius...

Aquarius is an air sign and a fixed sign ruled by Uranus (before Uranus was discovered Aquarius was ruled by Saturn)
Air = communication
Fixed = holding on

Keywords for Aquarius are: renewal, modern ways, making the world better, independency, reason

You show having Sun in Aquarius by:
- being just a little different than the rest (of the family or neighbourhood)
- openly having another opinion than the group
- revolt against suppression
- hearing, seeing and smiling (silence is not your style); being observant
- not showing emotions soon or trying to prevent it
- having to change everything every time

Like Placido Domingo, Neil Diamond and Oprah Winfrey

Moon in Aquarius
You have an independent soul and you sure do not like being obligated to have family meetings and so on. You may know a lot of people, but you keep a certain distance when it comes to emotions. Sometimes you have the nasty feeling you can laugh about your own misery. As a mother you are more a friend and sometimes distant too. You seem to care more about situations far away or abroad than about those close to you.

Cat Stevens and Princes Diana are examples of this. (I have Moon in Aquarius too, so has my son).

Mercury in Aquarius
You have a free and independent mind, like John MacEnroe. Computer studies might suite you. So do discussions with friends.

Venus in Waterman

Free love? You might love being independent, yes, and prefer being among friends. Lots of artists (musicians, singers and abstract painters) have this position.

Mars in Aquarius
Free sex? Could be one of the ways this placement works out, but mostly with Mars in Aquarius you become an auto freak or you just love teamwork, like Enzo Ferrari.

Jupiter in AquariusYou believe in progress and democracy and owe a lot to your friends. You have a lot of them!

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn used to be strong in this sign. Today it is a placement for a person who feels the weight of society and friendships.

Ascendant in Aquarius

You do things independently, special and unique without showing emotions (preferably). Like Bjorn Borg and Roseanne Barr do.

MIDHEAVEN or MC in Aquarius
Aspirations! You want to be independent, free, unique and special. So do Bruce Springsteen, Niki Lauda and so did Kurt Cobain.

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