Thursday, April 10, 2008

in the case of Sylvia Millecam (who was not cured)

Jomanda, a 'healing medium' in Holland, will have to face justice, now that the society against quacks won a case. Earlier the prosecution decided NOT to prosecute her for her role in the death of Sylvia Millecam, a famous television personality, who decided not to treat her breast cancer. She did this perhaps for vanity (she was very good looking and had false breasts) and because her father recently died in spite of treatment against cancer. So she turned to the alternative healers who use salt baths and paracetamol to 'heal her. And she turned to Jomanda.

Watch the chart of Jomanda (born 5 May 1948 at about 13 hours, Rotterdam) with the natal positionsn of Sylvia Millecam wrapped around the circle. Sylvia's birth chart has the Moon in Cancer...Jomanda has the Moon oriental (rising before the Sun).

Mars trine Jupiter and Pluto in Jomanda's chart and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Sylvia's chart. Both had succes.
Sylvia and Jomanda both have Sun square Saturn. It is THAT aspect that will come back in transits and progressions, as you will see here below...

These and more connections show that they had a ...connection.

Very important in the chart of Jomanda is the midpoint yod of the Midheaven with the Midpoint Jupiter/Neptune (MC oppsition Jupiter/Neptune): symbol of the guru, the faithful followers and fans and the progress on the immaterial field or in belief (people even had their water 'beamed in' through the television screen:). She gained millions at the time (see Venus semi square Pluto and Neptune in 2). Notice Sun sesqui square Jupiter and biquintile Neptune as a confirmation of this. .

Right now however Sunarc Jupiter is sesquisquare Neptune for false hope (and big deception) and Sun Arc Pluto is semi square Mars (having to defend yourself).
Transit Saturn is semi square sun arc MC (for a disadvantage). In her birth chart Saturn is square MC. In 2000 (treatment of Millecam) her progressed Sun was semi square Saturn and MC. (Millecam had transit Saturn square Sun...and in September 1999 she had progressed Sun sesqui square Saturn. That is when she found out about her cancer...). .

Same old Saturn has now crossed the Ascendant of Jomanda. Who ever had Saturn conjunct Ascendant will know of the effect. Just ask George Bush, who had this during and after Katrina. It symbolises being blamed.

So the prosecution of Jomanda comes with the following aspects:
- transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant in 1
- transit Saturn inconjunct the prominent Moon
- solar arc Pluto semi square Mars Mars
- solar arc Jupiter sesquisquare Netpune
And mind if I add the position of Saturn on the MC of the solar return chart?

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