Thursday, April 3, 2008

All about the sunsign Leo, Moon in Leo, planets, Ascendant and MC in Leo

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun himself. So Leo is the sign of manifestations, being a star and being noticed.
Keywords for Leo are: strong will, show, pride and vitality.

You show (and you might sure say SHOW) you are a Lion by':
- wanting to be in the middle of the attention (esp. as a child you can sure draw some attention!)
- wanting to be the boss, the champion or the star
- showing off (sometimes with body building)
- being bossing around (somebody has to be the boss and that might as well be Leo)
- placing honour and honesty above all
- being arrogant
- being expensive
- talking too loud

Examples? Mick Jagger, Schwarzenegger, Fidel Castro

Moon in Leo
Those with Moon in Leo have a sense for status and sometimes they walk around showing off where there in fact is nothing to be shown but fake. It is a position for pretensions. They just have a need to draw attention and look royal (dressed up with 'jewels', 'furs' etc.).

Evita Perron, Margareth Thatcher, Nancy Reagan, Raisa Gorbatsjov and queen Elisabeth have such a moon in their chart.

Mercury in Leo
When you talk all the rest must keep silent (willing or not). You have noble opinions but sometimes you tell them to arrogantly. As a student you hate details. You do a study with all your heart.

Venus in Leo
Loyal is royal. You like to spend money when you love and adore someone to show your pride. Venus in Leo might also mean 'women attracting attention'. Maybe that is why Rubens has this position:)?

Mars in Leo
The managing soldier, fighting openly and proudly. Active as a leader, but as a boss (in trouble or with bad aspects) you are aggressive sometimes!

Examples? Al Gore

Jupiter in LeoSelf confidence! Believing in life itself.

Bill Gates, John Paul II as examples.

Saturn in LeoLimited vitality. The serious side of life and the load of leadership. Respect is very important for you. You always stay correct.

Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Schwarzenegger, Al Gore

Ascendant in Leo
Whatever you do you will make sure it is noticed! Muhammad Ali is a great example of ascendant Leo, esp. when he shouted: "I am the greatest!". But all that noise might be covering up someone else...

And yes, Mick Jagger, George Pompidou, Charles and Camilla, Marilyn Monroe and O.J. Simpson share this ascendant.

MC in Leo
You want to be the star, the leader or the boss! Or at least be noticed...

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