Saturday, April 12, 2008

Looking at the positions of her day of birth and ...
comparing them with other royal brides...

Kate Middleton was there, when prince William got his 'wings'. Will she be 'the bride'? Probably.

You see, just like princesses in Holland and Belgium (Máxima and Mathilde) on her birthday there is a narrow conflict between Sun and Saturn. Máxima = born 17th May 1971 at 20h4m Buenos Aires with as I believe the final degree of Sagittarius on her Ascendant - has Sun conjunct the oriental Saturn, orb less then 23 minutes. Mathilde - 20th January 1973 in Brussels at 10h47 MET - has Sun sesqui square Saturn (133.95 degrees to be exact). Kate has Sun in about the 19th degree of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and Saturn in the 22nd degree of Libra. Neptune is oriental. With Mars 67.5 Venus/Pluto and 22.5 Jupiter/Pluto she follows the 'rules for doing a good wedding'. Jupiter and Pluto indicate the succes. Her lover William will have the progressed Ascendant trine natal Venus in January 2009 and progressed Sun sextile natal Venus in april, followed by progressed Venus opposition Ascendant in april. So much of Venus makes one speculate:)

Kate and William share the Moon in Cancer and that is a good sign. However, I also notice his Mars conjunct her Mars. It looks like competition. Her Sun semi square Uranus and his Venus inconjunct Neptune could indicate divorce. His Jupiter ruler one trine Sun in 7 could however prevent it. And maybe they already 'had it', when they separated for a while last year. So let us hope for the best. For why else is her Saturn so tightly square the Ascendant of Queen Elizabeth, I wonder? For succession, perhaps?

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