Wednesday, April 9, 2008


'Idols' winner Carley Smithson was born and raised in Dublin, but lives in California now. What does her day of birth (12th September 1983) tell about winning today?

Venus rising before the Sun and is trine Neptune for artistic talents. (I bet that Venus is on a crucial place in her chart). The Sun does not make major aspects in sign. A calling Sun is good for stars! The most tight aspect is Mercury square Neptune for telling tales (and is not that typical Irish:)? It can also mean: hiding facts. It seems her coworkers in the restaurant did not know about her ambition to be a singer at all! I bet her Ascendant, Moon and MC could tell more about it.

Carly Hennesy (her true name) was not always that lucky. I found an article dated November 2005 on a blog that mentions 2 million dollar wasted on promoting her music. Well, THAT can be explained. She had progressed Saturn semi square Sun at the time.

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