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All about the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and planets in the sign of Cancer

There are 3 water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is the first water sign.

There are 4 cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cancer is the second cardinal sign.

(initializing emotions)

Cancers’ ruler is the Moon. The moon is a periodically changing image in the sky. Maybe that is why Cancer is being influenced - by circumstances - more than other signs are. The astrologer Ram once said Cancer is the sign of 'sucking up emotions'. Like a sponge.

Cancer keywords: bias, dramatising - acting - , to care, to collect, to nurse, keeping emotions alive. Family, background, and the basic needs (food f.ex.) belong to the sign of Cancer.

You show the world you have a Sun in Cancer by:
- taking care of family members

- wanting the support of a family or group (f.ex. having your holidays with all of the grown up children)

- do efforts to keep history alive (f.ex. guarding the family photo album)

- being active in the environmental field

- honouring family traditions

- being a nationalist or supporter

- seeing your home as your castle

- adapting to your role or part in the play

- sometimes being bad humoured and complaining

- wanting to keep things simple

When a Cancer is not able to show feelings health could cause problems. The stomach is in trouble when emotions arise.

Both princess Diana and Camilla had/have Sun in Cancer.

Moon in Cancer (a very strong moon!):
You respond emotionally to your environment and close ones and have a special bound with family/mother. An attic full of photo's, a soul full of memories...When in trouble or afflicted you really think your intimates are the best, whatever they do is right and you support them all the way. This strong moon is at best when emotions are involved. But charity begins at home.

in Cancer
You are a traditional thinker. You can bring your messages with a certain amount of drama. Your memory should be good with Mercury. in Cancer. You tend to say something 'feels good' when you mean you think it is o.k.

Venus in Cancer
Sentimental love! You are the sort of person for the Dutch TV serie 'Memories' where people of old age search for lovers of the past. You just keep searching for reviving that first memory of love! Sometimes with Venus in Cancer you marry a person you know from the past. Venus in Cancer has a little more chance of more than one relationship in life.

in Cancer
You do things based on experiences or out of memory. This is not a strong position for Mars, acting emotionally. When emotions are involved you can get angry. Your stomach might get irritated, you may eat to fast, you can quarrel at home...But at best you are the man about the house. Nostradamus and Shakespeare.

in Cancer
Traditional belief or a conviction 'from home'. You have faith in traditions and family support and you just love cooking (and eating:). Simple things make you happy! Good position for a doctor or a vicar making house calls.

in Cancer
A weak position of Cancer. The emotions are being limited and restricted and there is a tendency to be way too economic. There may be little support of the family or you just feel that your family is not supportive enough. There is little faith in the help of the communion or the family. Well aspected this Saturn is just being vigilant and has a special sense of what things are worth (Taxation)

Moliére has this position and a famous story of his is The Miser...George W. Bush has this position too.

Cancer ascendant
You do things with care and emotions. Women with this ascendant look very feminine (f.ex. Dolly Parton, Ursula Andress). Special ability of this ascendant: being a star being absent (getting attention with NOT attending). You might be a little shy.

Cancer MC
You want to take care, show emotions, use your experience. You could do this anywhere: on stage, in the household, in food industrie, in healthcare (psychiatry or psychology). It is important for you to feel '' at home ' wherever you have your career.

All about the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and planets in the sign of Gemini

GEMINI, dual or split?
There are 3 air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). So Gemini is the first arising.

There are 4 movable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aquarius). So Gemini is the first movable sign.

Gemini keywords: communicating and interacting (talking, writing, phoning), learning and passing through the knowledge, instructions, dualism, more than 1

Sun in Gemini:
You demonstrate to have your Sun in Gemini by:
Having a lot of acquaintances
Knowing the news first
Always hanging on the phone
Loving to get around and be around
Staying young at heart always
Flexibility with the facts
Being able to do 2 things at a time
You do not seem to have patience with ‘nitwits’ but sometimes you act as a know-it-all and do not stick to all the facts…When times are hard of when afflicted you do not stop talking (about others too) and you twist and turn around the facts wherever the winds blows.

Brooke Shields has 4 planets in Gemini plus MC, as an example!

Moon in Gemini
Sometimes people do not get you, as you seem to have two faces. You are the kind of woman that cooks while watching television and nursing a child at the same time, no problem, but you prefer going out shopping. That is because you want to follow the trends and look young and modern.

Mercury in Gemini
Mercury is strong in Gemini, so communicating is your force. Whit bad aspects or in times of trouble you may have a split tongue, but in general you know a lot, your nice talking to and you gesticulate a lot.

Venus in Gemini
You just love talking and sometimes you are a flirt. It is said Venus in Gemini produces more than 1 marriage or long-lasting relationship and sometimes you have two lovers at the same time, being unable to make a choice. In general you love shopping, making short travels and be on the move. Venus in Gemini often loves dancing!

Mars in Gemini
You can do two things at the same time or have two jobs at the same time or be equally active in two places at the same time, like magic. In a debate you are very sharp and bright and your words might hurt. When afflicted you produces rows (verbal, of course). You are technically handy.

Jupiter in Gemini
Two convictions? Or non at all. Jupiter in Gemini loves to know a lot of people and learn through coaching and training. Maybe you are a member of Scientology? Or (badly afflicted) you are a convinced non-believer. You believe in progressing knowledge. And whatever you believe, you do not take it that seriously.

Examples? John Travolta and Brooke Shields…recently been ‘attacked’ by a Scientology man: Tom Cruise (who BTW has Jupiter in Pisces); n

Saturn in Gemini
You mistrust communication but you can concentrate on two things at the same time like nobody can.

An example: Dutch Princes Margarita (daughter of princess Irene, sister of the queen) who was convinced there was a microphone hidden when she was being interviewed and the queen did it. Later it appeared to have been an nail. She is now back in the arms of the royal family again…

Ascendant Gemini
Looking forever young, swiftly talking, having the appearance of someone without problems of any kind, curious and busy.

MC Gemini:
With this MC your goal sometimes seems to wrong-foot the audience/public. Your image might have two sides. And you can have two careers that may have a link, for example as a director and an actor.

Examples: John Cleese, Michael Palin

All about Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and planets in the sign of Taurus

Taurus, the bully?

There are 3 earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus is the first

There are 4 fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, Taurus is the first
(holding on to matter)

Taurus keywords:
materialism, earthly occupations, security, comfort, conservatism, slowing down, artificial products you can touch (like sculptures), holding on and holding to it

Sun in Taurus:
You demonstrate to be a Sun in Taurus by:
- staying loyal to a partner no matter what (like Queen Juliana to her unfaithful husband)
- saving money
- being willing to tie yourself down
- loving luxury and comfort and nice tasting food
- literally working with the hands in the earth
- having cattle
- regarding your money, earnings and possessions as the most valuable in life
- being stubborn and unwilling to move into another direction in life

You like to take your time and be careful always. They cannot easily make you mad, but if they do they see you turn into a wild bully!

Moon in Taurus
The sun in Taurus IS easygoing and you long to be easygoing. So you surround yourself with the more sensual and comfortable things in life and nice objects of art (paintings, sculptures). You are very loyal to family, kids and old friends, One of the nasty things of a moon in Taurus is too think that they have not been treated as they should have been or as they deserve. In which cause they react very emotionally and stubborn. You need matter and material and money in the bank.

Mercury in Taurus :
The patient student, the person who just sticks to the same idea unwilling to change his mind, good memory and the tendency to keep talking about the same subject. Must spare the throat.

Venus in Taurus:
Strong position of Venus, good for arts and true love (or for a marriage that improves your finances). With afflictions: too much 'sugar'. Some examples:
Jacques Brel, George Boy, prince William and princess Diana, Colin Powell, Gary Glitter

Mars in Taurus:
The locomotive worker, starting slowly, but going on till the job is done and way beyond that point:). When mad, it is not easy to forget about it later. Good position for a sculpturer.

Jupiter in Taurus:
The conservative believer, looks naive but manages well, also in finance. Sometimes overeating, esp. the nice things (fat and sugar) and suffering from the results of that. Or wasting the money gained.

Saturn in Taurus:
The solid hard workers can be found with Saturn in Taurus.

Ascendant Taurus:
You appear to be naive, sensual and easygoing (until they make you mad) and sometimes these people have strong (fat) necks. Whatever you do, they do not stop you once you started. But you hate deadlines.

MC Taurus:
You want a life in luxury and money on the bank or a comfortable position, perhaps as an artist and you have that goal in common with Donald Trump, Tina Turner and O.J. Simpson.

All about Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and planets in the sign of Aries....

Aries; the fire starter (know that Prodigy song?:)

There are 3 fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). Aries is the first.
There are 4 cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) Aries is the first

Aries keywords:
starting, kick-off, self-employed, on your own, fast, energetic, impatient, short activity, restless

Sun in Aries: you demonstrate that you are a Sun in Aries by:
- starting to live on your own a.s.a.p.
- being sportive
- not willing to be bound by a contract
- doing something after work (like do-it-yourself at home)
- having your own company or shop

And because you are that active all the time you might end up burned out. You may want to start a project and leave the ends to someone else. You want to be in front of the troops always. And like to DO before thinking. So accidents might come your way...

Moon in Aries:
whereas the sun in Aries IS active you need to be active. As a mother you like to have a job AND children and your children should be independent a.s.a.p. You are used to having to do things fast and on your own.

Mercury in Aries:
with afflictions you might stammer, you always think and talk as fast as you can. You do not like long-lasting studies and when you study you like to keep it practical (studying sport, physiotherapy etc.) Your attention level is short.

Venus in Aries:
falling in love at first sight every other day? Might be Venus in Aries afflicted. Venus = love and taste. Aries = fast and quick burning. Not a fortunate position for marriage or long-lasting relationships, it is said. But is that so? Look at some examples of Venus in Aries:
princess Máxima (Netherlands), Lolita Flores, George Clooney, Eddy Murphy and eh,..Ratko Mladic, Sam Klepper.

Mars in Aries:
strong position. Mars rules Aries. The planet of the warrior and sportsman in the sign of activity. The fast worker, the real man (Clint Eastwood has this position), the person that cannot stop fitnessing. You are a do-type having this position.

Jupiter in Aries:
the active (Aries) person with a conviction (Jupiter) and the one that practises what he says to believe. Positive thinker!

Saturn in Aries:

the lone ranger, holding on whatever happens. Aries may be fast, but Saturn limits and endures. A long distance runner in every meaning of the word! Einstein had this position.

Ascendant in Aries:
you do it fast and better on your own. You are assertive and might have a prominent nose (just like the animal your sign stands for and like Barbara Streisand and John Lennon:).

MC in Aries:
you want to show you can do it and you are a fighter taking the lead.
(BTW When your progressed MC comes from Pisces into Aries you may drastically change!)

What is a chart, and more...

A chart is the astrological picture of the sky at the time and place of a certain event.

The horizontal line crosses the meridian of your place at the centre of the picture (the place where YOU are or where the event took place).

Everything below the horizon is invisible at the time.

Everything above the horizon is visible, what you see when you look out of the window.

(With the exception that only the old 7 planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen with the blank eye)

When you are born in the middle of the night the sun is not visible and therefore below the horizon.

When you are born in the middle of the day the sun is visible and high above in the sky and... in your chart.

A birth at daybreak will produce a Sun at the ascendant (in the east).

When you were born at sunset the Sun is on the western part (on the descendant).

In a chart you usually find Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Northern Node and sometimes Chiron, Vertex, Eastpoint or planetoids or supposed planets such as Vulcanus. All of those object in the chart represent a function.

Sun: life, heart, will, living, health, vitality, ego

Moon: emotion, caring, mother, habits, community, popularity, the people, family, the intimates, house (where you are with your close ones), change (periodically)

Mercury: learning and talking abilities, trade, communication, brothers/sisters (siblings), neighbours, school

Venus: taste, sympathy, love, comfort, being happy, beauty, art, money or wealth, women, female hormones, rest, ease

Mars: energy, work, production, sex, pain, wound, attack, war, acting on your own, men

Jupiter: wisdom, higher education, growth, success, travelling (everything that makes you better and wiser), horses (and what else you travel with)

Saturn: adult, parent, aging, responsibility, restriction, depression, limitations, steady, long-lasting things, divorces, departures,

Uranus: excitement, news, rebel, contra, change, electricity, modern things, extravagant things (such as astrology:), rhythm, surprises (pleasantly or not)

Neptune: mist, wrong, deviation, ideals, beliefs, falsification, cons, mistakes, giving it up, dreaming, illusions, inspiration, music, riddles, disappearances, anonymous people, addictions

Pluto: strength, courage, the price you pay, the prize you get, pain, daring, complications, problems, challenges, the immense change, reorganisation, genes

Nodes: (said to represent karma), relationships, bounds, networks

Ascendant: the way you present yourself or the way others see you (those you have one to one contact with), the way you use to do 'it'.

MC: your imago, your goal in life, the way you use to 'aim for it'

ELEMENTS AND QUALITIESThe signs were presented as a fire, earth, air or water sign and as a cardinal, fixed or mutable sign. Fire, earth, air and water are elements. Cardinal, fixed and mutable are qualities.

Fire: energy, vitality, enthusiasm, confidence

Earth: stability, being able to earn your living, material side

Air: communication, interaction, relations

Water: senses, moods, influence and tolerance

Lack of fire = lack of energy or confidence, no control over aggression

Lack of earth = lack of stability, no way to settle down

Lack of air = lack of reason, you just cannot be reasonable sometimes

Lack of water = lack of empathy, not being able to control emotions adequately

Fire + air = extravert

Earth + water = introvert

Fire + earth = creation

Fire + water = emotion

Earth + air = logic

Air + water = sociability

Cardinal = the signs that start up things, take initiatives

Fixed = the signs that hold on, stick to it, settle it

Mutable = the signs that spread it by word or travel, nervous and busy

and the birth chart of Dieter Schwarz

Transit Pluto square Sun and Mercury points at problems and challenges for Dieter Schwarz, owner of the food concern Lidl, now that has been made public that Lidl is spying it's personel, does not like unions and even puts the clients on tape!.

Dieter Schwarz is born 24 September 1939 in Heilbronn with Sun tightly trine Mars, the perfect combition for the entrepeneur. This Sun is opposition Jupiter and sextile Pluto. The combination of Sun, Jupiter and Pluto adds self confidence.

But watch the calling Saturn! Saturn does not make major aspects in sign and is prominent in this chart. Saturn is the planet of the manager, hierarchy and conservatism. Business men profit from a prominent Saturn, symbol of material things and securities. Yet, Dieter Schwarz has Neptune oriental and ideals. He has a creative way of combining ideals with busiiness through a biquintile.

Transit Pluto is now also conjunct progressed Venus. Venus-Pluto is the financial axis. The aspect points at the price you pay for the choice you made. And as it happens, Venus-Pluto is also the symbolic combination of estetic values...The positions on his birthday show that there might be use or abuse of power, money and influence. (Mars opposition Pluto). He cannot be denied a passion for making money with Venus trine Mars and sextile Pluto. Good taste (Venus) might conquer and cry victory, however (Pluto), if the customers want so.

More about Venus and Pluto...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

as Neptune = astrological for scandall and ...tapes

Max Mosley (London April 13, 1940;FIA, Formula 1 races) has been taped having sex with 5 women dressed as nazi officers and their prisoners. I guess he was not figuring in a movie, because it is news and it is a scandall.

Mosley has an almost perfect conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in Aries and Sun is semi square Mars and Venus. A succesful man with a passion and...dreams he should better not realise or fantasies that he would better not reveal (Sun inconjunct Neptune).

The scandall was born on his birthday (as it happens, when WWII was starting). The natal Sun is inconjunct Neptune and so is Jupiter. Transit Neptune is inconjunct his natal Neptune now and that is very telling: a scandall about a tape.

It might be the end of his carreer or maybe this is the final apotheosis, as the progressed Sun is in the final degrees of Gemini. A progressive Sun changing sign is often the sign of a changing life.


This weekend it happened a few times: my site Astromarkt is off line and so is the site of the provider (Lycos). I can only hope that these problems will be solved soon and intensify my efforts to move and copy articles from my site to my blog. Thanks to Google this blog works!

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Equatorial Guinea asked for the arrest of the son of Margareth Thatcher. On the 13th of this month I had an item about Mark Thatcher. See the link.

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And Saturn for classical...

Tonight I saw a special about André Rieu, a world famous Dutch violin player, who plays popular classical music for the masses with complete orchestras and beautiful stages (with castels, flying divas and golden carriages). His son and wife take care of the show and decoration. Rieu is a million seller (25 million albums a year world wide from Japan to Canada and Australis.

Rieu (born 1st October 1949 in Maastricht, The Netherlands, unknown time) has a managing Saturn oriental (rising before the Sun). Mars is sesquisquare Zero Aries and makes a narrow sextile with Neptune. Could I read that as: musical (Neptune) instrument (Mars), please:)?

Saturn is calling and oriental, so most prominent in his chart. Where in his life do we see Saturn (symbol of management, the elderly, parents and parenthood, conservative and classical)? Of course in his music, first. He used to play in homes for the elderly first! His father conducted joyfull concerts for carnaval!
And where is the music? In the combination of the rulers of Sun Libra and Moon Aquarius (Venus and Uranus), making a sesqui square. I find the connection between Venus and Uranus in almost all of the charts of popular artists/singers/musicians.

No HOB and of course not everybody born that day ends up living in a sort of a castle! But there are indications in the midpointcombinations. One of them I mention here: the midpoint youd of Mercury with Jupiter and Uranus, telling us that he is inventive. And like in every chart, let us take into account that he descends from musical parents and so does his wife. Genes, circumstances and talent...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today Hillary Clinton was really under fire. This time it was not just an invented story... and CNN pulled the trigger!

Hillary had obviously lied about a 'dangerous' experience to illustrate her experience in rough times and they simply showed the movie: she had lied. Mercury in Scorpio square Saturn in her chart is indicating the strugle between strategic communications and the real facts of life. The combination of Mercury, Pluto (Scorpio) and Saturn is most of the time present in the charts of USA presidents. A strategic mind and maybe being keen in not telling it all or not telling IT at all, is needed to become a top politician.
But I guess it is not a good thing when CNN shows the lies when you are still a candidate.

If she is born at 20 hours Mercury is ruler 1 and if she is born at 8 a.m. Saturn is on top of her chart and Mercury is on the Ascendant. The aspect between Mercury and Saturn is always important enough to maybe become a crucial commuication (Mercury) error (Saturn) in this campaign.

More about the 20hours Hillary chart...

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Birth chart of a Dutch football hero...

On the 22nd of November 2007 I reported that Guus Hiddink managed to bring Russia to the European Championship (Football)and that he had that day:
Transit Sun conjunct Venus, Venus semi square Venus, Jupiter semi square Jupiter and Uranus trine Sun.

Today he continued his contract. He will stay in Russia till the championships in South Africa in 2010. I am not surprised that Russia wants to keep him. Guus Hiddink (born November 8, 1946 in Wisch, The Netherlands) seems to be able to make any team a winner, for exampel South Korea and Australia. Russia even beated England! How does he do it?

Hiddink has the qualifications of a true leader, a positive attitude and he is ehm...unique! But he is also full of passion. Notice the prominent Sun sesqui square Zero Aries for leadership! Just like other coaches he is dominating (Sun square Pluto). Jupiter rising before the Sun makes him a true international and optimist. Uranus is biquintile the Sun and does not make major aspects in sign. That makes him rebellious and creative in finding alternative solutions that improve the (football) world. The tightest aspect in his chart is Venus conjunct Mars. So that even without knowing his HOB it is easy to see: he has a passion for what he is doing and that is what makes him a great coach.

YOUSAF RAZA GILANI and Jupiter inconjunct...

Yousaf Raza Gilani is the new prime minister of Pakistan. He was born June 9, 1952 with the Sun and Mercury trine Neptune and opposition Pluto. That corresponds with the messages that his family is spiritual. Today Jupiter was inconjunct his Sun and Mercury and Pluto, and square Neptune. I am not sure if this is a nice aspect. It made him win, but there seems to be a certain disbalance about it. Or maybe the rumour is true and he will soon be set aside by the widower of Benazir Bhutto.

Like Char Margolis, James van Praagh, Robert van den Broeke and Jomanda

CHAR MARGOLIS lives in Los Angeles but is most famous in The Netherlands, where she is often on television as a medium. The past few months transit Saturn crossed over her natal Sun and that does not give a person much credit. So a few days ago the Dutch television program Zembla claimed to have uncovered how Char works, that mistakes should be cut out of the program and that she is able to and does ask 600 dollar per hour for a consultation. The makers of the program said in a magazine that there are trainers to teach you how to be like Char. One of those trainers said that he does not need a mobile phone to know who needs him...hmm...does not that sound just as incredible as talking with the death?
The fact that the program claimed things about Char but instead showed other failing mediums and the sceptic mr. James Randi (who offers 1 million dollar to the person who is able to show his psychic abilities) was perhaps in her favour. Transit Neptune, planet of the amorph, invisible and immaterial made a trine with her progressed Sun.

Sorry, I have not been able to find any birth time for Char Margolis. She was born August 21, 1951 and because she lives in LA I used that place for her place of birth with Zodiac houses (see the chart). (Later someone informed me that in a TV-program Char has said that she is a double Leo. That would make her Pluto even more prominent and/or place Vulcanus on top). In her chart Pluto is rising before the Sun. That is an indication for the power of money, sex, influence, politics or...matters of life and death. Notice the placement of the responsible manager Saturn opposition Zero Aries/Aries Point. This combination of Saturn and Pluto is what I call the 'die hard construction'. It is also there in the birth chart of a Dutch medium, Jomanda (born May 5, 1948 at about 13 hours). In her chart Saturn is sesquisquare Zero Aries. Saturn and Pluto are both square her Sun.

Back to Char. Char says that she was eight years old when she noticed her spiritual talents. That is the same age James van Praagh mentions (see below). In the chart of Chart this period is highlighted. Progressed Uranus was semi square her natal Sun: this is a sort of an 'awakening'. And Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct her Sun. Uranus and Pluto together transform your world.
She became famous in 1999 with progressed Sun opposition Jupiter, the planet of expansion and successes.

Relevant midpointcombinations are plenty. Sun square Jupiter/Uranus and 22.5 degrees from Neptune/Pluto for foresight and spirituality. Both Venus and Mars are connected to Jupiter/Pluto and Neptune/Pluto (succesful passion related to spiritual growth or succesful (Jupiter/Pluto) working with (Mars) high sensitive (Neptune/Pluto) talents (Venus). Jupiter is connected to Sun/Uranus (112.5d) and Sun/Neptune (157.5d) for having a believing audience and being an idol. Uranus with Sun/Jupiter (22.5d) and Neptune/Pluto (67.5) promisses unexpected fortune in the spiritual field.

Hard aspects with Aries Point come from Mercury/Jupiter, Venus/Jupiter, Venus/Uranus, Sun/ Mars and Mercury/Neptune. You can see the succesfull medium stepping forward in this combination. In my book Astro Trio I describe this combination of Mercury with Jupiter and Neptune like this: 'Knowing how to sell things so that it is being trusted'. The tightest aspect in her chart is Mercury inconjunct Jupiter. That aspect points at being clever, knowing how to learn languages and how to communicate, but also at a disbalance between words and convincing, sometimes due to exagerated statements.

Saturn and Pluto
Uranus and Pluto

James Randi was one of the 'specialists' to prove that Char was a Char-latan. Randi was born August 7 1928, a former illusionist. He has Pluto oriental (just like Char) and Mars is tightly square Neptune (working with or against the immaterial, amorph etc.). His Sun sesquisquare Zero Aries is for drawing attention.

On May 21 2006 I wrote this on Astrodatabank about the American medium James van Praagh:

"2 Hello all,
James van Praagh is a school example for astrologers, I think. This must be the right HOB, as there are so many indications in this fascinating chart for what he does and for the events leading to this vocation.

You need only see the ascendant. The ascendant = Aries Point and trines Pluto. The ascendant=AP is connecting a range of succes indicating midpoints: Sun/Jupiter, Sun/Neptune, Mercury/Jupiter, Mercury/Neptune, Jupiter/Pluto, Pluto/Nodes, Venus/Mars and Mars/Uranus. (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Nodes for succes and Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune for the imaginative side of the job).

I never saw this man or read his books. But I think his 'show' is based upon true experiences of this man in the past. Of course he might add some of the observations he makes. I know it is possible to find out a persons secret info just be looking at the face while asking questions. (Some mediums go way too far and start cheating to impress the audience and to answer to their demands, as you will read further below.) Back to astrology...

When James van Praagh was 8 and, according to the data, had his first experiences with spirits, the progressed MC was conjunct Neptune and sextile Pluto (a classical indication for the paranormal). In 1992 his Sun was conjunct Jupiter/Pluto (for succes) and semi sextile both Neptune and Pluto. As if it was time for the paranormal.

The MC with Jupiter, Nodes and Neptune indicate many fans and followers. These combinations with Jupiter and Neptune refer to his period at the seminary, too.I find Jupiter/Neptune combinations in the charts of popes, monks and actors (and with Venus in the charts of those marrying a rich and famous partner, BTW:).

It takes IMAGINATION to believe and it also takes imagination to be acting.And a supportive and believing audience. The whole chart shows that he is a creative man with a hugh fantasy and empathy who is able to impress and influence his audience. I think it is interesting to see that you cannot tell from a chart if a person is a fraud. Only if he will be seen as a fraud or not. Or else all of the popes I studied would be frauds as well. So maybe Jupiter/Neptune refers to the progress in life people make based upon the invisible and untouchable things in life or using their imagination. Even television is Neptunic.

As Neptune is interpreted negatively mostly fraude, cheating and secretive actions are mentioned so much. But the other side is empathy and all things that are not visible and touchable at the same time (like a screen showing the movie or television program, like God for example, like spirits). Neptune is an important instrument for arts and idealists (visions of how it could be).I think a Capricorn ascendant is the right instrument for observing. Pluto in aspect with the ascendant (James has a narrow trine) fascinates and impresses.

I add a few of the interpretations for midpoints given by Ebertin and indicating the visionairy mind of Van Praagh, without mentioning the sort of aspect:
Sun=Moon/Neptune (sensitive)
Moon=Mars/Neptune (cheating, being receptive)
Mercury=Moon/Neptune (visions, fantasy, artistic talents)
Mercury=Neptune/Ascendant=Jupiter/Ascendant=Sun (being mislead or misleading and at the same time being inspired or inspiring)
Venus=Uranus/Neptune (high sensitivity)
Jupiter=Neptune/Node (being used or using others)
Jupiter=Neptune/MC (hopefull dreaming, speculating)
Pluto=Neptune/Ascendant (disadvantages because of the influence or gossip of others)
Asc=Mercury/Neptune (being influenced, used etc)

And I count more than 10 succes indicating midpoints.

Recently Robbert van den Broeke (7th May 1980 Breda, Holland, no HOB), a television medium in my country, ended his carreer on tele when an organisation of sceptic minds found out he used the internet to gather information about so called ancestors of his client. This man went to
far. Or he connects to Google in his mind:) He has Jupiter on Mercury/Neptune and (sorry for him:) Neptune on Pluto/Nodes ( Ebertin's interpretation of this midpoint combination is rather harsh).

The story is too long for this forum, but rather amusing (and only visible after extension, so real Neptunic..:). He told a client that her ancestors'profession was 'geneburner'(genverbrander in Dutch) as he overlooked a typing error on the internet (it should have been 'ginburner'- geneverbrander in Old Dutch). The strange word 'geneburner' made people check it and so they found it was not a spirit but another mental source of info that he used."

I added another message today. I found that Van Praagh made a mistake later. In 2003 he had told the parents of the lost boy Shawn that the boy was murdered. But in January 2007 the boy came back alive. At that moment Van Praagh had the progressed Ascendant square the progressed Saturn: Saturn is the symbol of a step back, a mistake, failure etc. If you want to study his chart, here are his data: 23081956 161800 EDT
New York.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


With Transit Mars square Pluto an independant investigation (Pluto!) resulted in qualifying Jamie Oliver's school for cooking as ... a mash. It won't make Jamie happy. Maybe he is a bit angry even...This transit hits the opposition of Mars and Pluto in the birth chart!

Jamie was born 27th May 1975 in Essex, UK with Jupiter rising before the Sun, Mercury 'calling', and without placements in the fixed signs. On the other hand, he has a lot of placements in cardinal signs. Mars is opposition Pluto and the Sun makes harmonious aspects with both Mars and Pluto. The Sun also makes a creative biquintile with Uranus. (BTW It is interesting to see that some of these aspects correlate with those of a controversial but popular comedian in Holland, Paul de Leeuw.)

You see the succes, the prominence of communicating and writing (Mercury). Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto strongly present themselves! The combinations of these planets are the ingredients for a good carreer. It is amazing how quickly Jamie Oliver became one of the most succesful cooks in the world! The optimistic orientation (Jupiter), the strong energy and will (Sun-Mars-Pluto) and that combined with initiative (60% in cardinal signs) brought him succes so that he could do what he wanted most: be a writer, tell his story.

It would be nice to have his HOB. But even without that, it is easy to find the Sun-Mars-Pluto composition, Uranus-Pluto 22.5 degrees...for an impulsive and sometimes explosive nature. He does not cook by the rules, he invents them at the very moment of cooking and does a lot with his fingers.

These days Saturn is crossing back and forward over his natal Sun. Time to start limiting himself. Maybe educating cooks is just too much?

PS August 24, 2008
With T Neptune semi square progressed Sun (and the existing transit of Saturn) Jamie Oliver had bad publicity after a 'joke' about the Holocaust.


J.K. Rowling (born 31st July 1965 in Yate) has told the world that when she was a divorced woman on her own, when she was very poor, she considered suicide. She went to a doctor and behavourial therapy made her better. Now she is one of the richest women in the world! J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books. Astrothème used to provide an hour of birth of about 14 hours for her, but has removed that. So I guess, there is still no HOB for Rowling.

J.K. Rowling has a calling Mercury (no major aspects in sign within an orb of 5 degrees) and that refers to a call for writing. Look at the importance of an oriental (positive!) Jupiter. Now we have two prominent planets: Mercury and Jupiter. And the combination says: succesful communications. Notice that Venus is also 'calling', for arts and artistic skills. And what about the quintile between Venus and Neptune? It also tells us about being creative in arts.

But where can we find the depression? An early birth gives her Moon an opposition with Saturn and a conjunction with Pluto. That would be sufficient to see that there was a dangerous depression. For divorce we find Mars inconjunct Saturn.

I wonder what made her reveal the news about her depression. I see Jupiter trine and Uranus opposition the progressed Sun right now. It is an astrological statement for a relief (in combination) and for great content and (apart). So maybe she tells this for all of us to know that there is help for who needs it and that it would be such a pity to give in when times are bad. Easter and Zero Aries contain the same message of hope for new beginnings.


About missing elements and lack of aspects, 'Conspicuous in absence'...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Born on the 23rd March...

Today I remember the birthday of Dane Rudhyar, born 23rd March 1895 in Paris at 00:42 LMT. His chart has a crucial Neptune on the descendant and that shows how visionary he was. I think he was a very sensitive person, also because of the oriental Moon. Mars is spot on the midpoint of Neptune and Pluto as a statement for work in the spiritual field. And now where is astrology? Astrology in his chart is CALLING! Uranus does not make any major aspects in sign.

There are more indications for astrology. Astrologers have to be inventive and be able to look ahead. That is what the combination Jupiter-Uranus stands for. In the chart of Rudhyar we see the Moon in Aquarius trine Jupiter, the combination of the calling Uranus and the ascendant in Sagittarius, but most of all the midpoint combinations with Jupiter and Uranus as an indication for the metier.

Here we go:
Sun 157.5 Jupiter/Uranus
Jupiter 157.5 Uranus/Nodes and 135 Asc/MC
Uranus 157.5 Moon/Jupiter and 90 d from Jupiter/MC

And on top of his birth chart there is Chiron. This object is very telling in the charts of astrologers.

But there is more about Rudhyar. He was a composer of modern (most dissonant) classical music. Let us take another look at his chart.

Neptune is the planet of the amorph, like belief, ideals, dreams, vision,fantasy, and music. His Midheaven is in the sign of Libra and the MC-routing is like this: Venus in Aries - Mars in Gemini - Mercury in Pisces Neptune in Gemini. Writing (Mercury) music (Neptune). He also wrote about visions related to the degrees of the zodiac (the sabian symbols).
There are a lot of quintiles and biquintiles in his chart. We see Sun biquintile (144d) Saturn and quintile (72d) Neptune. Saturn biquintile Neptune completes the 'golden yod' composed by quintiles. Saturn is the apex. They say that his best works occurred in the 1920s and 1970s. Maybe that is the meaning of Saturn. Saturn might also refer to classical, so that you could read this Yod like this: creating (Sun) classical (Saturn) music (Neptune). And why not be dissonant, when you have a rebellious Uranus?:)

Rudhyar is not the only famous astrologer with musical talents. Another famous example is Noel Tyl (who was an opera singer before he became a professional astrologer).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What does the chart of Benedict 16th tell us?

An angry Osama bin Laden has threatened Pope Benedict by linking him to the republication of the 'Danish cartoons'. How dangerous can it be, next Sunday? Here you see two images of charts and transits. Uranus is important right now. Also, he will have to wait until December for a safer moment. Right now, transit Pluto opposition Mars on the IC points at the importance of security services.

Read about popes and their charts in the article under this link and here is more about the chart of Benedict the 16th:

The natal chart of the present Pope has a crucial and calling Jupiter and Saturn, the combination for hierarchy and a vocation for clergy. Saturn is on top, so that he is above all a conservative in his conviction (Sagittarius) but open and tolerant in his aproach. Jupiter in Pisces calling can also be read as a call for expressing devotion at any possible level. Sun trine Neptune is an excellent combination for a spiritual leader. When he became pope, transit Pluto on his MC told him that he had to do it.

Apart from the prominent Jupiter in Pisces he has another religious combination: Mars 22.5 Jupiter/Neptune. Another tight aspect is that of the diplomatic and polite Moon in Libra, square Pluto! I think he can be very rigid in following certain habits and rules that he is used to. There is Mercury square Mars for discussions and Venus square Neptune for sometimes making the wrong choices...But who is perfect?

Born with Sun on Aries Point...

On the 21st March Timothy Dalton will be 62! The former James Bond was born March 21, 1946 in Colwyn Bay. I don't have his hour of birth. His Sun is spot on Aries Point and does not make any major aspects in sign. I consider this a 'calling' Sun. Show, theatre, drama, being in charge or drawing attention somehow, is part of the concept. In his chart Mars conjunct Saturn is the tightest aspect. He is quite different from the other James Bonds that I studied, but he is a hard man (Mars-Saturn) who knows how to be starring (Sun).

More James Bonds....
More about Aries Point/Zero Aries

And what about Uranus oriental?

Johannes van der Giessen (Born in Rozenburg, Netherlands, 17-12-1899 - died 19th March 2008, several weeks after falling with his rollator). His death came with transit Mars square Sun and opposition Saturn, together with Jupiter trine Venus.

In my book Astro I.D. on page 37 (only available in Dutch) there are several examples of Uranus rising before the Sun, like on the day that Van der Giessen was born. An oriental Uranus seems to be one of the protective factors in a human life. I also mention Jupiter-Uranus as one of the indications for living long. In the chart of Van der Giessen you see Jupiter calling (without a major aspect in sign), so both Jupiter and Uranus are prominent in his chart. He also has 5 (!) midpoint combinations (see below) with Jupiter and Uranus, even without calculating the MC, Asc and Moon. There is no special score in the elements, but at least 60-70% op his placements are in movable signs. Possibly he was 'moving around' still. That is also why he could fall with his rollater.

On his day of birth the Sun is conjunct Saturn. The opposition between Sun and Neptune is even tighter! You see that these aspects do not shorten your life time when you deal with Jupiter and Uranus at the same time.

His midpoint combinations:
Sun 22.5 Jupiter/Uranus
Venus 45 Jupiter/Uranus
Jupiter 22.5 Mars/Uranus
Saturn 22.5 Jupiter/Uranus
Neptune 157.5 Jupiter/Uranus

For more about aging...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Saturn is for alone...

The marriage of Madonna with Guy Ritchie seems to be ending. Het progressed MC (for a birth 16th August 1958 at 7h05 at Bay City) wil be inconjunct Saturn end of April and that tells me that something somehow inevitably will come to an end.

In her solar return (birth day chart for 2007) we see Venus in between Sun and Saturn. That is a sign for a bad moment in marriage. The Moon is opposition the MC. A solar return with Moon related to the MC always points at a change in status, position or condition (for example motherhood, marriage, or reintegration etc.).
Explanation: a solar return chart is a chart errected for the exact moment that the Sun has the same degree, minute and second as on the moment of birth.

Financial settlement...

I wrote about Paul McCartney and Heather Mills before, so I will be short now:). Today the judge decided that Heather Mills should get about 30 million euros from Paul as a settlement. That is far less than what she wanted, but still she is very, very happy. At least, that is what she told the journalist and that is what her chart shows. Happy Heather has Venus opposition Jupiter today. Paying Paul has Venus square Saturn and inconjunct Pluto. That is an astrological statement for a financial (Venus-Pluto) defeat (Saturn).

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Comedian in the movies, director and producer Jerry Lewis is celebrating his 82nd birthday today. He was born 16th March 1926 in Newark, New Jersey at 12h15 (P.M.) EST. His Sun conjunct Uranus are conjunct the MC. Jupiter is rising before the Sun and ruler 1 Moon is calling in Taurus in the 10th house. Jupiter is semi square Zero Aries and conjunct Venus. His chart contains a lot of prominent placements and Jupiter is most prominent of them all. Neptune, for medications, media and movies, is end dispositor of the Midheaven in Pisces.

Jerry Lewis was born in an artistic family. His father was a comedian, too. Knowing his family and without knowing more than this unaspected Moon in 10 in Taurus you could already guess the influence of his ancestors on his carreer.

The most narrow aspects in his birth chart are involved in a so cold 'small trine' between Sun-Uranus, Marss and Saturn. Narrow small trines produce a range of midpoint combinations. When the planets involved are 'difficult' (like in this case) this has the effect of 'the other side of the coin'. Jerry Lewis suffers from a life long pain in the back (since 1965) and carries an electrical implant in his back to control this pain.

Two times Jerry Lewis could have died. End of 1982 he was pronounced clinically death (Progressed Moon opposition Saturn and semi square Pluto; transit Saturn AND transit Pluto inconjunct the Midheaven; Neptune square Sun and transit Mars semi square Saturn. People died with less of these sort of aspects...but Jerry Lewis had a fortunate trine of Venus with Sun and MC.

On June 11 2006 he had another hearth attack. This time it was with transit Pluto square Sun and Uranus. But at the same time there was Jupiter semi square Sun and Uranus! And he is still alive...

In 2006 he wrote 'Dean and me, a love story'. His movie partner Dean Martin was born 7 June 1917. His Venus and Jupiter trine (tightly!( the Sun of Jerry Lewis. Jerry's Jupiter is tightly sextile Sun and tightly trine Dean's Mars. There is also a trine between their Mars. Good partnership indeed!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The man who kissed himself out of India...

Richard Gere is free to go to India and will not be arrested for kissing Shilpa Shetty (with passion!). Gere is often in India to support refugies from Tibet, a.o. I am afraid he has a time unknow chart:(

He was born August 31, 1949 in Philadelphia with a very tight aspect that indicates love and romance: Venus conjunct Neptune. It is the aspect of the persuader, the artist and the womaniser. Yes he is:)

In his chart Pluto rises before the Sun. That means that he is orientated on/focussed on issues regarding money, sex, danger, influence, power or politics. The Moon in Sagittarius is related to the desire to travel abroad, so I guess he will be happy about this decission of the Indian authorities.

Transits of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are making hard aspects with his prominent progressed Pluto right now and transit Pluto is trine progressed Mars (for winning a battle). I hope he does not kiss Shilpa Shetty again:). But if he cannot resist her charms, it will be not as bad as before with Transit SATURN conjunct his progressed Pluto. In his birth chart the conjunction of Sun and Saturn points at the possibility of a highlighted error, some day, some place. And this was in India.

The almost fatale and extra ordinary kiss made me write about Richard and Shilpa before. This is what I wrote on my former blog (09/28/2007 02:17)
"Shilpa Shetty's almost missed her flight yesterday due to Richard Gere's kiss months ago! Read all about in the The Telegraph (Calcutta, India)

This delay shows in the positions of the planets today. Saturn (for delay) is involved (semi square Saturn, perfecting, and sesqui square Jupiter). And so is Uranus (for upheavel: square to her Sun and sesqui square to Venus). But with Jupiter trine Mars and semi square Uranus to assist her, she could fly anyway after all."

On the 26th April 2007 I wrote about her, too:
"In the article about people meeting you can read that sometimes lifes get related due to a progression. Here below you see the progressed positions of Richard Gere (inner circle) and Shilpa Shetty (outer circle). Notice that her progressed Venus is exactly conjunct his progressed Mars!And what happened: they kissed in public (it looked like an embrace dancing the tango, just too much). For some reason that caused a big scandall in India and even provoked death wishes. Transit Neptune is inconjunct Shilpa's progressed Saturn and Transit Saturn is conjunct Richards' progressed Pluto: should this mean she is sad that he is in danger now?

Before Shilpa Shetty was in the Astromarkt news, too!
"Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty is in the British Big Brother house in between two fires. Two of the other inhabitants keep making racist remarks. She responds with emotion and that is to be expected with the Moon oriental (most possibly in Taurus). She was born 8 June 1975 in an area where Tulu is spoken, in India. She has Sun semi square Venus and Jupiter square Saturn as the most narrow aspects in her chart. That is indicative for estetic values and...for the disadvantages of advantages. For her succesful efforts we find Mars square Jupiter/Pluto (and Saturn/Pluto). Jupiter is sesquisquare Venus/Pluto and Nodes is sesqui square Mars/Jupiter. With Mars in an obsessive quindecile with Uranus impulsive and explosive situations are to be expected in her life"

Look: progressed Venus and progressed Mars come together...Passion! (for a brief moment...)

For more about meeting a person and the astrological paterns involved, read this...

About the starting point for relationships in the - progressed - chart
People meet or get to know each other at the moment that they share the same kind of situation or period in their life. Both partners are at the same time searching for hapiness or are sharing a good or bad moment and that 'connects' them. At least, you would think so when you see their progressed charts!

Sometimes they meet too soon. Sometimes that meeting is wrong for both of them....
More about this...

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Jupiter in Scorpio can produce strong believers, and sometimes fanatics. Sally Kern has Jupiter in Scorpio prominent in her chart. Jupiter is rising before her Sun and sesqui square Aries Point. Jupiter is also strongly connected to Pluto (by square).

With Transit Saturn square her Sun Sally Kern, an Oklahoma state legislator, said that homosexuals were worse than terrorists. And now it seems that she is the mother of a homosexual son, Jesse, who is behaving badly. Her husband strongly denies this. He says homosexuals should not have sex. He is a baptist preacher.

The Moon in Capricorn in her chart and in certain conditions (like a community of narrow minded people) can manifest herself as a so called decent person, in order to be neat and acceptable in the community. So the revelations about her son Jesse won't be very welcome, I guess. Sally Kern is not ready for a 'coming out'. And now that Saturn highlights her mistakes and failures, she might soon wish that she never said what she said. Up to now she says she did not say anything that was not true...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Re: a message in the Daily Mail....about the interview with Simon Mann.

The Uranus in the equal 5th and Placidus 4, ruler of the equal 4th house, of Margareth Thatcher (13th October 1925, at 9 a.m. in Grantham) is inconjunct the Sun of her son Mark (15th August 1953). And his Uranus is square her Sun, ruler of her 10th house. That might explain...

In the message in the Daily Mail Mark Thatcher was named as being part of the plot that brought his friend Simon Mann in prison in Equatorial Guinea since February 1, 2008. It is a long story, but it is short in the language of astrology. Transit Neptune is opposition the Sun of Mark Thatcher today! The media (Neptune) against (opposition) Mark (Sun), his secrets (Neptune) highlighted (Sun) and gossip and betrayal (Neptune) coming into his life (opposition).

Simon Mann was born June 26, 1952. In his chart Jupiter is oriental (for the international). Saturn is square Uranus and square Sun. The combination of Sun, Saturn and Uranus highlights limitations of freedom. Given the prominence of Jupiter it is not strange that that is in Africa. And this year 2008 his progressed Sun is semi square Uranus. Also in progression Pluto is square the Northern Node. These are signs for a dramatic twist of faith.

In the meantime, the fact that her son is again mentioned this way must have an effect on Margareth Thatcher. Uranus plays its part in the interaction between her and her son. And Uranus is again here today, inconjunct her Sun. Saturn conjunct her MC and semi square her Sun, Pluto semi square Ascendant...It does not 'sound' good and recently she had to go to hospital.

Uranus square Sun for upheavel

Eliot Spitzer is governor of New York at the moment, still...He is a true moralist and now he admitted to wrongdoing after that he was linked to a prostitution ring by the New York Times. Those who read my blog and site more often, have seen examples of the way Uranus works before. And here is another one.

Spitzer was born 1st June 1959 in NY and that means that his Sun is in the 19th/20th degree of Gemini and Venus in the 4th of Leo and Neptune in the 5th of Scorpio. Right now the actual position of Uranus is the 19th degree of Pisces. So there is a square of Uranus with the Sun and a sesqui square of Uranus with Venus and Neptune. Sometimes astrology is so logical! We read:

upheavel (Uranus) about a love affair (Venus Neptune) that changes
the way he lives or is seen (Sun).

It is obvious that this transit would be important, as in his birth chart there is a hard aspect between Sun, Venus and Neptune! It is a pitty for his carreer. He has a calling Sun (for leadership) and a strong Saturn in Capricorn oriental (for being ambitious, a manager). WITH hour of birth we would understand more about his chart. But still, without it it is easy to observe that he would come in the news (Uranus) with a 'romance' (Venus and Neptune). Venus is inconjunct Saturn and square Neptune in his birth chart. It might be that the Moon is also square Neptune. Here you have 3 indications for conflicts in relationships and 3 is a crowd!:)

This affair reminded of the predictions of 2008 for Gemini, that you can find here.... I advised those born under Gemini to be discrete, sincere and thrutful, especially in 2008! And see what happens if one does not (LOL!:)

Here is the text for 2008 for Gemini:

GEMINI: truth wins...
2008 will not be the easiest year for Gemini’s. There might be disappointments during travels or moves. One advice is to stay truthful and sincere always, whatever happens. And to be discrete. If not, it might cost you a lot, especially if you were born between the 5th and 13 of June.

Mercury is your planet, Gemini. In May, June and the first week of July Mercury will be in your sign. Are you born between 2 and 12 June? Then Mercury will visit you twice in a year and stimulate relationships and contacts.

Your holiday can be celebrated best in May or June, February/March or September.

A special message for those born 9, 10 or 11 May and about 64 years old: October might be tense and/or exciting, a month full of adrenaline.

PS: he quit!

Saturn plays his part...

Admiral William J. Fallon quit the navy, after having critised the policy of president Bush. He was Commander of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command in the Middle East. In his birth chart there is an opposition between Sun and Saturn. That opposition was activated recently in progression. With Sun-Saturn in the chart it is to be expected that some time in life there will be a retreat or a step back. Another effect is that the poverty, relationship with parents, mistakes and failures of this person will one day be highlighted.

Saturn (the planet of farewell and goodbye) was semi square the Northern Node (symbol of groups and communities) today, but this step can also be seen in the light of his progressed Sun. As his hour of birth is unknown, we know little about specific timing in his chart. But we see the Progressed Sun at about the 13th degree of Pisces. A few years ago the Progressed Sun was square Uranus. Less than 18 months ago the progressed Sun was opposition progressed Saturn. The importance of that progressive aspect is indicated in the birth chart, where the Sun is also opposition Saturn! And there is right now or coming up within a year, the progressed Sun inconjunct Progressed Pluto.
These are heavy and difficult progressions, indicating conflicts with authorities (Pluto and Saturn) and rebellion (Uranus).

The birth chart of Fallon (30th December 1944, East Orange) shows a man who is a military man, a soldier, in the first place (Mars is rising just before the Sun). The Moon in Cancer (for patriatic feelings) is calling! The Moon does not make major aspects in sign. That shows the importance of caring, involvement and sentiments, but also the importance of the country he was born in. And the risk of being biased sometimes...
The Sun is afflicted by both Saturn and Neptune. Sun-Saturn aspects in leadership has a risk. The nativity might want to do things on his own (see the chart of Chávez). The Sun-Neptune square points at idealism. The disadvantages (Saturn) of idealism and ideology or belief (Neptune) is apparent (Sun) in his life. It might be that the relationship with the father was frustrated in his early years (but do we know?). We also notice the Sun inconjunct Pluto for the unbalance between him and authority or ...politics (Pluto) and for being fanatic or driven in his own disadvantage.

Mars is square Jupiter and sesqui square Pluto for a succesful and ambitious combination. It says that he has more energy than others have. Mars-Jupiter-Pluto is a good sign for a military man. If he uses violence (Mars-Pluto) it will be right or justified (Jupiter).

Mercury is conjunct Mars and square Jupiter and sesqui square Pluto. Here we see intelligence added and communication skills.

So what we see (without HOB) is the chart of an ambitious man who is an entrepeneur or soldier in the first place and who has been confronted with a mistake he made and took responsibility for that. Saturn at work...

Sunday, March 9, 2008


On the 10th March it is Osama bin Laden's 51st birthday. His solar return (birthday chart) has Sun conjunct Uranus and in a 165degreee quindecile with Saturn. It seems that the theme of limited freedom (stron in his birth chart) comes back even stronger in 2008. Let us have a look at the reading I did on Astromarkt.

- The Sun square Saturn and Mars square Pluto and Saturn quindecile Pluto: that is a combination for using hard violence.
- I see fifty percent in watersigns: to be influenced and involved too much, a desire to belong to a group of persons, involvement.
- Sun square Sarturn and sesquisquare Uranus: limited freedom.
- No placements in airsigns and an afflicted Mercury: not always reasonable, sometimes you cannot reason with this man.
- Mercury square Saturn in Sagittarius: not always telling the truth about being strickt in applying the religious rules.

These are observations of the positions for the day that Osama Bin Laden is supposed to be born. That was on March 10 1957 in Jeddah (time unknown) according to the CIA. On that day there are combinations for success, but there are also indicatons for limitations of freedom and for hard confrontations. Yet, the narrowest aspect is Mercury conjunct Venus: he is a communication talent.

Add this with being rich and with his fundamental religious education when he was a lonely teenager; mix this with the time and culture of his whereabout'; see this in comparisson with the charts of terrorist....and there is Osama. Here you see the positions on his birth day.

Osama has an afflicted Sun in Pisces, square Saturn and sesqui square Uranus (a combination for limitation of freedom). The affliction between Sun and Saturn in Osama's chart reminds me of that in the chart of Hugo Chavez and Stalin. The most narrow aspect on the day he was born is the conjunction of Mercury and Venus: he does have a talent for speaking and writing, he is polite and a diplomate. There is also an apparent combination for ambition and getting where you want to be: Mars trine Jupiter and square to Pluto makes such a combo. It is Saturns' quindecile with Pluto that makes his obsession for using force and forcing things a disadvantage to himself.

Saturn is the most important planet in the chart. Saturn rises before the Sun (is oriental). That is for begin serious and ambitious and in Sagittarius that will be with a background ot theology and conviction. Saturn does not make but difficult square aspects and is afflicted. Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign of the conviction and religion and the sign of foreign countries.

The square Mars-Pluto is the first clue to the use of violence. Mars is conjunct the fixed star Algol (for adventures, lying and for the one who litterally or not loses his head). Pluto is conjunct Regulus (the 'royal star'). But that is the fact with many of those of his generation.

You cannot reason with Osama bin Laden. There are no positions in the signs for communications (the airsigns) and Mercury is weak in Pisces and blocked by Saturn. Still, he is mostly active with words (he has others to act for him). He may speak easily (with Venus) but there is a certain obsession.
1. Mercury is making an obsessive quindecile aspect of 75 degrees with Mars
2. Venus is also 75 degrees from Mars: sexual obsessions about male-female relationships (see the 'trivia')
3. Finally a quindecile of Saturn in Sagittarius (the sign of convictions) with Pluto. Such an aspect is telling for the 'die hard': the man who is obsessed about hard confrontations.

The last mentioned quindecile creates a relationship between Mars, Saturn and Pluto. That relationship shapes the conditions for unnatural death (of yourself of others) as a major theme in life.

Bin Laden's chart corresponds with the charts of terrorist. Like them he has connections betweenMars and Uranus : Aries Point squares Mars/Uranus and is sesqui square Uranus/Pluto. Mars is conjunct Sun/Uranus. There are little marks for a religious person. Jupiter is weak in Virgo and there are no compensations like connections with or from Jupiter and Neptune. Strong and hard ambition seems to be in the first place (re: Saturn oriental and in an obsessed aspect with Pluto). But if the Moon is in Cancer there is an indication for a religious education or 'upbringing'. The moon connects both Jupiter and Neptune.

Bin Laden is strongly involved with groups and of course there is a strong bias. For this we find the Moon in Cancer, added with the positions of 5 out of the 10 planets in the watersigns. Therefore I think he was born after noon.

It is unknown how late Bin Laden was born. But...speculating...if he was born at 21:01:38 hours, on September 11th 2001 (the day the Twin Towers came down) he has Sun Arc MC semi square Jupiter. And as a good explanation for his long and small posture there would be Saturn conjunct the Ascendant and in the 12th. Jupiter, ruler 1, would be on the MC. For his leadership the Sun would be on the crucial lowest spot of the drawing, square the Ascendant. Pluto would be in the 9th (for hate against foreigners and fanatic convictions). And the MC would be conjunct Neptune/Pluto, square Mars/Uranus and semi square Mars/Neptune. Transti Saturn would square the Progressed MC in 1991, the year when he was forced to leave his home land after a conflict with the royal family. But it remains speculations...

In 1996 he announced a fatwah (a call for a kill) with progressed Sun trine Pluto and sesqui square Saturn (for the hard confrontation). The results of the attack of 2001 seems to be surprising to him (Progressed Sun square Uranus and biquintile Jupiter). On September 11th he had a solar transit of Sun semi square Uranus (for a day with tension).

Wikipedia tells an interesting story about his background. His father should have married 22 times at least (but never with more than 4 at the time). Osama started living with his stephfather after his natural father divorced his mother. !!Look at the Sun square Saturn!!! That is an aspect that often indicates breaking up the relationship with the father (due to divorce, death or separation). And it is an aspect that is common among criminals (especially in the USA). Maybe because in many cultures not having a father in the house is a disadvantage (f.ex. because of it makes you poor). Apparently even in Saudi Arabia it is not an advantage to miss the love and attention of one of the parents.

Will Osama be caught soon (if he is still alive)? Within half a year from now transit Pluto will square Jupiter and soon Jupiter will square his natal Sun. That does not refer to an arrest. And only if his MC and Ascendant declare otherwise, I asume that the chance is very small...

In August 2006 an 'ex-sexslave' of Osama told the media that he was obsessed by Whitney Houston and even planned murdering her husband. It is astrologically a case of counterparts. Whitney Houston is a Leo and Osama a Pisces (difficult combinations basically). The Moon of Whitney is in Aries and his in Cancer (difficult to live together or to get used to the different habits.) His Mercury is opposed to hers (problems communicating). Her Venus is in a very narrow inconjunction to his Venus (they cannot match preferences). Her Mars is sesqui square his (good for a fight or not longlasting sexual attraction). Her Pluto opposes his Venus and Mercury (that makes the attraction very intense). Check it yourself: Whitney Houston is born 9th August 1963.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Peter R. de Vries (case of Natalee Holloway) and the Patrick van der Eemst-effect

On February 13 I announced the square of transit Neptune with the Sun of Peter R. de Vries, reporter and investigator in the Natalee Holloway case. And on the 2nd of March that square was tight. Neptune was exactly 90 degrees away. What happened that day was an interview on the Aruban television with Patrick van der Eemst, the man who was working undercover for Peter R. de Vries and who challenged Joran van der Sloot to reveal things, they say...But now this Patrick said he knew Joran already 7 years! And that it took Peter R. de Vries several MONTHS instead of WEEKS to compose the story of the confession of Joran (who denies that he told the truth). Patrick even says that he knows who threw the body of Natalee in the sea!
All this cannot be good news for Peter R. de Vries. Actually, Neptune is doing his best to show that he is the planet of mystery, mist, media and misery. Also notice the Uranus conjunct MC transit for the shock effect.

The interview was published in Nieuwe Revu, a Dutch magazine.

Peter R. de Vries: a transit of Neptune coming up...; the article about the chart of Peter R. de Vries.

The reformers' chart

The Pope said that he is considering the rehabilitation of Martin Luther. And that seems to be good news, looking at the natal chart of Martin Luther. The MC (Midheaven) is the spot in the birth chart that gives information about the state of a persons' reputation. Today, with the message of the Pope in the newspapers, transit Pluto is sesqui square Martin Luthers' MC with an orb of zero! Mars is semi square the Midheaven (orb 7 minutes) and Jupiter is trine the MC (orb 40 minutes). The combination of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto indicates successes. So even now that birth positions and in particular the position of the Midheaven remains in function.

Martin Luther was born 10 November 1483 at 23 hours in Eisleben (Germany). Saturn is oriental in his chart and conjunct the IC. There are no placements in earth signs. The material orientation is obvious. But...the tightest aspect in his chart is Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune. Notice the Jupiter-Neptune connection that is so frequent in the charts of religious people. This connection is confirmed by the midpoint combination of Mercury 22.5 degrees from Jupiter/Neptune, Venus conjunct Sun/Jupiter and 22.5 degrees from Sun/Neptune, Neptune 22.5 degrees from Mercury/Jupiter, Northern Node 157.5 degrees from Jupiter/Neptune and the combination of the Ascendant connected to both Jupiter/MC (22.5d) and Neptune/MC (180d).

Also notice the 'calling' Sun (not making major aspects in sign). Leadership and drawing attention are part of the importance (prominence) of this Sun. Uranus does not make major aspects, too. Uranus is the planet of revolution, change and rebellion. What Luther did, was controversial in his time. His ideas about the Jewish religion is controversial even today!
Look at the calling Mars, ruler of the Moon in Aries. This Mars does not make aspects in sign (but is within orb for a conjunction with Jupiter). I consider this Mars calling and fitting with what he did. He was an activist (Mars prominent) and a rebel (Uranus prominent).
With his MC-vocational routing ending in the mutual reception of Venus and Pluto, with Pluto in the second house and semi sextile Pluto, we can easily see why he was that angry about the money the people payed for their sins, ijn order to get to heaven (indulgences). Venus-Pluto is the financial axis.

An important thing in his chart is the Yod that the prominent MC (semi square Aries Point) makes with Uranus and Pluto. The Uranus-Pluto combination is reflected also in the midpoint combination MC opposition Uranus-Pluto.
In my article in Dutch about the combination of Uranus and Pluto I mention that in 1966 there was a conjunction of those planets. This conjunction was square the natal Sun of Mao Zedong and caused the 'cultural revolution' in China in that year. In natal charts the combination of Uranus and Pluto reflects a certain radicalism or extremism in the charts of politicians. As an historical example: Jan Palach had Uranus semi square Pluto, both connected to Aries Point (so, prominent) and he burnt himself for political reasons. The combination for the impulse to change the world is also visible in the charts of George W. Bush (Sun = Uranus/Pluto) and John F. Kennedy (Sun square Uranus/Pluto). It might indicate the urge to take drastical measures, too, and the fact that their own lives changed in a very strong way because of their political status. Anyway, Martin Luther had this combination strongly highlighed by the Yod and because Uranus is calling in his chart. Fanatism is also indicated (Sun semi square Pluto). Martin Luther gave his name to the rebellious protestant church, he was a reformer, in spite of Saturn rising before his sun. Or maybe more: because of Saturn rising before the Sun, as he wanted the church to spend less and to be more sober.

When Martin Luther was excommunicated (January 3, 1521) he had the progressed MC opposition progressed Uranus. I think it is interesting to notice that the present Pope's Ascendant is tightly square Luther's Uranus and that Luther's Mars is inconjunct the Pope's Uranus. Also his Mars is almost right on top of the Chiron of the Pope.. Uranus is still at work. In fact, the progressed Uranus of Martin Luther recently 'crossed over' the Midheaven of the Pope. Uranus is about to conjunct the Ascendant of the Pope, too. Maybe he is right and it is time for unification again. After all, Uranus is the planet of controversies, but also the planet of brotherhood and being united.

For those astrologers interested in religion:
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Saturn and Neptune indicate the illness

Beloved actor Patrick Swayze is deadly ill. A pancredas-cancer with metastases does not give him but a few weeks more to live. The Saturn-Neptune influence is obvious. His progressed Sun reached Neptune and progressed Saturn at the same time...And the combination of these planets indicates illness.

and how about McCain for president?

Had I known that the pre-elections and the election of the Democratic candidate last until August, I would have looked further than February 17. Because with the present transit Saturn on the Midheaven of Obama (for 14:02) it is hard to win, or you take up more responsibilities than you can handle. Ordinary people get a mortgage that is just too expensive or they become a parent and feel it as a heavy load. Obama lost today. He had so many favorable aspects with Jupiter, but the battle continues and the stars keep moving...
It is getting more and more difficult to do any prediction. On January 3 I found out that there is a strange interaction between the charts of John McCain and Hillary Clinton in November 2008. But since she could be the vice -president and so could Obama...It might be that both would still be a top politician in November 2008, unless McCain wins. So I am sorry, I don't know who will become the next president of the USA. There is even more confusion in the stars. Pluto of Obama is conjunct the Sun of McCain. Mars of McCain is conjunct the Sun of Obama. It looks like a battle coming up:) And the secundairy (progressed) Mars/Pluto of McCain is right on top of the progressed Sun of Obama on the 6th of November. But given their progressed charts, I guess McCain is better off with the Progressed Midheaven sextile Pluto and the Progressed conjunction of Jupiter and Ascendant. Better off than Obama, who in November has Sun semi sextile Uranus. And if I am right about 14:02 for him, the Progressed MC will be square progressed Saturn in November for Obama. Sorry, Democrats...

For more about Obama...

On June 14 the hour of birth of Barack Obama became public knowledge (19:24) and that makes a difference. See:
message and comments of June 13/14

Please select 'Elections' below to find the latest news and additions. The McCain DOB has altered! And so did this 'predction'.