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Transits (the summary)

Aztek Calender
Sometimes astrology works fast. For example, now that Ashley Cole (FC Chelsea) is in the news. He seems to have (accidentily) shot a boy, while he shouldn't have been armed anyway. Ashley is born on December 20. That is with the Sun in the final degrees of the astrological sign Sagittarius. Uranus is now - end of February 2011 - in the 30st degree of Pisces. That makes Transit Uranus square Sun. And that means controversy, upheavel and ...making news. Just one of the amazing transits of Uranus:

Transit Uranus was one of the transits in the month  of the transits on Astromarkt. If you want to know more, use the label Transits (or just click here). But in short:

Transit Sun = a day for...spotlight on...(tension, with Uranus) (also explaining transits)

Transit Mercury = talking about...(your nex trip?, with Jupiter)
Transits of Mercury are like quicksilver, so I forgot about them soon after they crossed my mind.
That is why I link to CafeAstrology's 'Mercury Transits'.

Transit Venus = enjoying ...(results, with MC)
Transit Venus is for all pleasures, from fun to comfort.

Transit Mars = competing, hitting...(your enemy, with Pluto or something you didn't expect to see, with Uranus)

Transit Jupiter = help you, for example to quit smoking and grow fat...

Transits of Saturn confront you with realities...
like when a child is born...

Transit Uranus = excited by or nervous because of ...(spotlights, with Sun)

Transit Neptune = confused about...(your position, with MC)

Transit Pluto = intensifies...(desires, with Venus)
There are a few posts about the transits of Pluto, but they are all intense...

Transit Nesses seems to have a boomerang effect (well, sometimes...)

Transit AC = a passing situation (of fun, with Venus and Jupiter)
Transit MC = a passing condition (of pain, with Mars and Saturn)

Transits always pass bye,but some come back a few times before they go. Whatever you think of them, please keep the Rule of 3 in mind!
One example of the combination of 3 transits is here:

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Chart of Alan Turing

BBC reports that the''Turing papers have been saved for the nation". Here is more about Turing and his chart. Alan Turing was a mathematician, logician and cryptanalyst. A lecture about cryptanalystics and spies introduced me to Turing and his fascinating story. We owe him a lot because he broke German ciphers during WWII using the Enigma machine, one of the first steps to computers. However, there was no gratitude of the authorities, since they prosecuted him for being homosexual.He underwent chemical castration. Gordon Brown appologized in 2009 for the way Turing had been treated. His death is named suicidal but his family doubts that. The memorial of Turing pictures him with an apple in the hand (he died after consuming a poisoned apple).

Alan Turing was inventive and a generalist. He had a special kind of chart with 6 'calling' positions in the natal chart (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Jupiter and Uranus (symbols of the inventive mind) are angular, with Pallas (symbol of patterns)...That means that he is inventive in finding patterns.His death is named suicidal but his family doubts that. Minor aspects between Mars, Saturn and Pluto tell us about the unnatural end of his life. Continue for  the charts (with transits and progressions for the day of death) and the relevant links to the news and the posts.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

We should NOT rename the sunsigns...

We should NOT rename the sunsigns. That is the results of the poll on Astropost. Thirty two persons voted and only 3 of them agreed to ' We should rename the signs'. 45% asked why? and another 45% said: NEVER! It is not a crowd, but I might conclude that there is no warm and supporting majority when it comes to renaming the sunsigns.
Why should we? Perhaps because astronomers keep telling the world that 'their' constellations are not the same as the astrological signs? Perhaps because the names of the sunsigns are confusing? *) Perhaps because the recent sunsign and Ophiocus-hype caused astrologers to explain themselves and the names of the sunsigns?
Why should we NOT change the names of the sunsigns? Maybe because we have a tropic of Cancer and a tropic of Capricorn on earth in geography? Maybe because we are used to the names? Maybe because it were astrologers-astronomers who gave the signs their names?

Well, the hype has gone and the signs are still were they are, in astronomy and in astrology. Time for the next poll. Thanks for your input!

*) Wiki about the tropic of cancer 

The imaginary line is called the Tropic of Cancer because when it was named, the Sun was in the direction of the constellation Cancer (Latin for crab) at the June solstice. However, this is no longer true due to the precession of the equinoxes. According to International Astronomical Union boundaries, the Sun now is in Taurus at the June solstice. According tosidereal astrology, which divides the zodiac into 12 equal parts, the Sun is in Gemini at that time. The word "tropic" itself comes from the Greek τροπή (tropi), meaning turn, referring to the fact that the Sun appears to "turn back" at the solstices.
The June solstice has still the astrological Sun in Cancer, however. Now we have three signs: Taurus (Astronomy), Gemini (Sidereal) and Cancer (Tropical). And the Sun is still high at June 21, the longest day of sunlight in the Northern hemisphere, just like when the names of the signs were given...
Confusing enough?:) If not, use the label 'zodiac' for more about the recent hype.


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Transit Saturn when a child is born (Saturn in synastry)

On the day that Queen Elizabeth was born, Transit Saturn was conjunct  the Moon of King George VI (see post about his chart) perhaps illustrating that he worried about the event. In synastry, her Saturn is on his Moon. Moon-Saturn aspects (see the post about hard aspects between Moon and Saturn) are aspects between the symbol of close family and between the symbol of age, grown ups, officials, distant fathers who only come bye to cut the meat on Sundays:) and obligations.  Saturn is often involved in the synastry between parents and their children. Sometimes it is the Saturn of the parent, sometimes it is the Saturn of the child and it is almost always with the personal planets, Ascendant and Midheaven. Saturn also describes the age difference between one person and the other, or the hierarchy between them. Or is it - mutual- respect and concern?:) Respect creates a certain distance, too. Saturn is very serious, responsible and correct, even it is only 'pro forma'. There is often a lot of concern when family is involved. On a day of birth the responsibility of being a parent might feel like overwhelming. Having a baby and becoming a parent is not a sinecure.

BTW Saturn in a relationship doesn't have to mean divorce or separation at all. I would have loved to quote my blog '' about Saturn in a relationship here but for some silly reason I can't simply copy and paste the text without creating a mash. So please use the links.

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Discovery Americas: not a big astrological deal

From time to time I like to show that charts should be seen in the light of circumstances, conditions, historic background and more. The chart alone never tells us the complete story. Sometimes the chart of an important day is only important ages and ages after the event, like the chart of the day that Christopher Columbus noticed land at the end of his voyage over the ocean.

 I don't know what time it was when the Americas were discovered, so the chart is of the DAY that this happened. I wanted to see if there were special tight and relevant aspects on that day. Of course, a chart is related to time and place, but this discovery happened to be important for the history of mankind. So there should be some indications of something BIG and GREAT to happen. Something that would change history. Here is that chart. 

The tightest aspects were not so special:

Mars inconjunct Uranus 
Pluto conjunct Node
Chiron quintile Ceres
Mercury 75 Uranus
(wider) Pholus opposition Ceres

!In those days they didn't even know that Uranus was a planet and nobody ever noticed Pluto, so astrologers of those days would have to 'predict' the event with the help of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. There is only one (not too:) tight aspect there: Mercury in Scorpio (challenging knowledge) square Jupiter in Leo (a voyage, communications and growing knowledge or big news). 

That is all, folks:)
Let's have wider orbs to see if anything happened up there. Sun square Uranus for an adventure. Mercury square Saturn for science. Venus square Mars and Saturn for the passion of business. And let's consider the amount of squares (something is happening). If those aspects were connected to the angles of the chart, we would have big news and an adventure. But, at that time, there was no shock and there were no television stations to report about it.

Not surprising that there is not a special chart for that day, anyway.... They didn't even know that they found a continent! That is why the American natives were named 'Indians' (of India).

There is another side on it. There are always two sides on a (his)story....America had been discovered many ages before Christopher Columbus crossed the ocean. In the eyes of the American natives there was not a discovery, but the beginning of an invasion. The astrological positions in a chart of an important day are valid for everybody! Good news for one turned out to be destructive for others.

This chart shows again that important events in history can't be nailed to a certain day and time always and that the moment of discovery may have been important, but not at THAT specific moment. There is only one message of importance: Pholus opposition Ceres.

Pholus opposition Ceres might be the most impressive indication for a turning point for the DNA/roots of all us (but unknown to those who saw a glimpse of the continent). Pholus' transits reveal their importance very often after it all started.  In those days they didn't know Pholus or Ceres...and the event was reported as the discovery of an island only.

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Astrodispatch is back!

Astrodispatch is back! Congratulations to Elsa!

Astrodispatch is a "diverse and constantly updating source of astrology-themed content". It is an almost complete bloglist! You can find Astrodispatch on Twitter, too.

Astrodispatch is edited by Elsa P, astrologer and author of ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog. The latest content of Astrodispatch and of ElsaElsa can be viewed on the left side of this blog Astropost.

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Astropost: BIRTH CHART OF CHARLES MANSON now that they are digging

Charles Manson wants to leave jail, now that he is 76 years old and spent 40 years behind bars. See Astropost: BIRTH CHART OF CHARLES MANSON now that they are digging for the chart (for example, for the musician in the chart..,)

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Sun-Neptune, Bernhard Frank and Mark Gould

The very very old Bernhard Frank has been ' exposed' by Mark Gould, member of a Jewish family that suffered under the Nazi regime. Gould interviewed Frank, pretending to be a Neo-Nazi, and he managed to get vital information about Frank's role in the holocaust. Gould says that Frank signed the first ever order to kill Jews (that it was his idea). In the video I hear Frank say that he signed a confirmation of an order by Himmler, however? It is very unclear and you know what is the symbol of mystery and of the media? It is Neptune! Sun-Neptune in the progressed and natal chart accompany this story. With the progressed Sun in aspect with Neptune it is heard to be seen or to see clearly. This is taken from Astromarkt:
Your illusions will be in the spotlights and so are your secrets. If you have Sun-Neptune in your natal chart, this moment in time might shed a light over the other side of you, the private life or the secret life (an affair, your nick name). 

When the progressed Sun is in a hard aspect with Neptune, you may experience a period of isolation (and inspiration, if you are an artist) or you may ‘get lost’, ‘disappear’ (in the eyes of the public) or experience gossip and slaunder. Most of the time the person involved was mistaken, hiding something vital or debilitated and and easy victim. 

The more harmonious aspects of Sun and Neptune make it easy for you to dream on or relax. Don’t expect this to be a fortunate aspect, always. Sometimes this aspect releases you from your identity as an individual and turns you into ‘one of the guys’, like in prison or you may have enough time available for fantasies and dreaming because you no longer have a job. Progressed Sun trine or sextile Neptune only makes it easy to hide away from reality, society or life as it it. When you are an author or an actor, this aspect helps you to empathize with the characters in your book or play. And sometimes with this aspect romance really comes into your life and if you are lucky, it won’t go away again. 

A hard progressed aspect tells you that your dreams are not easily to be realized. A soft progressed aspect makes your dreams come true, but you have to be careful what you dream about. Because somewhere in the closet might be a hidden nightmare. That is in particular true when the aspect is an inconjunction. That aspect often refers to health problems. Health problems take you out of society and into isolation and they reveal a weakness.

In the period of his 'friendship' with Mark Gould the progressed Sun of Frank was square Neptune and that seems a perfect description of the aspect: being seen in a negative light, a double-life, a masquerade, fraud and mist around you...etc. Gossip and bad press accompany this aspect…With Sun conjunct Neptune in the natal chart, the effect of the progression was stronger than strong...

On Astromarkt you may also read that 50% of the very old persons had a Sun-Neptune-aspect in the natal chart (see links below). There is no hour of birth, so the chart shows only part of the picture. BTW, Jupiter/Uranus is opposition his natal Sun. This 'helicopter view'  combination is found in the charts of astronauts, astrologers, modern popes and winners of the lotery. I also found it with some frequence in the charts of those who become very old.

Bernhard Frank's natal chart has Pluto rising before the Sun and 'calling' (without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Pluto is novile Mars (rejoycing to push one's physical resources to their limits and affect others with one's dedication; see
and I think it is also rejoycing the use of influence, power and force).

When Pluto rises before the Sun there is a strong orientation on strategies (politics, knowing the right kind of people - I learned that one from Noel Tyl). Frank knew 'the right guy': Himmler loved him, he says in one of the interviews.
A very tight aspect in his chart is Sun square Orcus (the symbol of the oath). He also has 2 biquintiles:
- Mercury - Jupiter (creative exaggeration of facts; lots of words- he is an author)
- Uranus -Pluto: the revolutionary aspect combination of Sun-Uranus-Pluto is often involved with arrests and other dramatic changes.
(- Sun half semi square (22.5 d) Pluto)

Frank is well known for the arrest of Goering on April 25, 1945, but the SS (and he) didn't follow the next order of Hitler: to execute him. His progressed Sun was square progressed Ceres in that final year of the Second World War.

When he confirmed the order given by Himmler (to prosecute the Jews) his Progressed Sun was square Pholus. That is a life turning point...(July 28, 1941) with the risk of shooting your own foot. Now progressed Pholus is trine natal Sun and that makes it easy shoot your feet again. It is the sign of another turning point in life.

Now that I write this transit Quaoar is inconjunct the natal Sun and trine natal Orcus, effecting the Sun-Orcus square in the natal chart, giving an unbalancing new perspective to broaken oaths and promises. Here is the chart:
chart without hour of birth!


Bernhard Frank published two books (1984 and 2004):


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 about aging and getting old and the indications in the natal chart.

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Charts of earthquakes (like in Christchurch yesterday)

Disaster after disaster in Australia and New Zealand... Yesterday a terrible earthquake shook the earth of Christchurch NZ.

There are a number of posts about earth quakes on Astropost. Uranus was often 'part of the picture'and that is not miraculous, because Uranus is the symbol of everyting that is 'shocking'. Yesterday's earthquake in Christchurch has the midpoint of Ascendnat and Midheaven opposition Uranus (Ascendant 39.1 + MC 318.5 = 357.7/2=178.35 + 180 = 358.35 = 28-29 Pisces = position of Uranus). Uranus is just one of the components. It takes more for such an event. Every day there is a moment that AC/MC = Uranus...Yesterday, Mercury, Mars and Neptune were semi sextile Uranus. Mars/Saturn was semi square Pholus (destructive turning point. And Sun/Moon was inconjunct Varuna with Moon inconjunct Ascendant, perhaps illustrating what happened with the gletscher when parts of the ice fell into the water. Inconjunctions cause lack of balance (just like semi sextiles do). The Sun sesquisquare Saturn symbolizes a frustrating day in general.  It is the combination that counts.

This is the chart of the moment:

Here are the links to other charts of earth quakes. Also check the label 'earth quake'.

There are (minor and major) earth- and seaquakes every day and there is a potential for disaster almost every day. There may be more indications in the chart, making this chart a special moment in time with special potential for disaster. I think that charts of disasters also show us the importance of seeing the chart related to the situation and circumstances. And that is not different from how to read natal charts at all...

Quote of one of these post:
What I learned (...) is that there is a potential in each chart. But some of the potential is prominent and ‘shows off’. Other potentials might have grown in the right situation but could remain unused. Everybody can be a potential killer. But in certain conditions (a nice environment, nobody around whom you would like to kill, good genes), you may never use that potential. Even if a person is very aggressive there is a way out (working hard, sports, the army, therapy, hunting…). Suppose that you are a potential singer, but you do not have good looks…If you don’t happen to be the cousin of a manager in the music business and you don’t have the money for plastic surgery, you will have to keep singing in the bath room. But, in the right conditions and provided that you can playback, you might make it. I have written a little book about the way to find the natural potential (Astro I.D.) by looking at the most prominent lights and planets.

PS The idea that you can become anything you want is not correct, of course. It would take a lot of tablets or pills to make a
craw sing. But within the potential that you have, you have various possibilities. And that idea might be the power of positive thinking!

PS But only if you are in the right circumstances, of course:)

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This month is transit month on Astropost. This post is about transits of Pluto with Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars. They tend to stress feelings, ideas, sympathies and drives. Transits of Pluto must always be regarded with the natal chart, the other transits and progressions and the general situation or condition in mind. Having said that, here are some ideas.
Transit Pluto with the Moon intensifies emotions and habits/needs. Getting back to usual (at home) is difficult and challenging with such an aspect, even if it is a trine (though you might feel stronger than ever).  It often gives stress at home or in the family. Sometimes this is because of a family problem or a memorable event regarding life and death. Michael Moore had this transit after his chemo therapy (and with his son in jail).
Transit Pluto with Mercury transforms opinions and ideas. You might test your ideas about (for example) your political party during this period. The result might be that you decide to leave the party. The result might also be that the evalution of ideas intensifies your opinions (and the way that you communicate about them). You might also be studying hard in this period. I had this transit when I seriously studied astrology for the first time.
Transits of Pluto with Venus are reflecting the difficult choice to make and sometimes money issues. What is really worth the price to pay? Did I really choose the right partner? Even if you think that you made all the right choices, transit Pluto with Venus gives stress because of the intensity of your desires and feelings. Sometimes it is your body (skin, hormones) and sometimes it is your relationship challenging you to evaluate your choices and ideas of what is nice, beautiful or luxury. This transit doesn’t stand in the way to marriage. Often the relationship is getting deeper and deeper during the (longlasting) transit). But sometimes there is competition or jealousy. To have and to hold might be a problem in many ways! However, sometimes this transit doesn’t seem to have much impact at all. The price you pay for luxury might just be the jealousy of others!
Transit Pluto with Venus AND Mars in the chart of the Swedish king a few months ago…showed challenges regarding passions…among other hard transits, like the transit of Saturn...
Transit Pluto  with Mars is testing your drives and muscles, sometimes just in competion (sport or politics), but there is also a danger of violence and having to defend yourself (or feeling that you have to defend yourself). Women might test their husbands during this aspect (is this man worth it?). This transit transforms activities or products and is very demanding. You pay the price with energy. In specific (dangerous) situation this transit warns you to be alert and avoid ‘dangerous men’ and anger. Like in the case of Joran van der Sloot:
  • The murder of Stephanie Flores was with transit Pluto trine progressed and quindecile natal Mars.
  • The disappearance of Nathalie Holloway was with transit Mars sesquisquare Pluto.
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PS The Moon is larger than dwarf planet Pluto. Size doesn't really matter in astrology. Jupiter is large and that is why the meaning of Jupiter is ' big' and 'great' and 'growth'. Jupiter is not considered to have more 'resonation' than Saturn has. The Moon is the closest object. That is why the Moon is regarded to show us more about 'close' things, like home, family, eating habits and emotions.

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Nessus (now opposition Progressed Sun (Moammar al Quadhafi)

Chart without hour of birth!

Nessus is a quite recent object in the astrological chart. The myth of Nessus is that of a centaur who assaulted the wife of Hercules. Hercules shot him, but when he was dying Nessus gave his shirt (and blood) to Hercules'wife saying that if she gave it to Heracles, he would never be untrue to her. He wouldn't, because he died. The blood was poison for him. That is the myth...There is not enough experience with the transit yet, but very often it seems to be mirroring the boomerang effect (either way), revenge after death (Nemesis) or the intense influence of someone of the past.

The charts of leaders often have a 'calling' Sun (a Sun without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Moammar Al-Quadhafi, Libia's leader (still...) is no exception. In his chart we see Saturn rising before the Sun (ambition, hierarchy, management) and this 'calling'Sun for leadership.

Moammar al Quadhafi (or Gadhafi)'s progressed Sun is now in the 22nd or 23rd degree of Leo, that is soon opposition transit Nessus, now almost in the 22nd degree). See the progressed chart and transits here:

Of course there is more that is reflecting problems, like  transit Pluto quindecile progressed Sun (obsessed survival? danger), for example and progressed Mercury conjunct natal Saturn (that is a symbol of departure of final decission/separation and of hard decissions, too). Unfortunately the hour of birth is unknown and that is limiting the observations.
But let us get back to Nessus.

Quadhafi became Libia's leader on January 15, 1970.That was with transit Jupiter exactly square his natal Pluto (a sign of success) and... opposition Nessus. There he is again: Nessus. Just a quick observation...

Did you know that Nessus got his name thanks to the cooperation between astrologers and astronomers in the 90s? One of the astrologers who suggested the name was Zanestein (see link below) and the astronomers name was Brian Marsden*). Later he was the first astronomer who suggested that Pluto should not be a planet but a dwarf planet. And once he caused a false alarm about a comet.That was when his progressed Uranus (symbol of upheavel and alarms!) square his natal Sun. So you see: Uranus works, even with astronomers!

You can find out where your Nessus is and where transit Nessus is today by using the chart calculator (adding Nessus, one of the extra objects in the list on the left below). Your experiences with or stories about Nessus are welcome!

*) Brian Marsden was born August 5, 1937 and he died last November.


Pholus is another Centaur and asteroid. See

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Transits of Pluto with (progressed) Midheaven or Ascendant

Transits of Pluto with Midheaven, Ascendant, Progressed Midheaven, Progressed Ascendant, midpoint AC/MC*) or progressed Ascendant/MC are transits with the angles of our (progressed or natal) chart. They ‘hit’ the corner stones of our lives. That is why they are often intense, challenging and strong. Transits of Pluto cause stress, even if the actual situation is pleasant (like when you win a price). Transits of Pluto with Midheaven or Ascendant intensify the way that you see your relationships, your situation and your status, reputation or condition. The other transits and progressions show in what way you are being 'challenged' or 'stressed' or 'encouraged' to make a fresh new start or a 'come back'. 
Transit Pluto with Midheaven is the symbol of reorganizations, difficult bosses and domestic changes. Hitler got to power with transit Pluto over Midheaven. This transit may change your position in society in a dramatic way. The inconjunction is very hard sometimes, like it was when Donald Trump had T Pluto inconjunct progressed Midheaven. He is example number one.
It is November 2, 1992, the day that he couldn't pay his debts in the middle of a period of financial problems. Transit Pholus was conjunct his Ascendant (turning point in a situation), transit Pluto was inconjunct his Sun (challenge with a lost) and inconjunct progressed Midheaven (lost position due to problems). Later there was progressed Sun conjunct Pluto, expressing the strong will to come back and intensifying life.
Another example of transit Pluto conjunct Midheaven is given in the post about Martine Navratilova:
She was diagnosed with breast cancer during this transit and transit Pluto was just one of the many difficult transits and progressions at that time.
EXAMPLE 3: an easy way out of all financial problems
It doesn’t always have to be dramatic. One of the winners of the lottery in my files had transit Pluto sextile progressed Midheaven when he won millions. There was of course more (a trine of transit Pluto with his Jupiter and Uranus, for example…).
With Pluto on the Ascendant you are being ‘pushed’, maybe into a relationship that you don’t really want or out of a relationship that is 'pushing you'. Time for relation therapy! 
The pressure causes problems and stress sometimes. Pluto is manifesting himself in many ways (or should I say 'political correct' that Pluto is being mirrored by the situation?).  Sometimes this transit introduces a stalker or an other fanatic person in your life. You may feel the need to defend yourself. 
It happened to a man who later got ‘cold feet’. During his relationship he had an affair and the girl even rang his mother, convinced that she was the real love of his life. However, she was just ‘ the other girl’. ..She didn’t buy it and he moved out of town to avoid contact. His relationship ended anyway. Quote:
That was with transit Saturn square progressed Sun, a perfect transit to end a period, say goodbye and break up. Transit Saturn came right after transit Uranus inconjunct Venus (reflecting an affair, an adventure, falling in love, but*…yes, but he had another!).
This guy wanted to find the easy way out and in the end he got it: free at last, but also all alone:
Inconjunctions are never a pleasure. Tony Blair had transit Pluto inconjunct the Ascendant (stress and out of balance due to an interrogation; having to defend himself)  early last year, when starting the investigations about Iraq. There were also supporting transits… Quote:
The fact that transit Uranus AND transit Pluto are making an aspect with the natal and progressed chart tells us, that it won't be easy for him to have to face the Chilcot Committee. However, transit Saturn is trine his natal Ascendant. And transit Jupiter will soon be making a square. Maybe it is tense, but Tony Blair is a 'die hard' and he will be supported by the best lawyers money can buy.
Transits of Pluto with Midheaven or Ascendant intensify the way that you see your relationships, your situation and your status, reputation or condition. The other transits and progressions show in what way you are being 'challenged' or 'stressed'. 
*) the midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven is the degree in the middle of the cusp of house 1 and house 10. More about midpoints and how to calculate them on Astromarkt.
See Brutus about angularity (Pluto on Ascendant for flashy (opportunism) and on Midheaven for competence ('Yes I can' optimism'). Very interesting!

Also visit: for example about midpoints...
More transits or transits with Pluto? See the labels!

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Timeline, transits and progressions of Gary Ridgway

January was the month of progressions and February is the month of transits on this blog Astropost. In order to see the complete picture you need to combine the transits and progressions for a chart with exact hour of birth. The life of Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer) has been used to show a general timeline, only for the positions of Sun and planets, here. So it is not a complete picture. But, the timeline shows the importance of inconjunctions, Pholus and progressed aspects! And the importance of the rule of 3...
Green River

The ' Green River Killer' (Gary Ridgway) was born on February 18, 1949. His first (known) murder was on July 8, 1982. He was finally arrested on November 30, 2001  and sentenced on December 18, 2003. He probably raped and  killed supposedly more than 70 young girls and women. On his birthday, yesterday, he confessed the 49th murder.

There is no hour of birth, so that there is no complete picture of a natal chart.  Some of his specific characteristics could be contributed to angular positions, the aspects of the Scorpio Moon and the midpoint combinations (f.e. Sun/Moon or AC/MC). Even with those limitations, however, we can see certain important patterns in the chart. The chart of the day of his birth has the ingredients for sick ways of life or the disadvantages of a double life (Sun-Saturn-Neptune), intense desire (Venus-Pluto) and unnatural death or violence (Mars-Saturn-Pluto) in combination with a growing risk of restricted freedom (Sun Aquarius opposition retrograding Saturn). Tudor King Henry VIII and Christopher Neil also had/have the combination of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in their natal chart...Those ingredients only turn into poison in certain conditions. Gary Ridgway is an abnormal man

There are thousands of men and women born on the same day who didn’t turn into a serial killer or abuser (I hope). I keep repeating it: charts must be seen in the light of the genes, gender, situation, circumstances and environment. It is not just 'up to you' what you do with your characteristics. And it is not up to the aspects in your chart alone....Some charts, however, seem to have more difficult combinations than others have. In this case there are 4 uneasy aspect combinations and one indication for being smart enough to continue what he did for many years without being caught. 
Natal, transits and progressions first murder

1. Sun-Saturn-Neptune (illness, disadvantage of being weak)
a. Sun opposition Saturn. That opposition is a growing opposition in the progressed chart (as Saturn is retrograding).
b. The other aspect is Sun sesquisquare Neptune  (tightly).  People found him weird, but even his wife never suspected him of being a serial killer. With Sun-Neptune-aspects people are able to live a 'double life' (see for example Josef Fritzl).
c. The combination might point at all kind of illnesses (starting from age 3-4). The midpoint of Saturn/Neptune is opposition Lilith (black moon) and that doesn't seem to be a good 'sign on the wall'.

2. Mars-Saturn-Pluto (danger of death, unnatural death issue)
The second aspect combination is that of Mars with Saturn and Pluto. There is a quatronovile (160d) aspect between Mars and Pluto (for rejoycing the use of power, influence, force or violence) and Mars is also opposition Saturn. Saturn is opposition the midpoint Sun-Mars. Discipline and hard labour seem to be an issue. So is unnatural death (Mars with Saturn and Pluto- combination, see the labels for more examples).

3. Venus-Pluto (intense desire and/or money-love problems)
The two most exact aspects in the natal chart are Sun sesquisquare Neptune and Venus opposition Pluto. The Venus-Pluto-axis is the money axis and is also frequent in the charts of abusers in the RC church (see Venus, Pluto and abuse).
And I like to point at the biquintile between Sun and Quaoar. Such a biquintile enables a person to create new perspectives and ways of living quite easily. This man had a ‘double’ life for a very long period of time.
The combination of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto is frequent in the charts of men who have serious problems with sex. Sometimes these problems turn into the problems of the women in their lives...A recent example on this blog is the chart of Tudor Henry VIII (Bluebeard), who caused the death of two his official wives. He has the same combination in his natal chart! I quote:Also Venus opposition Mars/Saturn is not the nicest combination in love as it means death end sympathies and ending passions.  We see Venus inconjunct Pluto, tightly, for the money issue (and for intense desire at a certain price). And it were the wives who paid the price. Venus = Mars/Saturn and inconjunct Pluto." 
4. Mercury and Jupiter prominent (transportation and cleverness)
Wikipedia mentions that the IQ of Ridgway was no more than 85. Still, he managed to kill dozens of women and it took the police a very long time to catch him. Mercury is ' calling'  in his natal chart. That is reflecting the ability to think things over (and communicate about them) at any possible level (very high or very low). Jupiter is also ' calling' and rises before the Sun. The importance of Mercury and Jupiter ' calling' points at the 'big mouth' and/or transportations at the lowest possible level. BTW he used to work at a Truck factory. And with Mercury - Jupiter you can also be very smart.

5. Saturn-Uranus (freedom and restrictions)
BTW the Saturn-Uranus combination of restricted freedom and independence is like this:
Sun in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) trine Uranus and opposition Saturn. The midpoint Saturn/Uranus is inconjunct natal Sun.

There are a lot of inconjunctions involved when important things happened.

1.    STABBING AT age 16
This event is mirrored by Progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto and semi sextile Venus (the P Sun in a difficult aspect with the tightest natal aspect) + Progressed Venus conjunct Mars with Transit Saturn

When he was only 16 he stabbed a 6 year old and said that he had the desire to feel what it was like to murder somebody. That was with progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto and semi sextile Venus. Progressed Venus was conjunct Mars and Saturn transited over this conjunction. The combination of Venus, Mars and Saturn is a deadly combination for the development of sexual desires.  The opposition between Venus and Pluto is the tightest major aspect in the natal chart, intensifying desires (also the wrong ones). But of course there must have been more.  This combination tells us that in the time that passions and sexual desires are growing, something blocked the normal development. And remember that Pluto is in aspect with Mars, the symbol of aggression.

The Progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn, two more inconjunctions and Lilith are part of the astrological picture.

At the time of the first murder (8 of July 1982) the progressed Sun of Ridgway was at about 3d Aries. That is inconjunct the natal Saturn. The inconjunction
between Sun and Saturn is a very nasty progression, because it points at lost balance and self respect. Transit Uranus trine Mars is reflecting the sensation and transit Lilith is square Mars. Transit Saturn inconjunct Mercury (bad decission) but trine Venus (a desire completed) and Progressed Mercury inconjunct Pluto (mental stress). There are 3 inconjunctions in one short period of time. I have written about the rule of 3 before: it means that there was an important event. Inconjunctions describe lost of any kind, and lost of balance because of that.  A besides: Progressed Venus is conjunct progressed Lilith.

So, apparently the days of the first murder were filled with an act on impulse, deeply felt stress and loss of self respect. Also transit Mars was quindecile progressed Mars (something fueled the anger).

3.    ARREST
The progressed Sun doesn ‘t seem to make an aspect, but progressed Pholus is opposition natal Sun and quindecile progressed Pluto, illustrating a dramatic turning point in life. But, he managed to escape death penalty. There are a number of ‘soft’ aspect combinations,too.

He was finally arrested on November 30, 2001. From the fact that Pholus (14.6 Scorpio), Pluto (14.81 Sagittarius) and Jupiter (14.45 Cancer) are all in the 15 degree of a sign, just like his natal Neptune, you might expect that one of the angels is in the 15th degree of a sign or maybe the Moon is in the 15th of Scorpio. But the 15th degree is also in hard aspect with natal Sun. Pholus is 105d, Pluto 75 d and Jupiter is sesquisquare natal Sun. Progressed Venus and Mercury are square natal Jupiter. That doesn't 'sound' too bad. But, Progressed Pholus and Saturn are semi sextile and opposition natal Sun, Progressed Jupiter is semisextile natal Sun. Progressed Pluto is quindecile progressed Pholus. The progressoins are indicating that there is a bad turning point with restrictions caused by others and that there is a positive turning point with a ' but'... BUT he was arrested. Progressed Uranus/Pluto midpoint is opposition Pholus.

The arrest was with Progressed Pholus in aspect with Sun. The conviction was with transit Pholus inconjunct Progressed Sun. Pholus is the symbol of the turning point.

On November 5, 2003 he pleaded guilty to 48 charges with transit Lilith square natal Sun and Transit Pluto trine Mars. On December 18 he was sentenced. That was with transit Uranus conjunct natal Sun (nerves, changes) and transit Jupiter inconjunct progressed Mars (a succes, but...). Transit Pholus was still inconjunct progressed Sun (unbalancing turning point).
He will never leave prison again, but he escaped death.

Now on his birthday this year he confessed one more murder, his 49th.  Progressed Saturn is still opposition his natal sun. And Neptune is about to make a trine with natal Sun. Remember the Sun sesquisquare Neptune in the natal chart (frustrated identity?). The trine shows an easy escape into a fantasy world or isolated world.

Venus-Pluto is reflecting intense desires. See about the Venus-Pluto aspect on Astromarkt:

In the charts of people who are involved in abuse cases, Venus-Pluto and/or Mars-Pluto have an important role to play. Examples:

Philp Garrido and Josef Fritzl both have an aspect between Venus and Pluto. Josef Fritzl and his daughter both have Mars afflicted by Pluto.

Christopher-Paul Neil is a child abuser with Mars oriental, afflicted by Saturn and Pluto, with Venus inconjunct Pluto 

An acccused priest with Venus opposition Pluto


and see the labels.

Also visit: for example about Pholus.