Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rule of 3 (indications in transits and progressions)

This month it is the month of the transits here. Last month it was the month of the Progressions. People often ask questions about one single transit or progressions. They should better have a look at the larger picture. 
There is a 'rule of 3'

The Rule of Three means that it takes ' three to tango'. Usually the rule of 3 is used to mention nice events. The happy event doesn't need more than 3. But, when there are three or more serious indications for trouble, there probably will be serious trouble. Frida Kahlo had far more than 3 indications for bad times when she had the accident that crippled her and Laura Bush caused a lethal accident that changed her forever with more than 3 indications (see Progressions and life changing accidents).

When there are at least three indications for joy, you might expect joy. When there is clear and present danger for violation, there are also at least 3 indications and probably more. There is a recent nasty example. And a happy one. Let us start with the happy one. Continue for the examples...

I quote Astromarkt (about the match and the wedding):

His progressed Venus is conjunct the Sun (1). That is a statement for starting the marriage and wedding the love of your life! Neptune is trine this Sun-Venus combination (2) to add some romance (William is very romantic with Venus inconjunct Neptune...). Another indication of happiness is that his progressed Venus will be trine Jupiter later in 2011 (3)
Love, romance and happiness are the ingredients of fairy tale and dream wedddings*) like this royal wedding is. Love is Venus, romance is Neptune and happy ever after is very Jupiter. Williams progressions and transits are a mix of these three ingredients. There is only one little ' but': transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Midheaven is adding a juice of nerves, hectic situations and tension.

Three indications for joy, party, romance in one year: that is a year for a marriage!

Last week in Egypt a CBS female journalist was assaulted by a group of about 200 men. A chart has to be seen in the light of circumstances and conditions. She was in the middle of a revolution and riots and apparently lots of the men were against the West. She had body guards because of the danger, but it didn't help much. She wasn't only in a difficult situation, she also had a difficult astrological position. That is double danger.

There were a number of threatening transits. Even if you don't count Pholus, Vesta or Orcus and even if you skip the transpersonal planets there remain 5 difficult transit and progressions...Five is more than 3. The nature of the transits was hard. 

There is one major aspect (T Saturn opposition Progressed Venus). The other four are minor aspects (including the very difficult transit of Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun). The complete picture in short: Progressed Venus is semisquare progressed Mars and transit Saturn is afflicting them and also inconjunct the progressed Sun. 

When there are a lot of difficult or pleasant transits and progressions it is not difficult to see what sort of an event is to be expected in a certain period of time. We could use that information for our benefit and take advantage or precautions when the time is 'right' or when the indications show us that we need it.

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