Monday, February 14, 2011

Mubarak's transits and progressions

Mubarak's role in Egypt's history has come to an end. His position is worse than ever and he seems to be in bad condition. There are at least 3 (...) indications for decay in the chart: 
transit Uranus, transit Neptune and the progressed Sun...

Transit Uranus and transit Neptune are in hard aspect with the natal sun of Mubarak. 
Transit Uranus is semisquare the Sun, transit Neptune makes a 75 degree aspect. 
Uranus-Neptune combinations symbolize the interaction between the process of sleep and waking up and everything in between (like an experience with dope). Fainting is one of the possible resonations of the Uranus-Neptune effect. Weak nerves is another one. So are hypes (fantasy + news). Who knows what the truth is? We don't see any pictures. But one thing is certain: he must feel bad.
Uranus happens to be ' calling' (unaspected) in his chart. That increases the importance of the transit. Recently you read on this blog that transits of Uranus mean change, rebellion, upheavel and nervous shocks.  

There is another aspect: the progressed Sun is sesquisquare natal Saturn. That is not just the sort of aspect to expect when somebody is stepping back, but it is not fortunate for health and spirit, either.  Of course it is. When things are bad, you are down. When you are down, things are bad. Sun-Saturn aspects often mirror the end of a period in life. 

Here is the time unknown chart, transits and progressions. See the labels for more background information about hte named aspects and progressions.

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