Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Transits of Saturn

It's the month of the transits on Astromarkt. This post is about Saturn.

Simon Vouet, Father Time overcome by Love, Hope and  Beauty
This is a picture of Saturn, an old aged man who is not exactly full of joy, a sort of an angry Santa Claus. A transit of this planet with your Sun makes you aware of your limitations, age, bad condition, lack of time and failures. You are 'too short', you don't seem to be compitent and only when transit Saturn is trine your Sun you will be respected and rewarded*). It is not that Saturn is real bad, he is just not nice")...Saturn tells you to grow up, to commit, to cool down and to do your duty as a parent, employee or official. And don't you forget it!:)

Saturn used to be a 'malefic', the contrary of the benefic Jupiter. Mal = bad! However, when I had Transit Saturn on my Sun all that happened was that I officially started to sell my house (because I bought another one).
With Saturn on the Ascendant you can be put down.Feelings of being alone or in bad company make you look old and sad. Perhaps you are in bad shape. Somehow, this transit of Saturn makes it easy to be blamed and punished for every mistake that you make. George W.Bush had Saturn on the Ascendant when he didn't seem to do what was needed after Katrina. Because of the importance of Saturn in his chart and because of his position and status, this transit/event didn't go unnoticed.

Saturn's transit end periods,but when one period ends, another is starting (often). The lessons of Saturn are hard, but Saturn teaches you how to deal with bad times and how to be responsible (as a parent, as an official, in your career). Some people get married with a transit of Saturn (commitment!, ties!). Some people get children with a transit of Saturn (end of being young, beginning of responsibilities). When you are already old or ill, a transit of Saturn can be too hard and end your life (but only when there are more of those indications!). Nice transits of Saturn may help you to find the job of your lifetime (and you won't leave soon!:). But most of all, Saturn teaches you how to respect yourself and others.

Of course the effect of the transit of Saturn strongly depends on the position of Saturn in the natal chart, your status and position in real life and the situation in the country. It is quite a difference...There is also a different effect when you are young or old, weak or strong. And when you 'read' the transits of Saturn, never forget that it takes 3 to tango...The joined forces of the 3 on the picture seem to beat the old Saturn:)...

That is the theory. Here are some posts about transits of Saturn in practice.

1. http://astropost.blogspot.com/2010/08/transit-saturn-priority-time.html
"Recently I saw the effect of transit Saturn opposition progressed Sun in the chart of someone that I know. She is over 80 years old, now that this transit mirrors the end of a period in life and the disadvantages of growing old.  Fysical problems start creating barriers. This woman has always been healthy and wanted to travel again. There will be restrictions from now on and she doesn’t like them (of course). Her age doesn’t help and she sees it. Perhaps this will be the last time, the last big journey..."

2. http://astropost.blogspot.com/2010/07/policemen-in-crime-and-how-about-your.html
(about transit Saturn inconjunct Sun, lost self respect)

3. http://astropost.blogspot.com/2010/10/mars-saturn.html
(about Mars-Saturn effects)

4. http://astropost.blogspot.com/2011/01/oprah-her-progressions-and-transits-and.html
One of the transits of Oprah this year: transit Saturn with Midheaven (end of a period in a career)

5. See all posts about transits here...

*) On February 16 it was 100 year ago that Ronald Reagan was born.There was a celebration and in the days before there were publications about his merits. The councel of The Hague decided to name a street   after Ronald Reagan in the International Zone, see the news on Californiality.com....This all happened with transit Saturn trine his natal Sun. Here is the chart.

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