Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is a transit? And what is a solar transit?

It is February and February is the Month of the Transits on Astropost. This post is about the meaning of transits and what they are. Transits are the positions at a certain moment and your birth chart is a composition of 'transits' on the moment and place of your birth. You can see the daily positions on Astro.com, on the home page and on this blog on the right.

Transits are part of the astrological prognosis. The movement of a celestial object through the solar system and across the positions in our natal or progressed chart is an important part of the prognosis. Transits tell us about the atmosphere.

Transits give us a sort of a weather report. (Progressions are indicating the long term climate changes.) There are some things that you might like to know about transits: 

1. You can use the transits to verify your minute of birth, because the transits of the slower moving planets (like Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune) often come back a few times (they are 'retrograding', they seem to be moving backwards and forwards again). 

2. You can use the aspects between a transitting object and a natal position or a progressed position. For example, yesterday when a judge in Florida said that the health care bill is illegal, transit Saturn was exactly square the progressed midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven of Barack Obama  but transit Venus made an aspect,too (it wasn't ALL that bad, but still: it wasn't OK:). See the progressed chart and transits below.

3. Did you know that the date between the first and the second 'hit' of  a (retrograding) transit is often THE date of an event. Example: on April 1 transit Jupiter is on Midheaven and again on June 1. The successful moment will be on May 1. The complete period is a period of growth and progress.

For an example of a lot of transits together, see the chart, transits and progressions of Larry King when he had his final show. Two progressions and 7 transits accompanied that moment.

SOLAR TRANSITS (Diurnal motion of the sun)
The Sun is moving 1 degree per day. The solar transits of the Sun and the aspects with your chart colour your day. How? See the article on Astromarkt! When you are celebrating your birthday, the Sun is conjunct your natal Sun (almost always). The meaning of this transit that connects the actual Sun and the natal Sun is:

Sun with Sun
Birthday aspect! You in the sunshine and the center!You watch your health. You might look like a shining star on these days.


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