Friday, February 25, 2011

Transit Saturn when a child is born (Saturn in synastry)

On the day that Queen Elizabeth was born, Transit Saturn was conjunct  the Moon of King George VI (see post about his chart) perhaps illustrating that he worried about the event. In synastry, her Saturn is on his Moon. Moon-Saturn aspects (see the post about hard aspects between Moon and Saturn) are aspects between the symbol of close family and between the symbol of age, grown ups, officials, distant fathers who only come bye to cut the meat on Sundays:) and obligations.  Saturn is often involved in the synastry between parents and their children. Sometimes it is the Saturn of the parent, sometimes it is the Saturn of the child and it is almost always with the personal planets, Ascendant and Midheaven. Saturn also describes the age difference between one person and the other, or the hierarchy between them. Or is it - mutual- respect and concern?:) Respect creates a certain distance, too. Saturn is very serious, responsible and correct, even it is only 'pro forma'. There is often a lot of concern when family is involved. On a day of birth the responsibility of being a parent might feel like overwhelming. Having a baby and becoming a parent is not a sinecure.

BTW Saturn in a relationship doesn't have to mean divorce or separation at all. I would have loved to quote my blog '' about Saturn in a relationship here but for some silly reason I can't simply copy and paste the text without creating a mash. So please use the links.

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