Friday, July 16, 2010

Wesley Sneijder's wedding (and my summer break)

This is a repost about Wesley Sneijder's wedding. The constant difficulties with my computer and/or (what is it?) the save/don't save of blogger, the mixed up data of the earlier post and the fact that I read that he is celebrating the wedding in Borgo Monastero in Castelnuovo Berardenga (where I spent my holidays years ago) remind me of a necessary summer break. It is hot, the sun is shining and this is the 5th attempt to get this message posted. For some odd reason the computer saves and doesn't save as he pleases and he cuts away pieces of text, too. Transit Uranus sextile Mercury...and thent they say that sextiles are harmonious:)!@#$! It is an easy way out to make me repeat messages like a flashlight!

But first Wesley's chart. I'll be quick and short this time. Here it is, with the correct year of birth, and see: it is a footballer's chart! Mars angular. Jupiter (the international) is the planet of orientation. Pholus (feet, shooting) is trine Ascendant. Mars and Saturn opposition MC mirroring the constant pain due to ancient injuries related to the profession.

Have you seen the outrageous celebration of the second place of the WC2010 (tour trough the Amsterdam canals)? And have you read all the newspapers about the wedding? It is perhaps a bit overdone. Watch the inconjunction between Jupiter and Midheaven in the progressed chart (scroll down).
- Transit Jupiter and transit Pluto are in minor aspect with progressed Venus. The combination of Venus, Jupiter and Pluto mirrors financial successes, expenses (...)  and ...a great wedding!
- Transit Jupiter is also in aspect with (progressed) Mercury/Venus. Maybe he will have a great vacation. I am planning to have one, too.. CU somewhere in August!

Source of the hour of birth is the weekly magazine Prive showing the birth certificate (and thank you Ria for telling me so!).


Chart of Steve Jobs and the Apple (I-phone) press conference

Today is the press conference of Apple, following the critism about the Apple I-phone 4. Here you see the chart of the conference. The Midheaven is semi square the natal Uranus of Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder. Uranus is the symbol of nerves and news. But there is more...Transit Saturn is inconjunct his natal Mars and progressed Mercury. This is a combination for a bad news acitvity, mind breaking jobs and headaches*).. Next transit will be Saturn inconjunct his progressed Sun. It means hard times for Jobs. Three times inconjunct Saturn is a lot. 
Here are the charts, links to more about Steve Jobs and more about the mentioned aspects and transits.

Chart of d.o.b. Amber Nicklas, Uranus and changing sun sign

This is the chart of the birthday of little Amber Nicklas, who had been missing since she was 13 months old and recently was found alive and well. She had been kidnapped (she was with her foster parents), by her natural aunts. She has Sun  opposition Uranus  and Mars afflicted by Uranus, just like the Russian spy Anna Chapman. What she shares with her is enstrangement (alienation, with the word 'alien' in it)...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chart of Anna Chapman's day of birth

Anna Chapman is a Russian/British business woman recently deported back to Russia in a spy ‘trade’. With transit Jupiter conjunct the progressed Sun, traveling could be included…J Jupiter is the symbol of the international. Anna Chapman was hot international news.

Anna Chapman was born Anna Kushhenko in Volgograd and this is about the chart of her day of birth, with transits and progressions for today. Wikipedia mentions that she is well educated and that she married twice. She grew up in Russia and worked in London in 2001 (age 19). The Sun square Uranus, both afflicted by Mars, and the semi sesquisquare Sun-Neptune are part of her chart and life story. They show us how she was/will be a stranger in communities and how she was/is not always clear about herself.... Her Mars-Uranus affliction is shared by two famous spies: Mata Hari and Christine Keeler. 

Corrected chart of Joran van der Sloot and how about rated hours of birth

There are several posts about Joran van der Sloot on this blog. The official hours of birth of Joran van der Sloot and Natalee Holloway remain unknown. Nico van den Bos of Astrologie Zeeland thinks that Joran’s hour of birth must be 13:58 (1:58 p.m).  He corrected the time unknown chart for this hour.

For those interested in a try out, here is the link leading you to the corrected charts of Joran van der Sloot and Natalee Holloway: 

And here is the link to all posts about Joran van der Sloot on this blog Astropost:

A corrected chart is a chart with an estimated hour of birth based upon the correspondence between events in an individual's life, transits and progression. When there is no hour of birth available for you, you could give it a try to find a possible hour of birth. Personally, I have an offical hour of birth and my mother;s time (just 3 minutes later). I have tried to find the exact minute a few times and I ended with possible hours of birth between 12:25 and 12:45. The official time is in the middle:)! 

A lot of charts of VIP's are corrected or estimated charts. That is why the work of Astrodatabank to find the true hour of birth and mention the source or controversy is so valuable and appreciated. 
For example the chart of Joan of Arc, that is a DD-rated chart. An AA-rated chart is one with birth certificate in hand (like Barack Obama's chart:). A DD-rated chart has a date that is not verified. Always check the rating to see if you can use the chart as a tool for understanding transits and progressions!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Roman Polanski and Jupiter...

Roman Polanski will not be sent to the USA, not by Switzerland. Jupiter seems to be illustrating the positive verdict.

With progressed Sun semi square natal Jupiter and transit Jupiter trine progressed Mercury, Roman Polanski had two indications for a fortunate, though perhaps somewhat frustrating day (semi square, Jupiter in 12 for counting his blessings, but still in exile....). The trine mirrors a solution (something changing the smooth way) and Mercury-Jupiter is a nice combination for a verdict in your advantage. To complete the picture, transit Uranus quindecile Ascendant shows the strong drive to be free and the tension. Here is the chart:

He is now free to go where he pleases, except... in the USA, the UK and several other countries willing to transport him to the USA. He will have to stay in France or Switzerland for the rest of his life. 

Much more about Polanski's chart and life and the artist in the chart of Polanski in an earlier post…

For the news, see the LA Times...


Spain's national chart and the championship

Of course you know that Spain won the WC2010 in South Africa! Enhorabuena! The Spanish team is now  the champion in the world of football!

Isn't such an event a perfect moment to find the true national astrology chart? I thought it was. So, I had a look at the national charts of Spain (there exist more than 1) to see which one is corresponding with the present Spanish victory and joy. I based my choice on the fact that there is a strong indication for success in the transits and progression for this chart of Spain (minor transits of Pluto and Jupiter with progressed Mars )  in the one of 1975 (inauguration of King Juan Carlos). 
See the chart and the other aspects in this post. For more examples and explanation, see the links and labels...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Netherlands-Spain in 1584

On July 11, 2010 there is Netherlands-Spain (WC2010), during an eclipse. Let us hope that the football match is fair and peaceful and may the best team win:). It is just two times three quarter of an hour. Another kind of battle was the 80-year war Netherlands-Spain. One of the events in those years was the murder of William of Orange.
In 1584 the Netherlands had a Spanish King. (That is why in the national hymn there is a phrase 'I always honoured the king of Spain'). On July 10, 1584  Balthasar Gerards killed the the Dutch independence leader, William I of Orange, also known as William the Silent. The Spanish King Philip II gave Balthasar's parents, instead of the reward of 25,000 crowns, three country estates in Lievremont, Hostal, and Dampmartin in the Franche-Comté and the family was raised to the peerage. But the murderer was severely punished and tortured.  See the link for more..Here are the charts...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scandalls and transit Neptune...

Scandalls come and go and so do the transits of Neptune. Transit Neptune is square the natal Sun of a Swedish member of the government, now that he had to quit after revelations about his visit to a not very discrete prostitute. With Neptune you are often seen in a negative light. Sven Otto Littorin experienced this...

Progressed Venus in the 9th of Gemini is 105 degrees Pholus 15 degrees Mars. Mars is square Pholus in the natal chart, indicating a turning point and with this combination: regarding passions. Meanwhile transit Pholus is 105 degrees from Saturn, symbolizing shooting your own foot related to a career.

One might wonder why he had to quit. It is because there is a law since 1999 that prohibits payed sex. In Sweden.


Wanted: Barefoot Bandit

The Huffington Post published an FBI-poster. Wanted: a modern outlaw born March 22, 1991. On the Fourth of July, 2010 he may have stolen an airplane in Indiana and fled to the Bahamas
What in the chart is reflecting the behaviour of Colton A. Harris-Moore, the ' Barefoot Bandit'? What in his transits and progressions mirror his situation?

It is always the combination that does it! Of course it takes genes, gender and social circumstances to develop in such a way as Colton A. Harris-Moore did. See the link to Wikipedia about his early years and background (scroll down). It explains a great part of why Colton Harris couldn't have a 'decent'  life, maybe using his energy in sports or in business/sales. Astrological symbols and combinations show a variety of possibilities and 'ways out', but sometimes they are hard to see in difficult circumstances. The inconjunction between Ceres and Sun shows a problem from the very start and an exceptional link between his life and lifestyle and his genes, nutrition and background. The effect is harder when the situation is hard. Fact is, that there are several aspects in the chart corresponding with the story.

Parts of the story are reflected by the chart of his day of birth:

1. Mars quatronivile Uranus (a 160 degree aspect)
That is for rejoicing to rebel and the pleasure of a short fuse. Mars-Uranus is the kind of aspect that makes people drive too fast, act on impulse and explode in anger. It is also the kind of aspect that makes an engine run. In the charts of sportsmen who need to be fast and in the charts of engineers this aspect might be a pleasure.  Unfortunately the aspect is also known for incidents, accidents and the occurance in the charts of terrorist (and uncontrolled freedom fighters). See the article about Mars and Uranus on Astromarkt (see the links).

2. Mercury square Neptune: even when he didn’t steal, people tought that what he had was stolen. Mercury-Neptune is often there in the charts of suspects and (professional) liars. It is a good aspect combination for story tellers, but it is a burden when you are trying to communicate clearly. There is range of possible readings for Mercury-Neptune,  but misunderstood and miscommunication covers a lot of those meanings.

3. Mercury is inconjunct Pluto: extraordinary stressful mind.
The combination of Neptune and Pluto is that of the ‘ silent force’  and discretion. Writers of detectives have the combination prominently in their charts. In this particular case the effect might be very confusing.

4. He seems to try to live the life of a Rambo.  I like to point at the 75 degree aspect between Sun and Neptune. Minor aspects show the person behind the one that we can see in daily life. Sun-Neptune sometimes raises the question of identity.

5. The tight square of Venus and the oriental Saturn might limit his sociability as Saturn relates business and control to what is soft, nice, pretty and lovely.

6. The inconjunction between Sun and Ceres shows the disproportional link between genes and backgrounds (and perhaps also of nutrition) for his lifestyle
Here is the chart…Next: transits and progressions and links...

The value of Betancourt (and Pluto's transit)

There have been many stades in the life of Ingrid Betancourt. First she was a politican who went to a dangerous part of Colombia, knowing of the risk. She got captured and spent years in the jungle as a prisoner of FARC. The world outside admired her and the government tried to get her free. Soldiers died to liberate her. Then she was free again and now - two years later - she demands millions for the damaging time in the Colombian jungle and she wants the money from the government.  I don’t think that she is making friends right now. Transit Uranus is square natal Mars. You might read that as a conflict between what drives and community (or going too fast  in sudden anger). And...Transit Pluto is exactly conjunct her natal Sun. That is a very challenging and life changing transit, that often reflects the implementation of a come back (being forced to start all over again) and renewed self esteem. Perhaps the politician Betancourt is back?  Here is the chart with transits and progressions for your study. And more about the Pluto transit...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Igor Sutyagin's transits and progressions

Igor Sutyagin is one of the persons who probably will be exchanged for the 12 Russian spies, now located in the USA. Read CNN…
In October of 1999 he was arrested and accused of working for the CIA. That was in the year of progressed Sun conjunct Saturn in Pisces (being restricted, set back or blamed, being – found- responsible...etc.). In 2004 the trial was completed, he was convicted and sent to a prisoners camp. 
The exchange is a turning point in life. The positions of planets and lights are for noon on the day of his birth in Moscow, only. But still: there is obviously change in the air for those born on January 17, 1965…

Transit Pholus in the 13th degree of Sagittarius is square his progressed Sun and semi square his natal Sun.

The progressed Sun is the position of the Sun x days for x years after your birthday. So when you are 21 and was born on the 7th, the sun's position of the 28th of the same month is the position of your progressed Sun, roughly. To quickly find the degree of your progressed Sun, just ad 1 degree for each year and you get the estimated position. provides progressed charts with the correct positions of each planet and the progressed Sun and Moon, MC and Ascendant. So you don't have to calculate this! For more info, see the label ' progression'...

Another 'Saturn in Pisces scientist' is Grigori Perelman, the man who refused a prize (and the money) for solving a mathematical problem.  See’ The Saturn in Pisces of Perelman’:

Follow the label 'Pholus' for more info....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo and the baby in his chart

Cristiano Ronaldo has a baby, since Sunday July 4. We don't know where and when the baby was born. We also are not certain about the hour of birth of Cristiana Ronaldo. It seems that his mother said that he was born 10:20 and that his certificate should show 5:25 on February 5, 1985 in Funchal (Madeira). See both charts on Cova do Urso...(for the link, scroll down). And see them here, with transits and progressions for the 4th of July. Where is the little baby in the charts?

Lindsey Lohan's inconjunct Pluto and Neptune

Actrice, singer and model Lindsey Lohan has problems. Yesterday the judge sentenced her to 90 days in prison 'for violating probation by missing alcohol re-education classes'. It is not the first time that Lindsey Lohan has problems. In an earlier post about Lohan I wrote:
(..) Also on her day of birth Sun was biquintile Saturn and 160 d* from Uranus (the theme of limited freedom). She has a calling Sun (no major aspects in sign) for drawing attention. And with Saturn she might be very creative (biquintile) to draw attention the wrong way.
Her progressed chart (see picture) has Sun trine Saturn and sesquisquare Uranus, exactly in this year, repeating and highlighting the combination of Saturn and Uranus in the natal chart. And there is more:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7/7 2005 London bombings

 On July 7, 2005 four terrorist ruined the lives of many when they commited a suicide attack with bombs in the London subway. They were born:

1.    October, 20 1974
2.    September, 16 1986
3.    December 15, 1980
4.    September 23, 1985

All four of them had a Mars-Uranus connection.
The first was born with a Sun, Mars, Uranus conjunction and Sun conjunct the midpoint Mars/Uranus. His Mars was rising before the Sun.
The second had Sun trine Mars and square Uranus. 
The third had Sun conjunct Mars/Uranus (like number 1). 
The fourth terrorist had Sun 75 degrees from his oriental Mars and quintile Uranus (orb 2 degrees).

Mars and Uranus were also of importance in the chart of the moment of the first explosion.
On the seventh of July 2005 at 8:51 a.m. Mars was oriental in the eight house square Sun. Uranus was the apex of a Yod and quindecile Ascendant. The Midheaven was in aspect with the combination of death (Mars/Saturn).
!This doesn’t mean that it had to happen. It just shows that it was a moment in the sky that hightlighted the possible issue of the ‘ short fuse’ and ‘terror’. (It doesn’t work the other way around!).

George Michael hits shop

What is a perfect moment to crash a shop and injure noone, not even yourself? Apparently, that is when transit Jupiter is inconjunct Uranus (for a 'relief, but..') and square Sun (in order to make you count your blessings) ánd sesquisquare progressed Sun (for a frustrating positive experience or for being found positive and be frustrated about it, see the Sun-Jupiter related doping cases). He is due back in August for further inquiries. There is an earlier post about George Micheal on this blog, written in December, about his friends and their worries about his self control....(here is the link)


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Policemen in crime and how about your transit Saturn inconjunct Sun

This post is about two things: criminal policemen and transit Saturn inconjunct your natal Sun.
I A Swedish chief of police, now behind bars, has been accused of extremely brutal sexual crimes. He denies. His name is Göran Lindberg. In some ways his chart looks like that of a policeman who killed and abused a girl this year. Of course, because they were both policemen and they are in jail now...For the charts of the days of birth, scroll down...
II Transit Saturn inconjunct Sun and the special effect

Paris Hilton arrested (and when to have a party)

Yesterday Paris Hilton, dressing a Brazilian shirt, was arrested during the match Netherlands-Brazil (won by the Dutch), on suspicion of using drugs (cannabis),together with her friend. They let her go quickly (to be Hilton or not to be Hilton...) and this is the (C-rated) chart with transits...

Considering the fact that Paris Hilton's chart has a C-rated (uncertain) hour of birth, let us stick to the Sun and planets and their transits.
- Transit Saturn is inconjunct her natal Sun and was in opposition with her progressed Sun last year
That makes it hard to have self respect. You might loose some dignitiy. It might be because your life style (Sun) is not in line (inconjunct) with the law (Saturn). You may also be too hard for yourself (your health suffers).
- Transit Neptune opposition natal Sun

That is the kind of transit that could be expected when the word 'drugs' is involved, because Neptune symbolizes drugs, a.o. Negative press is to be expected when celebrities get this kind of transits.

Does it surprise you that Venus is 'calling' in her natal chart? Her Aquarian Venus doesn't make any Ptolemaic aspect. Venus is the symbol of luxury, beauty, comfort, style, pleasure and diplomacy: all that makes life easier and prettier.

BTW Again I see a 127 or 127.5 degree aspect making sense: Venus-Jupiter (the party!) . I found a site mentioning a 127 degree effect in earthquakes (link). Of course this could be considered to be a very wide trine between Venus and Jupiter. But I have noticed more often that this degree seems to have a strong effect. I'll be back on this subject later.

The party animal in the chart of Paris Hilton could also be found when her Ascendant is in the 12th/13th degree, related to the midpoint of the socialite and parties (Venus/Jupiter). In which case transit Pholus (the one that shot his own foot) is conjunct her natal Ascendant.

Plan your party when Venus and Jupiter are contributing to the pleasure and joy! How? For example, when Jupiter is in aspect with your Venus or vice versa. But take care: you might be in the mood to spend too much...

Post about Venus-Jupiter double bodied fun...
The party of Rasmussen with Venus-Jupiter


Friday, July 2, 2010

The Saturn in Pisces!!! of Perelman

Grigory or Grigori Perelman, a famous and mysterious mathematician, turned down a prize for solving a mathematical problem (he did that about 7 years ago). It is hot news now that he refused the prize. One site mentions that he said that an American mathematician (Richard Hamilton) deserved the prize, too. Others say that he is disappointed in maths. And some think that he is happy with the honour of solving the problem.

No scientist ever refused the Clay Mathematics prizes...But Perelman did it. This all happens with transit Pluto inconjunct his progressed Sun. That is a statement for lost self esteem or…for lack of balance (inconjunction) between authority (Pluto) and life style (Sun). The prize (Pluto) has a price (Pluto) that he won't pay:) Why didn’t he accept it? He could have accepted the prize and shared the money with the American, too.  Or the Clay Mathematics Institution could have considered to let them share the prize. Strange story?…He has Saturn in the last degree of Pisces (conjunct Aries Point and the fixed star Scheat), calling! (no Ptolemaic aspects) and I quote my ironic self about Saturn in Pisces:
The opposite of Jupiter in Pisces, endless mistrust. They seem to feel obligated to suffer, be lonely or their faith is a heavy load to carry. Very few politicians have this position
 His Saturn has exclamation marks!!! Perhaps Saturn is also angular or ruling his Ascendant (he has a beard, he is alone, etc.) but that is just guessing. Jupiter and Uranus recently were at the same point by transit, offering a momentum of positive change. Here you see the positions on his day of birth, with transits and progressions:

For those interested: there are more transits and progressions now. Transit Saturn is opposition natal Saturn and most often that is the kind of transit that shows the bad sides of responsibilities, career, age and status. Well, maybe the upcoming transit of Jupiter trine his progressed Sun brings luck? Because strange enough the man has Venus trine Pluto (perfect for earning money)! I would like to see the hour of birth for the position of Venus, Pluto and Saturn!

They say that Perelman is unemployed and lives with his mother.  The batchelor in the chart can be found in the Venus-Neptune opposition with Mars square Uranus (two out of four aspects for divorce/not getting married; the other two are Moon afflicted by Saturn or Neptune).

If you really want to know, follow this link...

It takes more than the position of Saturn in Pisces to become a sort of a hermit. Naoki Hattori (a Japanese racing driver, see Mars-Uranus) was born on the same day. I don’t know if he is married or not, but I do know that the Saturn of Grigori Perelman must have an important place in the chart to become the aloof scientist that he is.

Youtube about Perelman

All about positions in Pisces... For more background info and examples, click the labels.


Naomi Campbell: Saturn hits her Yod

Naomi Campbell is hot news these days. I read that there were false reports about planning to get married to Wladislaw Doronin (a Russian billionaire), that she is getting bold (by traction alopecia or due to the weight of hair extensions, see the pictures...)  and that she is ordered to testify about a blood diamond given to her by Charles Taylor (see the news of Reuters).

I have written about the progessed chart of Naomi Campbell last year (link).
This time transit Saturn hits her Yod of Venus-Neptune-Ascendant (for the art of presenting herself*), reflecting the limitations and restrictions of her image (loosing her hair).

The specific astrological positions for the time and place of birth of Naomi Campbell shows the importance of beauty and looks (Venus-Neptune-Ascendant in a Yod; AC/MC = Venus), the international (Jupiter) and women-being a woman with all that includes 'womenhood' like f.ex. fashion, education (Moon calling in 10th house). Her hour and place of birth was perfect for a model to be born... Here is the chart with observations:

1.Success and travelling is prominent in her natal chart
She has Jupiter on top (for the international) and a 'calling'(unaspected) Moon semi square Jupiter (showing the need for expension and success).

2.The art of presenting yourself
*) There is a special combination in her chart. Venus is the Apex in a Yod with Ascendant and Neptune, pointing at the fotogenetic model that she is. Venus-Neptune relates style to the fantasy and is one of the indications of art. The ascendant is the 'doorway' to others (the way you present yourself).

Venus-Neptune combinations also mirror high sensitivity (f.ex. of the skin) and in the charts of men: love affairs (hidden women:).

3.The Moon calls
She has a calling Moon in the 10th house of profession (for fashion, acting... and needs/behaviour at any level). The Moon could have referred to education or children, too, if she didn't have that Yod with Venus in the 5th house of performance.

4.The opposition of Sun and Neptune on the meridian is reflecting the 'double' life of a model. With Sun-Neptune there is always the question of identity (am I who they say that I am?). Neptune is on the MC. Perhaps this Sun-Neptune-Midheaven combination mirrors the fact that she never knew her biological father.

(for more about Sun-Neptune, see the article on my site Astromarkt)

5. Naomi is a prominent person with 5 prominent positions: Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptue...The pattern of a beautiful lady with a public and fans.

6. Watch the Mercury-Saturn conjunction rising before the Sun...She is first of all a business woman with ambition.

7. Quaoar is square Ascendant and elevated.
Quaoar is the symbol of creating new realities and creations in itself. She shows them!

8. AC/MC = Venus
Well, she IS a Venus, isn't she?:)

BTW Venus in Gemini often loves to dance! Naomi's mother was a ballet dancer. I quote myself again:
Venus in Gemini is Venus in an air sign and in a flexible sign. Gemini reflects youth (the first contacts). Venus in Gemini has a preference (Venus) for what is young and for the period of youth in general. When you marry young or when you marry the person you loved when you were young, the chance of marrying again was great in the Middle Ages. Women died young (having a baby, for example). In the chart of males Venus in Gemini would start seeking a replacement, someone just like the lost person, someone young. In the chart of women Venus in Gemini would prefer to marry young and to look young. But there would always be the chance of marrying twice. They are the young woman and you look younger when you marry an older man.

BTW You don't need to divorce to have multiple partners. How about dancing?
Venus makes you feel good, but Saturn tends to put you down whenever your vanity shows up. Saturn is now in the last degrees of Virgo and will soon enter Libra. If your Venus is there or if transit Saturn is in hard aspect with your Venus you might (for a while) feel restricted in pleasures, fun and comfort. Sometimes this is because of a skin or beauty problem. Sometimes you just don't have the money to have some fun. You see the disadvantages of what you have (not). However, you could also use this transit to get formally married (a legal wedding or a contract for marriage). But it takes Jupiter to turn it into a party...

Naomi Campbell never married but did have relationships (with Mike Tyson, for example, see Astrology&Love for their match and for the astrological reasons why)...