Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lindsey Lohan's inconjunct Pluto and Neptune

Actrice, singer and model Lindsey Lohan has problems. Yesterday the judge sentenced her to 90 days in prison 'for violating probation by missing alcohol re-education classes'. It is not the first time that Lindsey Lohan has problems. In an earlier post about Lohan I wrote:
(..) Also on her day of birth Sun was biquintile Saturn and 160 d* from Uranus (the theme of limited freedom). She has a calling Sun (no major aspects in sign) for drawing attention. And with Saturn she might be very creative (biquintile) to draw attention the wrong way.
Her progressed chart (see picture) has Sun trine Saturn and sesquisquare Uranus, exactly in this year, repeating and highlighting the combination of Saturn and Uranus in the natal chart. And there is more:

Progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Neptune (the combination for 'fallen angels' and difficulties in living up to expectations)
Transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Sun - and conjunct progressed Neptune-for possible lost self esteem (other effect: winning, but at your own expense).

The inconjunctions are reflecting that she has to give up on her life style.
Even without hour of birth there is no doubt about difficulties and as the progressed Sun moves to a square with progressed Pluto,we might expect more stress,perhaps related to a come back after prison. Here is her progressed chart with transits. For the chart of the day of birth, see the link to the earlier post.

The combination of Saturn and Uranus is reflecting the issue of limited independence or freedom and of trying to break free. Apart from jail,there are other ways to see limitations. For example: the protocol or experiences with limited freedom of speech. For the way that the Saturn-Uranus combination will be mirrored, it strongly depends on where on earth you are and what position you have. Of course, your personal chart will also give more info about the subject. Gender, social circumstances and angular placements make a change. Pitcher Brett Cecil was born on July 2,1986, too. He might have different kind of experiences with the same transits and progressions and be restricted in other ways. Top sports are very demanding...
So: no, you don't have to end up in jail with a Saturn-Uranus combination. But you might... You might also be capable of finding a creative way to control yourselfl with Sun  biquintile Saturn. Maybe that goes for Lindsey Lohan, too...

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* a 160 degree aspect is a quadranovile. The quadranovile between Sun and Uranus might be read like 'rejoycing to be free, different and/or independent'.


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