Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wanted: Barefoot Bandit

The Huffington Post published an FBI-poster. Wanted: a modern outlaw born March 22, 1991. On the Fourth of July, 2010 he may have stolen an airplane in Indiana and fled to the Bahamas
What in the chart is reflecting the behaviour of Colton A. Harris-Moore, the ' Barefoot Bandit'? What in his transits and progressions mirror his situation?

It is always the combination that does it! Of course it takes genes, gender and social circumstances to develop in such a way as Colton A. Harris-Moore did. See the link to Wikipedia about his early years and background (scroll down). It explains a great part of why Colton Harris couldn't have a 'decent'  life, maybe using his energy in sports or in business/sales. Astrological symbols and combinations show a variety of possibilities and 'ways out', but sometimes they are hard to see in difficult circumstances. The inconjunction between Ceres and Sun shows a problem from the very start and an exceptional link between his life and lifestyle and his genes, nutrition and background. The effect is harder when the situation is hard. Fact is, that there are several aspects in the chart corresponding with the story.

Parts of the story are reflected by the chart of his day of birth:

1. Mars quatronivile Uranus (a 160 degree aspect)
That is for rejoicing to rebel and the pleasure of a short fuse. Mars-Uranus is the kind of aspect that makes people drive too fast, act on impulse and explode in anger. It is also the kind of aspect that makes an engine run. In the charts of sportsmen who need to be fast and in the charts of engineers this aspect might be a pleasure.  Unfortunately the aspect is also known for incidents, accidents and the occurance in the charts of terrorist (and uncontrolled freedom fighters). See the article about Mars and Uranus on Astromarkt (see the links).

2. Mercury square Neptune: even when he didn’t steal, people tought that what he had was stolen. Mercury-Neptune is often there in the charts of suspects and (professional) liars. It is a good aspect combination for story tellers, but it is a burden when you are trying to communicate clearly. There is range of possible readings for Mercury-Neptune,  but misunderstood and miscommunication covers a lot of those meanings.

3. Mercury is inconjunct Pluto: extraordinary stressful mind.
The combination of Neptune and Pluto is that of the ‘ silent force’  and discretion. Writers of detectives have the combination prominently in their charts. In this particular case the effect might be very confusing.

4. He seems to try to live the life of a Rambo.  I like to point at the 75 degree aspect between Sun and Neptune. Minor aspects show the person behind the one that we can see in daily life. Sun-Neptune sometimes raises the question of identity.

5. The tight square of Venus and the oriental Saturn might limit his sociability as Saturn relates business and control to what is soft, nice, pretty and lovely.

6. The inconjunction between Sun and Ceres shows the disproportional link between genes and backgrounds (and perhaps also of nutrition) for his lifestyle
Here is the chart…Next: transits and progressions and links...

Transit Saturn and Uranus with his natal Sun reflected restrictions of freedom and the urge to break free.
Progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto mirrors a self esteem that is out of balance and the risk of a lost because of it. In his situation: exceptional danger and stress…He didn't kill anybody, he is a thief and he is on the run. But now that they think that he has arms, he is in danger.
More danger comes from progressed Mars inconjunct Saturn (exceptional blocked energy).
There is also the risk of having to pay the price of ' fame'  (transit Jupiter trine and transit Pluto inconjunct natal Jupiter), having in mind that he is notorious.
Three inconjunctions at the time show us that right now there is something out of balance and wrong in the life of Colton A. Harris-Moore, also known as ‘ Barefoot Bandit’. And three is a crowd.

Transits of Pluto don’t kill you. They are just reflecting stressful moments and challenges. It depends on your situation and age, what kind of challenges show up in your life. See the post about Sun-Pluto transits (see links)…Sometimes your self esteem is very demanding and in few cases you will be making enemies when you want to win or regain a position.


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Astromarkt said...

Seems that he is been arrested:

Anonymous said...

I know this was written a while back, but I would like to point out that his place of birth is wrong, he was born in Washington STATE not Washington D.C --Camano Island or Mount Vernon to be exact.