Friday, July 16, 2010

Chart of Steve Jobs and the Apple (I-phone) press conference

Today is the press conference of Apple, following the critism about the Apple I-phone 4. Here you see the chart of the conference. The Midheaven is semi square the natal Uranus of Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder. Uranus is the symbol of nerves and news. But there is more...Transit Saturn is inconjunct his natal Mars and progressed Mercury. This is a combination for a bad news acitvity, mind breaking jobs and headaches*).. Next transit will be Saturn inconjunct his progressed Sun. It means hard times for Jobs. Three times inconjunct Saturn is a lot. 
Here are the charts, links to more about Steve Jobs and more about the mentioned aspects and transits.

Next transit of Saturn will be the quincunx with the progressed Sun. This happened before this year and colours the introduction of the Apple I-phone 4. In the natal chart of Steve Jobs the Sun is 105 Saturn. That is why I think that this inconjunction has a strong influence on his life, lifestyle and health and stepping back might have to be considered. For more examples of inconjunctions with Saturn, see the labels, leading you the post about Gordon Brown. It is the 'lame duck' transit and in business, it might mean lost or stepping back. Bad times for Jobs or for Apple? Apple still has it's I-phones 1 to 3 (and I am planning to buy the 3GS!). Maybe that helps...:)

Mercury-Saturn transits and progressions might mean ‘ bad news’ conversations, saying good bye and deciding to stop, divorce or separate. Timing and caution is of importance when Mercury meets Saturn and hard decisions might have to be made.

But don’t worry too much. It might just be about the schedule. When I had a meeting with Mercury-Saturn prominently in the chart of the hour and place for the moment of it,  the chart turned out to be ‘too late’. We met 10 minutes earlier
And how about this example of John Cleese and the taxi?

About Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s business partnership (and how their charts are reflecting this)

About General McChrystal’s ‘bad news’ (and exit) meeting with Obama, with a Saturn-Mercury transit.

*) Mind = Mercury Breaking = Saturn Mars = Activity

PS it is a Sun transit Uranus day for Jobs today (transit Sun conjunct his Uranus). Solar transits (the daily movement of the sun) with Uranus are often mirroring exciting, hectic days with surprises (more or less pleasant). More about the solar transits on Astromarkt...


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Twitter: how is your health Steve.
Steve: I'm doing fine, I was doing better earlier in the week when I was on vacation in Hawaii.