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What Phillip Garrido and Josef Fritzl share...

Phililip Garrido (the man who kidnapped Jaycee) and Josef Fritzl didn't only capture and hide a girl, they also fathered her children. That makes them different then, for example, Marc Dutroux. There are two important aspects that Fritzl and Garrido share:

1. How to realise a dream?
The aspect between Sun and Neptune enables a person to either be a dreamer and dream his life away or to realise dreams. The Sun-Neptune aspect also creates frauds, if necessary.

Phillip Garrido and Josef Fritzl both have an aspect between Sun and Neptune. Garrido has Sun opposition Neptune. Josef Fritzl has Sun biquintile Neptune. In an earlier post about Sun-Neptune aspects I wrote this:

It is easy to believe and it is easy to pretend with a Sun-Neptune aspect in your chart. You could be very naïve or a con man, but in a way your way of living has something ‘double’.

Phillip Garrido and Josef Fritzl pretended to be good neighbours and nice persons. They created a place to hide their true lives and were in fact actors in their own movie. That is very much Sun-Neptune...They also convinced themselves that they were good persons. Fritzl wanted to 'protect his daughter'. Garrido thinks that he is the messenger of angels. They lived in a world of fantasy and fraud and are now (hopefully forever) hidden behind the walls of their prison cells.

With Sun-Neptune aspects you can be or appear to be who ever you like. Actors and idols and dreamers often have Sun-Neptune aspects. These aspects CAN be used for the benefit of others. And sometimes the given ability to pretend can be abused.

2. Intense desire(to have and to hold)
Another aspect that Fritzl and Garrido share is: Venus-Pluto. Fritzl has a sextile, Garrido has a square. I have written about Venus-Pluto (the beauty and the beast) on Astromarkt before. Here I want to add that Pluto always intensifies and when Venus is being intensified feelings and desires are, too. Both men have intense desires and strongly focus on what they want to have. As Venus describes the relationships with women and Pluto symbolises the ability to impress, to have authority or money, it is understandable that the issue of money and values is important. Earning money, impressing ladies with what you have...Fritzl had money and he had the complete authority over women in his households.
There is nothing wrong with strong desires and earning money or the desire to impress others with your belongings as long as nobody gets hurt like the victims of these two elderly men were. These men are criminals and what they wanted was unwanted.

The two aspects don't explain their behaviour, but they contribute to the complete picture. A criminal is not a criminal because of one aspect or placement. What they also share is an Aries Sun. But of course, those who are born under Aries don't share anything with them. Both men have the Moon in capital signs, but it may be coincidence. They are - luckily! - exceptional products of genes, gender, circumstances, experiences, situations and a rare combination of aspects in their natal charts. In our world what they want and what they did is strictly forbidden and they knew it. Let us hope that their victims manage to enjoy life as it should be.

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Chart of Edward Kennedy, his death and his brothers

Edward Kennedy's brothers John and Robert were murdered, shot. Edward Kennedy lived to be 77 years old. Of course, the big difference is that Edward Kennedy never was a member of the USA government and never was the ultimate candidate for the Democratic Party. Those are circumstances just like the changing times (he was the youngest brother). But, can we also see that difference in level of danger in his chart? Yes we can.

Robert and John had important Mars, Saturns and Plutos together with a link between the Sun or ruler 1 and the eight house of life and death. Edward however had minor aspects between Mars, Saturn and Pluto, a prominent Mars and Saturn, but…not such a prominent Pluto and no link between the Sun or ruler 1 and the eight house of life and death. I will tell more about it and I will have a (second) look at the natal chart of Edward Kennedy in this post. For more posts related to the Kennedy's, see the link at the bottomline.

His brother Robert had an important Saturn. Saturn was rising before the Sun and ruling the Midheaven at the time and place of his birth. Moon and Jupiter were on top of his chart; Venus and Pluto were on the meridian. Also, Mars doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Saturn, Pluto and Mars hold PROMINENT positions in the chart. The complete pattern of unnatural death is PROMINENT in his chart.
The Scorpio Sun (ruled by Pluto) and Capricorn Moon (ruled by Capricorn) make him a 'die hard', someone who easily makes enemies and who is a keen politician, too. Notice that his Ascendant is in Aries (ruled by Mars), so that the same pattern of Mars, Saturn and Pluto is again highlighted in the character.

The important position of Pluto, ruler of the 8th house of life and death, opposition his Midheaven is reflecting the meaning of his death in a public place or related to his public function. His Sun was inconjunct the Ascendant (on the cusp of the eight house).


Brother John had Saturn on top of his chart, an unaspected Pluto and Mars rising before the Sun. Mars is semi square Pluto (political struggle is one of the possibilities with this aspect; using force, influence or violence or...having to defend yourself is another possibility). The planets of the principle of unnatural death were all three PROMINENT in his chart and the world remembers him mostly because of his untimely death. Also, ruler 1 Venus is in the 8th house of life and death and also ruling the 8th house. The Sun was positioned in the eight house.

EDWARD had the issue of unnatural death in his chart and he dealt with the issue. Unlike his brothers’ charts his one does not have a prominent Pluto. Pluto's opposition with the Ascendant is a bit too wide (more than 5 degrees). And the ruler of the eight house is not prominent and doesn't have a relationship with the Midheaven of with the first house. The Sun is in the second house (opposition Moon and Neptune in the eight). The opposition can often be ‘translated’ into ‘others, someone else’. Someone else died and that strongly influenced his life.

So, the indications in his chart are not as strong as they are in the charts of his brothers. This, with the fact that his position never was as influential and dangerous as his brothers’ positions, allowed him to become 77. If you want to read more about his chart, read on…


Observations: Edward's chart has an oriental Mars for the activist.
Ceres is conjunct his Ascendant, to illustrate the importance of the dynasty.
Juno is opposition Ascendant to mark the importance of marriage and partners.
Saturn doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degree to illustrate that he had ambition at any possible level.

Death and obstacles for the career
Mars is semi sextile Saturn and biquintile Pluto: violent, unnatural death causes were certainly part of his life.

He lost his brothers by violence and he was involved in the accidental death of a secretary (who was his lover). The affair cost him the chance to be a president, forever. He left her death body in his car without warning the police and went to sleep. That was on July 18, 1969, with transit Mars square Sun and semi square Uranus (being hit, hurt, an accident; see the article about accidents on Astromarkt.). He was lucky to have brothers in the government to support him (progressed trine of Jupiter and Midheaven) in that period. But he could never step in his brothers' footsteps anymore.

Unaspected Saturns ruling the first house warn for the possibility of rise and fall at any possible level. Nevertheless he gave it a try in the 1980 pre-elections with progressed Sun and Mercury square Pluto ruler Midheaven, but Jimmy Carter had better cards and so he gave up on August 12, 1980. Neptune was trine progressed Sun, trine progressed Mercury, trine progressed Uranus and inconjunct progressed Pluto. It was a good moment (trines) to give up and withdraw (Neptune) even though it had a price (Pluto). Also transit Pluto was opposition Mercury and Uranus and square Pluto. He was forced (Pluto) to change his mind (Mercury-Uranus). It was a bad sign that Saturn was on the Ascendant of his solar return chart in 1980. This position made it clear that it was time to fulfill the promises of Saturn's position in the natal chart. His ambitions had reached a limit. Other nasty conflicts in the chart are Sun semi square Uranus (for being part of a controversy) and opposition Neptune (for being a suspect, or being seen in a negative light). These aspects contributed to the gate that marked the dead end road to the top.

The Moon conjunct Neptune and biquintile Venus may be fortunate aspects for artists or for people who need vision and style in their job, but in the chart of others it might lead to romantic affairs and divorce. He married twice.

Later Edward Kennedy did a good job as a senator, especially since about 1995. In that year the Sun and Midheaven in the progressed chart were about 120 degrees apart (a trine) and also trine Neptune. There was, in other words, a grand trine of Sun, Neptune and Midheaven. It was after his second marriage (with Victoria Anne Reggie) in 1992. It must have been a marriage that changed his life and lifestyle, because his progressed Sun changed sign in those years!

With Jupiter 112.5 d from AC/MC and Pluto sesquisquare Sun/Moon in the natal chart there was enough strategy, authority and support. The official honor that he receives after his death fits with position of his progressed Sun trine progressed Midheaven. This aspect is full after his death and was within an orb of 1.5 degree since his second marriage. From that moment on he started to have an appreciated and honorable position in the Senate.

A remembered affair (Moon-Neptune) influenced his career (sextile Midheaven), but he didn't stop and continued his work in politics. The effect of Saturn is that one does his duty and makes career, anyhow, even after the fall.

All about the Kennedy’s on this blog:


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Saturn-Uranus effect re: Jayce Lee Dugard

The combination of Saturn and Uranus has a nasty effect on liberty, independence and freedom (of speach, behaviour), always; Jayce Lee Dugard, Natascha Kampusch, Elisabeth Fritzl and Sabine Dardenne found out hów nasty the effect can be in certain circumstances...It is Saturn who mutilated Uranus.

Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped when she was only 11 and gave birth to a child when she was 13/14 years old and a second child 4 years later. The children (age 11 and 15) never went to school or to a doctor. A pedophile hid her and her children in his back yard for 18 years. The age of 11/12 seems to be a dangerous ages for girls. Her story reminds us of Natascha Kampusch and Elisabeth Fritzl, whose charts are on this blog, too (see the links at the bottom of this post).

Sabine Dardenne (surviving victim of Marc Dutroux, born October 28, 1983) was also only 12 when Dutroux abducted her. He closed her in with progressed Sun square progressed Ceres and with an important combination of transits with her Sun. Transit Uranus square Sun and transit Saturn inconjunct Sun on a day with solar transit inconjunct Saturn and opposition Uranus. Just like in the chart of Natascha Kampusch*) Saturn and Uranus together reflected seclusion and the end of freedom. In her natal chart Saturn is semi sextile Uranus and conjunct Sun. Marc Dutroux's (see his chart on my site Astromarkt...) Mars was exactly opposition hers (so that he was attracted to her) and his Uranus was square her Saturn...again Saturn and Uranus!

Natascha Kampusch has 10 sextiles and trines in her chart. That makes it rather difficult to escape, because these so called harmonious aspects don't produce action. They produce acceptation. The Saturn-Uranus conjunction is very influential in her chart. It is the combination of restricted freedom and the rebellion against is. In the reading of her chart you may see how active this combination was at important moments in her life. The man who held her in his house was named Priklopil. When he kidnapped Natascha transit Uranus was conjunct his Saturn. The Saturn/Uranus connection in this case is obvious. His Uranus is opposition her Sun. Her midpoint Saturn/Uranus is biquintile his natal Sun. His midpoint Saturn/Uranus is square her natal Ascendant...
Click to see Natascha Kampusch' chart with hour of birth...


Here are the positions on the day of birth of Jaycee Lee Dugard, born May 3, 1980 in Anaheim and who disappeared June 10, 1991 from South Lake Tahoe. Jaycee Lee Dugard's astrological combinations are different from those of Natascha and Elisabeth and Sabine, of course. But one thing is exactly the same. It is a Saturn-Uranus combination. On the day of birth of Jaycee Lee Dugard the Sun was related to the midpoint Saturn/Uranus (a 157.5 degree minor hard aspect - sesquisquare + half semi squar).

Sun-Uranus connection
The progessed Sun of Jaycee was conjunct the progressed Sun of the man who stole her out of her life in 1991 (Remember that Elisabeth and Joseph Fritzl were born on the same day, so with Sun conjunct Sun?) That is when their lives joined. In 1991 her progressed Sun was opposition Uranus, reflecting a sudden change caused by others. So Phillip Garrido's Sun was opposition her Uranus, too. He became the living symbol of the contrary (opposition) of what freedom (Uranus) is.
Phillip Garrido who (with the help of his wife) kidnapped her, was born April 5, 1950.

On June 10 transit Uranus was trine her natal Sun (= it was an easy day for the announced sudden change of progressed Sun opposition Uranus).
Now that she is free again, transit Saturn is sextile her progressed Uranus, for an easy way to break free...

Read the story on LA Times.../

The Saturn-Uranus combination is not always as hard and dramatic as in the cases of the abducted and abused girls above. In my country a 13 year old wants to sail around the world SOLO and she is fighting court for that right. Her parents won't stop her, officials will...
Uranus is the oriental planet on the 29th of February 1996, when she was born. Uranus is semi quintile Saturn. Uranus is semi square Sun/Saturn in her natal chart. It is obvious that she wants to break free. The girl was held in the UK last year, when she tried to sail back on her own from the UK to the Netherlands. Now she wants to sail from New Zealand (where she was born) but the authorities of NZ told the press that they will not allow this. Her progressed Sun is almost conjunct Saturn...this is mirroring the situation: she is meeting restrictions, limitations and the law. And because the progressed Sun will be septile her natal Uranus, maybe this period will inspire her. It is a different 'lack of liberty', but it is still the effect of Saturn and Uranus.
Read the full story...

Many Sagittarians, Virgos, Piscis and Geminis had a transit of both Saturn and Uranus with the natal Sun lately. They experienced the effect in all kinds of ways. As a Sagittarian I dealt with the transit, too. I limited the amount of working hours and limited the access to a blog. Saturn-Uranus sometimes just wakes you up to see that there is a limit. Good line to end a post with, don't you think?

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The money in the chart of Sarah Ferguson

Poor Sarah Ferguson? She is filming a documentary in a poor neighbourhood and had so much critics and remarks about patronizing and hypocrisy that she (according to the Daily Mail) fled to Spain, where she stays with former husband Andrew in a 30+ million pound worth estate. Money, money, money, it is not always funny!:)

The planets of money and values, Venus and Pluto are on her Midheaven and rising before the Sun to express the importance of earning money. She was super rich, she went bankrupt, she came back and now she is down a bit. The progressed Moon is making aspects with Neptune and Pluto, just like in her natal chart.

Progressed Moon inconjunct Pluto and square Neptune seems to me the ideal aspect combination to look for (and find) shelter, but it is also an aspect combination that reveals sadness. In her natal chart the Moon is inconjunct Pluto AND Neptune. Moon inconjunct Pluto makes it hard to behave like you should. The effect is that a person sometimes looses control over the way of living (Sun) or the way of behaving (Moon). Perhaps the combinattion with Neptune makes her extra vulnerable. The public (and media) opinion can be hard. The natal chart of Sarah Ferguson - with the Moon (behaviour, popularity) inconjunct Venus-Pluto on MC) - warns about possible financial misbehaviour. Maybe she learned how to control her food and money problems, but since she is a Duchess it is rather strange to see her in this documentary and in that place. She is better off now. I think that she is recovering and supported (transit Jupiter is exactly trine her natal Sun). Hmm...Spain!

PS More than a year ago I wrote about the match (or not) between Sarah and Prince Andrew. Cick HERE for that post...

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The sunshine sunsign holiday guide

Was your holiday perfect? Or do you wonder where to go next time? Here is the astrological sun sign sunshine guide to help you on the way...Try to have a mix of the signs of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and perhaps Venus, too, for you and your fellow travelers. Also consider the position of Jupiter in the chart! You find the info that you need on (free charts).
Check your sign...

Aries and Mars: activity, walking, biking, working...They need something to do! I know an Aries who insist to have active holidays. His Capricorn Ascendant leads him to mountain sides...

Taurus and Venus: lazy holidays, art and culture (drawing, painting), it is important for them to have good meals. I know a Taurus who doesn't leave without a bag full of food.

Gemini and Mercury: interesting places, trips with young folks, short trips and city trips, learning a foreign language abroad. It is important to have contact and often they need a dance floor or a dancing nearby.

Cancer and Moon: simple, not expansive and like at home (in a tent, caravan or in the house of relatives), back to the spot of last year again...Or why not stay at home or buy a home in another country (to feel at home wherever you are...). The Netherlands is a Cancer country with the highest number of caravans pro family in the world...

Leo and Sun: wants to have a party, glamour hotels and certainly not in a modest tent. Wants sunshine! Leo Ascendants like to give

Virgo and Mercury: useful trips to decent spots and virgin beaches, but why not to Switzerland (Virgo country)?

Libra and Venus: nice holidays with some luxury and comfort in beautiful areas.

Scorpio and Pluto: wild country sides, rough terrain, the challenging holiday, trips that require force or courage.

Sagittarius and Jupiter: country life (or on the balcony), exotic countries, educational trips or some place to brag about.

Capricorn and Saturn: climbing mountains, cold places, economic (...) holidays, crossing borders.

Aquarius and Uranus: group travel or with friends, city trips, something extraordinary or special (that no one else did before:), trip around the world.

Pisces and Neptune: swimming, sailing, cruises, indulging holidays but also: the trip to an isolated convent and ...going far, far away.

Signs and the position of Jupiter or placements in the houses of the movable signs (3, 6, 9, and 12) contain information about your preferences on vacation. I, for example, have Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius and Pisces Ascendant conjunct Jupiter in 12. I am not surprised that I need to have at least a few days by or on the sea to feel that I hád a holiday. And when I have a holiday, I love to see cities, too.
I know a Capricorn boy who swears that he always wants to go to the mountains (ain't no mountain high enough!) and a Leo who refuses to sleep in a tent. How about you?

Jupiter in 1: you could go alone or at least: find out how and what all by yourself (so you don't need this guide:)

Jupiter in 2: expenditure and value are important.

Jupiter in the houses 3, 4, 7 or 11: you prefer to go with others (family, friends) or others stimulate you to travel. While on your holiday spot, you want to have contact with other tourist or the locals.

Jupiter in 5: the pleasure of the kids is important, but... you love to travel a lot always.

Jupiter in 6: you need a purpose for a trip abroad and hygiene.

Jupiter in 8: risky and dangerous challenging trips...

Jupiter in 10: trips for your reputation or for your career or status

Jupiter in 12: going somewhere distant, incognito and whit a lot of privacy.


Of course there is more in the chart to help you select your (almost) perfect vacation. Here are some famous examples of the observations that you might take into consideration (like the ninth house, the house of traveling):

Michael Palin (the well known globetrotter) has Mars in the ninth house (work related journeys) and Jupiter in 12 in Cancer (distant travels but in a trusted environment). The ruler of Mars is Neptune in 3. The connection between the houses 3 and 9 is indicating education or publicity. It is very important to impress or be impressed (Pluto conjunct de Leo Ascendant). I wonder where he goes for holidays. I assume it will be in a secret place (12th house Jupiter) on a country side (Taurus Moon and Sun).

Princess Máxima of The Netherlands likes to make short trips to cities (Milano; Moon in Aquarius in 3). When she has a long stay abroad, she wants privacy (Jupiter in 12 in Sagittarius; she and her husband Prince William-Alexander sue AP for making pictures of them while they were skiing in Argentina) and goes far away, to exotic places (like Africa). With Neptune ruler 4 in 12 she lives in another continent since her marriage.

Agatha Christie loved to travel and she had Jupiter in the 5th house.

Angelina Jolie has Jupiter on Midheaven and the Moon in the 9th house of international traveling. She has houses (Moon) all over the world.

PS Maybe you developed a different style of traveling? Have a look at your progressive Sun sign, too, to see why. I for example had the progressed Sun in Capricorn since I was 10. The first trip that I booked was to the French Alps. (I wonder if I will do cruises only when the progressed Sun changes sign to Pisces:)

Whatever you do and wherever you go: take care and have a nice holiday to look forward to!


Charts of William Calley and Abdel Basset al-Megrahi

Two persons are in the news these days: William Calley and Abdel Basset al-Megrahi. The charts of the day of birth of William Calley (convicted for his role in the My Lai murder case) and Abdel Basset al-Megrahi (the Lockerbie-man) are similar in many ways. There lives have similarities, too. Both were convicted for the murder of a large group of persons. The word 'scapegoat' is being used in the bio's of both men. How do their charts reflect this?

Calley and Basset al-Megrahi both have transits or progressions with Sun and Saturn and they also have Sun-Saturn in aspect in the natal chart. They also were the only ones convicted for a crime that was committed by more than one person.

Calley admitted that he joined the murder of women and children in a Vietnamese village. He was allowed to go home and had house arrest for 3.5 years after his conviction (life in jail*). He recently said that he is very sorry about My Lai. The solar return chart with Sun square Saturn shows that it is time for remorse. The transit of Saturn last year activated the existing natal aspect between Sun and Saturn and made him feel the burden of the guilt.

Abdel Basset al-Megrahi pleads not guilty and wants to prove his innocence now that the Scottish government allowed him to leave prison and the UK because he has only 3 months to live due to cancer. He was welcomed by 'fans' in Libya... His progressed Sun is trine progressed Saturn right now and will be trine natal Saturn within 3 years. This aspect usually shows growing self respect, but is also highlighting the existing opposition between Sun and Saturn in the natal chart. There is, in other words, a basic question mark and it is easy to see righ now.

Here are the 6 components in the natal chart that they share:

1. Sun-Saturn
Both have Sun in aspect with Saturn (they both were being blamed)

2. Saturn-Uranus
Abdel Basset al-Megrahi has a threefold midpoint combination of Sun, Saturn and Uranus in his chart, reflecting restraint liberty and breaking free. Calley has Sun conjunct Saturn and Uranus is rising before the conjunction.

3. Mars-Pluto
Abdel Basset has Mars square Pluto. Calley has Mars trine Pluto. They both used force and/or had to defend themselves.

4. Sun-Mars
Both have a minor aspect between Sun and Mars (Calley half quintile, Abdel Basset a sesqui semi square - 67.5 degrees -). They are both soldiers, activists or 'man with muscles'.

5. Mercury-Neptune
Both have an aspect between Mercury and Neptune (Calley the trine, Basset has the opposition). The aspect refers to mixing facts and fantasy (telling tales) and to miscommunications and misunderstandings and sometimes this aspect points at a negative mentality or judgment (by themselves or others!). In Mercury and lies I write about the Mercury-Neptune way of lying:
Mercury-Neptune hides facts (remains silent), invents facts or simply misunderstands the information and is confused. Lying with a Mercury-Neptune is easy and is done by giving misty information or by 'pretending' facts.
Sometimes people with a prominent Mercury-Neptune combination in their charts become the victim of false information or others simply don't believe what they are saying because it sounds like if the person is inventing it (thinking too long, known for having a fantasy etc....). When you have to invent stories because you are an author, this aspect can be a blessing, but in real life it is not easy.
6. Mercury-Neptune with Pluto
They both have an aspect between Mercury and Pluto (Basset the trine, Calley the sesqui semi square), too. That means that facts are related to secrecy and discretion.
7. Last but not least: the pattern of unnatural death
In both charts Sun, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are connected with each other. The combination of planets reflect the importance of the issue of unnatural death in their lives. If one of those planets have an important angular place or rule the Ascendant, this theme will be even more important in their lives than it will be in the charts of others who were born on their days of birth.

See the charts of the days of birth at noon:

The pattern of aspects is completely different!

Calley has 8 sextiles, the aspect of the easy way out. With so many sextiles in a chart there is no energy to make choices and a 'letting go' mentality. Imagine, he signed up for the army because his car broke down near a recruting office! There are no helping squares in his chart, either. The fact that Saturn rises before the Sun seems to reflect the guilt and the blame that will always be part of his life. It seems to me like the chart of a person who is lived by the given circumstances and group codes, just like he tells us (he says he just followed orders).

Abdel Basset al-Megrahi has 3 inconjunctions and a semi sextiles (reflecting illness) and 3 trines with 1 sextile. There are 5 major afflictions involving Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto. Those are the planets of incidents, unnatural death, arrests, restricted liberty and terrorism, whether he was responsible or not. The opposition between Sun and Saturn is reflecting the question if he was guilty, just like he tells us.

Of course, these are only the reflections of the days of birth. The place and time of birth is not known, so we don't know the Ascendant, the Midheaven, the degree of the Moon and the important midpoints Sun/Moon and AC/MC. Angular placements completely change the astrological identity! Many persons were born on the mentioned days. Persons like Bernard Stiegler (born April 1, 1952), who became a philosopher when he was in prison for armed robbery! That is another indication of the importance of sextiles in the charts of convicts (more info? hit the label 'sextile').

Another well known person born on the same day as Basset is Annette O'Toole. She was an actor all her life and in her case the Mercury-Neptune trine helps her to pretend and 'tell tales'. Of course gender and social circumstances are of great influence

Actor Colin Baker and the deceased athlete and National Guard colonel William D. Davenport were born on the same day as William Calley.

*) He was protected by President Nixon, who’s Jupiter was exactly quindecile the Sun of Calley. Jupiter is the symbol of protection.


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Astrology chart Roald Amundsen

On June 18, 1928 Roald Amundsen disappeared when he was flying near Spitsbergen. On that day Mars was square his natal Sun and Venus, while transit Uranus was trine Jupiter. These close aspects tell us that he might have been hurt. The trine between Jupiter and Uranus refers to a 'relief' (and sometimes even dying is a relief: see the earlier post). Right now they are trying to locate his lost plane (that perhaps contains his body) with new scientific methods, searching 40 square kilometers of the sea. That is reason enough to have a look at his chart. In short his chart tells us that the influence of Neptune (sea, hidden things), the Mercury-Jupiter! angularity (travel, anyhow, anyway and the fixed 'dog star' Procyon all contributed to his life style and death. The final accident is reflected by the importance of Mars - ruler of the Midheaven and rising before the Sun - half semi square the unaspected Uranus.

Together with his family background, the historic scene and his interests in his teenage years, those are the components to create the single strongly driven traveler and explorer who one day vanished at sea. Above you see the chart that I will explain below.

Mercury and Jupiter are highlighted in his birth chart and they were again highlighted in his teenage years. Mercury and Jupiter are the planets of traveling and 'broadcasting' messages. Amundsen told the world about his discoveries and traveled from the North Pole to Alaska. This is how the planets became a vital part of his astrological ID:

1. By angularity
Mercury and Jupiter on the Ascendant, the planets of transport and traveling are of crucial importance in this chart!

2. By the lack of aspects
Mercury and Jupiter don't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. I name that 'calling' planets. These planets are important for a vocation and lead to activities of the planets’ kind at any possible level.

3. By the combination with Sun/Moon
(Ascendant = Mercury/Jupiter = Sun/Moon = Saturn)
This combination of midpoints with the Ascendant tells us that was motivated to traveling and communicating and that this was strongly related to his environment and presentations and that ambition and a certain 'cool' and hard attitude was involved.

4. By progression
The progressed Sun was conjunct Jupiter and Mercury when he was a teenager. So, in the important period of growing and making choices, Mercury and Jupiter (the most important combination in his chart) were highlighted (by the Sun). The progressed Sun shows how your life 'continues' and how a person develops. Amundsen's natal drive to travel developed in his early years!
So we can be certain that he was a traveler, an international, someone with a message.
But there is more that directed him to the kind of life that he lived. Like in most charts it is the complete picture of the birth moment in time and place that is reflecting how and why a person becomes who he is. In this case also the environmental and genetical influences (reflected by Ascendant and Ceres) are important. Every chart should be read knowing the background, economical and social circumstances and historical situations. They are WITH the natal chart and progressions the parts of the puzzle of the individual identity and his life style. Here is more about his Astro ID (see the picture of his chart):

- Mars rising before the Sun: that is a statement for action, activism, competition and energy! He strongly competed with another explorer, Scott. In 1888 (age 15/16), when he decided to become an explorer, Mars was on the Descendant of his Solar Return chart (birthday of 1887).
- There are no planets or lights in air signs and no planets or lights in movable signs and that places communications and flexibility (moves) in the spotlights: at any possible level!
- His family roots: ship owners and captains...We see a ‘calling’ Ceres (symbol of the roots and genes) at 157.5 degrees from AC/MC to show the crucial importance of the genes and roots at any kind of level...
- Uranus, not aspected (not within sing or orb 5 degrees by Ptolemaic aspects) shows us that adventure and excitement, together with shocks will be a major part of his life and life style. Uranus, half semi square Mars, reflects the hot temper and the possibility of accidents. See my site Astromarkt...

Neptune is often involved in case of disappearances. Neptune is the symbol of hidden things, the things that you cannot see or that remain a secret to us, the sea, visions, fantasy and...very far journeys overseas.

In the chart of Roald Amundsen has Sun and Venus square Neptune in the natal chart. Neptune is quintile his Mars and semi square AC/MC, just like Sun and Venus. Netpune is important.

The midpoint Neptune/Pluto (the combination of mysteries and discretion) is exactly on top of his chart. This combination is also important in the charts of magicians, detectives and spies and in the charts of those who do a job that others may consider to be abnormal or paranormal or 'strange'. Neptune/Pluto is perhaps also the signature of those who explore and discover the world 'behind' the obvious, visible and known world. Now that they are searching for his remains, we see Neptune on the Descendant of his Solar Return chart to demonstrate that disappearance and mystery is (again) of importance regarding his name. On October 11 transit Neptune will beactly inconjunct his natal Sun and that aspect is already active today. I wonder if that is a positive sign. When people vanish (or want to vanish) Neptune is active, too. And this aspect is also seen in cases of nasty revelations. We will see...

Read also about Neptune and Pluto's effect in general and in the charts of spies...or click the label below for more examples of and info.

Perhaps the fact that his Sun (ruler of the Ascendant) and Venus were conjunct Procyon at the time of his birth contributed to his life style or more to the way that he died. William Lilly said that the influence of Procyon 'designs a petulant saucy fellow, prone to anger, proud, careless, violent, giddy', even though Procyon is supposed to be a star that promisses success (and carries the danger of a fall later). Those aggressive tendencies are perhaps qualities needed to become a driven explorer in isolated places, but they may not have been fortunate for a happy social life.
(Link to site about Procyon:

Amundsen didn't seem to have a private life or a lover, if you read Wikipedia only. I found an interesting bio on ( I read that he had a lover (a married woman; the affair caused a scandal) and that he once adopted two Inuit children. He sent them back to Siberia when he was bankrupt, saying that it was 'just an experiment'. He never married (Mars half semi square Uranus + Venus square Neptune) but he liked women (Moon trine Venus in Cancer) though he wanted to keep some distance (Moon and Venus square Neptune) and didn't want to be a family man. He seems to have been a romantic person (with perhaps a need to escape reality that led him to a journey to escape real life).

He was a traveler, he had the drive and the ambition and he sure wanted to escape daily life. Those are the components for a single explorer, who was able to leave comfort and loved ones (behind) to explore strange (Neptune/Pluto) worlds.
PS Just type 'disappearance' in the left upper corner of this blog and search this blog for examples. You may be surprised to see that Neptune is always there when someone vanishes.

*)Amundsen used dogs, one of the reasons why he could have more success than Scott had. He learned how to use dogs from the Inuit. As it happens, Procyon means 'before the dog'. Procyon is the brightest star in 'Canis minor' (Sirius is much brighter in 'Canis major').

(c) (for more info and more posts...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Carlson's test of astrology: not scientific enough?

For those who didn't yet notice the post on Astrodispatch: there is interesting news for astrologers all over the world who have been confronted with a 'test' dated 1985 that 'proved' astrology wrong. Reviewing the test, fairness questions have risen, according to a statistical expert (his name is Suitbert Ertel, and he is Professor Emeritus at Gottingen University in Germany and works for GEM Institute of Psychology in Gottingen.

I am not surprised about his findings. I have another example of such a 'test' that I published months ago (I named it "Do the witch test"). In that test the sceptics also worked against their own protocol. They told the astrologer that it took at least 7 charts (why?) and she had to find 7 (most of them not very life changing) events and find which chart matched with the event. They even didn't mention the exact data, two birth data and event data were equal and they gave her a few hours in a cold place to do what they already knew (as they said): fail.

Carlson's study is a more famous one than the test of Sceptics all over the world name it as an argument against astrology. So the news that another scientist is thinking that Carlson's test results were not convincing enough is BIG news. Read the news about Carlson's flawed 'Double blind study' on Astro Research News Service.


Richard Hammond (TopGear), his chart and crashes

On September 20, 2006 Richard Hammond had a serious accident and he was only lucky to survive and to be able to continue life in good shape. That was with progressed Sun square progressed Jupiter and transit Mars conjunct Uranus. Mars + Uranus together reflect the incident or accident and driving to fast. Various examples on this blog may be found under the label 'accidents'.

Yesterday Richard Hammond's precious car bumped into another car and the car was hurt more than Richard was. Now we don't see any transit to accompany this incident (but perhaps his Ascendant was 'hit'). Without hour of birth there is no insight in the placements on the Ascendant, its degree etc. But this example shows that serious accidents that cause physical damage go together with corresponding transits. I had an accident that completely ruined my car and left me without a noticeable scratch with transit Uranus semi square Mercury (23'orb), Saturn biquintile Saturn (13'orb) and Saturn semi sextile Uranus (3'orb). Mars was septile my Ascendant and the transiting Midheaven was exactly 157.5 degrees (sesquisquare + half semi square) Uranus. I have Jupiter semi square Mars/Uranus and conjunct Ascendant, perhaps that combination of planets contributed to the ‘happy’ ending. Richard Hammond has Mars sesquisquare Jupiter/Uranus.

SAG's and MARS-URANUS= rushing horse powers!
The Sagittarians are more often involved in accidents than for example Capricorns. That is astro-logical. Sagittarius is the sign of the hunter, rushing away like the arrow that flies and of the horse and horsepower. But let's see what we can find in the positions of the day of birth of Richard Hammond. Why does speed attract him so much? Mars is biquintile Uranus. That is why! It is THE aspect combination that reflects the drive to rush things (see Astromarkt)...Such an aspect in the chart of a Sagittarian will of course rush the horse powers!

On December 19, 1969 Venus and Uranus didn't make major aspects. That is mirroring a desire for excitement at any possible level. The combination of Sun Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) and Moon in Taurus (ruled by Venus) characterizes him as the 'party animal' (with horse power!).
With Sun square Pluto he is likely to be a fanatic, willing to win and daring to face dangers if needed. He doesn’t make life easy on himself…Sun-Pluto afflictions might live life dangerously and intense, forcing yourself...It is the tightest aspect in his chart, except perhaps for Mars sextile Saturn, a soft warning to take precautions. I think that the positions on his birthday were in line with his later position in public: making a lot of (sometimes dangerous) fun…

Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson both have Mars in Pisces and both do their job for the media (television, glossy magazines).


Astrological weather report

I found this admirable presentation of the astrological conditions in terms that I like: as a weather report! Thanks to Soul Garden Collective for offering this tool! I had to remove the video, because it starts just like that and loud!!! So please see for yourself...

For the reports go to Soul Weather TV


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chart of Lynette Fromme and the question 'why'

Lynette Fromme, the 'girl who almost killed President Ford', the woman who was a member of the Charles Manson family, is scheduled for parole after almost 34 years in prison. This is her natal chart with progressions and transits.
There are a few astrological explanations for the kind of life of Lynette Fromme:
1. Elevated Uranus semi square Pluto,
2. the number of sextiles,
3. Jupiter quintile the angular Neptune square Midheaven and
4. the tough tightest major aspect: Mars square Saturn.

These observations tell us about (1) radical changes and arrests, (2) the choice for the most easy or lazy way, (3) the fan and follower,(3) crucial importance of addiction and (4) the difficulties to restrict anger.

Neptune holds the most important position in the chart of Lynette Fromme (on the Ascendant, rising before the Sun and square Midheaven). The negative side of the symbol of Neptune is addiction and drugs. This colors the chart of Fromme and this was of major influence in her life and related to Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and the angles of the chart! (Neptune is 15 degrees from the Sun, 112.5 degrees (square + half semi square) from the Sun, septile Mars and quintile Jupiter. Neptune is conjunct Ascendant and square Midheaven.)

When people meet and share a complicated aspect (in life or chart) they join forces and/or weaknesses. Lynette Fromme's radical Uranus-Pluto combination is corresponding with the important Uranus-Pluto combinations in the chart of the man that she adores: Charles Manson (click on his name for more about Manson and his followers on this blog or go to Astromarkt for a reading and drawing of his chart.
His Uranus is opposition her Sun. Charles Manson has Uranus square Pluto (she has the semi square): they shared a 'generational aspect' of the revolutionary and radical kind. He is a Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) with Moon in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). With his Uranus semi square and Pluto sesquisquare AC/MC he is all in all the revolutionary man who will change her life. Also his important Jupiter on the Descendant is conjunct her Sun/Moon. He met her when she was depressed and helped her when she was homeless. Later she kept supporting Manson (see link to YouTube below). Jupiter is the symbol of support.

The present transits of Pluto with Sun and Uranus is triggering the existing natal combination of Sun, Uranus and Pluto now that she might go back home (wherever that may be). The transit bring the attempt to murder Gerard Ford in mind. In those days there was a transit of Uranus...

On September 5, 1975 she tried to kill President Ford during the transit of Uranus and Saturn. Those who come on this blog more often will immediately see the combination of restricted freedom (Saturn+Uranus). It was the end of freedom. The transit mirrored the existing combination of aspects with the Sun in her natal chart.
- Transit Uranus was trine progressed Uranus on that day,
- Transit Uranus was conjunct her natal Sun (with 50m orb; Sun trine Uranus in the natal chart - out of sign-) and
- Transit Saturn was square her natal Sun (14m orb; Sun sextile Saturn - out of sign- in the natal chart).

The solar return chart of her birthday of 1974 shows Mars exactly conjunct Midheaven and conjunct Uranus. Mars-Uranus: quite a symbol for an assassination attempt. Transit Uranus was conjunct her Sun in 1975 and that is again reflecting sudden change (with possible controversy and rebellion).

The number of sextiles in her chart (there are 5) tells me that she may have been an activist and full of aggression, but that she also tended to go for the easy way. She was a drop out, an alcoholic and drugs addict and larger parts of her life have been spent in jail, inactive in society and unable to improve her position in society or to make her own choices.
Sextiles don't make it easy to be ambitious or independent. Sextiles represent the 'easy way out' and sometimes in certain situations that way seems to be criminal (in the eyes of the nativity). Click to see another example of the possible effect of the sextile.

Fromme chose to be a devoted follower. Her angular Neptune is quintile Jupiter. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune is the combination of the devoted follower. Neptune is square Midheaven to illustrate the negative effect of addiction and devotion for her position in society. Neptune colored her chart and life. When she started using drugs and alcohol the progressed Sun was semi sextile Neptune. The solar return chart valid for the year 1967 (when she met Charles Manson) had Neptune and Mercury on Midheaven and Jupiter was on the Descendant. That is when her devotion to Manson started. She had run away from home in 1963 with progressed Sun semi sextile Neptune.

There are more very tight aspects. Mars square Saturn is the tightest hard aspect
This aspect symbolizes serious hurt/pain and death or separation from a man as an issue; Mars rules the 7th house op partnership. Mars square Saturn teaches the nativity how bad it is to be aggressive, the hard way if necessary. It is difficult to control anger with Mars square Saturn... "There comes a point where the only way you can make a statement is to pick up a gun." That is what she stated after her attempt to kill the President.

See the (dated) interview with Lynette Fromme, defending Charles Manson's innocence...on YouTube. She looks nice (Venus, symbol of beauty and charm, is half semi square Sun/Moon and AC/MC).


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ronnie Biggs: no more jail

Ronnie Biggs is allowed to spend the rest of his life out of jail. It is official now, perhaps as a birthday present (his 80th birthday is on the 8th). Transit Pluto sesquisquare the natal Sun tells me that he has health problems in this life changing period. Pluto is an important planet in his natal chart. Ronnie Biggs chart has Pluto rising before the Sun. Pluto symbolizes politics, power, sex, challenges, transformations and money. Biggs'life has changed because of money. Four sextiles and two trines guided him to the 'easy way' to make a fortune: robbery.

Biggs was one of the Great Train Robbers. He got 30 years and served 10 of them in prisson. The Great Train Robbery was on August 8, 1963. A 15-men gang robbed the equivalent of 58 million US Dollars without killing anyone.

It was on Biggs's 34th birthday when it happened, in the year of Biggs's progressed Mercury trine Jupiter. On the day of the robbery transit Jupiter was square progressed Pluto. The combination promisses success (big money). Biggs was convicted and jailed but managed to escape on July 7, 1965 (with transit Uranus square Jupiter and inconjunct Uranus for happy change, but...with tension). He underwent plastic surgery in Paris and moved to Australia and later to Brazil.

On May 7, 2001 he voluntarily returned to England and was sent back to jail immediately. That was with Uranus opposition his Mercury, Jupiter sextile and Pluto trine Sun in the year of progressed Mars inconjunct Uranus (perfectly reflecting losing - inconjunction - freedom - Uranus-).

SATURN-URANUS (the issue of restricted freedom and breaking free)
With transit Uranus square his progressed Saturn he was allowed to go home after breaking a hip earlier this year. The Saturn-Uranus combination is reflecting the theme of restricted freedom and resistance against it (see the label for more examples).

This year the progressed Sun will be trine Venus (for peace and rest). Perhaps all is well that ends well? Earlier reports said that he will live in a nursing home (payed by the State). There have been protests of taxpayers who don't want him to be in a nurse home at their costs. Pluto, the planet of money, power, and jealousy!, is indeed important in the natal chart of Ronnie Biggs...


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jeremy Clarkson (TopGear) and his controversial moments

I'm a fan and follower of Top Gear, the best program about cars in the world IMO. So I read Jeremy Clarkson's 10 most controversial moments on and then I thought: where in the chart is the controversial political incorrect witty talker?

Jeremy Clarkson keeps talking and always has an answer. Mercury in Pisces doesn't make major (Ptolemeic) aspects and that is screaming: communications at any level (anyhow!). He writes, too. Yes, the Pisces mind is creative and the Pisces tale may be endless...

Mercury may not make major aspects, there are minor aspects: Mercury is biquintile Uranus and that is a perfect statement for creative (biquintile) controversial or new (Uranus) ideas (Mercury)! Or for 'open-minded approach' and enjoying 'new gadgets' (read CafeAstrology about this aspect!).
Notice that Saturn is inconjunct Uranus. The combination of Mercury, Saturn and Uranus refers to freedom of speech (and it's limitations:). That explains, doesn't it?

One might wonder why Mercury-Uranus is linked to controversial opinions. Just like Venus-Uranus marries too fast and Mars-Uranus is explosive, Mercury-Uranus expresses his opinion too fast. Maybe the Saturnal influence teaches Clarkson when to count to 10, one day, when he gets older:)

Of course, this is only what I found on the day of his birth. I wonder if Uranus or Mercury is angular in his chart. Without hour of birth that information is missing. For finding the witty controversial, the data was sufficient. And it is all that I wanted to know.

(PS About his successes: Venus is inconjunct Pluto and square Jupiter, reflecting his success and the extreme amount of earned money. It is also showing the love (Venus) for horse (Jupiter) power (Pluto)!)

More about Jeremy Clarkson on Wikipedia...


Monday, August 3, 2009

Chart of Rajmata Gayatri Devi

Rajmata Gayatri Devi, former Queen of Jaipur died July 29, 2009. She reached the age of 90. At such an age, every hard aspect might reflect fatality. In May of this year progressed Saturn was square her natal Sun. That is mirroring a step backward in health and possible blockades. Transit Pluto was exactly inconjunct her natal Sun when she passed away. This symbolizes difficulties and transformations with a possible loss.

Her natal chart is reflecting the birth of a socialite. Venus was conjunct Jupiter on the Ascendant. The combination of Venus and Jupiter is the combination of the party, having fun and enjoying international settings and travelling. This combination was angular (so: of crucial importance) in her natal chart. She and her husband turned their palace into a hotel and they travelled a lot. That is the effect of a prominent Jupiter. Venus, of course, is the symbol of charm and beauty. On the Ascendant Venus makes you look good, beloved and appreciated. Venus and Jupiter are trine Midheaven and that is very fortunate for your status and position. It is also reflecting a prosperous marriage. That doesn't mean that life was always pleasant.

The most tight aspect in her natal chart is Sun square Uranus, for being controversial and different from the rest. Uranus (and Node) are in hard aspect with Sun/Moon. In December 1973 progressed Uranus was exactly square her Natal Sun (because Uranus had retrograded in progression). Her husband died in 1970. Between 1971 and 1975 she experienced the loss of her privy purses and later she spent months in jail after being accused of violating tax laws. Unlike other widows, she remained a socialite.

The position of the unaspected Mars, rising before her Sun, is reflecting the importance of her husband and her activities to promote polo.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Barack Obama's solar return

During "Gates-gate" transit Saturnus was inconjunct his natal and progressed Ascendant. I remember the first time when Saturn hit his Ascendant. That was when he mistook clear voyants for astrologers and said he never consulted dead Presidents, referring to Nancy Reagan. He had to apologize and talk to Nancy then...In February (same kind of aspects) he supported the wrong guy and girl (Dasch and Killefer). It is clear that Saturn's inconjunctions are reflecting mistakes.

On August 4, Barack Obama will be 48. If he chooses to celebrate his birthday in the White House, Saturn will be on the Midheaven op his solar return chart. So maybe he would better select another place for his birthday party. Saturn on the SR Midheaven might reflect the disadvantages of his position and the importance of responsibilities and ...eventual mistakes.

PROGRESSED Mars, Saturn, Pluto...
In the progressed chart of Obama the combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto becomes tighter and tighter (see earlier posts, click the label Obama). This combination of aspects warns for the danger of enemies, violence and political struggle. To have to be defended (Mars-Pluto) because of your status (Saturn) is maybe one of the other possible ways to reflect Mars with Saturn and Pluto.

So perhaps 2009/2010 will be difficult. But times are getting better in 2010, on his next birthday. Just one more hard year to go?

By the end of August 2010 his progressed Sun will have changed sign to Libra and the first aspect is a trine with the optimistic Jupiter in July 2011. Those who are so fortunate to have an aspect with Jupiter first of all when the progressed Sun is in a new sign can see their lives change in a positive way. Of course, Obama will benefit in the first place. There has been a previous trine with Jupiter. In December 2007 his progressed Sun was trine progressed Jupiter. At the time a new poll showed that he was on the lead in Iowa, a crucial moment in the caucus.) The whole period between the trine with progressed and natal Jupiter will be coloured with support and success, no matter what hard times provided by Saturn may lay ahead. Jupiter also reflects travelling, meeting 'internationals' and growth (more knowledge, more insight).

For all posts about Obama, just click here...