Saturday, November 28, 2015

December Venus and November events

It is amazing how the Venus in Scorpio of Vladimir Putin is trine the Venus in Pisces of Recep Erdogan! This should mean 'mutual sympathy' (at least!) but there are complications. Venus of Erdogan is inconjunct the natal Sun of Putin. On Astromarkt ( ) I wrote about that:
‘Sun inconjunct Venus synastry: loving a person who just doesn’t seem to deserve it.’
First of all they are (I think) hetero sexual males and second (but not last): they like to rule and don't like to be offended. Their charts are part of this post, but first I like to mention that Venus in Scorpio rules December and that that is good for Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo. There is also Jupiter in Virgo, very nice for Virgo, you'd think. But as Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo are not at all in their own sign, they are weakly placed. That is why you might expect to get Christmas presents like towels with a sexy guy or girl or even socks with the text 'I am sexy'. I am just warning! It is because Venus in Scorpio is:
"Challenges in love and relationships...It is all or nothing for you in love. Some persons with this placements had problems and decided it will be a Venus in the desert forever. But when the aspects are good: strong and fanatic love and deeply true!"

Here is the chart of the Turkish' president (source with transits and progressions. The prominent positions of Uranus and Mars is the prominence of the short fuse. Sun in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius tell us: Your greatest resource is faith’ according to

When the Russian SU-24 was shot, his Saturn was opposite the Moon and his Sun in conflict with transit Mars (inconjunct), Saturn (square) and Neptune (conjunct). Even though the transits reveal a bad move, Erdogan will be supported by Obama and the NATO. Even the migration crises seems to help him (visa free entry to Europe for the Turkish people). It might be that the elevated position of Jupiter in his solar return of 2015 helps him. But it won't last forever. Erdogans progressed Sun will be inconjunct Mars within a year. It looks like transit Mars inconjunct Sun repeating itself. And there will be progressed Sun opposite Saturn and quindecile Neptune. The same transit combination of the incident will come back in progression and show loss and isolation. His progressed Ascendant is now square Uranus (tension) and transit Uranus will be conjunct progressed Ascendant in March 2016, for more tension and surprise. 
Vladimir Putin has to deal with Pluto (see: ) again. A while ago I wrote on Astromarkt ( about his solar return with Sun square Pluto and mentioned stress related to Syria.

Politics are complicated. But the fact that Putin's Neptune is in hard aspect with Erdogan's Sun shows that he was mistaken in the man who doesn't like opponents, just like he doesn't. 
Let's move over to VenusOver naar  Venus in december…
1024px-Venus_and_Jupiter_conjunction_March_2012.VENUS IN DECEMBER
Venus  is the planet of beauty, love, fun and everything that is nice. If you want to know how nice your holidays are going to be, check Venus! And for the positive idea, see where Jupiter is. The fact is, that both planets are in the wrong sign in December. Venus is in Scorpio. That makes love intense and rather complicated. Jupiter is weak in Virgo. It is the jolly good Santa bringing you a stockings or shirts! And this time, Venus in Scorpio will be there to add a text like 'I am sexy' on your socks. I am just warning!:)...

Venus in Scorpio is pleasant for Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn and Virgo (double blessed, with Jupiter in Virgo, too, especially those born between September 14 and 17). Those signs know how to handle Venus in Scorpio! Did you know that Bruce Springsteen also has Venus in Scorpio? 
On Xmas Eve there is a nice sextile between Venus and Jupiter around 22d54m. If your chart (or progressed chart) has any position in the 23rd degree of Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini or Capricorn, than plan your party on December 24 2015! Venus-Jupiter aspects are great for fun. Also check the midpoint Venus/Jupiter or your natal midpoint Venus/Jupiter for very nice moments (and not just in December). The not so nice effect of Venus-Jupiter might be 'gaining weight' but you won't notice until later:). 

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Chart of Henri Charrière (Papillon), transits and progressions

Henri Charrière, Papillon, was a wrongly convicted little criminal who ended his life as a successful author, starting with Progressed Sun quindecile Jupiter (strong focus on success) and transit Pholus conjunct his progressed Ascendant (turning point in situation).

His life started on November 16,1906, with Venus and Mercury conjunct Ascendant to illustrate his writer’s talent. As Mercury and Venus both were Out of Bounds, this angular position was even more special (and not in the regular and common way). Somehow he had a communication talent and this was bound to pop up someday. 
Usually, as you can see on my blog Art&Astrology, there is a pattern of artistic talents in the charts of artists, actors and/or authors, but in this case it was a (more or less auto-)biography. Papillon tells us what happened and he does it in a way that still moves people. There was a movie in 1973, based on the book.

Mars on Midheaven led him to the army, but he managed to escape that fate by deliberately crushing his thumb. There is a tight conjunction of Sun and Moon in the 24th degree of Scorpio*), inconjunct Pluto ruler 12, on November 16, 1906. The fact that his life was rather difficult (and that is an understatement) seems to be reflected by the chart, too.

When he was arrested for a murder that he didn’t commit, it was April 7, 1930, with the progressed Sun at 16.8 Sagittarius and transit Pluto at 17.45 Cancer.  As his Ascendant is 17.6 Sagittarius, transit Pluto was inconjunct both his Sun and Ascendant. I always point at the strength of aspect combinations in the natal chart, being repeated by transits or progression. That is of course especially so, when there is a natal inconjunct between Sun and Pluto and transit Pluto is inconjunct Sun later. It is as if it was the perfect moment to see his lifestyle destructed by the authorities. Sun inconjunct Pluto certainly doesn't make life easy. But managed to escape numerous times and eventually in 1944 he escaped to Latina America (Venezuela) where he arrived in 1945. I guess that his prominent Mars square Jupiter (ruler first house) helped him to achieve this.

Henri Charrière, just like Susan Boyle, had Pholus conjunct Midheaven when he was born. This is a perfect statement for a major turning point in life. First it seemed that he would serve the rest of his life in prison and later in life he became wealthy and famous. 

Here is the chart with transits and progressions of the day that his book was published for the first time.

*) The Sabian Symbol of this degree speaks of ‘Crowds coming down the mountain to listen’.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Europe, Angela Merkel and Uranus-Neptune assimilation

On November 9, 2015 Uranus was novile Neptune. It means that Uranus and Neptune are 40  degrees apart. A novile is the kind of aspect for rejoice. In an earlier post (February 2014) I wrote about Uranus-Neptune and one of the meanings of the combination: assimilation (think of the Borg:). Perhaps this a day to be happy with assimilation, media hypes and a hoax. The novile of Uranus-Neptune makes it easy to be awake sleepy or vice versa. Uranus-Neptune is about unverified news.

There was a Uranus-Neptune conjunction when the first humanoid robot was constructed by Honda in 1993. That happens to be the same year of the Treaty of Maastricht (the foundation of Europe as it is now). The idea was the assimilation of nations in the long term. Uranus conjunct Neptune showed it.

One of the most important persons in Europe today, is Angela Merkel. Just like Barack Obama she has Sun square Neptune in her natal chart. Both Merkel and Obama have an aspect between Uranus and Neptune.Angela Merkel's chart has Uranus square Neptune. Barack Obama's chart has Uranus quintile Neptune. The square signals a struggle, the quintile signals a creative way to deal with the issue. Midpoint Uranus/Neptune is semi square Ascendant in Obama's chart and semi square Angela Merkel's natal Sun. They are both important Western leaders. Both have the aspect of assimilation.

Uranus and Neptune move slowly. The planets need to have a special place in the chart to be important for a person. In Angela Merkel's chart Uranus rises just before the Sun and Neptune is conjunct Midheaven. In Europe's (Treaty of Maastricht) and Barack Obama's chart Uranus and Neptune are in a less important position. Angela Merkel's life changed because of the assimilation of Western- and Eastern Germany. Now she is very much in favor of a united and growing Europe.

The combination of Sun with Uranus and Neptune could make a person hyper sensitive or involve the person in a media hype, according to the books (f.ex. Ebertin). I have seen examples of that. Both Derek Ogilvie (a television medium) and Sacha Baron Cohen have this midpoint combination. At a certain point in their lives, they were involved in media hypes.
Angela Merkel's is Sun/Uranus square Neptune. Reinhold Ebertin says of this combination that it warns for detrimental blind zeal. Well, it took her a long way up:). She is an idol now. Many immigrants call her 'Mother Merkel'. But just like Barack Obama, Derek Ogilvie and Sacha Baron Cohen she is a controversial idol. That is even more so, today, now that she sort of invited the refugees of the world to unite and come to Germany, thus creating a chaos and a possible danger for Europe's stability. There is also the danger of terrorism committed by Syrians. In Paris, they found a Syrian passport on one of the terrorists.
The Uranus-Neptune conjunction of Europe collides with the Uranus-Neptune square of Angela Merkel.

The progressed Sun of Angela Merkel is in a quindecile aspect with both transit Neptune and natal Eris. There will be a strong focus on uncertain issues and discord. It must be rather frustrating, even though the sextile of progressed Sun and Uranus is not long ago. She will have to wait till August 2016 for transit Jupiter conjunct progressed Sun to give her vital support. Meanwhile, her charts cries change.

Here is her chart with transits and progressions for November 13 (attack in Paris) with Saturn square her progressed Ascendant and Midheaven inconjunct Moon in the progressed chart, indications of emotions and a possible hard confrontation or serious prospect. Meanwhile Poland refuses immigrants after November 13... And it seems to be the end of Schenger and back to borders in the EU.


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The Astrology of Terror

I wish that I could say that astrology helps to prevent any such act of terror by looking at the positions above and that astrologers could predict this kind of attacks, for the given time and place. But that is not so. Charts reflect events, not the other way around. Circumstances and situations color the aspects. 
There were of course general indications for heavy times and possible war acts in the mundane charts. The crisis may be over but there is Neptune in Pisces in the first 10 degrees (Migration, see ….) and there’s still an explosive war in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan. And there is more:

1.   In ‘The Uranus square Pluto aftermath’ I mentioned the fact that AFTER the Uranus-Pluto square there were the Years of Terror in France (with the guillotine) and that this ended with Saturn square Uranus. We have to wait till 2011 for Saturn square Uranus! I hope that this doesn’t mean that there is no end in sight for the coming 5 years, but I fear it does. 
2.   The Astrological New Year’s chart of 2015 (I mean Zero Aries) had Mars conjunct Eris. There is such a conjunction every 2 years, but not in a New Year’s chart. It is an aspect that signals a possible beginnings of war. Mars was opposition Zero Aries yesterday.
3. In the myths, Mars is the ancient god of war. Eris is the goddess who caused discord and laughed when the other godesses faught for her golden apple. The chart of November 13, 2015 had Mars in a 157.5 degree minor aspect with Eris. Mars was opposition Midheaven and the elevated Eris was half semi square MC when the first explosion was heard. There is also Uranus on top of the chart.
CTR and click to open in a new page and enlarge the picture

2.   On Mars + Eris op Astropost:
4.   In all of the charts of terrorists I found Mars-Uranus, also in the chart of Boston terrorist Dzokhar: Read abot Mars-Uranus here:
5.    The French news paper Le Monde gives a timeline: The chart of the moment when the tragedy started with an explosion near Paris Stade had Mars opposition MC. This is a position that often pops up in charts of shootings.
6.   Charlie Hebdo was attacked before. That was with Eris exactly square Midheaven at the moment of the first shots.

Mundane aspects are valid for the whole world but they get their meaning in certain situations and circumstances. But people all over the world will somehow notice what happened there. We are all in Paris, in our minds.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Progressed Moon and progressed houses

A few days ago someone asked me how to interpret the progressed Moon. Should the progressed Moon be seen as in the natal houses or in the progressed houses? I spent a few days considering the question. As I use not to use houses (or signs) much, it is not surprising that I don't really see an actual correspondence between the moon in house and a concrete event, particularly not because it depends on what system you use. That is completely different when it comes to the angles. The progressed Moon conjunct the Ascendant or Progressed Ascendant marks an emotional moment to remember, one that might change your attitude towards emotions in general. But I promised to have a look, so I did and I here is what I found. 

Example 1: Keith Richards falling out of a tree
On that day transit Chiron was square his Ascendant (he met a surgeon:) and transit Sun inconjunct MC showed that it was a day with a status out of balance.He also had progressed Moon in the natal 2nd house (related to the 8th house of crisis) and the progressed Moon was conjunct progressedAscendant (or say: in the progressed chart Moon was conjunct Ascendant) to mark a memorable emotional mo

Example 2: Barack Obama elected in 2008
When Obama became the first black POTUS, the progressed Moon crossed his natalAscendant in the period after the election and before his entrance in the White House. The progressed Moon was in the progressed 11th house of friends, perhaps an indication of how many friends he had at the time.

Example 3: Caitlyn Jenner coming out
Caitlyn (former Bruce) Jenner’s ‘coming out’ as a transgender was with progressed Moon in his natal 8th house of transformation and in the progressed 6th house of clothing but not on an angle.

Example 4: Queen Maxima
Dutch Queen Máxima had to go home and leave her husband in China during the official visit because of an ailment.Progressed Ascendant conjunct Mars and a Saturn-Neptune transit could have warned her before she travelled to China, but with the progressed Moon in progressed 9th house she had to travel, of course:).

In my opinion, the Moon in aspect  with an angle marks a memorable moment, while the progressed Moon in a house tells us more about the setting, a background. Is the progressed Moon in a natal house, than there is an already existing situation. A progressed house informs us about a temporary and developing situation. For example: Queen Maxima in China (for a while). But it doesn't always look that obvious. When my father died Moon was conjunct Ascendant in my progressed chart (as one of the aspects, like transit Uranus on MC). The progressed Moon was in the 2nd natal house (or the 3rd of the Porphyry house system). My father's progressed Moon was in the progressed 8th house of life and death. 

That is why I think that it is a good idea to include the position of the Moon in the progressed chart.

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