Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chart of John de Mol ('Big Brother') and Quaoar

Pluto is the symbol of money, power and influence. Transit Pluto is now trine the natal Sun of John de Mol, one of the persons on the list of the 50 most influential persons in the world, according to the Financial Times. He is the man behind ‘ Big Brother’. His chart and the family situation/conditions were a perfect mix. This post is about that mix and about Quaoar, the new dwarf planet making an exact square with his Ascendant.

Quaoar is the symbol of a creative person, able to shape new worlds and...he dances and sings. Isn't that a perfect prominent position for Quaoar in the chart of the man behind the entertainment factory? Transit Quaoar is now in the 21st of Sagittarius and trine his progressed Ascendant. Maybe it is not surprising that Quaoar drew my attention, since that is conjunct vital positions in my natal chart and prorgressed Descendant.

It is nice to have the chart of an inventive manager, but when you are born in the middle of nowhere you won't become mr. Big Brother. John de Mol's father ran a radio station after he stopped singing. His sister works in the media, too, and is the most successful woman on television. It is all in the family, but it takes skills and the will to succeed to make a success of a given situation. John de Mol succeeded indeed!

His natal chart shows a potential for (artistic and creative) talents, being inventive and working hard with an extra creative talent to make money. Mars 'calling' is 'work calling'. He is a promotor at any possible level and may be a workaholic.

Here you see the chart with 1) a ‘ calling’ Mars (self made, workaholic), 2) an oriental Saturn (business and career first), 3) Venus in aspect with Sun/Moon (motivated by pleasure and entertainment) and on Aries Point (known for this) and 4) a Midheaven in Pisces (field of the media) with Venus<>MR Neptune disposing of the MC (talented), 5) the MC sesquisquare Jupiter and Uranus (inventive, helicopter view). 6) Watch the 160 degree aspect between the most prominent planets of this chart (Mars and Saturn) for rejoicing working hard!

Transit Pluto is nowmirroring a period of being considered an authority.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Cars and sun signs

A big English credit company in the West-Midlands, specialised in financing cars did a study in 1999, now almost eleven years ago, among 5000 consumers. They found that:

- Libra loves to spend money on expansive cars with lots of luxury
- Sagittarius follows into Libra's footsteps! They are fond of expansive cars, too.
- The male Cancer however spends most: he prefers Porches and Rolls Royces
- Capricorns are very economic, just like male Aries. They are not big spenders when it comes to cars.
- Scorpios stick to their car brand.
- Female Virgo enjoys second hand Rolls Royces (how, since there are so few of them, isn't it?)
- Aquarius wants the latest models. (Would we have expected otherwise?)

How about you? I found out that the Moon in sign also contributes to the 'pattern'. I know of a Moon in Cancer driving a Porsche and giga Mercedes. And I know a Sun Libra who buys all the gadgets!

The info was published in De Telegraaf of Wednesday January 13, 1999, so says mandala.be.. The name of the company involved wasn't mentioned. And I don't know if the company attracted more Virgo's than Pisces, for example. Models, cars and preferences changed in those 11 years. Maybe sun signs too!:)

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Transit Saturn and Pluto and the chart of Hirohisa Fujii

You may never have heard of him before, but Hirohisa Fujii (藤井 裕久?, born June 24, 1932 in Tokyo) is the Japanese minister of Finance. The reason that I blog about him is that he is in the news and that the transits of Saturn and Pluto perfectly reflect the reason why. He is 77 years old and he is in a position of power. Japanese people are among the eldest in the world. But mr. Fujii now has problems (Pluto) with health (Sun) and an ailment (Saturn). Hypertension, probably due to hard working, brought him into hospital yesterday.

He became a minister in 2009 and he very soon found transit Saturn square and transit Pluto opposition natal Sun on his way (the effects of the financial crisis). The disadvantages of power, money and politics showed up at an age when it is harder to be a ‘ die hard’.
For more about Saturn and Pluto, click for the article on Astromarkt or click the label.

BTW The chart (time unknown) above shows a driven person. Mars rises before his Sun and is trine Saturn, and that explains his drive to work hard. He also has Sun inconjunct Saturn. Most often this aspect mirrors an ailment from the start. Sometimes it is reflecting disbalanced ambition or …. Being in charge, but in a way (or at an age!) that does not favor health. Whenever a progression or transit between Sun and Saturn occurs, there is a probability that the ailment starts ' working' . As Saturn is retrograding it is to be expected that there will be more of such occasions. Saturn is the symbol of periods and decades ending. Often with such aspects people step back, have a break etc. It strongly depends on gender, genes, age, condition, situation and of course the complete chart how things will develop.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chart day of birth Urban Meyer

Sometimes even without an hour of birth, there is a clear picture of a given situation.

Florida American football coach Urban Meyer has re-evaluated his priorities after worries about his health. He won't step back completely, but he takes a (long) leave instead, it seems.
Here is his chart. Transit Saturn is now inconjunct his natal Saturn, perfectly reflecting disbalance and worries. The inconjunction is often involved when there is a problem with health. Transit Saturn is also 75 degrees from natal Sun (and in the natal chart transit Saturn is sesquisquare Sun). That makes the effect of the transit stronger. And that is not all. Transit Pluto is quindecile (165d) his natal Sun, adding stress and a focus (quindecile) on health(Sun)problems(Pluto).

Good time for a time out, also because the transit of Saturn is not over yet and will be back in 2010. First he wanted to step back, now it seems that he is reconsidering it and will just be taking a leave. The present retrograding Mercury makes us all think twice...
The time of birth is unknown. But one thing is sure: Mars is the first outer planet rising before his Sun and that is perfect for competition!

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Chart of a hippopotamus

Astrology works for animals, too. I started a small blog in Dutch to show the correspondence between the charts and transits with the lives and deaths of animals like cats, dogs, lions and eliphants. The latest post is about Tanja, the hippopotamus born in Artis Amsterdam, who died age 49 on Xmas Day, due to the effect of ailment of the skin. She was born June 2, 1960. On that day Venus was inconjunct Neptune (reflecting the ailment) and Saturn was inconjunct Uranus (reflecting a possible restricted freedom, very appropiate since she was born in captivity and lived a life behind in a limited area in a Zoo). But there was also a Moon trine Jupiter and conjunct Pluto, mirroring her enormous popularity. She even had a Hyves! Here is the chart of the day of birth, with progressions and transits in a triwheel.

Tanja died in a period with transits resembling the composition of planets in the natal chart:

- transit Mars conjunct progressed Uranus (this can reflect an accident or surgery, a sudden pain)
- after Mars conjunct natal Uranus
- after Mars inconjunct natal Saturn (lack of energy, death, hurt)
- on a day with solar transit trine Pluto (easy way for major change)

In the natal chart Mars is square Saturn and trine Uranus, with Saturn inconjunct Uranus. Often, when a certain pattern is being repeated by transit and/or progression, an important event takes place. In this case, for this animal in her circumstances, the mirrored combination accompanied death.

More about animals? Click the label here or on my blog Astropost.blogspot.com (c).

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chart of the Alcoholics Anonymous AA

With Xmas time a lot of alcoholic consumptions are being used, so maybe it is time to have a quick look at the chart of the Alcoholics Anonymous, the AA (gratitude to one of my readers who names Joyce Hoen ‘ Medische astrologie’ as the source for the chart). At least, that is what I thought. I started searching Google and found a few interesting sites with questions about the effectiveness of the AA-therapy. (Links included below!)
Here above is the chart! The chart seems to reflect the purpose of the organisation.

In what way does this chart show that the new founded club fights the abuse and addiction of alcohol? See how the most prominent placement are reflecting the significance of the AA: Uranus rising before the Sun and Pallas close to the Descendant, Moon on top. It is a statement for changing (Uranus) habitual (Moon) patterns (Pallas) with others (Descendant)!
Communications is a great part of it. Mercury – symbol of communications - is the sole dispositor, and the final dispositor of MC! Mercury is conjunct Chiron (therapy talk) square Saturn and Neptune (a mental illness or weakness, or discussing it). Maybe Saturn opposition Neptune should be read as follows: ending (Saturn) addiction (Neptune).
A crucial element of this chart is the support (Jupiter ruler 1 = AC/MC) and discretion (Neptune/Pluto is square Jupiter and AC/MC).

And so it is still today…? Has the therapy been updated following new studies? I hope so for the estimated 2 million members all over the world...

I was just reading the chart and I am not an expert on therapies or alcoholism so please follow the links for more about the effectiveness of the AA therapy:

1.What is good about AA? See Orange Papers
2.And what is wrong with AA?: http://www.orange-papers.org/orange-not_good.html
3.Wikipedia about the effectiveness of the AA

PS Now that I am doing this chart, and the chart is ‘ in the news’ transit Uranus – planet of the news - is opposition the Midheaven of the AA. Also transit Pluto is inconjunct the progressed Sun of the AA. The organisation has just been compared with others and their therapies, I recall.

PPS Thinking of scientific results...Mercury square Saturn is very tight. For more about Mercury-Saturn, see:
Chart of scientist Rachel Carson

Thinking about Mercury and Saturn (scientist with Mercury-Saturn

Mercury and lies

Mercury at work (on my site Astromarkt).

Monday, December 21, 2009

Transit Jupiter in 12th house

In an effort to understand why I was ‘ skipped by Jupiter’ and transit Jupiter sextile Sun and MC and conjunct progressed Sun had no positive effect (on the contrary, the doctor told me that I had H1N1, Mexican Flu), I keep seeking answers. I may have found one. I blame the 12th house!

I sought for the answer in ‘ Predictive astrology’ – The eagle and the lark – by Bernadette Brady. The 12th house is related to being alone, someting hidden, being ill, intuition and the paranormal, she says. I also read a book written before the Second World War, by Else Parker. There I found an interesting passage about Jupiter's transit through the 12th house (where transit Jupiter is right now, in my chart). Jupiter's transits in the 12th house is only a remedy, helping against things that 'could be worse' (like my flu:)...
The results of my ' quest' may not be surprising: I also found that the final transit of Jupiter is the most effective one.
But does this all explain the lack of positive or noticable effect in all cases? Please do the poll (on the left on my blog). Let us see if the 12th house was involved when your FINAL Jupiter transit ' failed'. If not, there must be another answer...

Using the method to read transits as described in this book, I understood WHY Jupiter worked as Jupiter did. Let me explain the method and show you that it works for reading my transit Jupiter (ruler 10 in 12, transit in 12) sextile Sun and Midheaven (Sun in 10, Placidus co-dispositor of 6th house).
The method consist of seeking the CAUSE in the natal house, the SITUATION in the transit house and the final RESULTS or effect in the rulerships (natal house). The book lists a number of causes, situations and results related to the meanings of the houses.

The planet in transit has a position in the birth chart. The houses of the planets in the birth chart describe the CAUSE. My Jupiter on the Ascendant but still in 12 was sextile the Sun on Midheaven in 10. Transit Jupiter sextile Sun/MC should be read as Transit natal 12 sextile natal 10 = cause. The 12th house is considered to be the house of seclusion (for example due to illnesses) and the 10th is the public house (career, status and condition). I visited the doctor because I could not go to work, I had the flu.

The house where the planet in transit is in (in this case, the 12th again) describes the SITUATION. That is correct. I was ill.

The houses ruled by the planets in aspect describe the RESULT. In my case Jupiter rules the 10th house and the Sun is the Placidus co-ruler 6 and the dispositor of the 6th equal and whole sign house. The flu, of course had a result for my job and daily routine.

So, should I blame the 12th house position of Jupiter and the fact that the transit of Jupiter was in the 12th, sextile the ruler of the 6th house? I have a very old book by Else Parker. She wrote (in 1953!) that
the transit of Jupiter through the 12th house never brings ‘an easy time’ but that the transit will remind you about sunshine following rain and about the sun behind the clouds. She also noted that periods of rest (…) and devoted pondering would turn out to be of more value than a rush for material advancement. In the end, she promised☺, Jupiter’s transit through the 12th house contributes to to the idea that all dark and difficult things ‘ might have been worse’.
And that is fact (H1N1 is sometimes lethal).

But that would implicate that any transit of Jupiter leads to a 12-house CAUSE and any transit made with Jupiter creates a 12-house situation, while it always affects my status, career and position. Jupiter is conjunct the Ascendant and strongly influences the 1st house because of the conjunction.

I tested more transits with Jupiter.
a. Transit Jupiter conjunct Sun and Midheaven ‘brought’ me a new car, twice. It is in Sagittarius☺ . That is a 12-10 CAUSE, a 10th house SITUATION and a 10-6 RESULT.
New cars alter a bit of the daily routine in a pleasant way and it changes your ‘ wordly’ position. Perhaps the 12th house natal position should indeed be considered a first house one (because of the conjunction with the Ascendant).
So it seems that the fact that Jupiter was transit in the 12th house had the strongest (negative) effect (for the SITUATION) and that is what counted: being ill!
b. The last time that Jupiter was sextile Sun was in 1997, with the final ' hit' in December. The cause and situation were not related to me in person, but I benefitted from it (though I also ' suffered' from the situation). A real 12th house situation: I am not explaining it here:)
c. There had been sextiles from transit Jupiter before, in April and September of 2009. And nothing of importance happened...The flu was with the final transit.

I keep looking for reasons and explanations. To explain the fact that Jupiter's transits sometimes just skipp you. there are texts that say that it is you, you and you who is responsible for not seeing the opportunities when Jupiter comes bye. Blame the victim, LOL!:) I wonder what kind of an opportunity there were, having a fever? And how about persons released by a nice judge, during a transit of Jupiter? What kind of opportunity is it to just happen to face a nice judge? The kind of opportunities that you can see or make, don't need a Jupiter transit. And a 12th house position implicates that things happen (miracles and disasters...).
Tiger Woods had support coming from his co-golfers, at a moment that he wasn't playing at all and with a negative press all over the world. He had transit Jupiter trine MC when his fellow players named him the best!*) Transits of Jupiter help you or they just don't. Unless they transit in the 12th house in which case you just have to be humble and grateful for what might have been worse, I suppose.

This all explains the 12th house transit of Jupiter in my chart, I hope. Maybe it also explains why your Jupiter had no effect (was the 12th house involved?). Of course, you have to consider the side effect of progressions and other transits. I know that my ' side effect' came from progressed Sun opposition Pluto. So I already decided to be grateful that H1N1 made me ill for weeks but didn't kill me after all `yet' (LOL!). And that my reading (getting an international virus) really fitted this aspect.

The last week of January 2010 transit Jupiter will be conjunct Jupiter. It is a great moment to test if
a) Jupiter on the edge of the first house should be considered not to be in the 12th (and than I won't be ill); a 1-1 or 12-12 CAUSE and SITUATION
b) a Jupiter return increases optimism and conviction (how can I try not to be influenced and start chearing now?)
c) if there is a strong effect on my career or CONDITION (status) for whatever cause or situation
or if Jupiter will again ' skipp me' !
In February 2010 transit Jupiter moves to the first house. There will be no excuses any more, then:)!

*) His Jupiter is in the natal 7, the Sun in 4. Business relations, partners and family are the cause of support. Situation: Jupiter is in the 5th house by transit (being occupied with entertainment, love and …playing). And the result is a message from friends (3 and 11).

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mail address

This is just to tell you about my email (astromarkt) at hotmail. For some silly reason I just can't use it, my password is not accepted and the answer to an attempt to get my password resulted in a mail leading me to a page where I should enter or alter my password@!#%$! So if you have a message, use my Gmail (see on the left: CONTACT). Thank you!

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Do your birthdays match? and how?

This post helps you to see what significant distance there is between your Sun and your partners' Sun and what is means, without needing a chart and without knowledge of aspects. Curious about how your birthday matches with your partner's? Check it, for fun. For more explanation and more about how to calculate the numbers, see Astrology-love-romance.blogspot.com, using this link. Of course, this is not the complete story of your partnership, but just one (important) part of it.

Your number minus his/hers = result. If one of the numbers is less than 180, add 360 to it. The numbers correspond with the degrees of the Sun in the circle of 360 degrees.

January 1 (281) 15 (295) 30 (310) (Example: January 20 januari = 295+5=300)
February 1 (312) 15 (326)
March 1 (340), 15 (354), 30 (10)
April 1 (11(, 15 (25) 30 (40)
May 1 (41), 15 (54), 30 (69)
June 1 (70), 15 (84), 30 (98)
July 1 (99), 11 (109) 21 (118) en 31 (128)
August 1 (129), 15 (142), 30 (157)
September 1 (158), 11 (168), 15 (172), 30 (188)
October 1 (187), 11 (198), 15 (202), 31 (217) (NB 5 oktober = 187+4=191)
November 1 (218) 11 (229), 21 (230)
December 1 (249), 11 (259), 21 (269), 31 (279)


0-5 Living together as ONE
43-47 Sometimes living together is a frustrating challenge
50-53 You know how to learn to live together
57-63 You accept each other as you are
66-69 Living together is sometimes frustrating, but challenging
70.5 – 73.5 You can create your own little world
85-95 Opposites attract each other (and sometimes fight each other
115-125 You are the lights in each other’s life
133-137 Sometimes frustrating, but attractive
148-152 One of the two has to surrender, there is little balance
163-167 You are almost obsessed and stick like glue
175-185 Completely different, there must be something else that keeps you going

No results? Then go to the table of matching signs on Astromarkt

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100 year old Aida dos Santos alive and kicking...

The 20th of November she celebrated birthday number 100 and then she had her first jump out of a plane! Yes, that is what a Brasilian lady (Aida dos Santos) did! The adrenaline made her feel like 15! Read the story here (http://www.ideal.es/agencias/20091219/gente/brasilena-centenaria-salta-primera-paracaidas_200912192127.html) …Here is the chart of her birthday (no hour). I don’t see how and why now (at least: not at this hour of the night), but I do see that she has Sun conjunct Jupiter/Uranus and that is not uncommon in the charts of aged people. It is apparently helping to enjoy new things, not matter what age! Her Scorpio Sun makes her brave enough...

More about Jupiter-Uranus on this blog here...

And more about getting old on Astromarkt

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jupiter trine MC: support for Tiger Woods

Ain’t that nice!? Transit Jupiter is working in the chart of Tiger Woods today, now that his co-golfers named him Player of the Year. That is exactly with transit Jupiter trine his Midheaven. Of course there is still transit Neptune inconjunct Ascendant and he lost Tag Heuer as a sponsor, but this is important support. He may not be a perfect husband, but he is a very good golf player. In fact: the best.

Transits of Jupiter may not change the world (and sometimes they don't even change a thing:) but they contribute to confidence and feeling good, even in difficult times.

For more about Tiger Woods, search this blog (see the right upper corner).
For more about transits of Jupiter, see this post

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Jupiter-Uranus in the chart of Futurologist Kurzweil

Jupiter-Uranus (and Sagittarius-Aquarius) symbolizes the theme of ‘ the other perspective’ or ‘ the other way to see things’ and that is why Jupiter-Uranus is prominent in the charts of astronauts, modern church leaders and astrologers. They share a sort of a helicopter view over people and earth. Astronauts have seen the earth from above. Religious leaders see people and earth from a higher perspective (through the eyes of their gods) and astrologers look at earth and people related to patterns in the sky above (as above, as below). In a way astronauts, popes and astrologers share ‘ not having both feet on the ground’ , being earth-loose instead of earthbound. For looking into future developments it takes to be able to mind travel outside today’s reality. So I am not surprised that on the day of birth of futurologist Raymond Kurzweil Jupiter-Uranus was very important, too.

Why is Jupiter-Uranus important in his chart? It is because Jupiter rises before the Sun, strong in Sagittarius and is opposition Uranus in Gemini, with the Sun in Aquarius as a bridge (trine Uranus, sextile Jupiter). Look at the chart drawing and you will notice that the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus is apart from the rest of the planets and lights. The opposition draws your attention, immediately.

Look at Wikipedia for more information about Kurzweil and you will understand why there is a golden yod between Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune, shaped by quintiles and biquintiles. It is for being creative in telling great stories. I recently read that he predicted that humans will carry a computerized brain in the near future, in 2035. Then we will be cyborgs. Meantime there are chips that help people to see, hear and move, already.

Technological advancement is another way to express the combination of Jupiter (progress, conviction) and Uranus (technology). The optimism that goes together with this combiation stimulates life in general. Often, very old people have a (midpoint or aspect) combination of Sun, Jupiter and Uranus in their chart. Belief in the idea that humanity can change climate conditations or turn back an ill situation is expressed by the present conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, see the post about that…http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/12/jupiter-conjunct-neptune-in-aquarius-2.html

Jupiter-Uranus and the charts of astrologers

Charts of Popes on my site Astromarkt...

Jupiter-Uranus in transit often indicates a sudden relief, a fault on the right side, a guardian angle in times of trouble or some ' accidental' thing that makes hard times acceptable. More example stories on this blog:

1. ' Lucky' crash of Seinfeld:
2. Sometimes even death is a relief, see
-about an execution with Jupiter trine Uranus

- about the death of astrologer Mellie Uyldert

3. Click the label Jupiter Uranus on Astropost.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Charles Dickens positive Jupiter and Moon in Sag

On the way to Xmas and the Winter Solstice I like to pay attention to related charts. One of the authors who contribute most to Xmas atmosphere is Charles Dickens, a great talent who managed to end books in a positive way, always. Why? Jupiter is on top and doesn't make major aspects in sign or 5d orb. That makes Jupiter a prominent planet in the chart and Jupiter is sort of the symbol of Santa Claus himself. Also the Moon is in the sign ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius. That is a statemtent for always wanting to see the bright sides of life:)...or pretending to do so:) LOL
Yet, with Saturn rising before his Sun he had an eye for poverty, too. And for status. Somehow his characters are always saved because they were of noble birth! There have to be social differences, of course, certainly in that age. There is an other side of Dickens, that I wrote about on Astrology & Love and that is about his relationship with women... He lived in one house with his sister in law when his wife left him and he had a mistress, too. But he had to keep things 'decent', not just because of the oriental Saturn, but also because of the time in history...

The artistic talent is obvious. Charles Dickens's Venus in Pisces on the Descendant is related to the Moon, Neptune and Midheaven. With the Midheaven in Gemini and Jupiter on top, 'calling' (= not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) the publishing and writing becomes part of the pattern. Another interesting observation is that the Sun is right in the middle of Mercury and Venus (Sun = Mercury/Venus) and that means that he was a communication talent. The prominent placements of Jupiter and Pluto make us aware of great success. A success that is being repeated each December, the month of his Sagittarian Moon and the signs ruled by Jupiter and Saturn.

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Prince William's Ceres

Ceres is prominent in the chart of the famous chef cooks whose charts I studied in an earlier post about the Astrological Recipe for Famous Chef Cooks. When Ceres doesn't make major aspects (like conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines or oppositions) in sign within an orb of 5 degrees, I consider Ceres to be 'calling'. That means that the principle of Ceres can be expressed at any level, anyhow, somehow. It makes Ceres prominent.
There are about 40 posts about Ceres on my blog. Ceres is an important female icon and the symbol of roots, genes, seeds, agriculture and nutrition. Perhaps that is why Ceres has a special place in the charts of important cooks. A prominent Ceres ('calling' or angular) doesn't mean that you should be a cook. Stats and astrology don't work the other way around and each chart should be read in the light of the social and economic position of the individual and of course: in the light of the rest of the chart. Prince William has a very special social-economic position to take into consideration!

In the chart of Prince William Sun,Jupiter and Neptune are angular, positions for a famous idol. Ceres is also prominent. Well, he is the eldest son and heir (roots, genes!). Ceres is also the symbol of motherly love (see this post...) and we all know how much Diana loved her children. There are other ways for the symbol Ceres to be 'lived', but actually...

Prince William told the press that he doesn't know how to make a meal at all. (Yet, I think. Maybe one day he will just love it. Who can resist the 'call' of Ceres?:) Ceres is semi square his Ascendant and if Bob Mark's explanation of Ceres in the Tenth house is right, he will always BE nurtured or be attracted to careers connected with food or clothing. Or in the case of a prince, to a career that suits his roots and genes.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Chart of Berlusconi, considering the incident

Astrodatabank has a chart of Silvio Berlusconi that doesn't fit with the events yesterday at all. It is a chart for 5:40. On Italian sites they use 6:00 a.m. And that gives us the 3rd degree of Libra on the Ascendant, exactly square transit Pluto and conjunct Saturn. Transit Pluto would be opposition MC with this hour. And Saturn makes a square. That hour of birth explains why he was struck by the incident twice: in his face and in his status. It seems that he doesn't understand that there is so much hate against his person. Pluto is the perfect symbol of hate, enemies and danger. Saturn and Pluto together represent the nasty sides of politics...Multiple examples on this blog (click the label) and an explanation on Astromarkt...
Here you see the chart on an Italian Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=51925088678

And here are the posts about Mercury inconjunct Uranus (controversial ideas) in the chart of Berlusconi, on this blog: http://astropost.blogspot.com/search?q=berlusconi

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Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius -2-

In addition to my post about Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius: it is about believing in techniques, humanity and change, too. The conjunction was exact during the Climate Conference of Copenhagen, where they discuss measures to halt global warming. It they can they do that, they might also be able to change the tides, stop Ice Age if it comes and make it rain only at night (like in Ira Levin's book). If they CAN (and are willing to try it) it would increase the belief in technical progress and advancement solving all problems, shaping a new world like in Star Wars. And that is a great (jupiter-neptunic) aspiration (Aquarius), isn it. Here is the link to the earlier article about Jupiter and Neptune, with information about midpoint-and aspect combinations with Jupiter/Neptune and a quote from that post.


This year there will be two conjunctions (in May and in December) and that strongly influences 2009. The idealistic combination of planets in the sign of change, revival and hope might produce new hope, new ideals and a revival of religious devotion and spirituality. New heroes and idols might show up. (Perhaps one of them is Jupiter, the planet who saved earth:)

PS Jupiter and Neptune together seem to reflect moments of hope (found remedies and vaccins, for example). There was the announcement of a vaccinn in January 2006 (against avian flu) with Jupiter square Neptune. A vaccin against Mexican Flu has been announced around June 11 (Jupiter was conjunct Neptune end of May).

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Transit Jupiter and nothing happened

If transits work, why don’t they work always? The poll that I did on astropost.blogspot.com even shows, that transits DON’T do their work more often than they do!

Ten out of 16 respondents answered that they have at least one time noticed no effect at all of transit Jupiter. Six persons said they always noticed an effect. Almost 1/3 replied ‘ often or regulary’ in the poll with the question: ‘ Transit Jupiter and nothing happened?’ I started the poll after writing about being skipped by Jupiter

What do the results mean?
Of course, this poll is not a scientific enquiry! The results might just mean that those people who haven’t noticed an effect answered more often than those who always notice an effect. Sixteen answers is not a crowd and the results might change when more people answer. It is just a poll on just a blog. Perhaps even, the visitors of my blog might be different from those of other blogs, who knows.

So I wouldn’t consider the results as a negative outcome for Jupiter or transits or even for astrology in general. (Of course not, after decades of study and thousands of posts and articles showing the relationship between lives and charts!) It just makes me think about prognoses. And I wonder about the question why… in order to see it (not) coming next time. I guess that there must be an explanation.
If you have an explanation for the transits without an effect, please let me know.

A transit came bye and nothing SMART happened. It happens all the time. And it makes me wonder about prognoses. If this was testing my conviction about astrology, there is an effect. It has not been shaken at all. Hey, Jupiter happens to be the symbol of convictions, too….

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Chart of Willie Brandt, Saturn, Pluto and the museum

As I said before today, Saturn-Pluto CAN have a positive effect. That is when you are gaining respect and that is another boomerang effect...
Willie Brandt (mayor of Berlin) has died long ago, but now they name a museum after him. Look at the transits!

Transit Saturn has been square Midheaven (and will be back)
Transit Pluto will soon be conjunct Midheaven
Transit Pluto will also soon be square progressed Sun
Transit Saturn recently was opposition progressed Sun (and will be back)

This is completed by Progressed Sun square Midheaven (and that is like a spotlight over your career and status).

Here is the chart of Willie Brandt. His Pluto (symbol of politics) doesn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees and is opposition Midheaven. That makes the symbol of the politician a prominent one in this natal chart.

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Saturn, Pluto and Papadopoulos death body

Interesting how transits continue to do their job after death...Tassos Papadopoulus death body has been stolen out of the grave. That is sick. Watch the transits: Saturn is opposition progressed Sun, Pluto is square progressed Sun. It is the rigid (sic...) 'die hard' (sic, sic) combination of Saturn and Pluto. For a politician (he was the President of Cyprus until he died last year) the reading of these transits could be 'disadvantage of politics' but in general it is the reflection of intense (Pluto) worries (Saturn) (see the post about the chart of George Michael). There is also another transit: Jupiter is conjunct Venus. It is the combination of having a party or celebration! Maybe it is reflecting the fact that they were planning to remember him as he died a year ago. But now they found his grave disturbed and his body been stolen out of the coffin (...), maybe being used for making a political statement, or maybe to have fun? Certainly it is shocking his family members. It is cruel. And one of the interpretations that Reinhold Ebertin gives in COSI (Combinations of Stellar Influence) for Saturn-Pluto combinations is: cruelty.
You see his chart, progressions and transits, for a time unknown. Here is the news on BBC...

More Saturn-Pluto on Astromarkt...I quote:
There is a certain 'boomerang' effect with Saturn-Pluto combinations. The slightest error in the past made during a Saturn-Pluto aspect might turn against you later, when Saturn joins Pluto again. Investigations about peoples' past bring errors to the light during a progression or transit that combines the planets and force the native to resign. Saturn brings up the disadvantages of research and investigation

Some of the examples on Astromarkt...
An Israelian colonist, taken away by force at 28th June 2006 by transit of Saturn sesquiquadrate Pluto. He was born 2nd February 1988 with Sun semi square Saturn and square Pluto, Saturn is on the midpoint of Sun/Pluto in his chart.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, now working in New York for a conservative denk tank, had Sun Arc Pluto oppposed to Saturn when a journalist found out that she gave a fake name when she entered Holland. The disadvantages of an inquiry!

Bruce Willis, born 19th March 1955 at 18h32 in Idar Oberstein is know for his 'Die hard' movies'. He is then acting as a solo operationg heroe. In his natal chart Saturn in Scorpio opposes Mars at Zero Aries. More than once and actor seems to play the role that fits him...

Mel Gibson, 3 January 1956 at16h45 in Peekskill, often acts as a tought heroe in the movies. He has the Sun semi square Saturn and sesquiquadrate Pluto.

Vittorio Emanuele (Italian prince born in Napels on February 12 1937) once shot a German tourist, who died later. That was when Transit Mars squared progressed Saturn and was inconjunct Porgressed Pluto! In his natal chart there are a few connections of Saturn and Pluto: Sun square Saturn/Pluto, Venus square Saturn/Pluot, Northern Node square Saturn and Mars/Pluto, Saturn opposed to Mars/Pluto.

Margareth Ann Pahl was born 6th April 1909 and became the victim of a priest. On the day of the murder transit Pluto opposed her progressed Saturn.

Samir A (born 27th July 1981 in Amsterdam and on trial in October 2006 for taking part in a terrorist organisation) has Sun trine Saturn and square Pluto (and Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus). When the OM said they could proof that he had used a gun, Samir A had Transit Saturn conjunct Sun and square Pluto.

Slobodan Milosevic (20th August 1941, Pozareva) ws arrested with Transit Saturn conjunct the Sun on April 1 1001 and he died on March 11 2006 with transit Saturn conjunct Pluto.

Postive example!
Didier Drogba, football player born in Abidjan on March 11 1978 had a moment of excellence during a World Championsip 2006 game during a transit of Pluto trine Saturn (he gained respect). In his natal chart the Sun opposes the midpoints Mars/Uranus and Saturn/Pluto.

André Agassi (29th april 1970, LA) has Sun conjunct Saturn and sesquiquadrate Pluto in his natal chart. A solo sportsman! He stopped in 2006 in the year that transit Saturn squared the Sun (the age...:).

Marianne Timmer, 13th October 1974 has Sun conjunct Pluto and square Saturn and skater Erben Wennemars has a Scorpio Sun square Saturn.

Father Eustachie of Lieshout was sanctified on June 15 2006 during a transit of Saturn inconjunc the progressed Sun and a transit of Pluto semi square the Sun. He was born November 3, 1890 in Aarle Rixtel.

(Father Damian (Pater Damiaan) had Saturn semis square Sun and progresed Sun opposed Saturn when he was named 'holy' on December 2, 1950).

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Chart of Rachel Carson (Mercury-Saturn)

There is Climate Conference in Copenhagen going on. Time to get back into time: the sixties. That is when a environmental issue is hot stuff. American marine biologist Rachel Carson writes 'Silent Spring' and 50 years later Wikipedia writes two things. In English her prophecies about the dangers of pesticides came true. In Dutch her ideas about those dangers are referred to as 'Rachel Carson syndrome'. This means that there is at least a controversy:)
Her chart is on Astrodatabank.

Rachel Carson has, just like many scientist, an aspect between Mercury and Saturn, in her case a quintile for creative conservative thinking (following the standing theories). The quintile enabled her to develop new theories. Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant, a prominent placement! Rachel Carson's book was a doom theory. She wrote 'Silent Spring', referring to a spring without birds. It was probably the first book ever written about the environment and the dangers coming from human beings. And it attributed to the end of using DDT.

Although she certainly was a woman with a passion (Venus nor Mars are making aspects), she never got married. She was totally devoted to her job (Sun/Moon square Mars: being motivated by working). I'll be back soon with more about Sun/Moon midpoint and motivations...

1. Al Gore has Mercury inconjunct Saturn, which seems to me a lesser fortunate combination than the creative quintile. That is because the inconjunction includes losts and losing balance. Mercury inconjunct Saturn also requires 'to eat the elephant in small pieces' in order not to lose control.

2. http://astropost.blogspot.com/2008/12/thinking-about-mercury-and-saturn.html

3. Mercury and lies...

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Chart of George Michael: worries...

Friends worry about the condition and situation of George Michael, who doesn't seem to be able to get life under control. They adviced him to consult Elton John (he refused). Jupiter (the planet of advices and help) made nice aspects with the natal chart, but is moving on. He had advice, he ignored it and now there are reasons to worry. George doesn't seem to worry much. Jupiter is on top of the birth chart, telling us that he is an optimist above all. (Yes, George really has got faith!:) But his friends do. It is as if they read his chart. Saturn at the lowest spot (down down down...) and Pluto oppositition Sun (facing challenges, transformation time)...
The worries of his friends are in line with the transits. And if therapy would help, it would be right now, with the planet of transformation ready for it! But it wouldn't be easy.

Transit Saturn is moving to the lowest spot in the chart (and it will only get better when Saturn - status - is going up). Transit Pluto is opposition his natal Sun; this rises the question 'do I have to change my lifestyle?'. Transit Saturn is square the natal Sun and will come back a few times to perfect the square. The combination of Saturn and Pluto is the combination of the 'die hard' and the disadvantages of power, politics, influence and money. With Saturn and Pluto on his tail, George Michael may find it even more difficult to control life than he uses to, but the Saturn and Pluto combination also is reflecting rigidity and refusal. Those aren't easy transits...
Also, with progressed AC/MC in hard aspect with natal Neptune we can see how addiction (and arts!) gets a growing and crucial influence. The progressed Ascendant conjunct Moon highlights the situation (and maybe introduces someone who cares).

Should the main problem be, that in the birth chart Jupiter on top is inconjunct Ceres and IC? This combination is telling us that his extreme prosperity is not in line with his roots and background and that this might cause lost of balance. But OK, that is just theory and speculations and who knows the real George? His friends, maybe...What I wanted to show is how the worries (and advices) of his friends are being reflected by the transits with the natal chart of George Michael.

Saturn and Pluto, the 'die hards'...on Astromarkt...

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama, Nobel Prize and smoking

One year ago I wrote about the smoker in the chart of Barack Hussein Obama, President of the USA and I found at least three reasons for addiction (see the link for an explication):

1. Neptune on top, square Sun
2. Moon afflicted by Pluto
3. Mars afflicted by Neptune
I also found a good moment to quit smoking. I noticed that Jupiter was going to pass his Ascendant. That is a fortunate transit...And, guess what happened? He was rewarded the Nobel Prize and he accepted that prize today. Very, very Jupiter (trip abroad, a success, applause!). But, did he give up smoking? I read that he fell back and is still smoking.

Now let's not be depressed about that. When I gave up smoking it was AFTER the passage of Jupiter over the Ascendant, with Jupiter in the first house, because it was AFTER getting good advice about ' how to quit' It is almost time to make up your mind about 2010, isn't it? If you plan to quit smoking, here is the advice that I got when I met mr. Jupiter himself in the woods, walking the dog. He was about 80, walking alone, looked at me, greeted and asked if I smoked. I admitted, and he told me that he had quit 20 years ago and that was what saved his life. See me, he said, I am still walking on my own! But I cannot, I said, I tried but I can't. Then he adviced me to ask the persons who love me if they would be pleased if I stopped smoking and if they would help me do it. OK, I said, I smiled and I walked on. A minute later I tried to find him back to say thanks again, realising that this kind of advice was MY kind of advice but he was gone! I followed his advice, they all supported me (Jupiter is for support) and I haven't smoked since April 3, 1986. If he can see me: TXS, mr. Jupiter!:)

What if Obama just asked his girls?..

Smoking Audrey Hepburn...

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Patricia Paay: Venus trine Pluto

Patricia Paay is 60 years old and she is in the middle of attention and controversy since her husband (DJ Adam Curry) left her with transit Saturn square natal Sun. She didn't exactly sit back and cry...She became a hype after she was asked for a photo session, by Playboy. People either judge and condemn her for this or they applaud her.

Her hour of birth is not known, unfortunately, but we know the day :April 7, 1949, Rotterdam. On that day Jupiter was tightly inconjunct Saturn, a statement for late (and somewhat disproportional) success.

On April 7, 1949 Venus exactly trine Pluto, reflecting the power of beauty and style and…the ease of earning money. She got 150.000 euro for the pics, they say! Patricia has Venus conjunct Mars, rising before the Sun for guts and passion. With Pluto it is being rewarded. The opposition of Mercury and Venus with Neptune refers to artistic talents and ‘ poses’ related to communications. Good day for a centerfold to be born...

More about Venus and Pluto aspects (named ' The beauty and the beast' ) on Astromarkt.net…
To get an idea about Patricia Paay’s looks….see Google Images

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Moon and the women in Tiger Woods' chart

Again and again I see minor aspects having major impact and I see how minor aspects reveal the real person behind the chart. In Tiger Woods’ chart Jupiter in the 7th house is reflecting a trend to have more than one partner (see the post about that), but at first sight he doesn’t have the usual aspects for divorce*) in the chart of man. But, at second sight…

Tiger Woods’ prominent Sagittarian Moon (opposition Midheaven) IS afflicted by Saturn and Neptune. There are parallel aspects. Moon is parallel Neptune and contraparallel Saturn. That gives him 2 out of 4 potential problems to keep a relationship going. It means that parallels and contra parallels have an effect. It is as if there is a need to escape (Moon-Neptune) and a lack of sens of responsibility (Moon-Saturn).
David Letterman has the same kind of afflictions and he also came to confessions during aspects with Uranus.
See about Confessions of David Letterman

There is another difficulty. That is Moon quintile Pluto. This aspect expresses strong needs and a creative way to submit to these needs. He is rich and famous enough to be able to get whatever he needs. The intensity of habits can be a domestic problem. See the post about Moon and Pluto…
Uranus on his Descendant disturbed his relationship in a shocking way. Uranus is semi square the Moon in the natal chart. Perhaps he needs tension, excitement and adventures. He needs changes and different stages. His personal life is rather hectic. Maybe he found those needs in matches, before. The combination of minor aspects of Moon with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto could be read as a need to break free in a discrete way. Unfortunately, Uranus is for exposure. And with transit Uranus opposition Ascendant there is a slight chance that your ‘ ways of doing it’ will be exposed.

AC/MC and Pallas
There is hard aspect between the crucial midpoint AC/MC with Pallas, symbol of patterns. I think that his abilities on the field are related to being able to see patterns. Pallas is often important in the charts of artistic and talented persons who need to be able to see matching lines and structures. On Art&Astrology you may find several examples of that. The transit of Uranus is about to hit Pallas and later AC/MC. Maybe a certain pattern (Pallas) will change and maybe there will be a completely new Tiger Woods when Uranus moves on to find another celebrity to be the next hype on the internet. In the meantime Uranus has offered both Tiger and Elin a chance to make a fresh new start.

Do Tiger and Elin match? No they do not!

I want to point at the earlier post about Matt Damon. Matt Damon is a man in control. Matt Damon has Moon trine Saturn and that makes it easy to control needs. Tiger Woods’ Moon contra parallel with Saturn works as an opposition. It is a ??? if he manages to control his needs…Apparently he can’t.

*)What are those aspects? They are: Moon afflicted by Saturn and/or Neptune, Venus afflicted by Neptune and Mars afflicted by Uranus, according to late Dutch astrologer Ram (and indeed, it is still valid). (A conjunction with difficult planets should be regarded as an affliction.)

PS As I accidently published an earlier concept (without image) I had to partly rewrite the original post.

The chart of Matt Damon, the cool decent guy

A short (and easy) one this time. Short, because Matt Damon himself told the press that little is written about him. That is because he is dull, unlike his fellow movie stars, he said. And why is he different? He married a 'common' woman (not a model, not a star) and is happy with her. Can we see that in the chart? Yes we can.

He has Uranus rising before the Sun and though they are close together there is more than 5 degrees orb. So Sun and Uranus are prominent. Sun-Uranus connections refer to being an 'outsider', a rebel, different from the rest, not a member of the 'old boys network'. Sun rules the 7th house of marriage and partner, Uranus rules the first. So the extraordinary relationship draws attention at any possible level.The 'calling' Sun makes him a star, the 'calling' Uranus makes him different and perhaps that is what drew attention. With Neptune conjunct Midheaven the career is linked to media, fantasy, the world of the immaterial and unreal, yes...the movies: romance and ideals. And Juno (the symbol of the married woman) is opposition Midheaven (she is not part of the jet set).

Why is he 'dull'? The Sun is biquintile Saturn, so that he manages to be in control and in charge in a creative way. The Moon is in Capricorn in the 12th house (he has a need for privacy and respect) and is trine Saturn (for controling impulses and for regularity). But owe! Venus is opposition Saturn (and that is making it hard sometimes). Luckily Mars in Virgo is the bridge. Matt Damon is a decent (Virgo) guy (Mars). What he says matches with his chart.

Still, he is attractive. Male attraction often goes along with Capricorn and Saturn. Women just love those cool guys. See more about why some men are more attractive, on this blog.... The recipe seems to include Libra (and Taurus). Matt Damon is a Libra.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

K1 World Champion Sem Schilt: Scorpio and Jupiter

Sem Schilt won the K1 grand prix and 400.000 dollar...Just like one year ago, he is the big champion today. He has Sun and Moon in Scorpio (the sign of the brave defenders) and the Sun exactly square Jupiter. That is a combination for successes and he has them in K1. He also has 50% of the positions in fixed signs (the signs of 'holding on' and strong will). And the Scorpio Sun trine Saturn is a combination that suites a 'die hard', someone who will gain (Scorpio) respect (Saturn). This year he won with transit Jupiter quintile progressed Sun.
Last year he won with transit Mars inconjunct progressed Sun and progressed Jupiter and progressed Jupiter sextile Sun. The combination of Mars, Sun and Jupiter refers to a successful fight, but the inconjunctions might mirror an injury (Sorry I cann't verify this).
In 2005 I also studied his chart, when he won on November 19 with with transit Jupiter conjunct natal Sun. A perfect combination for 'making it'! Especially when transits and progressions repeat the message.

(Eh..However, sometimes transit Jupiter just doesn't have an effect (see the survey on the left and read my post about being skipped). Maybe I should have done a K1 fight with Jupiter conjunct Sun to see if I could win it. Next time perhaps:)

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Uranus and the disaster in Perm (Russia)

Uranus in Pisces, opposition Ascendant, seems to be reflecting the disaster (Uranus) in the dancesaloon annex restaurant (PISCES) filled with 1000 persons and with only one door to escape. Uranus doesn't make major aspects within 5 degrees. That makes Uranus the most important object in this chart for that moment and place in time. It has been taped on video that you can see on YouTube...

I often notice the presence of Uranus on the angles in case of incidents and accidents. With transit Uranus on your Descendant you may expect nervous situations and maybe then you are lucky, even if you are a celebrity like Woods or Gore. Because I have several examples of less fortunate situations and this is one of them. Uranus in a prominent position and in particular on the angles or trine MC, seems to be reflecting a potential for explosive situation or traffic accidents. Or in more ' neutral' terms: it is reflecting the possibility of a sudden inconvenience (at least) that alters the situation (Ascendant) or conditions (MC) rapidly on the given time and place.(Maybe in a natal chart these positions show a sudden birth, perhaps unexpected and preliminary - in the eyes of the baby). Click the labels to see them on this blog. Or read just one or two other post about an angular Uranus or Uranus trine Midheaven, and disaster:

The bus accident in Spain with Uranus on the Ascendant

Uranus trine Midheaven at the moment of the Fort Hood shooting

The ‘ calling and oriental’ Uranus square Sun/Moon and trine Midheaven at the moment of the earthquake in L’Aquila

And last but not least: the chart of Tsjernobyl with Uranus conjunct Ascendant

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Chart of day of birth Amanda Knox

Jupiter is the symbol of the international. Jupiter is the first outer planet that rises before the Sun of Amanda Knox, born July 9, 1987 in Seattle USA. Jupiter is also the focal planet in a funnel pattern in her chart. Jupiter rules her Moon in Sagittarius (mirroring a need to travel and an enthusiastic mood).
And now we know that she will be in another country for a long time, in prison. Sometimes Jupiter has a cynical effect...
She will have to spend over 20 years in an Italian prison now that she has been found guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher (born February 1986) on November 1 2007 (between 20.30 and 23 hours) during a sex party. At least, that is what the Italian investigators have concluded. In 2007 the progressed Sun of Amanda was inconjunct Neptune. I am not surprised that the Italian media speak of an ' angel' (but with cold eyes). Read about Sun inconjunct Neptune and the chart of Susan Boyle. She also had the kind of media attention that one can do without...because you are seen in a negative or diffuse light. Amanda Knox also experienced the negative effect of using drugs and not knowing who you really are (or what). Jupiter in this ' oriental' position also goes together with optimism and a positive approach. There are a lot of pictures of Amanda Knox smiling, and that is what the press is holding against her now. She has Venus opposition Neptune and that is a perfect aspect for a model (posing). With Sun inconjunct Neptune in progression you risk being accused, getting involved in a scandal and ... your weaknesses may come to the light with a negative effect on your wellbeing.

That was November 2007. Then later, her progressed Sun was square Pluto and now sesquisquare Uranus (the combination for a period of revolutionary changes in life).

The issue of restricted freedom is related to the combination of Saturn (restrictions) and Uranus (independence). In her natal chart the Sun is inconjunct Saturn and 157.5 degrees from Uranus (that is a sesquisquare and a half semi square).
The conviction now is with the progressed Sun sesquisquare Uranus, a shocking hard change and a hectic moment in time.
Click the label for more Saturn-Uranus reflecting restricted freedom.

Saturn is inconjunct the natal Sun and that might point at an unusual amount of bad luck. But, it also points at ‘ being responsible’ and therefore being out of balance. The effect of Sun inconjunct Saturn in her chart is that she has been found guilty and that the punishment is rather hard. Maybe she is being blamed in a disproportionate way?

Like in more dubious cases Mercury and Neptune are in conflict. On this blog you see examples of it. False testimony and miscommunications might also be involved in this case. Amanda Knox has Mercury opposition Neptune and sextile Pluto.

Wether she was involved or not, it will always remain a mystery and maybe the appeal will have a different conclusion. That is a possibility with Mercury opposition Neptune. It happened before, but then it were inconjunctions between Mercury and Neptune. See
about the Friedman casehttp://astropost.blogspot.com/2008/11/capturing-friedmans-update-and-about.html and Patrick Dils’ chart with Mercury inconjunct Neptune and square Pluto (15 years in prison, found innocent…),see the post on Astromarkt (in Dutch).

The other side of Mercury-Neptune is found in the
- chart of conman Robert Freegard (Mercury square Neptune, communications + fantasy mixed the hard way)
- progressed chart of Dick Cheney (Mercury opposition Neptune: secret service info?

CHARTS DON'T JUDGE (neither should astrologers:)
A chart simply shows potential and possibilities. Not everybody born on Amanda Knox's birthday will end up in jail, of course. It is up to circumstances and genes, the ‘ tide of time’ (progressions and transits) and a situation how the capabilities, talents and shortcomings will evolve. A chart can’t be used to part right from wrong (as you can see in the cases of sexual abuse – incest for example - where the victim has the same Mars-Pluto connection as the father). A chart shows issues and themes in life, that is it.

This is the chart for sunrise, progressed to the day of the murder with the transits of that day. Her true hour of birth is unknown.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Uranus, inconvenience and Al Gore's chart

Al Gore won’t come to Copenhagen; he cancelled the meeting. Does ‘ Climategate’ have anything to do with it? First, he planned to go, he is the leading figure in the global warming hype, he is expected to be there. What on earth kept him out of the plane this time? It is Uranus, that inconvenient planet of disturbance.

Here is the chart, with progressions and transits (courtesy Astrodatabank) for the day that he was expected to be in Copenhagen, the 16th of December. Uranus is exactly on the Descendant (just like in Tiger Woods’ chart). Something came up, something inconvenient, a revelation, newspapers…and it disturbed the ordinary routine. (Uranus is the symbol of the alarm, the exposure and the ‘ truth’ and came from the 6th house to cross over the horizon). And in Al Gore's case that inconvenience might be: Climategate. The Climate conference in Copenhagen would start on December 16, whit New Moon in the 25th degree of Sagittarius, a degree of an excessive party and exaggeration (according to Janduz). Had Al Gore come to Copenhagen, he could have become involved in a hectic situation, maybe even in an accident. That is because Uranus is the planet of (sometimes unpleasant) surprises and twists of faith, like Tiger Woods found out. Maybe an astrologer adviced Al Gore to stay home?:)

I have written about Al Gore and the similarities between his chart and that of Yasser Arafat (they share the Nobel Prize).

About Climate gate and Gore on Big Government

PS Have I managed to make a climate neutral post?:)

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Philips and Fritzl: Mars-Pluto

This is a PS on the post about Mackenzie Philips. I forgot to link to the posts about the Fritzl case, another case of sex between a father and his daughter (incest) but much more violent and destructive, though it certainly must have damaged the health of Mackenzie that her father provided her with drugs since she was 11 years old. Mars-Pluto has the potential to be dangerous. (Remember, that is the case of the father who closed his daughter into the cellar of his house and started a family with her. She didn't see sunlight for decades!) I quote from the post about the Fritzl case:
On that day (=day of birth of Josef Fritzl) the Sun is in the 19th degree of Aries, opposition Mars and square Pluto. If not used in sports or enterprise, these aspects might point at fanatic agression. The combination of Sun with Mars and Pluto might lead to use and abuse of power. In this case, it did!
And the victim (Elisabeth) also had a Mars-Pluto combination in her chart (Sun conjunct Mars and inconjunct Pluto) with Mars biquintile Pluto."

So just like in the Philips' case, father and daughter shared an aspect between Mars and Pluto

FOR WHAT ELSE FRITL's CHART NEEDED ....See the post about the charts of Josef and Elisabeth Fritzl http://astropost.blogspot.com/2008/04/birth-charts-of-josef-fritzl-and.html
FOR ALL POSTS about the Fritzl case, click the label ' Fritzl' ...

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chart of Mackenzie (and John) Philips

Just saw Mackenzie Philips (daugther of John Philips - Mamas and Papas) being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey because of the release of her book (High on Arrival) about the incest with her father.*) Yes, Oprah's shows come late in my country...:)
I noticed that several astrologers have been discussing the matter. I see that some use her chart to call her a fraud. (With transit Neptune semi square progressed Sun you are often seen in a negative light and Mackenzie has that transit right now...)

One of the arguments for calling her a fraud is, that there is no aspect between Mars and Pluto. Indeed, no major aspect! But: in fact there IS an aspect...In hers and in his: a minor hard aspect!

John has Pluto rising before the Sun. Mackenzie has Mars rising before the Sun. She has a minor aspect between Mars and Pluto (67.5 d, a sesquisemisquare) and so has he: a 112.5 degree aspect (square + half semi square)!
They share a minor Mars-Pluto aspect.
And each of them has one of the planets involved rising before the Sun!

The Mars-Pluto connection is often illustrating the use and abuse of power and force, and having to defend oneself. On Astromarkt I write about sharing such aspects:
Mars-Pluto: could be destructive as it is about using power and force.

Minor aspects often give insight in the person behind the person that we see (or the chart behind the chart, see the links, scroll down). Minor aspects between Mars and Pluto show concealed problems with aggression.

Here you see her natal chart (data by Astrodatabank) and the positions on August 30, 1935, the day that Papa John was born. Pluto is of importance in the synastry. It must have been a tense relationship, indeed.

Pluto is the symbol of all that is related to 8th house affairs like sexuality, for example.
- His Pluto is on her Ascendant
- Her Pluto is conjunct his Sun
(John's Mars and Jupiter are conjunct her Sun).
The strong aspects with Pluto are indicating a tense relationship and possible questions of authority and power.

On Cafe Astrology you can find that Sun quintile Pluto might mean: 'You have a creative drive that gives you the ability to express yourself with a little extra zip and impact than most people. " Astrology Weekly speaks of 'developing self-punishing styles of behaviour'. I think that both interpretations met in the interview that I watched!:)

Mackenzie Philips has the Sun quintile Pluto and both are biquintile Midheaven.
So, Mackenzie has a 'golden yod' between Sun, Pluto and Midheaven. Perhaps that is illustrating the possibility to be a 'survivor' and create a carreer based on that or that you have the ability and talent to find a way to survive or come back. But as Pluto is involved, it implies that it won't be easy...

Mackenzie is a singer and a writer. She has Venus in Libra and Cancer Ascendant, with the Moon opposition Venus and biquintile Neptune (Venus is semi quintile Neptune). That is the complete pattern of artistic talent and the connection is with creative quintiles! Also, with ruler Midheaven (Jupiter) in the 5th house, she is bound to look for expression and creativity in her career.

Mercury semi square Sun/Moon expresses being motivated by communicating and using the voice or pen.
Pluto square AC/MC tells us that the issue of life and death, power, money, sexuality and influence is of crucial importance in her life. Pluto is connecting Midheaven and Sun by quintiles. And there is the creative touch again!

When he died (in 2001) her progressed Sun changed sign and her lifestyle started changing. The first progressive aspect was a square with natal Moon on Aries Point: she had to find a whole new 'modus vivendi'.
When the affair started (in 1988) it was her father's progressed Sun that changed sign...

On the day of the interview with Oprah, transit Jupiter was exactly square her natal Sun, to indicate a successful day. Jupiter rules her sixth house and is in the fifth. Jupiter is the final dispositor of Midheaven, too. It is obvious that the attention for her creative product was fortunate. Also the Progressed Ascendant was conjunct natal Pluto, ruler of the 5th house of creations. Jupiter and Pluto often indicate a great moment of growth. In the progressed (secondary) chart, the positions of Sun and Neptune would create a sextile in 6 weeks time (perhaps it was about time to relax now that the work was done).

1. More about Mars-Pluto on Astromarkt...http://www.astromarkt.net/artmarsplutouk.htm

2. About Golden Yods:
There was an exact Golden Yod on the day that Tibet tried to break free (Sun-Saturn-Uranus connection). When prodigy Ainan Cawley was born, there was a golden Yod between Sun, Jupiter and Uranus ('creatively ahead of your time'). (See about Tibet and Cawley)

3. The pattern of professional artistic talent (minor and major aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven) has been found in many charts of artist on Art&Astrology...

4. Use the link and the second post that will appear is about a hidden problem with aggression (about a serial killer with semiquintiles and quintiles between Mars, Sun and Pluto. The other posts contain more examples of the effect of minor aspects.

4.a. Another example of 'the chart behind the chart' (the effect of minor aspects) is the chart of O.J. Simpson.

*) Without her permission (and under the influence of drugs) her father had sex with her on her 19th and they continued to have 'consensuous' sex for 10 years.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chart of Barack Obama and transit Mars

Mars used to be the Roman God of War and in astrology Mars is a symbol that means war, fights, soldiers, fire, arms, metal and struggling. In the chart drawing above you can see how the planet Mars has reached the 18th degree of Leo, with the President's Descendant only 23 minutes away. In other words: he has transit Mars opposition Ascendant. Isn't that perfectly reflecting today's issue: sending more troops to Afghanistan (being supported by the military) and at the same time being targeted by opponents for this decision?

Your Mars is prominent when Mars rises before the Sun. Explanation: that is when Mars is the first planet that you meet when you move your finger clockwise starting from the Sun (and skipping Mercury and Venus). You might have a special drive and energy with Mars in that position! More about that in the post about Mars oriental...

Mars and Saturn are of importance int the charts of heroic soldiers...In the chart of Obama Mars is trine Sarurn, too (but not tighly).

There are many examples on this blog of activists, soldiers and fighters with a prominent Mars (most of them have Mars rising before the Sun came up on their day of birth). Mars is important for the military. Find the examples by choosing Mars (see the labels). For all the posts about the natal chart of Obama, just click the label below this post on Astropost.

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