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Progressed chart post and more about P Sun inconjunct Saturn

January 2011 was progressed chart month on The progressed chart is the chart of the next minutes, hours and days after birth, valid for the next days, months and years after birth, simply said: according to the principle that what you see in one day (earth moves around the axis) is the ‘prognosis’ of what you see in one year (earth moves around the sun). The transits and the very important circumstances, genes, gender etc. may change the course of events, but generally the progressions offer insight in the to be expected development of one’s character and personality. Here is a list op all 16 posts about progressions on as published in January. I also added a link to the post about Sun inconjunct Saturn, because of the text about progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn and because of an addition (another example of this progressed aspect) and  I wish to start  with that.


I mentioned several examples of transits of Saturn with progressed Sun and sportsman Franck Vandenbroucke (1074.11.06) who died in the year after P Sun inconjunct P Saturn. 

And I can add another example of this difficult progression. Someone has been arrested. He is the main subject in the case of the murder of Joanna Yeates (see the Telegraph). In his progressed chart the Sun is inconjunct Saturn (see the green dots between Sun and Saturn).
Continue for the list of posts about the progressed chart, progressions, progressed Moon and more that was published this January, the progressed chart month of Astropost.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Astropost: Chart and life of Evita Peron

Read Astropost: Chart and life of Evita Peron to see the B-rated chart of Evita Perron. The post is about the importance of progressions (and transits with progressions), resonating the most important events. You don't need to use the link if you just want to know how the most important step in her career/life (leaving home town at age 15) was reflected by progressions and transits.

Her progressed sunsign changed at age 13/14. She was becoming a good looking woman, preparing to change her life. The first aspect in the new sign of the astrological zodiac sort of 'colours' the new episode. That first aspect was a quintile with Juno, the symbol of the married woman. Life changed, indeed and later getting married was important for more change. Moving to Buenos Aires was important, but her marriage would completely change her lifestyle.

When she met Juan Peron progressed Midheaven trine Venus is reflecting love (Venus) and the wish coming true (MC trine Venus). When she married Juan Peron, transit Pluto was sextile progressed Sun and quindecile the progressed Midheaven. She was already ill, and this combination shows a period of intense living (now or never).

AGE 15
Her progressed chart shows how her life changed at age 15, when she left her home town and went to Buenos Aires. This was 'supported' by a lot of progressions and transits. They show us that it was time for a change in status and situation (MC, twice; and Pholus-Ascendant) and time for more fun (Venus-Jupiter), but with a bit of resentment, too (Moon-Saturn).
Important periods almost always are characterised by the abundancy of progressions and transits. There are a lot of aspects at age 15, but, a b-rated chart like Evita Peron's has a problem. We can't fully trust the aspects of Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon. There are two aspects of value in any chart rating and they are: Progressed Sunsign changing + P Venus conjunct Jupiter. They are the reflection of changing life style and more fun, luxury and joy.

See the list:

1. The Progressed Sun having changed sign (new lifestyle)
2. Progr. Sun trine MC (smooth spotlight on career)
3. Progr. Midheaven square Sun (effort to reach a sunny perspective or fame)
4.-7. Progr. Moon trine Venus and conjunct Saturn, sesquisquare Jupiter and trine Pluto (lots of joy and fun and success, but also a sad moment to remember)
8. Progr. Venus conjunct Jupiter (pleasure, parties; a successful lady)
9. Progressed Mercury (ruler 5th house of the other gender and entertainment) conjunct the Progr. Ascendant.
10. Transit Pholus was trine Progressed Ascendant (easy turning point in a growing/changing situation)

With so many progressions and transits at the time, change was to be expected. No matter how hard life was in Buenos Aires, anything was better than to stay where she was, in Los Toldos (sorry, Los Toldos:).

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Progressions and transits

One year ago I wrote about the unfortunate winner of the lottery who was murdered for his money. See the post here... Even though there were (few) happy progressions the heavy and difficult transits of Saturn prohibited to rejoyce and have fun. First someone said that he had stolen the winning ticket and later his 'friend' was after his money. Eventually he was murdered. It is an extreme case of bad luck and his chart should be seen in the light of the circumstances, the bad transits and the natal chart. He was born with Saturn rising before the Sun and inconjunct Quaoar, a sort of a warning for trying to create a new kind of lifestyle. What I mean is that the progressed chart shows how a life might develop and  how a person might grow and what chances may be on the way. But the transits are also important. They support the development or they don't. In some cases they even block them.
That is why February will be the Month of the Transits on

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Chart of King George VI

The movie 'The King's speech' is about the speech impediment of King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II of England. He had to learn how to speak without a stutter. Stutter is (to the audience) a fast way of repeating and repeating parts of words. George VI was fast: his Mars is 'calling' (unaspected) ahead of Mercury and Sun. See the chart:

King George was not supposed to be king at all, even though he had a Leo Midheaven and even though AC/MC is in hard aspect with the Sun:). Just like Henry VIII he was the brother of the future king to be. And just like King Henry VIII he has a prominent Jupiter. Many royals have a prominent Jupiter (see the label 'royalty' for their charts). Indeed, they have a privileged position and travel a lot. Also watch Ceres square Ascendant: this prominent Ceres points at the importance of dynasties, genes and DNA.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tudor Henry VIII (Bluebeard)

Recently seen 'The Tudors'? I can't watch it, it is just too horribly true. It is about the life of Henry VIII, nickname Bluebeard, who didn't only had two of his wives murdered, but also had many others killed, tortured and banned. And often that was because of his desires. This selfish and completely unpredictable English king didn't have an astrologer, as far as I know. But he had a chart. The chart doesn't immediately show his true character. We see Venus on Midheaven and Jupiter rising before the Sun (the optimist,the international - he spoke a few languages -). Venus and Jupiter, that is a party! And he liked to eat a lot and have a lot of wedding parties. Venus was square the Ascendant and Jupiter quintile, so the ladies loved his looks. He wrote his own music, too. Such a charming young man. And so cruel. 

He became the king of England on June 23, 1509, just 18, soon after his brother died and married the woman who was supposed to be his brother's wife. In June Progressed Mercury is square Midheaven and transit Pluto is inconjunct the natal Sun (self esteem problem, too much stress, matters of life and death).  Transit Pluto had just been opposition progressed Midheaven. It is an intense period in his life. 
There is a perfect trine between progressed Mars and natal Saturn (an act of duty, a matter of death). And we see transit Jupiter trine natal Moon to show us how happy the memorable moment was....It is the mix of duty, stress, death and glory that is in line with the event. He married 12 days earlier, with transit Neptune (ruler 7) inconjunct the Ascendant, with his death brother's wife (who said that the marriage had not been consumated). It seems that he even loved her for a couple of years. She was the first, but not the last and not his everything...

From that moment on he turned into a man abusing his power. Read it on the internet (links are here) or see ' The Tudors'. 

Where is the hidden tyrant in the chart? It is in the minor aspects, as all hidden characteristics are. And it is in the circumstances (he had full and absolute power over life and death, though there was a so called judge). We see the combination of Sun, Mars, Saturn and Pluto (unnatural deaths) Mars half semi square Pluto and trine Saturn in the progressed chart (when the blood shedding started). But it is also in the natal chart. The Sun is square Mars/Pluto
Sun is 157.5 (sesquisquare + half semisquare) Saturn and quintile Mars  and 105d Pluto
That is the combination of 'unnatural death' as an issue in life. There is a long list of deaths in his name.

Also Venus opposition Mars/Saturn is not the nicest combination in love as it means death end sympathies and ending passions.  We see Venus inconjunct Pluto, tightly, for the money issue (and for intense desire at a certain price). And it were the wives who paid the price. Venus = Mars/Saturn and inconjunct Pluto.
It is not that a person has to become a tyrant and a Bluebeard with these aspects. It is that he had the chance to use the darkest sides of his personality.  The most important 'finding' is that is good to have democracies. But we don't need astrology to know that.

English History

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jupiter, prosperity, crashes and (Zero?) Aries

It is funny how the call for prosperity (Obama's State of the Union address today) is in line with the postiions in his chart. Prosperity, that is Jupiter. And transit Jupiter in Zero Aries is now exactly opposition his progressed Sun. Also, the progressed Sun is trine Jupiter within a few months time. Here is the chart:

Jupiter's position in the first degree of the astrological zodiac means that it is time for prosperity and a complete new start in order to get it. Jupiter was on Zero Aries before, of course, like in March 1987 and in March 1975. I checked to see if there was any fresh start for prosperity in those days. It was the year of the Portugese revolution (April 25, 1975) and of the Watergate scandal (January 1, 1975).  Mozambique and Angola became independent of Portugal. But nothing special happened in March. In 1975 the term Fractal was first used. What is a fractal? Is it a rough fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of whis is  a reduced-size copy of the whole (self-similarity). What is good about a fractal? It seems to be of use in biology and mathematics. 

In 1987, in October we had Black Monday after stocks peaking in August!!! Prosperity grew too much and we landed hard. I don't know if the value of stocks grew since March, I'm afraid.

Now how about this?
That crash was with Jupiter in the 26th of Aries (which happens to be about Zero Aries in a sidereal chart). Food for thought! Not just because Jupiter had an important position in the sidereal chart, but also because Jupiter brought the opposite of fortune then. 

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The complete progressed chart (of Blair, Hitler and Obama)

Progress (we think:)...
January is progressed chart month on Astropost and maybe you noticed that! The latests posts  are mostly about the progressed aspects. But, just like the natal chart, the progressed chart should be studied completely. A chart is not just one sign, one aspect or one position. A body is not just a limp, either. So let’s study the complete progressed chart. What follows: two examples. One is related to a nice event (in the eyes of the owner of the chart, Tony Blair). The other one is about the progressed chart for the date of the suicidal death of Hitler. These examples show us that reading the complete progressed chart helps to see the complete situation.

When Tony Blair became Prime Minister on May 2, 1997 this was his progressed chart (with transits). 

That must have been a glorious day for him. Just like in the progressed chart of Barack Obama his sun sign started changing from that moment on (changing his life style). On May 2, 1997, we see:

Progressed Uranus conjunct progressed Ascendant (changing circumstances, being nervous about it)

A close quintile between P Jupiter and P Pluto (creating successes)

Progressed Jupiter tightly square progressed Midheaven (successful position, progress)

Transit Node semi square progressed Sun/Moon: group motivation

Transit Node sesquisquare progressed Venus: joined joy

In this progressed chart Jupiter and Uranus are important (lucky change, sudden windfall, becoming more of an international gradually, in a changing situation). Mercury is in tight aspect with Saturn and Pluto (that is the combination of the mental strategy – what to say and what not – that is common in the charts of politicians).

BTW Transit Quaoar (important in the chart of Obama, too!!!) was on the Descendant (new perspectives on the horizon, creating new situations). See the progressed chart of Obama for September 2010: 

Apparently the ‘whole new world’ of experiences is mirrored by Quaoar (see the label Quaoar for more info).  I have already mentioned that the complete progressed chart of President Barack Obama reveils a development to become a politician in government (Saturn and Pluto are very important in the progressed chart. Pluto rises before the Sun and Saturn is elevated in the progressed chart). He sort of grew into that position. Some people don’t grow or develop much. Others do. Circumstances, genes, gender (still very important) and character will be of influence and maybe the chart shows (somewhere) if growth and development is important. It’s a combination of opportunity and character. You can see that post here… 

The complete progressed chart of an extreme example like Adolf Hitler shows us how important the progressed chart really is. Here is the progressed chart of Hitler, with transits. We don’t need sun signs to see the situation in progression:

Progressed Sun is almost conjunct progressed Mars and that means a growing tendency to act, do something…but…

Progressed Mars is exactly conjunct progressed Lilith (I read on ( that a closed Lilith-Mars conjunctions denies self-survival-instinct).

Progressed Saturn is semisquare progressed Midheaven (a period ending in a frustrating way)

Progressed midpoint AC/MC sesquisquare Eris (crucial and frustrating discord)

Here you see that there is no peace with the situation (Eris-AC/MC) and depression about the position (Saturn-MC) together with self destructive will to act (Sun-Mars-Lilith). And in that developing situation transit Pholus was inconjunct the progressed Sun for a turning point, shooting yourself (in the foot or in the head, here) with a lost (inconjunct) life (Sun).

Interesting links to articles of others:

Also visit: for example about progressions.... There will be a list of all posts about the progressed chart and progressions in January on January 31.

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Progressions and life changing successes

The progressed Sun's beneficial aspects and transits often mark the start of a career. For example:

I read that Lily Allen created a MySpace account in November 2005 (with transit Saturn square natal Sun) to launch her music, after being introduced  to London Records - without results - using her father's connections in 2002*). That was just before her progressed Sun sign was changing. When the progressed sunsing changes, life changes. 

One month later, in December 2005 transit Pholus was opposition progressed Sun and transit Jupiter also was opposition progressed Sun. That is a statement for a positive (Jupiter) turning point (Pholus) in life's development (progressed Sun)...shortly after 'changing lifestyle'.  Those three indications together were for a boost in her career.

That is just one example. I mentioned Bill Gates in this post about progressions and career. Progressions with Jupiter and Pluto marked pleasant moments of progress in his position. 

Jupiter is of course the symbol of fortune and growth (usually!) and a great help on the way. That is why we might expact benefits for Barack Obama, whose progressed sun sign changed a few months ago and whose first aspect in the new sign is a trine with Jupiter. It is a great test case for Jupiter trines!:)

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Oprah, her progressions and transits and the sister

Oprah (right)
January is Progressed chart month on Astropost. The news about Oprah Winfrey's new found family is a great opportunity to see if there is news in her chart, too and if there are progressed positions involved. I counted at least 8 of them!

Oprah Winfrey learned in November last year that she has a half sister! The news spread all over the world, in the middle of a period of career changes with at least ten transits and progressions within a few months time, six of them in November last year! Four of them are with Pholus (the symbol of the turning point). Two are with Pluto (challenging changes) and there are aspects with Ceres (genes/dynasty), Sedna and Mercury and Saturn, Midheaven, Sun/Moon and more...See the list. 

Here are the charts: one is the natal chart of Oprah with transits and progressions for now and the other one is the progressed chart with transits of November. 

1. transit Pluto square her progressed Sun (challenges ahead) and
2.transit Pluto is also conjunct her natal Sun/Moon midpoint and that means challenges and changes in family life, motivation and a change effecting heart and soul
3. transit Saturn on her Midheaven (end op a period/position)
4, progressed Ceres (symbol of the DNA/genes) opposition progressed Sun this year (in other words ' spotlight on the dynasty').
5. The progressed AC/MC is semi square Mercury (symbol of the sister and of communications) and conjunct the Northern Node (community & family). That is a statement of important messages.
6. Sedna is semi square the progressed Sun now. And the mythical Sedna happens to be the woman who was ' cut off' her family.

And of course there is a lot of Pholus (the turning point):

7. progressed Ascendant is semi sextile Pholus.
8. the announcement is with the Sun in the 4th degree of Aquarius, conjunct Pholus and that is a well chosen day to make a change:). 
9. natal Pholus is also right in between the progressed Moon and the progressed Ascendant .
10. transit Pholus conjunct her progressed Midheaven (a turning point in position in career, status or family)   

See the news on Reuters:

Astropost: Signs of changing times about the indications for major changes, like transits of Pluto with Sun or Midheaven or the midpoint Sun/Moon. Pholus is also an important key to change.
So if you want to know more about signs of change, also visit: about Pholus and aspects with Pholus in the Pholus files...

Progressions and life changing accidents

After a serious accident someone's lifestyle often changes, wether he or she was hurt or not. This is about the progressed Sun sign changing during an accident. And when I mean ‘sun sign’ I mean the tropical old fashioned Western sun sign, one of the 12. 
I have written about the progressed sun sign changing and a changing lifestyle before (here is the link: The sun sign resonates a way of living and the transfer to the next sign is not always easy. When accompanied by difficult transits and progressed aspects and when it happens at old age, the life style change might be unwanted. Like when an accident happens. I show these examples to show:
- the importance of the change of the progressed sun sign
- the importance of a number of indications at the time
Continue to see the examples.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sun signs on trial:)

Recently there was a hype about sun sign astrology. Astronomers pointed at the differences between the constellations and the astrological zodiac. Even though they are mistaken about the concept, they are a bit right. Astrology uses the picture in the sky to explain the character of persons born in a period that is not in line with the constellation of the period’s name any more. That is odd. Why is a Taurus like a bull (patient but don’t anger him…) referring to a constellation of the same antique name and say that that Taurus constellation and the picture have nothing to do with the sun sign Taurus. Of course people are confused, especially when ‘being a Taurus’ is all they know about their natal chart! The explanation about the seasons and Zero Aries is a valid one, but still doesn't correspond with the picture in the sky. That is why I am making a plea for an astrology without sun signs, as the devil's advocate and I am also the defender and judge (that is the good thing about being the writer:). 


Sun signs are confusing. They stand between real astrology and the people. Nobody 'is'  a sun sign, a chart is more than that. Sun signs are responsable for misconceptions about persons and about the art of astrology. Astrology was once the art of 'interpreting the picture of the sky'. But now the picture of the sky and the drawing of the astrologer are not the same anymore. Signs carry the 'wrong'  names and apart from that: they aren’t even exactly 1/12th of the circle (30 degrees)! Pisces, for example, is a wider sign than Libra is. That is why more people have a Pisces Ascendant than a Libra Ascendant. The ascendants are corresponding with the width of the signs, but the sun signs are not. How to explain that to a modern guy or girl with lack of time? And then there is the number of signs. Someone says that there are 13 signs. For example: Walter Berg, using Ophiucus, it seems that Ophiucus, the sign number 十三 - じゅうさん - (13 in Japanese, I hope:) is popular in Japan. And another one counts even 14 of them! They are multiplying! Maybe one of them is exactly right, but who is? 
I ask for the judge to find the sun signs guilty of fraud and send them out of the chart drawing forever! WHY do we go one with them? Skip them! 
 Who needs sun signs? Astrology can do without.

I am sorry that you are confused, but my client is confused, too! Sun sign astrology is the portal to real astrology! How many of us started to study astrology after learning about sun signs? And they are valid! Isn't it true, that we can find differences in statistics that show us that for example Sagittarius and Aries drive faster and cause more accidents than Capricorn does? When Sun signs don't match, it is harder to keep a relationship going. Many examples on! The sun signs have a certain value and they are easy starters! They are also very popular. It won't help to skip them or to leave them out of the picture, because people will keep asking for them. 

Astrologers just need a zodiac! Maybe they could read a chart without using the signs, but their clients and readers don't buy it when they don't see the signs! That is my plea and I hope that the judge finds the sun signs not guilty and free to carry any name or to work (or not to work) in any system.

The defense understands the criticism? I see you nod, make a note of that! And do all of us understand the impact of skipping sun sign astrology for editors, authors, computer program makers, astrologers AND their audience? Maybe in the long term every could benefit from charts without sun signs, maybe we can read charts without using them, but do we and should we want it? And can we afford it!?
Millions of people who don't get any further than their sun sign and maybe the ascending sign, just because they don't want to calculate charts or learn about astrology or see an astrologer.  Is that reason enough to "let the sun (sign) shine in", forever, however? I have come to a verdict after many considerations. The sun signs are not guilty. They can't help it that they are being misunderstood and misplaced. They are just one of the tools of astrology, but the public made them the main object of interest. I write about astrology, too. About 80% of what I write on this blog is without mentioning a house or a sun sign. That is on purpose*). But I can't (yet) skip that 20%. I am guilty.
*) I hardly mention houses or signs and prefer to work with tight aspects, midpoint combinations and prominent placements (angular, square Ascendant or without aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). 

Cosmobiology explained by Selfgrowth
About Reinhold Ebertin (Wiki)
This post is about the meaning of prominent positions with an example chart.

Picture this...sun signs and Ophiucus

Yesterday morning, shortly after 11, I opened my StarWalk App (great tool!) on my Iphone and watched the South-Western part of the sky, just for fun. It happened to be the moment that Ophiuchus (Slang/Slangendrager in this picture) was right opposite me, just above Libra (Weegschaal) with Venus on the edge of both and Saturn just above the horizon. Even Pluto is part of the picture. Saturn and Pluto are on either side of Venus. Of course, all that was invisible for the eye. It was daylight and even if it were night: there were clouds. If I hadn't had StarWalks, I would have been able to guess the positions of Venus, Saturn and Pluto when I looked direction South-West, but I would have been completely wrong about the constellations if I used the chart of that moment:

This morning the Sun had not risen yet, when I tried my StarWalk App again:
The Sun (Zon) and Mars are close and just as close is 'Steenbok' (Capricorn for you). Sun in the constellation Capricorn, not in Aquarius today. Mercury has just risen.

Pictures say more than words do. They led me to the next post. And to a lot of questions about the length of signs, Ascendants and Midheavens and Sunsigns. Personally, I'd like to see the picture of my StarWalk correspond with the picture of the chart. That is because I like to think that astrology started with watching the picture of the sky, with fantasies about the names of constellations and with thinking of what the picture of the sky meant for us, on earth.

A few days back I tried 'public transportation' again and of course I ended in the wrong corridor, just like an English speaking man who said: 'I am confused! I want to get out!' 'But', I said, 'How did you get in without a ticket? You need a ticket to get out'. 'Does it matter?' he said.' Now that I am in, I want to get out'. And he followed me right through the doors, pushing them away by force and freed himself. It is a bit like I feel today.

The picture of the sky is beautiful. How I would like it to be the picture of today's chart...But even sidereal astrology doesn't produce the right picture (because the signs have different sizes!). BTW It's that we know that someone needed to name this constellation 'Capricorn' but I don't see a goat at all, without those lines. The history of naming the constellations is a mystery in itself. And that brings me to the next post...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Father Titus on Twitter (and his chart)

Today started a Twitter-campaign for Titus Brandsma, the priest who lost his life in a Nazi-camp in 1942. The campaign starts on the day of his arrest, January 19, 1942. He died 6 months later. Here is the link for followers: 

Today 69 years ago, on the day of his arrest transit Pluto is inconjunct the natal Sun. That is an astrological warning for life threatening danger and stress.. This transit remained active during the next six months , until he died (July 26). Also progressed Mercury is inconjunct Midheaven (remember that it were his words and his opinion about the nazis and what they did to the Jews that brought him in this position). Continue to see the charts and more...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alan Leo, Uranus-Neptune and the sun sign hoax

This post is about Alan Leo's natal chart and the transits on the day of the sunsign ' hoax' with a link to Alan Leo's 19th Century explanation of the difference between constellations and the astrological zodiac.

On January 11, 2011 an astronomer managed to cause upheavel about the fact that the constellations are not in line with the astrological sunsigns, with amazing timing!  You see, the transits of January 11, 2011 and what happened, were exactly in line with the natal chart of one of the first modern - and popular - astrologers, Alan Leo. Here are the positions:
Transit Mercury was square transit Uranus on that day (breaking news, flash communication)
These two (Mercury and Uranus) were in tight aspect with the chart of Alan Leo, in particular with the Saturn-Ascendant conjunction of his chart. Mercury was trine and Uranus inconjunct that conjunction! Also Neptune was opposition the Ascendant!
Mercury-Uranus with Neptune... Some timing! How did that astronomer know? Uranus-Neptune is about hypes (see for example this post), Mercury-Uranus is often related to new ideas (news) and Mercury-Neptune is about misconceptions. Uranus is the planet of astrology. Here we are...For more examples, see the labels...they lead you to the story of Bobby Browns' so called death, when he had transit Uranus conjunct progressed Sun and trine Neptune.

Alan Leo wrote about the 'Real Zodiac'. Here is the He wrote this in the 19th century and explained the how's and why's and that in 480 the astrological zodiac was in line with the astronomical zodiac... and still: astronomers pretend as if astrologers don't or didn't know

Mercury was square Uranus on January 11, 2011 and these two were trine and inconjunct the natal Saturn and Ascendant of Alan Leo. Also transit Neptune was opposition his Ascendant. Mercury-Uranus with Neptune…Doesn’t that sound like bad press (gossip: Neptune) about technological concepts (Mercury-Uranus)? Had Alan Leo lived, he would have been upset! Continue for the chart, more links and more info...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Progressions, Pholus and Steve Jobs.

Astropost's January posts are dedicated to the progressed chart. Progressions are indicating developments (changes in the long term). Pholus is the symbol of the turning point. With transit Pholus in hard aspect with a progressed Sun, Moon, AC, MC or planet there is a turning point in a developing career or life in general. Here are some examples, like Steve Jobs (Apple).

The examples show you the effect of Pholus:
  • Whoopi Goldbergs' transit Pholus conjunt Progressed Mercury when she 'confessed' to have been unfaithful in the past (turning point in communications)
  • L. Ron Hubbards had transit Pholus square Progressed Sun when he became a religious leader (turning point in lifestyle)
  • Ricky Martin had his ' coming out' with transit Pholus semi square AC/MC (the midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven; it means a complete turning point)
  • Silvio Berlusconi surprisingly won regional elections with transit Pholus was sextile his Progressed Mars (and P Mars on AC/MC): that is for an easy twist of faith in a battle.
  • Among other indications progressed Venus was conjunct natal Pholus when a dog bit the lips of Maradonna. That might have been a turning point in affection or preferences;)
  • Father Murphy (not the television character) had progressed Venus quindecile Pluto at age 25, when he became a priest and started abusing boys.

Today Steve Jobs announced that he needs to stop working because of his health. And Pholus was there...Continue for the charts...

Progressions, success and career

Up to now the posts about progressions (hot item here in January) have discussed single aspect combinations and positions. But, there is nothing single about your chart! A chart is like a cake. It is not just the cream, it is not just the chocolate or the sugar and it is not just the oven or the cook. It is the combination of all that. Progression should be seen in the light of the natal chart (and of course of the situation, condition, age, culture and status of the nativity). However, some guys seem to have all the progressive luck. ..A good example of prosperous progression is the chart of one of the richest man in the world: Bill Gates. He had a splendid career. His progressed chart shows the way, his natal chart shows the foundation. And Jupiter/Pluto was a great help on the way. But it was not just all that, of course...

Jupiter and Pluto are the planets of growth and challenges. Together they are the combination of growing potential. Jupiter and Pluto are in his  natal second house of income (a growing potential of earning money). This combination keeps coming back in the progressive chart, whenever there is an important moment or chance to become rich(er) and more successful! When he was 22 the progressed Sun was square Jupiter and Pluto. The MC is on Jupiter and Pluto when he is 35. The potential for success (Jupiter/Pluto) was highlighted when he was young enough to grow and old enough to benefit from the aspects!

Here is more about the Jupiter-Pluto progressions and transits and more…

1.  His parents were lawyer and teacher (both ‘Jupiter’ –academic - professions). At the age of thirteen he began to use a computer. Progressed Mars was opposition progressed Midheaven in that year, so he must have been very ‘driven’ .When he was 17 (with progressed Sun conjunct Saturn – he started a business-, MC conjunct Moon –changing prospects-  and progressed Moon square Jupiter and Pluto – feeling great, a memorable moment of success- he sold his first program!
When you experience a great memorable moment of success when you are young, that will support your self esteem.

2. Microsoft was founded on April 4, 1975. The transit Jupiter/Pluto midpoint was trine his Natal Sun on that day and Jupiter was almost conjunct the Midheaven of the A-rated chart.

3. The breakthrough of Microsoft was in 1980 (with primairy Pluto and Jupiter on the MC and progressed Moon opposition Jupiter and Pluto at the same time).

4. The company went public on March 13, 1986. That was in the year of transit Pholus opposition natal Sun (a turning point, started by others or influences outside), with Jupiter inconjunct natal IC (a success, but with a lost – in this case the influence of shareholders, for example) and Pluto oppostion progressed Midheaven (a complete change of destiny). Progressed Mercury was trine Progressed Uranus (mind changing times). And Progressed Sun/Moon was conjunct natal and Progressed Pluto in that year: values and value become the main point of interest!

4. When he married (1.1.1994) the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint was in the 29th degree of Libra. Progressed Midheaven was in the 15th degree of Taurus. The quindecile MC-Sun/Moon tells us about the strong focus on family life and marriage at that time.

5. 15th of June 2006 Bill Gates announced his withdrawel from Microsoft (to spend more time on his charity foundation) in July 2008. That is when Progressed Sun is sextile Neptune, a perfect symbol, even more because Neptune is the planet for voluntairy work and idealism. And the sextile with Neptune could be read as the ‘way out’ to a withdrawal.

6. His final speech for the company was with transit Jupiter square Midheaven and progressed Midheaven square Pluto (and inconjunct Neptune).

7. Last but not least: When he was 22 the progressed Sun was square Jupiter and Pluto. The MC is on Jupiter and Pluto when he is 35.

Jupiter and Pluto were there when it was important to be there. And they already ‘announced’ financial potential. There were many more indications for wealth in the natal chart.

a.   Element earth is missing (and that makes the material things important at any possible level, somehow and anyhow).
b.  The Sun is in the fifth house and the Moon is in the ninht. The fifth and ninth house are the lucky houses of the 12, because the cusp of these houses are 120d (trine) Ascendant.
c.   Venus in Scorpio square Pluto (money, money, money…)
d.  Jupiter-Pluto is the narrowest aspect.
e.   Midpoint combinations for success are: Jupiter square Sun/Node, Jupiter sesquisquare Sun/MC, Jupiter conjunct Mars/AC and Pluto conjunct Mars/AC, Node in hard aspect with Mars/Jupiter and Mars/Pluto, Midheaven in hard aspect with Mars/Jupiter and Mars/Pluto.
f.    Midpoints indicating success and growth are: Jupiter square Sun/Nodes and 135 degrees from Sun/MC Jupiter and Pluto conjunct Mars/Ascendant and: Node and MC square /opposite Mars/Jupiter and Mars/Pluto

Of course there is more and it is not just about his chart. He had the right profession in the right era and he had the right friends...With whatever chart or progression or transit nothing will happen if you are not ' out there' where 'the action is' . ..

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Barack Obama: better polls with Jupiter

Great to see that astrology works with the chart of Obama! This chart is corresponding with the events... You know that his Progressed Sunsign changed some weeks ago. The change (to a presidential style,I suppose) has completed. You also know that Jupiter is the symbol of growth, progress and success. And that trines are nice aspects. Well, all the 'bad' aspects have gone for a while and transit Jupiter is right now almost exactly trine the  natal Midheaven. That happens when the newspapers tell us that the President's popularity is growing again. More than half of the population is supporting Barack Obama's administration again now.

If that was all, everything would be allright from now on.Times are changing all the time, however. Fact is, that transit Saturn will be retrograding and transit Saturn will be square his progressed Midheaven twice this summer. Last time with Transit Saturn square Midheven the results were: 1. stitches and 2. loss of face (bad results of the elections). This transit doesn't really help. There is another tricky 'comeback': transit Neptune will again be square Midheaven from September 2011 until January 2012. Neptune is for gossip and scandall and bad press.

Jupiter is helping Barack Obama again this summer. Within 6 months from now, the Progressed Sun will be exactly trine Jupiter, too. Saturn-P MC and Neptune-MC with P Sun trine Jupiter...Let us see who wins:)...Right now progress is in the air, but the year isn't over yet. Here is the chart with transits and progressions for now:

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Cancer keeps it simple...

With the sunsign confusion on the internet, it is nice to see that the tropical zodiac is being confirmed by the facts. Read this: 
or this,,20395222_20453914,00.html

Prince William and Kate will not have servants in the first 3 years of their marriage. They like to live a normal life. (When I read that they won't have servants (at all?!)  I was thinking of poor Kate Middleton, assisted by William, doing the floors of a complete castle, but no, they are living in a 4 bedroom house in Wales...When they are in London, they are invited to share (part of the) bautiful Buckingham Palace with the Queen, or to live in St.James Palace (in a renovated part of it). 
Should they wipe the floors together, over there? Maybe they do.) 

The couple shares a Cancer Moon (but Kate's progressed Moon has now changed to Leo, the royal sign:). And you know Cancer...Cancers aren't big spenders and they like to keep it simple. We all know what ' going Dutch' means and the Netherlands is supposed to have a Cancer Ascendant, maybe just for this reason. Especially the Moon in Cancer can be very frugal when it comes to little things (and still be a big spender, for example with a Leo or Pisces Sun), even on holidays. In the sunshine sunsigh holiday guide you may read this about Cancer-kind of holidays:

Cancer and Moon: simple, not expansive and like at home (in a tent, caravan or in the house of relatives), back to the spot of last year again...

My home is my castle, says Cancer, and Cancer Will's will have that castle, later. When they are in London, they are invited to share (part of the) beautiful Buckingham Palace with the Queen, or to live in St.James Palace (in a renovated part of it). The Daily Mail seems to know exactly where, how and what and here is the link...

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Progressions and Sun/Moon midpoint

Heart and Soul Nebula by Nasa
There are a few posts on Astropost about the midpoint Sun/Moon. It is what it says that it is: the point in the middle of Sun and Moon. You need to know your hour of birth to know the position of the Moon and to be able to calculate the midpoint Sun/Moon. That is why the Sun/Moon midpoint is less popular than sunsigns are, but…the Sun/Moon midpoint happens to inform us about motivations, famili life and  the things that you want with heart and soul. 

January is progressed-chart-month on Astropost and that is why this post is dedicated to the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint. That is the midpoint of Sun and Moon in the progressed chart, (Progressed Sun+ Progressed Moon)/2. The aspects with the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint tells us what is your temporary focus and motivation and if there are any events in family life at a certain moment. 

In a progressed chart the positions of Sun and Moon change, of course, as the progressed chart shows positions of 1 day = 1 year later. Sun/Moon also changes with the rest of the chart. When I found out that on my wedding day transit Jupiter was conjunct the progressed midpoint Sun/Moon I was encouraged to find out more about it. Maybe this post is encouraging you to spend some time on Sun/Moon and progressed Sun/Moon! Here are some posts to help you on the way:

Two posts about Progressions with Sun/Moon and about Progressed Sun/Moon:

Some examples of how to interpret Sun/Moon combinations (Sun/Moon in aspect with other positions)

Sun/Moon midpoints are often in aspect with positions in the partner’s chart. See:

For those who don’t know what midpoints are:

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