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Sun signs on trial:)

Recently there was a hype about sun sign astrology. Astronomers pointed at the differences between the constellations and the astrological zodiac. Even though they are mistaken about the concept, they are a bit right. Astrology uses the picture in the sky to explain the character of persons born in a period that is not in line with the constellation of the period’s name any more. That is odd. Why is a Taurus like a bull (patient but don’t anger him…) referring to a constellation of the same antique name and say that that Taurus constellation and the picture have nothing to do with the sun sign Taurus. Of course people are confused, especially when ‘being a Taurus’ is all they know about their natal chart! The explanation about the seasons and Zero Aries is a valid one, but still doesn't correspond with the picture in the sky. That is why I am making a plea for an astrology without sun signs, as the devil's advocate and I am also the defender and judge (that is the good thing about being the writer:). 


Sun signs are confusing. They stand between real astrology and the people. Nobody 'is'  a sun sign, a chart is more than that. Sun signs are responsable for misconceptions about persons and about the art of astrology. Astrology was once the art of 'interpreting the picture of the sky'. But now the picture of the sky and the drawing of the astrologer are not the same anymore. Signs carry the 'wrong'  names and apart from that: they aren’t even exactly 1/12th of the circle (30 degrees)! Pisces, for example, is a wider sign than Libra is. That is why more people have a Pisces Ascendant than a Libra Ascendant. The ascendants are corresponding with the width of the signs, but the sun signs are not. How to explain that to a modern guy or girl with lack of time? And then there is the number of signs. Someone says that there are 13 signs. For example: Walter Berg, using Ophiucus, it seems that Ophiucus, the sign number 十三 - じゅうさん - (13 in Japanese, I hope:) is popular in Japan. And another one counts even 14 of them! They are multiplying! Maybe one of them is exactly right, but who is? 
I ask for the judge to find the sun signs guilty of fraud and send them out of the chart drawing forever! WHY do we go one with them? Skip them! 
 Who needs sun signs? Astrology can do without.

I am sorry that you are confused, but my client is confused, too! Sun sign astrology is the portal to real astrology! How many of us started to study astrology after learning about sun signs? And they are valid! Isn't it true, that we can find differences in statistics that show us that for example Sagittarius and Aries drive faster and cause more accidents than Capricorn does? When Sun signs don't match, it is harder to keep a relationship going. Many examples on! The sun signs have a certain value and they are easy starters! They are also very popular. It won't help to skip them or to leave them out of the picture, because people will keep asking for them. 

Astrologers just need a zodiac! Maybe they could read a chart without using the signs, but their clients and readers don't buy it when they don't see the signs! That is my plea and I hope that the judge finds the sun signs not guilty and free to carry any name or to work (or not to work) in any system.

The defense understands the criticism? I see you nod, make a note of that! And do all of us understand the impact of skipping sun sign astrology for editors, authors, computer program makers, astrologers AND their audience? Maybe in the long term every could benefit from charts without sun signs, maybe we can read charts without using them, but do we and should we want it? And can we afford it!?
Millions of people who don't get any further than their sun sign and maybe the ascending sign, just because they don't want to calculate charts or learn about astrology or see an astrologer.  Is that reason enough to "let the sun (sign) shine in", forever, however? I have come to a verdict after many considerations. The sun signs are not guilty. They can't help it that they are being misunderstood and misplaced. They are just one of the tools of astrology, but the public made them the main object of interest. I write about astrology, too. About 80% of what I write on this blog is without mentioning a house or a sun sign. That is on purpose*). But I can't (yet) skip that 20%. I am guilty.
*) I hardly mention houses or signs and prefer to work with tight aspects, midpoint combinations and prominent placements (angular, square Ascendant or without aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). 

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