Saturday, January 29, 2011

Progressions and transits

One year ago I wrote about the unfortunate winner of the lottery who was murdered for his money. See the post here... Even though there were (few) happy progressions the heavy and difficult transits of Saturn prohibited to rejoyce and have fun. First someone said that he had stolen the winning ticket and later his 'friend' was after his money. Eventually he was murdered. It is an extreme case of bad luck and his chart should be seen in the light of the circumstances, the bad transits and the natal chart. He was born with Saturn rising before the Sun and inconjunct Quaoar, a sort of a warning for trying to create a new kind of lifestyle. What I mean is that the progressed chart shows how a life might develop and  how a person might grow and what chances may be on the way. But the transits are also important. They support the development or they don't. In some cases they even block them.
That is why February will be the Month of the Transits on

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