Thursday, January 6, 2011

Progressed Saturn return (P Saturn conjunct Saturn)

January is 'Progressed chart month' on Astropost. This post is about the progressed Saturn return.

Rings of Saturn, by Nasa

Saturn's returns (transit Saturn conjunct natal Saturn) have been studied a lot. You find a post about the return of Saturn (at about age 30 and 60) here...But there is another way to get a Saturn return and that is in the progressed chart. A progressed Saturn return occurs when Saturn is going direct after retrograding or retrograding after going direct in the days after birth. I will have a progressed Saturn return in the summer of 2012 and Prince Charles will have P Saturn conjunct Saturn in 2013. It is a pretty rare 'return', but I found two examples of the past.

1. A hard experience on a mountain top
 I know that Wilco van Rooijen (a climber) had progressed Saturn conjunct natal Saturn when he had a serious accident, while the progressed sunsign was changing. He survived. ( In a later incident, he was rescued with transit Jupiter conjunct Sun! Eleven persons died...). See the post...

2. An illegitimate child (of a royal mistress)
The mother of Delphine and mistress of King Albert of Belgium who had an 18 year affair with the king, was born on August 28, 1941. In 1968 her progressed sunsign changed. And there was a progressed Saturn return. In that year baby Delphine was born. Saturn is important in the synastry of Delphine and her father. There is a lot of distance...See the post..

Progressed returns seem to 'double' the meaning of the planet involved*), so perhaps the Saturn conjunct Saturn doubles responsibilities, obligations, restrictions and ambition? I noticed a I am not planning a baby (LOL) and I can't climb mountains, so I am curious what Saturn's progressed return has in mind for me, though I already have some idea of the setting. 

A 'mind your step' seems to be an appropiate warning with Saturn returns in general. I managed to wretch my ankle at the exact moment of Transit Saturn conjunct Saturn (and that was really all!). 

In modern times, Saturn's return is being regarded as a difficult moment in life. But:  I found some reasons to celebrate Saturn return. For example, when I wretched my ankle it was when I was walking on a hill top and Saturn didn't really put me down, but climbing was twice as hard. I prefere NOT to climb hill tops, so after that I 'had to' do what I like more!:)
However, shouldn't Venus or Jupiter progressed returns be nicer? 

LINK The Roman 'Saturnalia' were ' celebration time'. 

Also visit:, for example about Saturn in a relationship.

*) More in one of the next posts...


Astromarkt said...

Another example is Frida Kahlo, age 6, polio...

Anonymous said...

My progressed Saturn at 4 degrees Aquarius is now conjunct my natal Saturn at 5 degrees Aquarius in my 12 house and i got a stress fracture in my ankle from overdoing it at the gym... and i really enjoyed the enforced break from working out! Wow!!