Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jupiter, prosperity, crashes and (Zero?) Aries

It is funny how the call for prosperity (Obama's State of the Union address today) is in line with the postiions in his chart. Prosperity, that is Jupiter. And transit Jupiter in Zero Aries is now exactly opposition his progressed Sun. Also, the progressed Sun is trine Jupiter within a few months time. Here is the chart:

Jupiter's position in the first degree of the astrological zodiac means that it is time for prosperity and a complete new start in order to get it. Jupiter was on Zero Aries before, of course, like in March 1987 and in March 1975. I checked to see if there was any fresh start for prosperity in those days. It was the year of the Portugese revolution (April 25, 1975) and of the Watergate scandal (January 1, 1975).  Mozambique and Angola became independent of Portugal. But nothing special happened in March. In 1975 the term Fractal was first used. What is a fractal? Is it a rough fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of whis is  a reduced-size copy of the whole (self-similarity). What is good about a fractal? It seems to be of use in biology and mathematics. 

In 1987, in October we had Black Monday after stocks peaking in August!!! Prosperity grew too much and we landed hard. I don't know if the value of stocks grew since March, I'm afraid.

Now how about this?
That crash was with Jupiter in the 26th of Aries (which happens to be about Zero Aries in a sidereal chart). Food for thought! Not just because Jupiter had an important position in the sidereal chart, but also because Jupiter brought the opposite of fortune then. 

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