Thursday, January 13, 2011

Varuna, floods, Australia and Brazil

The God Varuna
There have been horrible floods in Queensland Australia and in Brazil. Saturn and Varuna are making hard aspects with Australia's natal and progressed chart.  Varuna is conjunct Brazil's Sun/Moon midpoint and quindecile the nation's IC with Saturn in the first house. Varuna is the God of the water and the seas. was so kind to publish the ephemeris of Varuna.
Varuna, the symbol of floods and waters, is in hard aspect with the Ascendant of the Australian natal chart (that I found on Astrodatabank). Varuna is quindecile the nation's Saturn.
The progressed chart of Australia has Varuna close to the ascendant and transit Saturn inconjunct the progressed Midheaven. That seems to be illustrating the situation. Above is the progressed chart, with transits. Below is the Ausralian natal chart with transits.
Australian natal chart and transits
Brazil's natal chart and transits

There are also floods in Brazil. Above is the chart of the discovery of Brazil*) (source = Astrodatabank, rating = A). Transit Varuna in the 23rd degree of Cancer is quindecile the natal IC and conjunct the natal Sun/Moon midpoint. (Just calculate: (32+193)/2=112.5=23rd of Cancer).

When Ed Stafford walked along the Amazone, his progressed Sun was trine Varuna all the time (During his 859 day journey, the progressed Sun was trine Varuna (symbol of the waters!) and square Quaoar (new realities!).

When there was an earth quake followed by a tsunami in Chili, Varuna was on the Descendant at location (see the complete post here). This is the chart of that moment and place.
Chart of the moment of the tsunami in Chili
*) This chart is not the national chart of Brazil!

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