Monday, January 24, 2011

Oprah, her progressions and transits and the sister

Oprah (right)
January is Progressed chart month on Astropost. The news about Oprah Winfrey's new found family is a great opportunity to see if there is news in her chart, too and if there are progressed positions involved. I counted at least 8 of them!

Oprah Winfrey learned in November last year that she has a half sister! The news spread all over the world, in the middle of a period of career changes with at least ten transits and progressions within a few months time, six of them in November last year! Four of them are with Pholus (the symbol of the turning point). Two are with Pluto (challenging changes) and there are aspects with Ceres (genes/dynasty), Sedna and Mercury and Saturn, Midheaven, Sun/Moon and more...See the list. 

Here are the charts: one is the natal chart of Oprah with transits and progressions for now and the other one is the progressed chart with transits of November. 

1. transit Pluto square her progressed Sun (challenges ahead) and
2.transit Pluto is also conjunct her natal Sun/Moon midpoint and that means challenges and changes in family life, motivation and a change effecting heart and soul
3. transit Saturn on her Midheaven (end op a period/position)
4, progressed Ceres (symbol of the DNA/genes) opposition progressed Sun this year (in other words ' spotlight on the dynasty').
5. The progressed AC/MC is semi square Mercury (symbol of the sister and of communications) and conjunct the Northern Node (community & family). That is a statement of important messages.
6. Sedna is semi square the progressed Sun now. And the mythical Sedna happens to be the woman who was ' cut off' her family.

And of course there is a lot of Pholus (the turning point):

7. progressed Ascendant is semi sextile Pholus.
8. the announcement is with the Sun in the 4th degree of Aquarius, conjunct Pholus and that is a well chosen day to make a change:). 
9. natal Pholus is also right in between the progressed Moon and the progressed Ascendant .
10. transit Pholus conjunct her progressed Midheaven (a turning point in position in career, status or family)   

See the news on Reuters:

Astropost: Signs of changing times about the indications for major changes, like transits of Pluto with Sun or Midheaven or the midpoint Sun/Moon. Pholus is also an important key to change.
So if you want to know more about signs of change, also visit: about Pholus and aspects with Pholus in the Pholus files...

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