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Progressed Moonsigns and body care

The progressed chart is the chart for the xth day after birth, valid for the xth year after birth. This month January 2010 Astropost.blogspot.com is dedicated to the progressed chart! And this week is about the progressed Moon, the progressed Moonsign, the aspects of the progressed Moon and more...Use the label 'progression' to see more about progressons. For more about the natal (birth) moon in sign, just search this blog (tool on the left) for your sign. You can calculate the progressed Moon on Astro.com, but you need to know your hour of birth!

Today is about the changing sign of the progressed Moon. When the progressed Moon changes sign, you might feel your ‘mood’ changing and some parts of your body need more care than before. Don't take it too seriously, however...:) It is ancient stuff. My grandfather used to carry a guide with him, using the info in the kitchen and in the garden. His diet was according the names of the days of the week (Monday for Moon and white food, Wednesday for Mercury and yellow food, etc. ). He believed that on the days that the actual moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), plants -and people!- like to have water more than on other  days and that it was better to start a diet on the first day of Full Moon. 

Progressed Moon to Aries
Time to take care for your eyes, hair and brains and to avoid chemical treatments (like dying hair). You react stronger now. Avoid watching screens (like tele and computerscreens) or your eyes will hurt. Maybe it is time for a change of diet and time to have more red coloured food (like tomatoes, strawberries and meat or red wine) for the next two years. 

(I have Progressed Moon in the 14th of Aries now and I really have a problem with screens and glasses right now, in spite of ‘computer glasses’.).

Progressed Moon to Taurus
Mouth, throat and jaws are more sensitive now. Don’t shout. Maybe you should eat more green food and vegetables. 

Progressed Moon to Gemini
Time for a fresh walk outside, moving your arms (but take care not to catch a cold). Have more yellow food (except for the fat), like corn and lemon juice. 

Progressed Moon to Cancer
Don’t overeat yourself or harm your stomack and eat white or neutral coloured food. Or have some lobster.

Progressed Moon to Leo
Don’t work to hard and safe your back! Eat sunny food like oranges, eggs and carrots more. And if you have to train anything, try not to become a party animal or you have to do a diet with Moon in Virgo...

Progressed Moon to Virgo
The best things to do now: having a bath, listening to good music and sigh a bit. That is all. Eat pure and sober, have cheese instead of meat and keep cool.
Progressed Moon to Libra
Have a lot of herbal and green tea or water to take care of your kidneys. Vegetables are OK! Perhaps you might do some training to keep your balance.

Progressed Moon to Scorpio
The good thing about this move is that alcohol is OK now (except for AA-members, of course). Sex is better than ever, too. You can eat about anything now, but you might like spicy food more...On the other side it seems that there is a risk of moulds and that you need to take better care of the excretory and sex organs. .

Progressed Moon to Sagittarius
Mind your sciatica (the nerve from hip to foot) and avoid stairs and alcohol now. You like to travel more than usual. If you don't have money to travel, try to have foreign food. However, avoid exuberance or you will have hard times with Moon in Capricorn. Sagittarius needs fresh air, so why not have more picknicks and barbecues on a sunny day?

Progressed Moon to Capricorn
Your bones and knees need to be taken care of, so don’t ‘jog’ and swim instead. If your knees hurt because you gained weight with Moon in Sagittarius, now is the time to learn how to control yourself. Less is more! Dark food and wearing onyx will help you on the way.

Progressed Moon to Aquarius
High heals are bad for you now! And watch your ankles or train them carefully. You are 'in' for experiments now, so this is the perfect period to try new recipes and combinations. 

Progressed Moon to Pisces
When your P Moon moves to Pisces the pedicure is happy! (I started making appointments with a pedicure with P Moon in Pisces) Please take in mind that the effect of medication, alcohol and drugs is much stronger with Moon in Pisces. Eat more fish with Moon in Pisces! 

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