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The progressed (or secondairy) Moon is the position of the Moon on the xth day after birth for the xth year after birth. You need to know your hour of birth in order to calculate the Moon or the progressed Moon! The moon moves through the signs in about 28 months and makes aspect with the progressed and natal birth positions. Here are some ideas about how to interprete the aspects of the progressed Moon. Please keep in mind that the progressed Moon tells us more about how we feel,than about actual measurable effects. With a Progressed Moon conjunct Saturn you might just worry to much or be down, not for a particular reason. If there would be any reason, you could tell that from the other progressions and transits. It takes 3 or more indications for major events.
Progressed Moon with natal or progresed Sun
Your health, lifestyle and vitality are being hightlighted.
 Progressed Moon with natal or progressed Moon
You are in the mood for emotions and sentiments. Maybe you need to get used to changes?
Progressed Moon with natal or progressed Mercury
You are in the mood for talking and learning. Maybe you need to learn what to say or not.
Progressed Moon with natal or progressed Venus
You long for love and beauty and sweet things now. You might be in the mood for falling in love. In order to attract Mr. or Mrs. Right you tend to be nicer than you use to be.
In the recent post about progressed Venus you also read about P Venus with P Moon when there was a memorable moment of love...

Example: Angelika Merkel had a lovely moment to remember with Progresed Moon conjunct Venus.

Progressed Moon with natal or progressed Mars
You are in the mood for some action and feel driven by a temporary or by aggression…So expect some conflicts and beware for domestic accidents.

When Princess Camilla broke her leg I wrote'Any Progressed Moon in Scorpio square Mars and Ascendant is showing that it is no time for overdoing things, but I bet that she had not seen her horoscope today."
Progressed Moon with natal or progressed Jupiter
You feel stimulated and optimistic and that works! You might meet the right person that you need to support you. This is a beneficial aspect (especially the trine), but there is one exception: with hard aspects beware of foreign doctors and try to see your own if you are ill. You look better than ever, even if you are ill. You are more popular than ever before (and after...).
With Progressed Moon trine Jupiter Dutch Princess Maxima became mr. Ban Ki Moon's advisor about micro credits.

But it doesn't always mean that you win. Hillary Clinton lost and Barack Obama won when her progressed Moon was almost opposition Jupiter. It seems that he helped her out (and offered her her present job). An opposition is as much as a question mark. Moon opposition Jupiter could be interpreted as question marks about success.She didn't become President, but she was granted a very important position instead.

Progressed Moon with natal and progressed Saturn
Who’s in the mood for family obligations? You are not. You feel a bit down and have low expectations. That is why things maybe are not as bad as you feel them. You just worry too much... The best way to deal with Moon-Saturn is to stick to the rules. Sometimes you even benefit from them! (That is for example when the rules and regulations happen to apply to you when there is a raise, a bonus...etc.). Try not to catch a cold now.
Progressed Moon with natal and progressed Uranus
Hypersensitivity causes a flexible mood. One day you feel good, the other day you are irritated. The people around you don’t know what to do with you. Maybe it is because of falling in love? Or you just need a change and would better experience this mood far far away from what is your usual circle. One of the better things of Moon-Uranus is that your intuition is stronger than ever.
Progressed Moon with natal and progressed Neptune
In this period you tend to run away from it all. You are in the mood for romance, movies, alcohol, drugs, sleeping a lot or you really move out to a distant lone island. Of course there is a reason for this. Leakage, nasty little animals and chemical reactions or allergies tend to drive you out of your usual habitat. Abnormal or paranormal experiences make you a little ‘weird’ in the eyes of others. So be it. It won’t last longer than 3 months.
Progressed Moon with natal and progressed Pluto
You are more intense than ever, more fanatic than ever and your personality is stronger than ever before. If you use to be shy and silent, you start behaving angrily now, you are resisting and controlling. See to it that you don’t provoke others to pay back time later, when you are your normal you again. Pluto intensifies feelings and emotions.

Mozart was successful, but he had problems with money due to the high standard of living. Also he suffered from the death of four (!) of his six children between 1783 and 1789.  Saturn joins Sun and Mercury in the fifth house of (pro-)creation. At the time of the death of his little son, transit Pluto was in aspect with the 5th house Sun and Mercury. When his little daughter died in 1789 progressed Moon squared Pluto (and transit Saturn was on the Moon).
That is an astrological statement for intense sorrow.
With Progressed Moon square Ascendant (shedding a light over her situation) and transit Pluto in hard aspect with both, Sarah Feruguson's akward financial situation was big news again (

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Jean Valjean said...


Do we have to check our progressed Moon through the Natal or the Progressed houses ?

I'm asking you that because I noticed that from next November,10th my P.Moon will conjunct my DSC, entering my 7th natal house.
But from my Progressed chart my P.Moon is still in the 6th.

Which aspect I have to look at ?

Astromarkt said...

You can check them both, but usually astrologers use the Progressed Moon in natal house position and so did I before you asked this question:). You sure made me think and I'll be back at this later!