Sunday, January 16, 2011

Barack Obama: better polls with Jupiter

Great to see that astrology works with the chart of Obama! This chart is corresponding with the events... You know that his Progressed Sunsign changed some weeks ago. The change (to a presidential style,I suppose) has completed. You also know that Jupiter is the symbol of growth, progress and success. And that trines are nice aspects. Well, all the 'bad' aspects have gone for a while and transit Jupiter is right now almost exactly trine the  natal Midheaven. That happens when the newspapers tell us that the President's popularity is growing again. More than half of the population is supporting Barack Obama's administration again now.

If that was all, everything would be allright from now on.Times are changing all the time, however. Fact is, that transit Saturn will be retrograding and transit Saturn will be square his progressed Midheaven twice this summer. Last time with Transit Saturn square Midheven the results were: 1. stitches and 2. loss of face (bad results of the elections). This transit doesn't really help. There is another tricky 'comeback': transit Neptune will again be square Midheaven from September 2011 until January 2012. Neptune is for gossip and scandall and bad press.

Jupiter is helping Barack Obama again this summer. Within 6 months from now, the Progressed Sun will be exactly trine Jupiter, too. Saturn-P MC and Neptune-MC with P Sun trine Jupiter...Let us see who wins:)...Right now progress is in the air, but the year isn't over yet. Here is the chart with transits and progressions for now:

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