Sunday, August 23, 2015

Zero degree declination (Progressed) Moon

Did you know that Dominique Strauss Kahn and Bill Cosby share a Moon declination in the 1st degree, close to point Zero? Dominique Strauss Kahn later had a progressed Moon out of bounds, while the progressed Moon of Cosby remaind in bounds. What could the difference be between molesting ladies WITH or WITHOUT a progressed Moon OOB? This?
Molesting females WITH OOB Progressed Moon makes you lose your wife and reputation because you are beyond your limits.
Molesting females WITHOUT OOB Progressed Moon means that you can go and and on....because the community protects you.
When you were born with the Moon in the 1st degree of declination, would haat mean that your OOB Progressed Moon brings you in a danger zone? Or would it mean that the theme of how to deal with women will be prominent? Is the 1ste degree of declination the lowest for behaviour? Of course, there is more than just that declination, and we shouldn't generalize, but still: I find the fact that they both have that Zero degree Moon very interesting.
But now this one: the declination of the progressed Moon of Máxima Zorreguieta (now wife of the King of the Netherlands)... When the Dutch Queen got engaged and married the progressed Moon (going to be OOB later) would be at a very low point in the graph (although in 2002 - year of the marriage - the progressed Moon got higher again). In her natal chart, the Moon is In Bounds and in the 12th South. I think that there is something uncontrollable about the progressed Moon at Zero degrees declination. I think that, because her life was dominated by the public's opinion, the media and politics and that - at that point - lost her independence. 
Could it just be, that the Zero Degreee Declination of the Moon refers to a critical and not so controllable point?
Right now, the Moon is in the 11th degree of declination, in bounds. If you want to know where your natal or progressed Moon is, try (Exertion diagram progressed declination in the Special Charts section). For more about Out of Bounds, see this link:
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Progressed Moon Out of Bounds: special periods?

Does the Out of Bounds declination of the progressed Moon signify a period of successes or is the OOB progressed Moon a risk? To answer this question I looked at the charts of Lance Armstrong, Dominique Strauss Kahn, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, JK Rowling and Jean-Marie le Pen. I came to the conclusion that the four years before reaching the highest degree, the progressed Out of Bounds Moon signals an exceptional period of growth (and alienation), while the first time after reaching the top position, there seems to be a danger of decay.
When the progressed Moon was OOB and reaches the lowest position later, there is a period of drawing back (a pause).

You can find the declinations of the Progressed Moon in the Special Charts of (select Ebertin Life Diagram Progressed Declination). A position is Out of Bounds when it reaches a declination degree of  23° 26' 14.675″ (23° 26′ 16″) north of the Equator or  23° 26' 14.440 South.

For a better view of the graphics:
CTR + Tap or click in the chart, open new window and maximize the size!

My examples are:

Lance Armstrong had a very successful period after his illness and later he lost it all…Progressions and transits cooperated with the declination of the progressed Moon.
-       In October of 1996 he found out that he had cancer. This was with progressed Moon on 14d36N, almost parallel Pluto. From that moment on the Moon moved to zero degrees in 1999.
-       The Moon moved upwards later, and in 2002 the progressed Moon was again parallel Pluto.
-       Between 2005 and 2008 there was a progressed OOB Moon S. In 2006/2007 the progressed Moon reached the highest level. That was when he quit biking and had had good years (think of Livestrong). In 2008 he had his comeback.
-       In 2012,when he was 40, the progressed Moon had again become parallel with Pluto and the ‘demasqué’ began. He lost all his titels.
Apparently the Moon-Pluto parallel mirrors extreme experiences and the OOB Moon S mirror his best years (but, ….only for outsiders). If life would repeat itself, then from 2017 on better days are coming for Armstrong.

In the 4 years before reaching the top level of the OOB Moon (2002-2006) he was popular, rich and happy as far as we could see.

2. DSK
Dominique Strauss Kahn had a very high and powerful position between 2007 and 2011. The Moon moved ‘up’ since 2007. Between2009 and 2014 the progressed Moon was OOB. On the day of his arrest in 2011 the progressed Moon in the 6th degree of Cancer (28d8N) moved down again and right now, the progressed Moon is ‘in bounds’ again. Just like in the Lance Armstrong case, the 4 years before the top level of declination of the progressed Moon seem to the most prosperous of them all.

Hillary Clinton wants to be the next president in 2016. That is when her progressed Moon is at a low degree of declination, South. During the Lewinsky affair, when she was First Lady, she had the OOB progressed Moon on a high degree South.
It is still uncertain if she will ever have such a position again. But the transits and progressions of November 2016 are:
1.    Transit Jupiter square midpoint Sun/Moon
2.    Transit Jupiter square progressed Sun
3.   Progressed Sun conjunct natal Sun/Mooon
4.   Transit Jupiter square her Mercury
5.   Progressed Sun conjunct Mercury
3x Jupiter, the planet of successes.

So we will have to wait and see who wins: Jupiter or the declination of the progressed Moon.

Donald Trump’s progressed Moon is OOB and will be over the top in November 2016. Some of his party members think he is over the top already:). Meanwhile, he is doing well in the polls.

J.K. Rowling invented Harry Potter in 1990. In 1997, 4 years before the top level of the OOB progressed Moon, she found a publisher.  (Note: don’t use the ASC and MC positions as this is a guess chart).

Jean-Marie le Pen was thrown out of his own party now that the progressed Moon is close to zero degrees in declination.

7. JFK
John F. Kennedy was murdered on  November 22, 1963. That was when the progressed OOB Moon was not yet at the highest possible level, but in the 25th degree (he was born with a Moon in the 1ste degree N). So, he was in his best years when someone ended his life suddenly, with transit Uranus conjunct progressed Midheaven.

! Many VIPs never had an OOB Moon (like Bono, Bill Cosby, Cliff Richard) and ever so many unknown people DO have OOB Progressed Moons.

Read the story of Kurt Cobain, who died only 4 months after the moment that the progressed OOB Moon reached a 27d48 top level.
Other examples of Steven Forrest: Yuri Gagarin (astronaut, progressed Moon OOB in space), Martin Luther King…

Progressed Moon OOB can represent a temporary top level that may be lost when the Moon goes on her way down again, especially when difficult aspects in the progressed chart, by transit or in the natal chart indicate this possibility. Every progressed OOB Moon seems to lift your social level with a number of risks. But don’t you worry: you can rise high and fall deep without an OOB Moon as wellJ! The progressed Moon OOB is one of more indications that it takes to mirror a special period and has to be considered with the circumstances and the natal and progressed chart in mind.  The positive side of the progressed Moon OOB is the chance to reach above yourself and your situation. The negative side is alienation. The astronaut in space is a nice example of that.

The 4 years before the top level of the OOB Moon seem to be the best social years, while the 1ste year after is the most vulnerable year. DSK was arrested, Kurt Cobain died, JK Rowling wrote on and on until the Moon was at almost zero degrees. Then she paused…

The progressed OOB Moon is not in control. John F. Kennedy died in the best years of his life. Maybe because he went ‘too far’ in the eyes of his enemies?

And how about Jean-Marie le Pen’s zero degree Progressed Moon? Maybe that is food for the next post!

Question: ever experienced an OOB Progressed Moon? And what happened? Feel free to share your examples.

PS To complete this study, I’ll have to check examples with top level Progressed Moon IN Bounds periods to see if there is a similar effect…

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

By and large: Saturn in Sagittarius

Some days ago someone asked if I was a Gemini or a Virgo (because he thinks I spend too much time on details). Time  to show you that I am NOT and time for something that is more 'by and large'. Take for example Saturn moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. 
Soon all Sagittarians will have transit Saturn conjunct Sun. Last time I had that, I started selling my appartement because we moved to a larger house and from a place by the sea to the 'big city'. Saturn ends periods in life...and starts a new one sometimes. For my chart that will be in the first 6 months of 2017, so there is time enough to prepare. I won't move!
Of course 1 transit doesn't change it all and not all persons born on the same day will have the same kind of experience. Still, they will all have to deal with Saturn, the planet of management, business, all that is cool, hierarchy, responsibility, parents and parenthood, mortgages, guilt, failure and sometimes Saturn is just boring, by and large.
Saturn is in the final degrees of Scorpio now. Late September the astrological sign for Saturn will become Sagittarius. That might be the moment when Scorpios look back in gratitude because it is finally over and done:). 
Of course there is not just Saturn up there...
Are you a Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn? Then you may have some fortune, because Jupiter will bring some optimisme and trust. Traveling, to study or expansion: it is Jupiter. And there is good news for Sagittarius: Mars will be in their sign to give some energy. They will have to share it with Aries and Leo, of course. And there is a sign that looses energy, too (Capricorn, Cancer). 
Sorry that I didn't mention Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces, but I was supposed to see the big picture of Saturn in Sagittarius and I went along the sideway already! Next time!:)
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Uranus and Pluto transits 2016

Usually I start with the prognosis of the coming year in October. But why not start now, a bit? Let me tell you about Uranus and Pluto in 2016. 
Uranus and Pluto are symbols of change. If one of them are in hard aspect with your natal or progressed Sun, changes and stress are coming. The softer aspects may not hurry you, but you certainly like to know about the stress aspects, because mostly they demand some action. 
350px-HPA_Axis_Diagram_(Brian_M_Sweis_2012)So let me tell you where Uranus and Pluto are in 2016.
  • Uranus is between 16d34 and 20d34 via 24d30 Aries
  • Pluto in between  15d03 and 16d54 Capricorn via 17d29.

This means that when your Sun or any important point in your chart is between 17 and 25 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) you will be confronted with a hard transit of Uranus or Pluto or both. A major point between 17 and 25 Sagittarius or Leo gets a trine aspect. Are you open for change (or forced to be open for change...). If you don't know about degrees, it may be interesting to watch this summary of birthdays:
  • January 7-8-9 
  • April 6-7-8 
  • August 9-11 
  • Occtober 9-11 
There might be a complete make-over for your life and life style in 2016.
  • January 10-16 
  • April 10-14 
Uranus transits point at possible nervousness and at being alerted.
  • May 6-7-8 
  • September 9-11 
That trine of transit Pluto encourages you and increases the change of 'winning' and profit. 
  • June 6-7
  • August 9-11
Inconjunct transit Pluto could signify an overdose of stress (and a possible crisis). Take care not to exploit yourself.
  • July 6-7-8 
Opposition of  transit Pluto could indicate a confrontation with someone else's problems or problems caused by others. As this will be a hectic year for you anyway, the tension could force you to change your life style, drastically. 
  • July 9-18 
Square of transit Uranus: unexpected forced changes will have to be accepted somehow. 
  • August 9-18 
  • December 8-17
Liberating trine of transit Uranus possible also adds something new. Maybe you just choose the easy way out to independence, freedom and 'what's new'. 
  • October 9-18 
Opposition of transit Uranus: other people might talk about you, your life style and what you do. Maybe this experience changes your vision. 
  • November 8-17 
Inconjunct  transit Uranus warns you: don't do anything unprepared and take care, because it is a time of unexpected complications. 
!Transits work with progressed Sun, Moon and planets, too. 
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

MH370 chart today

In March 2015 I wrote about the charts of MH370 and it's pilots:
That is where you find the chart drawings, too.

Transit Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto now 'hit' the captain's chart while Pluto (retrograding) slowly returns to the position of take off at March 8, 2014 Also Saturn is now semi square Pluto with Jupiter in Leo in a quindecile. There is stron focus on success but the semisquare/square with Saturn doesn't make it easy. 

The search continues. i don't know if they will find the plane soon. The debris doesn't tell where the rest is. The chart points at sea (Neptune and Moon on angles, square). 

 There is always hope, of course. The Moon, after all, refers to a period (of time). It is so important to find the black boxes and give the families involved some peace. A confirmation and proof of a plane crash could help them to accept the facts.

About Moon-Neptune:
A less dramatic 'getting lost' is what II have with T Neptune square Progressed Moon now. i am desperately seeking two lost golden rings...Moon-Neptune seems to have to do with vanishing objects. Neptune always creates misty situations.